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Ask to Join MHA, History Rewritten (Discussion)


Previously Night's Shadow
Honestly I kinda like it. I love the diversity of personalities in this RP already haha
For the first first lesson there will be something along the lines of the hero/villain vs thing. Would people prefer pairs or groups of 4 for this. I will add that whichever one is picked one student will have to sit out as the class currently cant be split evenly.
As for this I’d be fine either way but I feel like for the sake of speed it might be easier to do 2-on-2 battles than 4-on-4, just so it doesn’t get too messy, just my lil two cents


Previously Shadow_Pup
I think pairs would work best for now. I generated the pairs of course one pair has 3 not 2 due to the inequalities, but here are the pairs for the first lesson when it comes to it.
Group 1
Kōsoku Sentōki (@Thomas the trainer)
Inukai Kakeru (@|Bread|)
Group 2
Kyoko Ikeda (@aurivee_)
Ubuki Suijo (@Gold The Dragonite)
Group 3
Shizen Tsuisuto (@DevVoid)
Yakeru Kaen (@=Nightshade=)
Group 4
Yasachika Toru (@=Nightshade=)
Kichi Hasegawa (@Void_Nugget)
Group 5
Maker Towers (@Hecotoro)
Izumi Yukage (@Cmeriwether)
Group 6
Kagami Gazō (@DevVoid)
Kizakura Shiroma (@Clunpsy)
Group 7
Tetsuo Hijima (@Cmeriwether)
Tsukiyo Tachi (@aurivee_)
Group 8
Taichi Yoshida (@Demonic Bunny)
Ryan Reis (@Hecotoro)
Group 9
Kenji Yoshida (@Demonic Bunny)
Yukina Haruno (@Void_Nugget)
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Previously EeviumZ
Huh I didn’t even know what it was until I googled it rn lol but yeah I guess it could be taken that way

Her inspiration was some conglomeration of Fischl from Genshin Impact and Houoin Kyomaaa aka Okabe Rintaro from Steins;Gate who are both a little delusional lol
Now that I think about it, she totally does give Fischl vibes.

Ok so with the upcoming lesson I had an interesting idea. For this roleplay Aizawa, who will be the teacher, decides to adjust the hero v villains activity into a elimination style competition in an attempt to intimidate those who don't do as well and to make those who do well over eager.
Sounds good to me.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Name: Yukina Haruno
Age: 16
Birthday: May 28
Gender: Female
Personality: Yukina is often seen as quite quiet when you first meet her but if you get to know her and she becomes more comfortable she is very lively and loves to talk and laugh with friends. She isn't fond of excessive volume however and is often startled when people shout or raise there voice. She is smart and caring and unless provoked would rather not get involved in any sort of fight. However she is easily annoyed and has a pretty bad temper.
Appearance: Yukina is quite slender and stands at 5'8. She has long black hair that she wears in a plait and she also has heterochromia and has one green eye and one blue eye.
Clothing: Due to her quirk Yukina is usually seen wears jumpers and other warm clothes to keep herself warm.
Quirk: Cold Blooded - Her quirk means that her internal temperature is permanently cold granting her the ability to freeze anything she touches. She is unable to freeze people but can make them incredibly cold with her touch. She can however freeze people in a thin layer of ice by breathing out clouds of sub-zero air that lingers in place and freezes things that come into contact with it.
Hero name/Hero costume: Ice Queen - Yukina's hero costume consists of a skin tight blue and white leotard, she also wears a long flowing skirt and a pair of white ballet slippers.
Likes: Summer, reading, hot chocolate, sweets and friends
Dislikes: Winter, bulllies, big dogs, cold puns and fighting
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Previously Shadow_Pup
@|Bread| and @Gold The Dragonite I think you two are the only ones who haven't posted yet unless I missed it.
I'm going to get the lesson/competition thing started so just post when you can.

Here is what I have generated for this competition thing. I will begin it in my next post. Taichi and Ryan will have their first thing against the winner of the match before them due to uneven number of teams.