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Ask to Join MHA, History Rewritten

Maker Towers

"Scout them?" Had she found someone who could actually improve her powers? "If you can tell me where they are, I'll take care of the rest."

Knowing where her enemies were was perfect. If they had no way of tracking them, then Maker's team would have a big advantage. She was hoping on taking everyone on by herself, but the extra help couldn't hurt. Maybe she could actually win this by not doing much.

Ryan Reis

"Number one? Well if that's true I hit the jackpot. Might not have to put in much effort myself." Ryan turned towards the screen showing the ongoing battle. "Gonna need some weapons that won't kill my enemies though, can't throw sharp things at people during practice."
Yukage Izumi, The Silent Hero: Nightstriker

Izumi went into the building, and turned invisible, with her invisibility aspect active and her feet can't be heard, she was going to be almost impossible to track, she made sure to explore the building a bit, when she spotted A broken pillar. She looked to see a figure headed in Maker's direction. She followed the figure, making sure to not make a sound. When she found an opportunity, she slipped past the figure and met up with Maker.

"Maker, incoming, they're looking for us, be ready, when I spot them again, do what you do."
After changing into her costume, Kia followed Aizawa to Grounds B and inspected the name on her slip of paper. Kagami Gazo... She considered going to look for her teammate, but eventually decided that she couldn't really be bothered and so, stood around aimlessly. After a while, a boy appeared right in front of her. He had odd looking eyes, Kia noticed.
"You're... Shiroma, right?"
Kia looked blankly at the boy, soon realising that this was probably Gazo. She opened her mouth to speak, pausing to find the right words. "I am, and you can call me Kia... Pleasure to meet you." She said, though her monotone voice wasn't very convincing. She extended a hand for a handshake, completely oblivious towards Kagami's quirk.

Taichi Yoshida:
Taichi looked at the screen to see the ongoing battle happening. He turned to Ryan and began to speak to his partner.

"Before we eventually start, we should explain our quirks to each other, so we know how they work." Taichi grabbed his cheek and stretched it away from his face. "My quirk is really easy to explain, I'm made outta rubber, my bones and organs as well. I'm also quite strong so if you need me to break anything I'm your guy!" Taichi said as he let go of his cheek.

Kenji Yoshida:
Kenji looked around for his teammate "Yukina Haruno" but he didn't know how to ask who it was. He then remembered he had written the name down on a small piece of paper, he grabbed it from his pocket and held it in front of him, waiting for his partner to approach him.


Previously Deathstalker62
Kagami Gazo
Well, it seems like his sudden appearance didn't freak out his ally too much. That's good. However, when she reached out for a handshake, Kagami nervously chuckled. " Uhh.. I'd love to shake your hand, but uh.. " Gazo reached out to grasp Kia's hand, only for his own to completely phase through her. He'd pull his hand back and sighed.

" My quirk, uh.. makes me a reflection. Living in a sort of.. err, mirror world, I guess you could say. We don't even exist on the same plane. The only reason you can even see and hear me right now is because.. well, I'm reflecting myself in the surfaces of your eyes. So.. you're also the only one to see and hear me right now. To others, you probably look like you're talking to yourself right now.. hehe, sorry about that. So, um.. what's your quirk like? " @Clunpsy

Shizen Tsuisuto
So, fire portals then, eh? Not even a new dimension or something that they take you into? That's kinda lame, in Shizen's opinion.. of course, he wasn't gonna outright say this to his ally and one of the people in his class who could set him ablaze rather easily. So, Tsuisuto just enthusiastically gave Kaen a thumbs up, his fly trap-like mouth forming into a toothy grin.

" Well, that's still cool, all things considered! I, on the other hand, have a quirk called Overgrowth! It doesn't just make me into a walking, talking plant, but it also allows me to grow plant matter on my body! Thorns, vines, wood, anything plant-related you can think of, I can grow! Yes, that even means fruits and veggies, check it out! "

Shizen now presented the shoulder of the arm he gave a thumbs up with, presenting the leaves gathered together into a pile. Right on them, strawberries begun growing in just mere moments, ripening into a deep-red, perfectly edible quality. The plant boy begun plucking them straight off the leaves, wincing a bit every time he did so, visibly in somewhat slight pain.

Gradually, he had grown out his own hand into the shape of a wooden bowl, gathering the strawberries in it and holding his other hand underneath the bowl. Then, with one unexpected act of swift gruesomeness, the tree boy formed his mouth flat and spat a strong current of some sort of fruit juice at his wrist's edge connected to the bowl that was once his left hand, slicing it clean off. This gave him a crooked, almost twisted sort of smile, his now amputated hand bleeding tree sap for a few moments before wood and other plant matter begun growing on it again, reforming the hand itself again. He presented the bowl to Yakeru, now having a toothy grin again as if nothing had happened.

" Try 'em, I insist! They're fresh, always ripe and completely healthy! No really, they'll even heal wounds and restore energy in real time! Be sure not to eat all of them though, you should save them for the battle later! " @=Nightshade=


Previously 'Candle'
Inukai Kakeru [The wolf-puppy hero]

Inukai Kakeru, a tall blue-haired kid, had slept in late. Today however happened to be the worst day to sleep in as it seemed to be the first day of U.A according to the white calendar hanging upon his faded light blue walls. His mother was angry at Kakeru for being late, so he didn't even risk wanting to eat breakfast with her yellow eyes glaring at him as she flipped pancakes.


As he arrived to school by walking, making his even later, Kakeru realized that he would have to navigate to what looked like "class 1.A" all alone. He soon found it and entered, but no one was there so he figured he might try looking in the field. The tall blue-haired boy saw his new peers, as well as a presumed battle going on. "Woah!" His smooth voice was quiet but still enough to make a good entrance. He scanned the people of all shapes, sizes, and likely species before spotting Aizawa. A groan released from his creamy colored lips and he soon retreated to the furthest he could be away from the sleep-deprived looking teacher.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Hasegawa Kichi
Walking through the building Kichi listened out for any hints of an oncoming attack, keeping his guard up, he tried to remember if he'd seen or heard anything about either of his opponents quirks, he remembered something about fire for one of them but he figured he find out soon enough and stopped thinking about instead shifting his focus on how best to utilise his strength.

Haruno Yukina
Noticing someone with a piece of paper with her name on she walked over to them "uh..hi..um..my name is Yukina, ah you my teammate, Kenji was it" she said fidgeting with her hands as she spoke in her quiet tone.


Previously Night's Shadow
Yasachika Toru
“I got your back,” she whispered very seriously, tiptoeing behind Kichi, her arms up in a ninja pose as she glanced edgily from side to side. Every now and then, she’d jump and jerk around to the other side with a hushed “Hah!” but each time, no one would be there. It took a lot to hold back the urge to either monologue or ask “are we there yet?” every thirty seconds. Instead, she talked in quiet tones, trying to relay only useful information with as little flowery language as possible. Every part of doing so was immensely difficult.

“I don’t know either of their quirks,” Toru muttered, just loud enough that Kichi would be able to hear her if he so desired. “For all we know, one of em could be invisible! Or see through walls! Or control technology and be watching us through security cameras!” Little did she know, the cameras were being used— just not by their opponents. Toru glanced at Kichi, then back to surveying the walls. “We must remain ever vigilant!”

Toru’s breath caught in her throat as an idea came to mind. “I can cancel the friction of the ground around us,” she murmured. “If anyone comes near, they won’t be able to stop sliding.” She offered a tremulous grin before turning her gaze to the ground, focusing on an area about three feet away from them in all directions. It took concentration to move the area of no friction with and around them while keeping their own friction constant, but she could do it. Friction… off.

Yakeru Kaen
Kaen raised an eyebrow slightly, then tentatively reached out to take the previously-a-hand bowl from the plant boy. She gave him a wary glance, then reached in and took a small bite out of one of the strawberries. Bright, sweet flavor bloomed on her tongue. She looked back up at him, surprised.

“Wow. That’s actually really good. And this heals, too?” Kaen took a second to bite down on her tongue, hard, and winced slightly as the taste of copper filled her mouth; then she ate the rest of the strawberry. About thirty seconds later, the pain was gone. Her eyebrows lifted, and she let out a low whistle. “Nice. That’ll definitely be useful.” She almost reached for another, but remembered what Shizen had said about saving some for the battle. Right. He just sliced off his hand for those. Probably painful as shit. I wouldn’t want to do that in the heat of battle, for sure.
Maker Towers

"Wait for them to spot us? No thank you!" Maker walked past her partner and looked at the hallways up ahead, , they had to arrive down the hall anytime, so she might as well make it difficult for them. "Keep scouting, I'll distract them a bit."

With a sly smile on her face, the air around Maker began to heat up, increasing the temperature around her. She took a strong stance and then aimed her palms forward. Blast of fire emerged, like an oversized flamethrower, swirling and moving quickly around the hallway in front of her. She wasn't trying to kill them, but if they jumped into the fire or didn't move out of the way, there wasn't much she can do. Besides, the floor they were on was just going to heat up, they had to either try and get to the stairs and escape the hate or faint.

Ryan Reis

"That's interesting, can you shrink to the size of like a baseball? If you can, I might be just the perfect partner for you." Ryan raised one eye brow as his smirked. "With my perfect aim and your rubber body, we could do some amazing stuff."


Previously Shadow_Pup
Hasegawa Kichi
As he round a corner to a hallway he was suddenly startled by the appearance of a large plume of fire coming down the hall way, instinctively he turned slightly and grabbed Toru before bursting through a wall into the room on the other side. He then left Toru and then had an idea, smashing though walls he eventually made it to a wall nearer to where Maker was and smirked. He took off his hat and pulled a second card, Temperance, as soon as the card was pulled his body began to turn to stone "oh come on, Temperance now rea.." he was cut off as the transformation finished. He was now completely impervious to any damage and was indestructible but he could no longer move or speak.


Previously Night's Shadow
Yasachika Toru
“Eep!” Toru let out a muted shriek as Kichi suddenly grabbed her and slammed through a wall as a wave of heat blasted past behind them. She grabbed at his shoulder in slight fear and surprise. “Thanks,” she gasped out at his back as he whirled and began crashing through walls. At this point, it probably wasn’t a problem that he was giving away their position since they already knew where at least one of the enemy was.

Then Toru realized that if the fire shot was a distraction, she did not want to be left alone.

“Wait up!” she shrilled, picking herself off the ground and hurtling after Kichi. When she caught up, a beadlet of sweat dripped down her face as she tried to maintain her overconfident composure. “You should never leave a comrade behind in such a hurry,” she chastised. “Especially not a useful one such as I, the Inertia Hero: Impul— hey, are you listening?!” She tipped forward, teal hair dropping into her face as she looked at Kichi. He didn’t move. She waved a hand in front of his face. Nothing. Toru rapped a knuckle on his shoulder, then winced as it came back bloody. Stone.

“Either you drew another card that’s more trouble than it’s worth,” Toru began nervously, “or someone’s got a petrification quirk and we’re screwed.” She chewed her cheek. It was probably the former, since she wasn’t stone yet. “Any way to communicate like this, orrr…” Toru shifted her weight, feeling restless and jumpy. Not being able to talk to her teammate was setting her on edge. Well, she could still talk to him, but had no indication of whether he could hear her, nor did he seem to be able to communicate with her.

Wait. Maybe this was a good thing…? Depending on how durable a stone Kichi turned into… I might be able to use his body as a weapon, a battering ram. But I don’t know what’ll happen to him if he’s exposed to fire, or— or if he breaks at all— can I make that call? Toru pulled at her ponytail, wishing she could to the same to her fraying nerves.

“I don’t know what to do,” Toru admitted to petri-Kichi. “There’s gotta be some sort of positive tradeoff to a quirk that arrests all movement of the user… blink twice if you’re indestructible?” She gave a slightly hysterical laugh. Yeah, right. I can’t forfeit just ‘cuz I don’t know this quirk, but what am I supposed to do? Cancel his friction and send petri-Kichi flying through six walls and a hero in training, risking breaking him into pieces or getting him melted in the process?
Maker Towers

She wasn't patient enough to wait for her partner to actually do something, instead she stopped and listened to the sound of walls being smashes through. It was now obvious where her enemies were coming from and they sounded pretty close by. She took aim at the wall that was dividing them, took a strong stance and aimed her palms at it.

"Give up! Nothing you can do to against this!" She called out.

Without wasting anymore time, Maker once again shot scorching flames towards the wall. The flames upon impact began to over heat it and slowly tearing through it, like water through thick paper. It was a matter of time before the flames began to go through the wall and into the next room.


Previously Night's Shadow
Yasachika Toru
Toru had been frantically inspecting Petri-Kichi for something that might give her a hint as to how durable his stone body might be. The card in his hand had been basically useless— it just looked like a regular tarot card. Well, a stone one, anyway. He didn’t sound hollow—in fact, he sounded really really dense. She could tell he would pack a massive punch if she canceled his friction and air resistance. Wait! The card— it’s thin enough, most stone would break if enough pressure was put on it— maybe if I—

A very confident suggestion through a wall from their opponent told them to give up, before the temperature shot up at least ten degrees. Tiny tongues of flame began to flick through the meltable seams of the wall between them, but quickly began to eat through the plaster. A panicked Toru shoved Petri-Kichi-minus-friction to the side, crashing them both through a side wall as fire blasted past behind them. “Shit,” Toru cursed, then her eyes flicked to the card in Kichi’s outstretched hand. He had landed on the card’s corner and the side of his feet, balanced precariously; and yet, the card and his hand hadn’t crumbled. Toru didn’t know of a stone that durable, that a slice the thickness of a tarot card would hold against that much density.

The girl shoved her shoulder underneath the space between Petri-Kichi and the floor created by his armpit, using leverage to cantilever him back up to his feet. Toru put her hands on his shoulders and looked up into his stone face with an apologetic grin. “Sorry about this, partner. You can yell at me later.” Then she adjusted her goggles, memorized the color of Petri-Kichi, made a few quick mental calculations, then activated her quirk.

Target— Petri-Kichi. Trajectory— somewhere towards the middle of the room diagonal to this one. Friction, zero. Air drag, zero. Toru gave him one last shove with all her might, sending him sliding at a surprising speed towards the corner of the room, heading directly to crash through the corner and slide into where the girl had estimated Maker would be. Now— inertia, increase! Petri-Kichi began to slide even faster, then crashed through the corner of the wall, into the room Maker was most likely in. Petri-Kichi tore through the wall like a punch through paper, not a dent made in his speed. Toru kept her eyes on him as though she was in the world championship of staring contests, her body half-hidden behind what remained of the wall as the stone body of her partner hurtled towards her flaming opponent.
"Wait... isn't that like completely busted? No-one can touch you?! Doesn't that just make you invincible?! And you're also invisible?!!" Kia's usually lifeless eyes gleamed, finding this individual's quirk very interesting. She returned to her normal self when Kagami asked her what her quirk was. She sighed. "Isn't it completely obvious? I'm... a bat. Sort of. I have all of the features of a bat, par tiny size and the ability to fly. Also, my echolocation ability seems to be quite a lot stronger than..." She trailed off, thinking about what else to add. The incredible gift of constantly being tired? That she couldn't drink blood? She wondered if she could stay upside down for extended periods of time as well. Kia shook her head, thinking was too much work. She returned to blankly staring at the weird-eyed Kagami, ignoring the fact she didn't finish her sentence.
Maker Towers

The sound of a wall bursting and the sight of a big moving object caught Maker by surprised. She jumped towards the side, the statue just barely missing hitting her. She had no idea that the stone was actually one of her enemies, instead she figured they had just thrown that at her and could probably expect more. Now wanting to get caught of guard again, she set a blaze the hallway she was in and aimed for the hole in the wall the statue had come through.

"Are you coming out or do I have to force you out?!" She called out as she focused on aiming her flames.


Previously Night's Shadow
Yasachika Toru
It missed. Toru strained to keep her eyes open in the face of the fire’s brightness, the tint of her goggles helping immensely. She focused on Petri-Kichi, cancelling his inertia before he could continue to slide through several more walls and eventually out the building. The fire of competition had lit in her belly, now that she had a vague semblance of a plan. Or— wait— that was the tiny flicker of sparks that had caught the edge of her shirt. Toru covered her mouth to hide the small sound of surprise she made as she batted out the flames, ducking back behind the wall.

Toru kept her mouth and nose covered with her forearm, blocking out the smoke rising from the fire. Time to break more walls, she thought grimly. Can’t stay here. Plus, Petri-Kichi’s my best weapon. And potential shield. These walls are garbage. And fire wasn’t something she could just slow down with air resistance. If I can just catch a glimpse of her, I could catch her off guard, then… But right now she had to figure out how to get around the most pressing obstacle— the flames.

There were plenty of loose stones and rubble from previous wall-smashing, and Toru hefted a good-sized chunk, which she then threw on the ground with maximum inertia boost. The chunk smashed a hole through the floor in front of her and dropped out of sight. With its inertia boost lost, the stone only dented the floor below before rolling harmlessly aside. Toru hopped lightly down after it, wincing as she landed badly on her ankle, but in rolling it around a few times, she determined that it wasn’t broken. She was grateful to be out of the smoke.

Toru could still feel the heat of the flames from the floor above, though far less intense. She didn’t want to waste time, running directly below the room where Maker was and approximating where Petri-Kichi had ended up. She chewed her cheek, not really having thought her plan through past this point. She would have liked to sneak back up to Maker’s floor and try another shot with Petri-Kichi, but she knew herself well enough to be fully aware that she did not possess the athletic ability required to jump, grab onto, and pull herself through a hole in the ceiling. The girl thought, not for the first time, how much easier it would be if her quirk would also effect acceleration due to gravity.

That’s fine. Whack a Mole from the bottom, maybe? That’s not majestic at all, though. Toru looked around the room. Basically barren. Guess it would have been too much to ask to have a fire extinguisher just laying around. She searched the pockets of her costume. Did I not ask for things I can— Her searching fingers found round, polished stones of various densities. She could feel the differences in mass. Throw. There we go. Next thing to add to the costume— spray paint, and maybe some sort of boomerang or ball and chain…

Now, time to try and bullshit her way out of this. Toru took one of the denser spheres and tossed it in the air to test its weight. This’ll do. This time, she took more careful consideration of where she wanted the ball to go before winding her arm back and throwing it, as hard as she could. Inertia, increase. Air resistance, zero. The ball of rock whistled through the air, and Toru focused her gaze on it. This would require split-second timing, concentration, and a whole lot of luck. Hopefully the sound of the fire masked the sound of a polished rock crashing through the floor— or ceiling, for Toru— and making just enough impact to wobble Petri-Kichi. Toru cringed slightly— her angle had been a little off, but that was to be expected.

Now— Inertia, increase! Friction, air resistance, zero! It was just enough. Petri-Kichi began sliding back toward Maker. Not nearly as fast as Toru would have liked, but as long as he was moving, she could do something with it. She maneuvered herself into a position where she could keep her eyes on Petri-Kichi through the hole she’d made. Toru knew this wouldn’t work for long because of perspective; she’d either have to find a way back up soon, or lay low and allow herself to lose sight of the enemy in order to recalibrate her wits. But for now, she strained to keep her stone partner in sight on a course for her opponent.

(OOC: this is the most fun I’ve ever had articulating a bullshit loophole to a problem like ever, enjoy the mess I have made lmao)


Previously Shadow_Pup
Kasegawa Kichi
As his petrified body raced through the hallway the card in his hand suddenly caught fire from the fires and heat all around, as the card burned away Kichi's body gradually returned to normal just in time for him to realise he was racing towards one of his opponent at quite a high speed, taking into account that he still had super strength he opted to throw a punch at Maker as he flew towards her, all while mentally deciding to refrain from drawing another card in this match.