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Midsummer Night's Dream (revising that earlier thing)

Redoing the storyline a fair bit and making it less 'epic' (because having the fate of the entire world on your soldiers is such a drag :<) Also going for a more supernatural take, since I don't want to come up with oodles of techno-babble.

Our story is set instead at a luxurious Summer Villa near the beachside. You and several other trainers have been invited there to take up the challenge of a mysterious benefactor, who promises to reward you with 'an experience unlike any other.' However, you have arrived late due to unforeseen circumstances, and by the time you reach the manor, it is already nightfall. While the staff take care of your things, you and the other guests proceed to the dining hall for dinner. Here, you meet the owner of the Villa, the same man who had invited you to partake of his request. While you attempt to discuss the details of the challenge, he avoids all queries, instead insisting that you enjoy your dinner and that being quite tired from your arduous journey, suggests you immediately retire to bed thereafter, with a promise that all questions will be answered the next day.

Having shuffled off to your quarters, you find that you are indeed drowsy, and soon fall asleep. Later that night, you begin to have strange dreams, dreams in which you are navigating a surreal maze. You are alone, your Pokemon are without you, and stranger still, it seems that you yourself have become a Pokemon. This dream feels to eerie, as though it feels way to real to be a dream; you try to wake up, but as it turns out, you can't! It seems you are stranded in this strange labyrinthian world, what will you do now?

There, I think that's a much better synopsis than yesterday's bilge :>
Re: Nightmare Evoker-Pokesona (not the actual title lolol)

This sounds very evocative of more sleep-related Legendaries, such as Darkrai and Cresselia. I must say this is an interesting idea. Since in BW, Musharna was used to help one get into the Dream World, is the action set in Unova?
Re: Nightmare Evoker-Pokesona (not the actual title lolol)

Oh my, this does sound very awesome~

I'd love to join this really. Like Secad said, this probably has a lot to do with Darkrai and Cresselia. I sure hope so<3

I love how this is like a PRP version of Wanderlust. Could you further explain in what way the Trainer and his or her PokeMon are restricted from doing certain things when away from eachother?
Major update and stuff! Look up to the first post to read the new storyline.

First thing's first, while this RP is set predominantly in the dream world, there will be instances where the RPers do return to the 'real' world, and resume Trainer-Pokemon style battle mechanics. However, while they are in the Dream World, it will feel a bit more like a PMD RP. There is a mystery surrounding this RP, and you will have to alternate from the Dream World and Reality to solve it.

Now, about the setting. The Villa can pretty much be anywhere; Kanto, Sevii, Johto etc. It's really up to you guys where you'd like it to be. It can even be set in Unova, but if we do choose the latter, we will be forced to wait until next month to formally start the RP, once the games have alunched and the Unova region and all its terminologies are officially revealed. Good things come to those who wait, and in this case, waiting until then gives us access to use any of the 150 new Pokemon (barring legendaries, of course.)

Speaking of Legendaries, while Darkrai and Cresselia can be mentioned in passing (being involved in dreams) as per the RP board rules, we cannot directly use them. So just who or what is causing these events will be a mystery.

In a little bit, I'll also discuss the hazards one might face in the dream world, as well as being able to take your Pokemon with you to said dream world~
Well, this just sounds interesting as all hell, and I'd definitely love to join in.

A mystery RP - this'll definitely have me wracking my brain, for sure.
I love the new plotline better then the old one, so I'm definitely joining this!

I'm quite happy to wait for next month to do this PRP, for one reason, and one reason only:



I'd so be taking the form of my lovely little Cell in the dream part~

Actually, upon the shifting of the tides (and my preferences) I will actually be my beloved little Scraggy/Scrafty, Romeo!

*Blazi decides not to point out type in RX's first po- whoopsadaisey~*
Hm, it sounds like the 'event' planned by the host is this mental trapping. I like the sound of it. On the location, I think Sinnoh would be a great one, as that is the home region of both Darkrai and Cresselia.
I'd be more then happy to wait for a month; If a bit of a wait means that I can introduce my very first Unovian/Unovic PRP character, then I don't mind it~

I also like this new synopsis. It's awesome to have a Trainer that turns into a PokeMon, and the idea of a surreal survival labyrinth is very exciting<3

So, yeah, I'd prefer Unova.
Fffffffffffffffff-- So many awesome RP ideas floating around these forums lately and I'm trying to keep up with all the foreseeable RPs that are to come relatively soon. I want to join this, but I'm going to have to take a look at how many RPs I'll be in so that I don't get overwhelmed and stuff and make everyone want to kill me collectively. But I would like to participate. And like most of the others, I'd like to wait a month and see it set in Unova. Mostly because I can't wait to join a gen V RP.