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Private/Closed Misjudged (Superpower/Ability RP)

Let’s get to the point.

(https://pokecharms.com/threads/misjudged-superpower-ability-rp.18196/ is the rp thread)
In this RP, you are a high school student who hasn’t had it easy. A lot of times, people probably gossiped about you, or eyed you in a judging manner. But what they don’t know, and neither do you (yet), is that you’ve been blessed, or cursed, with supernatural powers.
Of course, it’s hard to understand when you find out, especially because you’ll be snatched away to an asylum of some sort, where you’re trained to use your power to the best of your ability.
Once your training is complete, which takes a very long time, you get thrown back into soceity. However, you’re able to see things the normal human eye cannot.
For instance, just by glancing at something, you can determine if it has powers as well.
Seems easy enough, right?

1. Cussing, or swearing, is permitted.
2. Romance is allowed, but shouldn’t be the only thing focused on.
3. Detailed, or grammatically correct, paragraphs are essential.
4. No godmodding or OPing. PLEASE.
5. Write ‘spookydooks’ in your sign-up so I know you read the rules.

6. Finally, please have fun!
Your oc should be detailed and explained fairly well.
Age ( 15-18 ):
Sexual Orientation:
Ability (only one):
Hidden Talents:
Here’s mine!
Name: Areum, “Ari”, Tsun
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Japanese-Korean
Age ( 15-18 ):17
Appearance: Soft, pale skin, with ocean eyes and dark eyelashes. Dark brown hair, often tied into a half-ponytail, with sideswept bangs. A thin frame, and a bit below average height (almost 5’5”). Could be described as pretty.
Personality: Quiet, and a bit cold. Has a soft side, and when it emerges, she’s very gentle and kind.
Clothing: A loose, plain black tee, with long, white sleeves underneath. Short, distressed black jean shorts (hardly visible under the shirt), and opaque black tights. Black combat boots as well, and a rainbow bracelet on her wrist.
Sexual Orientation: Bi.
Ability (only one): Ability to manipulate and create ice for limited amounts of time.
Strengths: Agile, clever, and relatively calm.
Weaknesses: Can break down easily, gets regular headaches, and timid-ness.
Hidden Talents: Can stay in cold weather with little to no warmth.
Other: Upon opening up to people, she can be very protective and clingy.
While I don’t expect anybody to join, I’m really not a bad person to roleplay with, I think...
Anyways, please consider participating in this!
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Name: Nichole "Nicki" Russels
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Korean
Age: 15
Appearance: She has long, jet black wavy hair just below her elbows, and always has it down against her back. She has slightly tanned skin hazel eyes, slightly long eyelashes and freckles dotted over her cheeks and nose. She is 4'6" tall and is pretty slim. (My height in real life... don't judge me, haha!)
Personality: Very quiet, hardly ever talks and is very nervous around people. Completely keeps herself to herself and bottles her feelings up, not helping with the strange power she has. She nearly always has her nose in a book, and also doesn't desire to make friends. She is just horribly shy and doesn't talk to people at all. It is insanely hard to even start talking to her, let alone being friends with her, as she will run away. Also very sensitive, and her feelings are hurt easily. Often gets teased for her shyness.
Clothing: Black thick glasses, a watch on her left wrist and a white scarf around her neck. Wears a pink fluffy sweater, blue denim jeans, black sneakers and white ankle length socks.
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual.
Ability: When she is very anxious or somebody is talking to her, she accidentally sets something nearby on fire / the ground around her on fire. She is working to stop this horrible power she's been cursed with, without hardly any progress though.
Strengths: Is great at running and gymnastics, nimble and quick, also witty.
Weaknesses: Gets very nervous easily, is super shy and sensitive, can never manage to stay calm, often assumes things wrong, is also pretty clumsy and paranoid.
Hidden Talents: She can slightly control the fire and where it goes if she focuses her mind very well. She doesn't know this, however.
Other: Spookydooks!
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Surely it won't hurt to add in another Korean OC into the fold? xD spookydooks

Name: Gyung-Hoon Sage (English name is Dylan)
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Korean-American
Age ( 15-18 ): 17
Appearance: Black hair, chocolate brown eyes, rectangular glasses, medium build, 6'1.
Personality: Dylan is very friendly and extremely fun to be around. He has a great sense of humor, could be considered charming, in a way, and is quite loyal to his friends.
Clothing: Dylan likes to wear a white tee, a black hoodless athletic jacket if there's cold weather, navy jeans, and dark grey sneakers.
Sexual Orientation: Hetero
Ability (only one): Dylan possesses Electrokinesis, which is the ability to conjure and manipulate electricity. His lightning also takes on an icy blue color.
Strengths: Dylan is pretty agile on his feet, and.. uh... that's about it.
Weaknesses: Dylan can sometimes be a little too trusting, which leads to some people taking advantage of him.
Hidden Talents: Dylan is what many people would call a piano "prodigy".
Other: o o f
Name: Halt
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: German American
Age ( 15-18 ): 17
Appearance: Tall and broad. His arms are quite muscular and his left arm has a tattoo of a wolf on it. His hair is a red brown and bright blue eyes. He is 5"10'
Personality: Halt is kind if your kind back. He holds grudges, and has a punch first, ask questions second attitude.
Clothing: Halt wears a pale blue undershirt with a senior football jacket over it. He wears jeans most of the time.
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Ability (only one): Pan's Calling. The ability to use animals traits for himself. (Like he could use a panther's and gain stealth and speed, or a bloodhound and smell great) Later on, he could transform into some animals.
Strengths: He is quite strong and bulky. Halt is decently fast as well.
Weaknesses: Halt is as dumb as a rock.
Hidden Talents: Halt is good at football, and can sometimes communicate with animals.
Other: What is SpookyDooks?
OOH! (Makes another character.)

Name: Felix Rivers
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Scottish
Age: 15
Appearance: Chocolate brown, long messy hair. Nearly every strand of his hair is nearly 4 inches long. He has dark blue eyes, pale skin, long eyelashes, a long scar near his right eye running from the corner of his eye near his nose to by the top of his right ear. He is 5'6" in height and pretty lanky. He is in a wheelchair due to an accident when he was very young. (May be revealed in the roleplay.)
Personality: He is pretty shy and will normally be alone. Likes to study and loves music, plays violin very well. He gets quite nervous around people and is bullied a lot due to his nerdiness with video games, reading books, violin playing, liking to study and being in a wheelchair especially. He is often harassed by people being nosy and demanding why he is in a wheelchair and due to this is quite self conscious and lacks self esteem. You will often find him hiding in a toilet cubicle or at the back of the class listening to music via his iPhone and reading a book. He also has a very strong Scottish accent.
Clothing: Black woolly sweater and navy blue jeans, black fingerless gloves, navy blue beanie hat, black sneakers, white watch on his left hand, ankle length grey socks.
Sexual Orientation: Gay.
Ability: He has the power to control weather with a click of his fingers - to rain, thundering storm, blizzard, boiling hot, nice and warm, hailing, extremely strong winds, you name it, he can change the weather to it. (Apart from abnormal weathers, etc, acid rain.)
Strengths: He is very smart and intelligent / very knowledgeable. Quite fit as well - good at running, swimming, a couple sports, etc.
Weaknesses: Is bad at talking, often gets tongue tied and stammers a bit. (Also says everything in his very strong Scottish accent.) Is also bad at dealing with embarrassment and gets very nervous and upset when he is getting bullied.
Hidden Talents: Has great reflexes and memory.
Other: Spookydooks!

I feel like him and Nicki would get along perfectly and have the potential to be an amazing couple... too bad he is gay!

(QwertyQuilava's LGBT+ supporting instincts kick in.)
Time for character two! Not putting Spookydooks in it.
Name: Tina Grey
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: American
Age ( 15-18 ): 16
Appearance: She is quite petite and small. She has brown hair worn in a lower ponytail. Tina has bright green eyes and a wonderful grin..
Personality: Tina is an optimistic person. She looks for the bright side of things, and gets brought down easily.
Clothing:She wears a light pink t-shirt and a darker pair of pink shorts
Sexual Orientation: Straight (I'm southern, so I don't do 'gay')
Ability (only one): Air manipulation. She can control air itself. Doing so, she can turn it into a more solid form allowing a more physical magic style.
Strengths: Tina is quite smart and is a gymnast.
Weaknesses: Tina gets brought down easily and takes things to the heart easily.
Hidden Talents: Gymnast
Name: Lawrence Grenier
Ethnicity: British
Age ( 15-18 ):16
Appearance:Short Wavy Hair, Pale Skin and Has Glasses.
Personality:He Might Be Quiet But He Is Smart And Postitive About Life. He Has Many Friends.
Clothing:Has A Suit And Tie (His School Uniform) Black Pants And Leather Shoes
Sexual Orientation:Heterosexual
Ability (only one):Time Manipulation
Strengths:His Friends Around
Weaknesses: When People think that he is an introvert and not interested in them
Hidden Talents:He Can Play The Violin
Other:He Comes From A Rich Family
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Name: Shiro Tamashī (nicknamed Sun for his bright personality)
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Japanese
Age ( 15-18 ): 15
Appearance: Shiro has long snow white hair with pale skin. He has bright orange-yellowish eyes and broad shoulders. He has a lean and lanky body and he is 5’5 with long legs but a shorter torso. He is slightly muscular
Personality: Shiro is extremely bright and always happy despite people bullying and judging him. He loves to be with people and in school. He is very smart and observes people to know what they do and like. He is friendly and kind to all people, thinking that everyone deserves a second chance. He is very loyal to his friends
Clothing: Shiro wears a white shirt that tugs on his shoulders and his thin body. He also wears white jeans with white and gold shoes. He has a white jacket when it is cold or it’s going to rain, always tied around his waist

Sexual Orientation: Gay
Ability (only one): To Manipulate/control water but since he doesn’t know how to control it, water becomes out of control so he avoids it
Strengths: He is very friendly and is good at running, sports and he is flexible. He is quite smart and knowledgeable
Weaknesses: He doesnt trust easy
Hidden Talents: He can stand hot and cold temperatures for longer periods of time
Other: Spookydooks
Hello there.

Name: John Locklear
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Native American
Age ( 15-18 ): 16
Appearance: John has a bit of a lanky build. He's a bit on the slim side, but he's very tall, standing at 6'7". His eyes are two different colors, his right eye being a bright blue and his left being a deep brown. He has an inverted breastbone, also known as "hollow chest." He has straight jet black hair that goes down to his neck.
Personality: John's very protective of those he's close to and is a very gentle person. He always tries to be there if someone needs someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on. He does like to make the occasional joke and loves humor. However, if someone were to hurt his friends, the result wouldn't be good. In his free time, John often reads books or plays video games.
Clothing: A baggy, white T-Shirt, baggy dark grey jeans, and indigo-colored sneakers.
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Ability (only one): Pain swap. This ability allows John to heal others of injuries, even diseases, but in turn, he gains these injuries and diseases. They can, theoretically, be passed on to another individual to heal himself.
Strengths: John is good at communicating, and is often considered to be very charismatic. He's very knowledgeable when it comes to history.
Weaknesses: He suffers shortness of breath and occasional, random chest pains because of his "hollow chest." He'd also put himself in harms way willingly to protect a friend.
Hidden Talents: For things like cuts or blunt trauma, John's wounds heal faster than they would on other people.
Other: N/A
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This seem interesting but here goes
Ethnicity: Mexican-American
Age: 15
Appearance: Joseph has a normal body tone build(a little bit buff). He stand at 5"4 tall with hazel eyes.
Clothing: wear a basic white t-shirt wearing over a a skeleton hoodie. Wear a skeleton seamless mask(he doesn't put it on very often). Blue Jeans with black sneakers.
Ability: illusions. He can trick his target by creating illusion such as someone getting murder or a monster chasing him.
Personality: He is mostly a quiet person. He doesn't really like to be around people and this why people considered him as a loner. He knows that he have power and use to help the weak ( he hate seeing other suffer from bigger person). The things he loved to do in his spare time is videogames, plays the drum, or listening to music (he listen to music during class). If people tries to initiate a conversation he will be in an awkward silence.
Strengths: Joseph can see through people emotion, he quite athletic, and he good at hand to hand combat
Weakness: being social
My character is still in progress.
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