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Ask to Join MHA, History Rewritten (Discussion)


Previously Shadow_Pup
@DevVoid second character accepted

@Thomas the trainer accepted

Will Quirk Awakenings be allowed in the future?
I'm going to say no to this. Only because from what I can tell awakenings result in OP characters and no matter how long this roleplay goes on for I'm against giving anyone access to awakenings as they are rare and as previously stated OP

Gold The Dragonite

Previously Dratingonair
The fact that there was 2 bios accepted when I started making this bio shows how much I procrastinate

Name: Ubuki Suijo
Age: 16
Birthday: April 22nd
Gender: Male

Personality: If he isn't found dozing off, Ubuki's trying to find a way to entertain himself. He gets bored quite easily and prefers to stay more in the background, unnoticed. He's easy-going, friendly and can be ignorant at times. Despite this, Ubuki's pretty smart and is rarely serious. Ubuki is also horrendous with responsibility as he does bad under pressure, and under stress in general.

Ubuki's 6'3, underweight and has pale skin.


Clothing: Ubuki'll wear anything that's comfortable as long as it isn't too flashy.

Quirk: Puppet Strings - The user can form and retract up to 10, thin white strings on each of their fingertips that can fly a fair distance before reaching it's limit. These strings can attach themselves to objects and walls by coming into contact with them. If it latches onto someone, they will be slowed and the user can pull the target towards them, the more strings attached the more power applied. One string's effects are slightly noticeable, but nine will make the target nearly immobile, or allow the user to slam them into the ground. If all ten strings are attached to the target, the user can control the target's movement, however they can still move their upper half. The strings are also quite easy to break.

Hero name/Hero costume: Puppeteer Hero - Puppet Master / Ubuki wears a simple harlequin/jester outfit with a purple and black colour scheme, with his face covered with a black theatrical mask. On the waistline of his costume is a plethora of needles that are usable for close quarters combat and to use his string as a dangerous whip by wrapping the string around the eye of the needle.

Likes: Sleep, doing nothing, doodling, the dark
Dislikes: Work, loud noises, competition, arguing, animals, waking up


Previously Shadow_Pup
For grouping purposes so that the characters can be better sorted into teams for activities I'm going to wait for 3 more characters to make the total 16. I'm keeping each role-players character limit to 2 so those who already have two don't make anymore, for those with one if you think you can handle 2 the feel free to make another. If need be I will make a second character if we end up only needing one more.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Current Quirks
This Quirk allows Inukai to shape-shift into a large black wolf with long fluffy fur, small silver dots on his back and red eyes. However he needs improvement with this as he tends to "get stuck" in this transformation. This Quirk gives him quicker regeneration and enhanced senses and power. He contains the most 'wolf' ish traits.
As a downfall he must consume a certain amount of red meat to keep a more tame wolf state. If he does not consume any red meat within a certain period of time he goes back to a "feral" state and begins to lose control over himself.
Pretty easy to explain, he is made of rubber and can do things rubber can do. He is immune to electricity which means he can almost over power any electric based quirk user. Bullets bounce right off of him, they can either bounce back where they came from or either go flying in a completely different direction. He can stretch up to 30 meters, meaning he has some good range on his attacks, he is also immune to blunt force weapons like bats, pipes and anything that isn't sharp, Taichi has also come up with the idea to inflat his body by sucking in air, he hasn't really found a use for it yet. The draw backs of his quirk is that while he can stretch further then 30 meters this would result in ripping and tearing of his body, it also takes a while for his arms and legs to retract back after stretching, leaving him open to incoming attacks.
She has a lot of bat-like features such as big bat ears, sharp teeth and claws and impaired eyesight. She has a small pair of wings that aren't strong enough to let her fly, but can propel her up to 8ft into the air and can soften landings. Her ears act as radars - letting out high frequency noises and listening to their echoes to figure out the distance of things from her. This is very energy draining, so she has three different levels she uses: Low - small, infrequent noises that mostly detect things close to her. Medium - if she feels slightly endangered this can detect things moving towards her to a certain degrees but is stopped by walls. High - rapid fire noises that can detect most things, even through walls, but makes her very tired. When she uses one of these stages, her vision is basically useless, as it only confuses her. She also has difficulty with her sleep schedule, so she falls asleep during the day often.
the user can create fast-spinning rings of fire from their hands and feet that can be thrown as discs in combat, or attached to their feet to work as rollerblades. By using both hands at once to make a human-sized ring, the user creates a doorway to an alternate plane of existence, another dimension.
Covering the hands and feet with reflective material will nullify this quirk, as if flames are emitted the heat will be reflected back and cook the user’s covered extremeties, past the point of their flame resistance. Also, in an airless space, there will be no oxygen for the fire to consume, and that would also nullify the quirk. Too much speed on the flame rollerblades will cause unnatural air resistance against the user’s human form, and can cause considerable damage.
The user is a reflection, stuck within the mirrored world. They are naturally imperceivable to everyone and everything around them, however they can make themselves visible and audible to anyone and anything they desire by choosing to reflect within a reflective surface, such as a mirror or a window. The user can even choose to reflect within someone's eyes, which will make the user visible and audible to only that specific target. While the user is unable to cross over to the real world, they can interact with other reflections just as much as someone would interact with regular things, thus allowing them to pick up mirrored objects and attack reflections of living beings. However, in turn, this also means that those reflection can also interact with- and damage the user just as much. With enough training of their quirk, the user can eventually learn to mimic the appearance of someone else's reflection. (FYI, the mirror world is exactly what it implies - a near-perfect copy of the actual world, but everything is mirrored and it is mostly lifeless. Only rarely does a being pop in briefly, typically because they are currently being reflected by bigger surface. When a reflected item is taken from the mirror world, it can be replenished by taking the item in the real world outside of the reflective surface, then back inside it.)
He always hits the spot. No matter what item he has, as long as he can throw it, it will hit the target he is aiming for. He has practice with all kinds of things, pencils, arrows, plates, paperclips, baseballs and so on.
Hero name/Hero costume: Super Shot / His hero costume includes black goggles that shield his eyes, since without them he can't really aim. His upper body is covered by a blue sleeveless vest that has several pockets with projectiles he can throw, combined with black cargo pats that also include various pockets and black military boots.
The user gains the ability to manipulate shadows at will. This includes the manipulation of existing shadows, creating tangible constructs, temporarily darkening an area, and transforming part or all of the user's body into shadow.
The quirk is only usable where there are existing shadows present, or when the area is sufficiently dark (naturally or otherwise). The user can only use their quirk to artificially cast an area into darkness once per day. The amount of time this darkness lasts depends on how long the user is able to concentrate energy into it.
When the user creates shadow constructs, they are entirely subject to the user's will, and can be manipulated purely by the user's thoughts. They are fully tangible, and can physically interact with the environment around them.
The user is also able to completely sink into an existing shadow/darkness. In this state, they are capable of moving outside of the original shadow. However, if the user spends too long in direct light/outside of a shadow, or if the shadow/darkness that the user is presently in is dispelled by any means, the user will be forced into their tangible state. Should the user be forced out of their shadow form in this way, they will suffer physical exhaustion - possibly including injury - and will be unable to use their quirk for a duration of time.
within the user’s range of sight, they can cancel, reduce, or slightly enhance the effects of friction, inertia, or air resistance for as many specific targets as they can see and concentrate on at once. This can be used on the user only as long as they can see their reflection. Effect ends when vision is obscured by blinking or other outside interference. Extended use may result in excessive eye watering, dry eye, or in extreme cases, temporary blindness. The use of this quirk has no effect over the forces of gravity or magnetism.
Kenji is able to attract and repel anything that is made of metal. He can repel almost anything if it's made of metal and can even guide it where he wants it to go to. Attracting allows him to pull metal to him and do what ever he wants with it, he can even allow himself to become attracted to metals and take off as if he was flying into the air. There is a downside to this quirk, it only has a 20 meter radius, and if he was going to go into battle he would need for metals to be around, meaning that if he would have to drag metals with him where ever he goes, and if he forgets to he is essentially useless. (Essentially he is extremely powerfull in a city, but weak in someplace like the woods.)
The user is made entirely of plant matter, with different parts of their body made of varying materials. Through this, they can feed from sunlight and grow any plant matter on their body, from simple fruits and vegetables to herbs and fungi, from vines and thorns to grass and tree bark. However, while growing such materials, it requires a varied amount of the user's own hydration, depending on the amount and complexity of the produce grown. The process of growth is also increased while the user is exposed to either fresh air and/or sunlight respectively.
Notably, the edible produce (fruit, vegetables, etc.) is unable to rot and/or mold naturally, will always be peak quality/edibility and even restores stamina and heals wounds upon consumption, the amount of both being dependent on the portion of size and variant of produce consumed. However, in order for produce to be harvested, it must be plucked from the user, which can cause pain as it essentially mutilating them without dealing permanent damage. (Say, plucking wheat from him is like plucking one's own body hair, cutting off a root is like removing a finger/toe, etc.)
When planted, the user's produce grows into a mature plant much quicker and can be harvested once a day in their respective seasons, as well as retain most previous aspects, safe for the health and stamina restoration capabilities, which is excluded after the plant has matured fully. While still attached, grown plant matter acts like an additional limb of the user which they can control, though they still remain as flammable and fragile as their normal counterparts, just as they would if removed from the user's body.
Whatever Kosoku touches including his own body he can increase the Kinetic force of this allows for him to accelerate the object forward. He can't steer the acceleration but instead the acceleration happens from where the object is facing. but he can get hurt due to friction burning his feet, moving himself or the object takes the amount of energy it would to cross that distance at that speed normally.
Hero name/Hero costume: Justice Rider, basically his casual clothes except he wraps his hands, legs feet and stomach with bandages to help prevent injury, He wears a long red scarf and a Motorcycle Helmet,
The user can form and retract up to 10, thin white strings on each of their fingertips that can fly a fair distance before reaching it's limit. These strings can attach themselves to objects and walls by coming into contact with them. If it latches onto someone, they will be slowed and the user can pull the target towards them, the more strings attached the more power applied. One string's effects are slightly noticeable, but nine will make the target nearly immobile, or allow the user to slam them into the ground. If all ten strings are attached to the target, the user can control the target's movement, however they can still move their upper half. The strings are also quite easy to break.
Name: Tetsuo Hijima

Age: 15

Birthday: May 6

Gender: Male

Personality: Tetsuo is a calm soul, not one to pick a fight, his confidence is a bit below average, but he is still sociable, and even watchful, has a Serious side, and due to his quirk's nature, he can remain calm on the outside, but Raging on the inside, to a point.

Appearance: He has an intimidating build, standing at 206 cm (6'9") and weight of 127 kg (280 lbs), his hair is short, but Dark, as he has Metallic colored eyes. There are scars all over from being stopped when his quirk went out of control in his childhood.

Clothing: Outside the UA Uniform, he is known to wear a Grey, almost Metallic, shirt, and dark pants with decent shoes.

Quirk: Iron Berserker: A quirk that works like a Sheer Rage quirk, which is having something increased by one's anger, crossed with Tetsutetsu's Quirk, which allows someone to make their body parts as dense as actual metal, it essentially makes the body denser, and it starts at around 1.1 g/cm3, but as of right Now it can go to around 6.68 g/cm3 (Antimony's Density) as he gets angrier. This means he has to eat multiple the normal daily levels of Iron and other Minerals. He becomes sluggish if the Density should go above his Controlled limit. He is also Magnetic and will be attracted by Magnetism Quirks and other metal attracting quirks. There is a limit to the Berserker aspect, that controlled limit is reached at maximum density, and

Hero name: The Rage Hero, Controlled Fury.

Hero Costume: He wears a red full body cloak intending on hiding his frame, under this cloak is semi-loose clothing, which is red and black.

Likes: The Controlled aspects of his Quirk, Training, people, and being able to see things, and Classes, oddly enough.

Dislikes: Blocked Views, boredom, and cattle.


Previously EeviumZ
No idea how I'm going to roleplay this quirk but I'll give it a shot anyways. Might touch up the bio a bit later - I kinda rushed it to make sure I got a second spot, lol.

Name: Kyoko Ikeda
Age: 15
Birthday: 05/28
Gender: Female
Kyoko can be best described as a social butterfly. She's friendly and sociable, but not overly energetic. She manages to perfectly balance fitting in and standing out, and she meshes well with just about anyone. She tends to be quite dramatic and theatrical when she gets the opportunity to be. She has quite the way with words, and is able to talk her way out of just about any situation. Despite her young age, she is mature and resilient.
Clothing: Varies, but tends to dress in black and white when she's not in her school uniform.
Quirk: Mirror Image
To use this quirk, the user must be in close proximity with another quirk user. When this quirk is used, the user gains a reflection of the target quirk's abilities. Upon a successful reaction, the user may choose to exactly copy the quirk ability, or to gain an opposite/contrasting ability.

If the user chooses to exactly copy the target quirk, they will gain access to all abilities that the quirk provides. This includes any physical traits, abilities, or drawbacks that may be included in the target quirk. The reflection ends once the user reflects a different quirk or willfully ends the reflection.

If the user chooses to create a contrasting quirk, they will gain access to abilities and traits that either contrast or are the direct opposite of the target quirk. For example, if the target quirk involves fire, the user may gain a similar quirk that uses ice instead. All drawbacks will be included as well, but they will also oppose or contrast the target quirk's drawbacks. The reflection ends once the user reflects a different quirk or willfully ends the reflection. Some quirks cannot be reflected in this way, though the exact limitations are unknown.
Hero name/Hero costume: Mimic | In her hero costume, Kyoko wears a black tuxedo over a white dress shirt, black pants, and a red bow around the collar of the shirt. She also wears elbow-length white gloves, a large white bow on the back of her head, and a black masquerade-style mask.
Likes: (will edit in later)
Dislikes: (will edit in later)
And the second bio, Female this time.

Name: Izumi Yukage

Age: 15

Birthday: June 30

Gender: Female

Personality: Shy, but is able to have the shy cracked, she can be sweet and caring, but has insecurities about her self.

Appearance: Izumi is 155cm (5'1") with tied back black hair, blue eyes, her somewhat slim frame is usually decent, but other than that completely average of 45.4 kg (100.1 lbs)

Clothing: She commonly, outside of school, wears semi loose clothes to hide her body, and a pendant that has the symbol of a former high ranking Hero killed in action, her father, the original Nightstriker. Characters can ask about the pendant, and what It means, those that like heroes might know what it means.

Quirk: Stalker: This Quirk is essentially a three way Quirk marriage, with Sheer Willpower the will to do something and a resistance to mental control effects, with Toru Hagakure's Quirk, which refracts light across her body, this is tied to the Will to do something, she also has a silent step aspect. She can be invisible for five minutes at at time, but the invisibility aspect can be draining if used more than four times in 2 hours. The silent step aspect is always on.

Hero name/Hero costume: The Silent Hero: Nightstriker, she has two costumes based on time of day, a more urban colored bodysuit for the daytime, and a black bodysuit for the night, but Similar to Mirio, they had to put her hairs into the suits to allow them to refract light with her Quirk.

Likes: History, some Alone time from time to time, learning about quirks.

Dislikes: Explosions, Angering people, and being alone too often.
Alrighty here is my female oc, went for a more classic superpower, felt we could use on of those.

Name: Maker Towers
Age: 15
Birthday: May 12th
Gender: Female
Personality: Ignorant, proud and outgoing. She cares about popularity a lot, she uses her good looks to get what she wants and uses violence when that doesn't work. She is very short tempered, going from zero to a hundred in a second. Despite her negatives, she is brave and fun to be around with when you're not on her bad side.
Clothing: Maker is always wearing the last fashion and popular clothes brands, you will never catch her wearing the same outfit twice.
Quirk: Pyro. Fire control, like a fire bender from Avatar, she can make fire as long as there is heat around her, the more heat, the more fire. In worst case scenarios she can keep herself with the heat of her own body. Her most dangerous move is shooting fire out of her mouth, which many don't expect and is usually fueled by anger, sometimes even she doesn't control that outburst.
Hero name/Hero costume: Burning Star. She wears a black latex suit that keeps her from getting herself burned by her own flames. On top of it she wears a sleeveless red jacket with a white star in the back, a black skirt and red combat boots. Her face and neck are uncovered, but if things get smoky, she has access to a face mas and goggles, which are around her neck just in case.
Likes: Strawberry ice cream, taking selfies, romantic and action movies, sports (specially cross country and volleyball), shopping with her dad's credit card, Hip Hop, going to the beach.
Dislikes: Studying, being told what to do, people talking over her, not getting what she wants, cold places or winter.