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Mini-tournaments shouldn't be shafted because of the league


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Hey. Since I just mentioned this in the chat and there's little activity at the moment, I want to share it here, too.

Yesterday there was some discussion about not running mini-tournaments while the league is running. I agreed at the time, but then I thought about it later. If we did that, we'd rarely if ever run another mini-tournament. Even if we ran them during the downtime between leagues, that just means people wouldn't have any downtime at all. Honestly, that's not how they were ever meant to be viewed, so I want to correct this mentality before we get rooted too deeply in it.

The league is one part of Charms Organized Play, but it isn't the only part. The mini-tournaments should essentially be viewed as a completely separate section. We've managed to run two mini-tournaments thus far and both were successful, and I'd like to build on that success by making them more regular. Ideally, I'd like to start running them on a bimonthly basis. If you didn't have time to raise Pokemon for 'em you could just not compete, and it'd give more options for those of us who aren't in the league. In some cases it'd also give league members who've already finished the majority of their matches something extra to do, too.

Just some food for thought. All discussion is welcome.
Re: Mini-tournaments shouldn't be shafted due to the league

We've already discussed intensively (somewhat :p) about this in the chatroom, so you know where I stand already.

I'm all for keeping the mini-tournaments and the league running simultaneously - it makes little sense to make one more important than the other. I think Katie has pretty much covered what we talked about in her reply so I feel kinda lacking in something to say D:
Re: Mini-tournaments shouldn't be shafted due to the league

I'm personally all for having mini-tournaments at the same time as the league. The mini-tournaments aren't mandatory (and neither is the league for that matter) so if people feel like they can't participate because they feel too pressed for time, they don't have to. I'm all for the idea, and I'm participating in the league.

I think that for those of us in the league who only have a few people left to battle (I've only got nine left, but they're hardly active) it'd give us something to do while we wait for the league battles to pick up again. I think that it's a great idea for people who aren't in the league as well, so that they can have a bit of battling too.

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Re: Mini-tournaments shouldn't be shafted due to the league

I'm for running the Mini-tourneys during the league. I mean, they usually take only one day (two tops if it's really needed). So it's not really a whole lot of time to actually run the tourney (especially if it's the mono-type one, seeing as a fair number of people already have teams prepared for it from the last time).

Seeing as some people have already mowed through most of their battles in the League, this would give them something else to do whilst they wait for the Doubles part of the league. If not, they would more or less just sit there at the meetings whilst other people try and do their league battles. This way, they could have some more fun battles.

Also, the league seems to be more of normal battles with straight-up teams and rules, but the inclusion of mini-tourneys at times would throw in some different and interesting kinds of battles and challenge people in new and interesting ways. So I'm all for having the mini-tourneys whilst the league is going on, otherwise we really wouldn't have any ever.