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OR/AS Mega Swampert


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Mega Swampert

Japanese Name: MegaLaglarge
Height: 6' 03"
Weight: 224.9 lbs.
Classification: Mud Fish Pokémon


Ability: Swift Swim


Revealed: Mega Swampert was revealed alongside Mega Sceptile and Mega Diancie when the June edition of CoroCoro leaked, it was later revealed outside of Japan during Nintendo's Digital Event for E3.

Additional Info: When Swampert Mega Evolves into Mega Swampert, the strength that it needs to act in the water is increased, and it can use its tenacious power both on land and in the water. Upon Mega Evolving, Mega Swampert gains the Ability Swift Swim. Despite its large body, its Speed will fully double when the weather is rainy. With an improved Attack stat, put a quick stop to foes!


HP: 100
Attack: 150
Defense: 110
Sp. Attack: 95
Sp. Defense: 110
Speed: 70



Mega Stone: Swampertite.
OR/AS: Route 120 (if Mudkip chosen as Starter) or purchased from Stone Salesman on Route 114 (if Mudkip not chosen as Starter).


Mega-Evolves from Swampert.




Pokemon ORAS June 12 screenshot 22.jpg
Pokemon ORAS June 12 screenshot 21.jpg
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At first I was a bit indifferent towards this design but the more I stare at it, the more I'm warming up to it. Overall I'm just glad that they finally confirmed the Mega Evolutions for Swampert and Sceptile. ^^
Its a big lump of Axolotl :love:! I find it awesome, its a big tank just like torterra ^^!! I love it even through Swampert is mostly based off a mudskipper I see they based it more off a Axolotl now with its mega evolution :p


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I'm really growing on this design now. It makes me want to choose Mudkip, which I was already considering.

And Swift Swim is not bad, considering that this does not look like it will gain much in the way of Speed.
Totally, in fact, I think it might get its speed lowered.


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Love Mega Swampert's design. I feel it really fits its tanky-nature. Swift Swim is a nice boost too. Sceptile is my favourite Starter and one of my favourite Pokemon, so obviously poor Swampert won't be being picked by me... but dang does this make the choice a little bit harder :)
Always been a Swampert girl so I was really happy to hear of his mega evolution. I love the design since I love bulky pokemon. Swift swim though a great ability is a bit of a disappointment mostly in its lack of originality. I has to be one of the most widespread abilities in the game :(. I was hoping for something like Immunity or Guts to fit his theme more and his role as a tank.
I was never really into the Mudkip line before, but even before Mega Swampert was revealed I was recently starting to fall in love with it. And now that I've seen this impressively massive behemoth, I'm definitely planning on getting it as one of my starters
Yeah... No... Mega Sceptile All the way, A Dragon type that would own Wattson if ORAS has the same level curve as XY
Yeah... No... Mega Sceptile All the way, A Dragon type that would own Wattson if ORAS has the same level curve as XY

I agree that mega swampert is pretty cool but for a dragon type user like me Mega Sceptile all the way (sorry for using the same phrase) We finally have a dragon/grass type and i was starting to feel bad about sceptile since it missing out on getting to type in regular RS and now its wait has paid off cause it got the best type-age EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DRAGONS RULE AND WELCOME TO THE TEAM MEGA SCEPTILE!!!

But still Mega Swampert is pretty cool, I mean talk about a Hulk Smash! Ha Ha Ha! 'snicker'
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Mega Swampert is AWESOME.

with the right attacks and stats it could take out both mega sceptile and mega blaziken

doubt me?


ice beam takes out grass types and mega scpetile being a grass and DRAGON type it will do x4
earthquake takes out fire types in a flash
surf....do i need to say it?
stone edge good STAB

as i say again with the right attacks and stats it can and will be able to defeat mega sceptile and mega blazkien