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Ask to Join Morphers

A helicopter was flying over London, below there was thousands of soldiers stopping Praedo from trying to push out even further. "So the Praedo are finally losing territory, London was all the Praedo had at this Point." Grant thought
"All right we'll be stopping here guys get ready theres lots of Praedo here." The helicopter pilot explained as he lowered the chopper. Grant hopped out of the chopper and began to stretch he immediately saw a couple Praedo hiding behind buildings.
"Alright team you know the drill get in, and kick some ass and get out!" Grant shouted as the helicopter flew away a couple Praedo began slowly approaching grant reached into his pocket and shot a couple bullets knocking a couple Praedo onto the ground. "Its time!" Grant shouted throwing a pill into his mouth. Grant grinned as he felt his body change a, Praedo charged forward. "Right Hook!" Grant shouted as he punched the Praedo's head killing it, he got into a boxing stance as more Praedo charged forward.
@DevVoid @Killerbunny the god @Spoiled Bread @Clunpsy
Benjamin hopped out of the chopper all jittery, he had been waiting for this for what felt like ages. And now that it was here, he could barely contain his lust for blood. The first thing to change was his tongue, which he showed by making a snake's signature hissing sound. He was just getting a sniff of what the opponents scents were, but it seemed much more terrifying than so. The next thing to change was his skin, scales growing all around his face and covering all of the parts on his body that wasn't seen. He had made sure that he had gotten special made pants for this kind of thing, he didn't really want to run around in a skirt or a kilt on the battlefield just to let his snake tail have a chance to come out. The pants grew with his snake tail and would still completely cover his "legs".

As soon as the Praedo charged forward, Ben made an almost inhuman grin. He drew his sword and... threw it like a boomerang which completely missed every Praedo. But it didn't really stop him. As part python, he could still use his tail to fight. And he still had his pistols. Except for the one Grant punched, Ben shot out like a bullet towards the closest Praedo and wrapped his tail around it. He quickly squashed it's insides with the extreme strength of a python. Now he pulled out his guns and began firing at the other Praedo's

Mint landed on the ground and glanced on her surrounding. It has been such a long time she didn't even recognize the city anymore. If human take back London... She might want to moves here and finally gave her parents proper burial. Ah, but those kind of thought should be reserved for later, for now, she should focus on the mission.

She let Grant, Benjamin and other fighter morphers fight with the charging Praedos. Meanwhile she climbed onto one of the building and started zapping some praedo. Her morph DNA was ranked as special and she didn't have any defensive transformation like exosleleton so she's better suited as support, sniper and nuker rather than going toe to toe against praedo.


Previously Deathstalker62
Leon wasted no time hopping out of the helicopter. It was time to have some fun, and nothing was gonna stop him from tearing up these Praedos, literally. He took the pill that transformed him into a creature the likes of which you'd usually read about in one of H. P. Lovecraft's Works and stretched out his tentacles, wrapping it around multiple Praedos. He tightened his grip around the Praedos with more tentacles and quite literally tore the Praedos in half. Leon camouflaged himself to be as little visible to the Praedos as possible and begun moving around, taking out as many Praedos as he could sneak up on.
Isabelle jumped out of the chopper and took the pill as soon as she landed.. She leaned forwards a bit, and her back seemed to get thicker. A pair of see through wings emerged, and she flew forwards a bit and quite high above the ground. She stopped above one of the Praedo. She fell from above and kicked it in the face, making it lose balance. She then grabbed its leg and flung it towards another Praedo, killing them both. She drew her double ended sword and leapt forwards, spinning the blade quite easily. Isabelle stuck it in the head of a Praedo, before pulling the blade out and using the other end on another Praedo. She kicked them both and lifted them onto her shoulders. She flew up a bit, then slammed them into the ground while falling. Her skin covered her wings again and she pulled out her katana.
"Keep Moving." Grant told the others he kept going into and heard a weird shrill screaming noise. "What the hell." Grant thought, and kept walking froward he felt himself step on something soft. "What the hell!" Grant shouted, looking down to see a corpse. It was severely damaged and had been ripped practically to shreds. He looked around to see more bodies. And kept hearing the strange screeches. Small dog like creatures stepped out. "Shit!" Grey shouted these things were different to what he'd ever seen before they looked like small Praedo but more similar to dogs than humans. one quickly rushed at Grant biting his leg as more ran jumping at Grant. Grant punched as many as he could a way but they just kept coming in hordes Shrieking. "Guys back me up!" Grant yelled. Grant began a volley of punches and flinging the Praedo like Dogs flying but when he stopped they kept charging forward not stopping.


Previously Deathstalker62
Leon was following Grant, camouflaged to the ground. Despite the fact that crawling was his slowest way of moving forward, it was very effective when he was camouflaged. Watching with interest to what these strange dog-like creatures were, Leon figured they must be some kind of creature the Praedo had created. Leon, to make an attempt to save Grant from these creatures, fired a large shot of ink at the small creatures charging toward Grant, confusing, blinding and disorienting them. This caused some of them to knock themselves out by running into a tree, but most of them just stopped and looked around confused as their sense of smell was also blocked due to the strong, STRONG stench of squid ink. Taking this opportunity, Leon silently motioned the others to take his chance with a tentacle before moving his own tentacles towards the creatures, grabbing many them and pulling them towards him to finish them off.

A small drone flew above the confused creatures. The drone was carrying a box and once it was at the center of the swarm, the box opened and dozens of small metallic ball were dropped. The balls sticked to any surface it hit and lots of them hit the creatures.

Several distance away from the unfolding fight, Mint observed the situation through her multipurpose goggles while her hands were holding the controller of her drone. After her drone dropped the balls she put away the controller and extended her hand forward. Blue electric current crackled on her hand and she spoke through the communicator.

"I will rain lightning, disengage."

A strong blast of lightning attack launched from her hand. It hit precisely one of the creature before it dispersed to a wide area. The creatures swarming formation soon became a death trap as the electric current jumped between creatures and electrocute each of them.
Grant watched as the scene unfolded and the weird Praedo perished this wasn't in the briefing and these are just like dogs, what the hell the Praedo are just thoughtless how could they create life." Grant said to himself out loud he picked up one of the corpses that was relatively intact. "Guys I got a call to go back to base its urgent!" Grant shouted at the team running to the nearest safe zone and getting in a chopper.