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Ask to Join Mortal Kombat: Multiverse


Previously turnt3chGodh34d
Discussion Thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/mk-m-ooc.25129/

(Newcomers are welcome, and can be worked into the story)

Nine tournaments have been fought. Nine tournaments have been won by the champions of Outworld. If Outworld wins one more tournament, they will be allowed to invade and conquer Earthrealm, and nobody will be able to stop them. The tenth tournament approaches, but a mysterious being from outside of this world has infiltrated to alter the events and change history forever.

Guided by this mysterious figure, Shang Tsung, the Sorcerer hosting the tenth Mortal Kombat tournament, has begun to recruit beings from far away lands, far outside of this universe. Knights and Wizards, Soldiers and Mercenaries, Killers and Psychopaths. Shang Tsung offers them promises of grandeur, their deepest desires to be granted.
Warned of Shang Tsung's efforts, Raiden, the God of Thunder, has been granted permission by the Elder Gods to seek out champions from these far away worlds just as Shang Tsung is. More is at stake here than Outworld invading Earthrealm now. If Shang Tsung succeeds, his plans will lead to the destruction of the multiverse. The end of every universe, everywhere.


The voyage was customary. Tradition, if you will. To ferry the 8 contestants from one location, to the location of the tournament. Usually, it was held on Shang Tsung's island, which was true for this tournament.
Raiden stood at the helm of the ship, face hidden beneath the rice hat he wore. A humble symbol that represented his humility, as well as his lineage. Long before he had become the God of Thunder, Raiden had been a humble man in ancient China. Those days were mostly forgotten by now. Too long ago for him to bother remembering. Everyone from that time he had once known was long dead, forgotten, and dust. He had a duty. A duty that Shang Tsung often made difficult. The aging Sorcerer ceaselessly schemed ways to win these tournaments. Raiden was certain that the last nine tournaments had been rigged in Shang Tsung's favor. He was confident in making sure that this tenth would not be won. By his representatives, at least.

Granted insight by the Elder Gods, Raiden could see that Shang Tsung had been scheming for an ultimate victory in the tenth tournament. Calling forth beings that would decimate the champions of Earthrealm. It wasn't breaking the rules of Mortal Kombat. Just bending them. So Raiden had retaliated by doing the same. He had abandoned his original champions in favor of sparing them the fate this tenth tournament would hold, instead asking for the aid of others from worlds far, far beyond this one, or even Chaosrealm.
The first of those he had recruited was a 'Sgt. Drake Alexander'. A gruff man of military stature who had already fought his way through a similar event, though Mortal Kombat would have more rules than the sergeant was probably used to.
Then there were the heroes. Ant-Man, the first was called. A man who relied on humor to aid him. A defense technique Raiden himself welcomed, despite coming off as a consistently serious God. The second was Black Noir, a being shrouded in mystery. Raiden had no intentions of learning the secrets of the man behind the mask. All he asked was for his help, though Black Noir reminded Raiden of Batman. It was a shame the Dark Knight had initially refused Raiden's request, as the heroes of that realm were already dealing with a crises on a multiversal level.
Lastly, there was Wolverine, a hero rough around the edges with a temper as short as his stature. Despite being shorter than most of the champions, Raiden had already witness the Wolverine in action. He, like the others, were valuable additions.

There was the strange 2-dimensional world Raiden had visited. Rumors of a hero capable of great feats. He was small, 2-dimensional like his world, and called 'Mario'. There had been other version Raiden had inspected before, but this one was far more eager to join the fray than the others had been. This was a tournament of free will, of course. Raiden could not, nor would not force others into battling. The same may not be said for Shang Tsung, though the Sorcerer had probably offered his own champions false promises of riches and glory, and anything else they could want.
Ajani Goldmane was a fierce warrior, and a noble one at that. A large anthropomorphic lion donning armor and carrying weapons. He would be a formidable champion.
Anivia was a phoenix of ice. Initially much larger in size, but the Elder Gods had reduced her size in order for fairness. Raiden did not question the Elder Gods, but felt as though he'd need every edge he could gain against whatever Shang Tsung had planned.
Finally, there was 'Hex', a cubed hero of his world. Even stranger than Paper Mario, but Raiden was not particularly picky. He'd already been denied so many champions as it was, he would take any aid given to him.

The ship rocked along by the waves. They would be arriving at Shang Tsung's island shortly. There, blood would be spilled. Raiden had warned his champions of this, but he felt some weren't fully recognizing the perils they would face. This would be at Shang Tsung's home. He would have the advantage in every battle. Each of Raiden's champions would need to work as hard as they could to ensure victory... else they be destroyed by their opponents, never able to return to their universe as Shang Tsung would consume their souls.
Grip tightening on his staff, Raiden stared off toward the speck of an island in the distance. Their destination. Despite having done what he could, the God of Thunder still felt that he would be outmatched and outclassed by whatever strings Shang Tsung had pulled.

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Hex sat on a chair in the ship, thinking about the tournament and checking her gear. She had heard that a being from her world, one even more powerful than the Arch-Illager had joined the opposing side and she had accepted Raiden's invitation, if only to prove her world still had heroes after that tragic event centuries ago, when the ancestors unleashed a plague that created the all too familiar undead.

Anivia looked at the island looming in the distance from her perch on the mast, She worried about her reduced size, whether it was strong enough and if she would get her original mass back.
Sgt. Drake Alexander made his way onto the deck of the ship. This entire situation gave him the strangest sense of deja vu. Was it really deja vu? Sailing on a ship to battle? Being pulled to another world to fight in a conflict against a great evil? He had already felt that way sailing across the Pacific to fight the Empire of Japan, and again on Valhalla sailing to fight the Marro in Ticalla Jungle. And now a third time, sailing to who knows where. Shang Tsung's island, whatever that may be.

There were others that Raiden had called here. Drake could only hope that this supposed 'thunder god' was as good of a judge of character that Jandar had been. It would have been nice to have someone like Raelin or Zetacron here to watch his back, or hell, the whole squad of the Airborne Elite. He had to remind himself that this wasn't another war he was being thrown into. This was a fighting tournament. One with rules, and to the death.

Glancing up, Sgt. Drake did a double take as he spotted a large ice creature on the mast of the ship.
"Nilfheim?" Sgt. Drake muttered, taking a closer look. But no. For one, whatever it was, it was far too small to be the dragon Drake knew. And another thing, it appeared to be a large ice bird rather than a dragon. Was this another one of Raiden's fighters called for the tournament, or something else?

Sgt. Drake Alexander merely shook his head and walked over to the side of the ship, leaning against the railings and watching the waves pass by. Whatever fighters Raiden called in couldn't be any stranger than the metal men, vikings, elves, or snake people he had fought besides. And whatever fighters this Shang Tsung has summoned couldn't be any stranger than the aliens, zombies, samurai, or other monsters he had fought against.
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Previously mallard
Scott Lang chomped down on a banana, he had to keep his energy up before the fights. This was an honor to be selected for this job out of everyone in the multiverse, it was almost as great as when Captain America, may god rest his soul, picked him for the fight against the other half of the Avengers, who had at the time signed their lives away. He finished his banana on his third bite, and disposed of the peel by stretching his arm over the side of the boat and dropping it. Scott brushed off his hands and roamed over to the mast, which he leaned against. What an odd crew they had. There was a cube person on deck checking... their materials, a veteran with a ninja sword, a lion man, a paper person, a man that didn't have much of a visual description besides looking like he could kick some serious ass, and then a silent man clad in black, who sat on the deck in a corner reading Gone With the Wind. Ant-Man looked up, to spot a large ice bird. Maybe this wasn't such a great spot after all. To avoid a potential frigid shit land from on him, he moved away from the mast. Fights to the death were some pretty heavy things to be kept in anticipation of, and Scott needed to take his mind off of it for a moment.
"So... saving the world, huh? You guys want to huddle or something before we get there?"
Black Noir ignored this.
Hearing a voice speak up, Sgt. Drake Alexander looked back towards the deck. A human man had approached, dressed in rather unusual attire. Some sort of red and black suit, with a silver helmet to match. The suit reminded Drake of the kind that the Microcorp Agents had worn, except less tech-looking. And a bit more decorative. The man didn't appear to have any weapons, but perhaps his suit was a weapon in itself. More interestingly, the man spoke English. On Valhalla, Jandar had used magic to help his units understand each other. Did Raiden do the same thing here? Or perhaps Drake was just lucky, and this particular human knew how to speak.

Sgt. Drake approached Scott.
"It is a good idea to know who we are going to be fighting alongside." Sgt. Drake said to Scott. He offered the superhero a handshake. "Sgt. Drake Alexander, human from Earth. I was pulled in 1943. At least, the first time."
The soldier looked Scott Lang up and down.
"Then again, Raiden told me everyone was from different universes, whatever that means. So what I just said might not make any sense to you." Sgt. Drake said.


Previously mallard
Scott was actually suprised anyone answered, although it was welcome. It was the soldier. Taking the man's hand, he introduced himself as well, "Hi, I'm Scott. Yeah, I speak English, and I'm American, if that means anything to you. And 1943? Wow. I'm from 2023, and there's some crazy shit in the future, I'm telling you." He realized that he'd been shaking this man's hand to long, and released it.
@Captain Cardboard
Hex hears people talk about dangers, she snorts.
-Tell me about it, I live on a landscape ruled by the undead where everything wants to kill me, I am part of a race that is on the verge of extinction and the natives can't speak my language. Doesn't help that most people I can communicate with are always going on and on about being a hero and saving the world.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Ajani stood near the others simply listening and watching. He hummed to himself as his fur flowed in the wind. This people were very intriguing, he had met many people from all sorts of Planes but these people were not Planeswalkers so they had never crossed paths before. He was intrigued by this contest they were to participate in, his species were known for the prowess in combat as well as their magic so he was well accustomed with fights to the death.
Mario sat on the ship deck, contemplating. He had accepted Raiden's request with utmost haste, eager to save his world. The flat plumber wondered if that was the right thing to do. Leaving everyone behind... He remembered what Luigi had told him before leaving. Just-a remember to play your cards correctly, Bro. Mario felt especially bad thinking about his brother. But he remained vigilant and confident in his own abilities.


Previously turnt3chGodh34d
The approach of the island was certain. Or rather, their approach toward it. Shang Tsung's magic could be felt by the Thunder God even here. Raiden could only wonder what devious traps and trials Shang Tsung had conjured up for this tournament. So long as his kontestants were capable...
The team began to converse and mingle. For the most part. The majestic Anivia stayed her perch as Scott, Drake, and Hex congregated. Mario, Ajani, Logan, and Black Noir seemed to maintain their distance for now.

Swiftly, Lord Raiden turned and began to calmly make his way toward the conversing group from the ship's forward bow, nearing the central mast where the three were just as Drake concluded a sentence; "-Raiden told me everyone was from different universes, whatever that means. So what I just said might not make any sense to you."
"I must once again thank you." Raiden spoke, announcing his presence as he joined the conversation. "The prior champions I had chosen for this tournament would not have been up to this task. Your bravery and risk are deeply appreciated."

"Sure, bub." It was Logan, the Wolverine, who spoke next, his cowl down, revealing his shaggy black hair and scruffy sideburns, a cigar sticking out of his mouth, heavy smoke drifting from it. "I just came for a good spat. Savin' the universe is old news to me, pal."
He didn't regard any of them with his eyes, instead staring up at the Cryo Phoenix still perched above. "Which is exactly why I have recruited you." Raiden asserted. "Most of you are experienced with dangerously high stakes, and are all capable in your own regards. Even so, we will need every advantage we can have if we wish to beat Shang Tsung in this tournament. Otherwise-"
"Yeah, yeah." Once again, Wolverine rudely interrupted as he leaned against the rail of the boat. "We all die and shit. Heard it all before."

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Anivia looked down at the people on the deck and back at the island in the distance. She takes flight and goes down to hear what they were talking about.

-Hey Raiden, what would happen if I have a respawn anchor charged up? Hex asks while looking at him.
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Sgt. Drake shook Scott's hand, giving the hero a strange look as Ant-Man shook his hand for just a bit too long.
"Yeah, I can believe it." Sgt. Drake said. Another voice spoke up, and Drake looked over to Hex. Now that was something Drake had never seen before. She was a humanoid, looking like she was made entirely of blocks and cubes. Very strange. But if her bragging about fighting undead was true, she should be a capable fighter. She did appear to have a few weapons she was acquainted with.

Others were hanging out on the ship deck as well. A man dressed in all black that wouldn't look out of place being a member of the Ninjas of the Northern Wind. Another humanoid, wearing armor and covered in a white fur with a lion's head. Then there was another human, a man that was a bit shorter and dressed in a rather... unusual yellow and blue costume and smoking a cigar.

Sgt. Drake didn't say anything as Raiden spoke.
"I'll do what I can." Sgt. Drake said. The block person spoke up again, something about a respawn anchor? What was that?
"What's that?" Drake asked Hex.
-A respawn anchor is a block that you can charge up to respawn, it even works in alternate dimensions.
Hex answers Drake. She then looks out in the distance.
-I had to sacrifice a friend to get the crying obsidian to make it. And before he could ask another question, she answers. Crying obsidian is obsidian that is saturated with purple energy, the energy drips from it at regular intervals.
Sgt. Drake was... still confused. A block that allowed you to respawn? What did that word even mean? Drake had heard of fish spawning in the spring, releasing their eggs. But that was not what this block person was talking about. Drake was able to gather it was some sort of device, and it sounded like it was powered by that 'crying obsidian' the block person had mentioned. It must be something powerful or meaningful if someone was killed to construct it.

"I'm sorry for your loss." Drake said to Hex. He paused for a moment before continuing. "I'm still not quite sure I understand, however. I've never heard that word 'respawn' before."


Previously mallard
Scott wore a confused face as this cube person threw weird terms their way. "Yeah, I agree with him. What the hell does that even mean?" He quickly glanced over everyone else on deck to see if any of them would give him a clear-cut answer instead of adding more incomplete information to the discussion. But if it was made of something hard enough to have someone die over, it'd probably be a good thing to have.
Drake glanced over to Scott, nodding in agreement with the hero.

Ah. That made much more sense. A device that allowed one to come back to life. Likely some sort of magic. That was something that Drake could understand. He watched curiously as the block person pulled out some weapons. These appeared to be made of blocks or squares much like the block person was. The first set appeared to be a pair of green scythes, while the second appeared to be some sort of black cutlass.
"Sorry to interrupt, but what is your name? I am Sgt. Drake Alexander." Drake said to Hex.


Previously turnt3chGodh34d
"Pardon my failure to introduce everyone." Raiden intervened once more, having remained mostly silent as he listened. "You all know who I am already, and now that Hex has introduced herself," The God of Thunder gestured his hand up the mast toward the Cryo Phoenix. "That is Anivia, the Cryo Phoenix. She is usually larger, but the Elder Gods temporarily reduced her size for fairness in the tournament. Scott Lang, the Ant-Man, a member of the Avengers, and Sergeant Drake Alexander, who is fresh from another multiversal event." He nodded toward the two men who seemed to be getting along better than most. "Ajani Goldmane, a Leonin Planeswalker, a member of the Gatewatch."
Raiden then nodded toward the 2-dimensional being still keeping a slight distance. "That one is Mario, though there are many incarnations. This version is simply referred to as 'Paper Mario', for reasons easy to deduce. The last two are Black Noir, the mysterious figure of the Seven, a league of heroes, and Logan, the Wolverine, from a universe similar to Ant-Man's, a member of the X-Men."

This conversation had allowed the ship to near the island moreso. They were close. Very close, now. Enough so that Raiden then gestured toward it for everyone's attention to focus on it. "We have nearly arrived." The Thunder God announced. "Shang Tsung will maintain a hospitable demeanor for your initial interactions, but do not be fooled. He will be assessing you to determine which of his champions to place against you. You will be offered rooms with the means to eat, sleep, and clean yourselves. The first tournament will take place when Shang Tsung decides. And be careful not to mingle too much with his servants. They are known for thievery."

The Wolverine seemed to mostly ignore Raiden's words, instead giving the approaching island a reproachful look. It was like something out of a brochure for a vacation. The island stretched up, plateauing at its peak. A volcano. The island itself was fairly large, with different structures dotting its surface here or there, but most notable of all was the way part of the island stretched out toward them, split own the middle by a one-way river. Their ship was headed straight for this canal, where an archway connected the ends of the two islands, the emblem of a great dragon adorning the center.
They had arrived for the Mortal Kombat tournament.

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Sgt. Drake Alexander looked over the remaining fighters as Raiden introduced everyone. He tried his best to memorize everyone's names, but something did stand out. Drake gave Scott a curious look. Ant-Man was a strange enough name already, but that wasn't what stood out.
"The... Avengers?" Sgt. Drake Alexander asked Scott. The soldier thought for a moment. There was no way... yet it was entirely possible. He and Wolverine certainly had the costumes for it.
"Do the names Captain America or Iron Man, or Spider Man mean anything to you?" Sgt. Drake Alexander asked Scott.


Previously mallard
Scott's eyes widened and jaw dropped as Drake said this. "Holy shit, yes! I fought side by side Cap! I even got to hold the shield! Do you guys have a Captain America in your universe?" This was crazy in Scott's mind. Steve Rogers was around in 1943 in his own universe, but Tony Stark wasn't. And if other people existed in other universes, couldn't Scott? He wondered what he would be like. "Hold on, have you heard of the last name 'Lang'?"
@Captain Cardboard
Sgt. Drake Alexander shook his head and held up a hand.
"Eh, no, no... It's more of a strange story. I don't think they were from my earth, since I definitely would have heard of Captain America or the Red Skull, or that Hydra organization Cap told me about while I was serving. Back in my universe, I was pulled through time and space by a man... well, Valkyrie named Jandar to his home world, a planet named Valhalla. The people there had discovered some sort of magic that allowed them to pull warriors for different times and spaces, and a tyrant named Utgar was using it to amass an army to take over not only their world, but every world." Sgt. Drake tried to explain.

"It's a bit of a long story, but either that magic had some unintended consequences or something happened in their world, because in the middle of one of our battles these 10 crazy guys... well, some of them were guys. Some of them looked more like monsters... Just showed up. Two of them joined up with Jandar. Captain America. Spider Man. One of them, the one they called the Incredible Hulk, was recruited by Jandar's friend, a general named Ullar. Two of them joined another general by the name of Einar, a silver man that rode a flying surfboard and a man in metal armor that called himself Doctor Doom. Two of them joined a general by the name of Vydar, another guy in this high tech armor called Iron Man and this creature they called Venom. The last three joined Utgar. A monster they called the Abomination. A Nazi mastermind they called the Red Skull. And an insane alien they called Thanos." Sgt. Drake Alexander explained. The soldier shook his head once again.

"The war got much more difficult after that. With those ten guys, they fought and strategized like nothing anyone had ever seen before. But we managed to defeat them. In some of their cases, multiple times since that Thanos guy didn't seem to stay dead. A few months ago, Jandar and Ullar managed to figure out how to send them back to their homes using the wellsprings. And while Vydar and Einar were not happy about relinquishing their powerful warriors, they ended up doing so in the end."

Sgt. Drake Alexander looked back to Scott.
"It's a bit confusing and crazy sounding, but that's the truth." Sgt. Drake Alexander said.


Previously turnt3chGodh34d
Out of all the champions gathered, it became clear that Scott and Drake would be getting along the most, but for the most part, the others fell silent as their vessel entered Shang Tsung's island, the emblem of the dragon passing overhead. The canal led for a short stretch toward a platform. A dock of sorts that doubled as a place of kombat as well.
There were multiple individuals at the dock waiting for them, primarily consisting of Shang Tsung's servants. Men and women with frail bodies, bald heads, and scraps for clothing. They looked almost like poor monks. And standing in the center? Shang Tsung himself, his gaze upon the ship as it neared, hands clasped behind his back, a sneer over his confident face.

"That is our host. And our greatest enemy." Raiden announced to the others, nodding his head at the only extravagantly clothed figure. "It would appear he did not bring his champions with him. He may wish to make an entrance with them later." The God of Thunder pondered aloud as the ship slowed, steering itself to the side, before a walkway extended down to the dock, allowing all aboard a way off.
"He will want to inspect each of you personally. Do not invoke him, and he will release you." Raiden warned, staying in place as he waited for all eight of his champions to depart from the ship.

Logan, the Wolverine, scoffed as he marched his way toward the ramp with a confident swagger. He was the first off, walking down to come face to face with the Sorcerer, who stood nearly a foot over the X-Man. "And you are?" Shang Tsung asked, his voice a drawl, his hair slicked back over his head. Logan sized up Shang Tsung, before taking a puff of his cigar. "None of your business, bub." He replied, before walking away- though completely uncertain of where he should go. "Hm. Delighted." The Sorcerer replied, his sneer remaining as he turned his attention to the next kontestant.

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Anivia looked at the sneering man, with a sigh, she flew off and over the sorcerer, ignoring him, to scout out the island.

Hex stood up, she made sure that only her diamond sword was visible and she walked to the gangplank, passing other kombatants on her way down. She looked at Shang Tsung. "You really went all in with the big baddie aesthetic, this place feels evil. Tell you what, when I win this contest, I'll remodel the whole structure." Hex smirks at the ruler of this plot of land.
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Mario watched as they approached the island and saw Shang Tsung get closer. He was past the point of regretting leaving everyone behind and fully ready to give this tournament his all. The flat plumber took a breath and hurried off the ship.
He then flew backwards from an updraft, then, upon landing, slowly walked off the ship.


Previously turnt3chGodh34d
"Confidence can only get you so far. Skill is needed to succeed, and unfortunately, you seem to be lacking." Shang Tsung stared back at the cubed woman for a moment, before his eyes moved away from her in disregard toward the being made of what seemed to be paper exiting the vessel. It was enough to make the Sorcerer scoff out loud, though he added no more words.

Raiden gestured for the others to make their way off the ship, bringing up the rear. The next that came was Ajani, whom Shang Tsung barely seemed to regard. Then Black Noir, who (as expected) had no words for the Sorcerer. Next was Sgt. Alexander, whom Shang Tsung seemed to take a little more interest in, his smirk widening ever so slightly as he gazed upon the being, then unto Ant-Man who was bringing up the rear.
Finally, Raiden descended down the ramp.

"This is the best you send, Lord Raiden?" The Sorcerer sneered. "Perhaps it would be wise to forfeit now, while you can. Save yourself the embarrassment."
"I recall someone once said 'confidence can only get you so far'." Raiden replied simply, standing tall over Shang Tsung. "Indeed." The Sorcerer's sneer seemed to lessen slightly, before he glanced up toward Avina. "I would advise you keep a short leash on your pets, Lord Raiden." He stated. "Not even I could predict the... 'dangers' one may face should they steer too far from the safety I provide."

The others, meanwhile, weren't given much freedom. Shang Tsung's servants were many, and their bodies formed a wall that kept those without wings inside of the area. They were either very loyal to Shang Tsung, or more terrified of him than anyone else, as even after threatened by not only Logan, but also Ajani, the servants did not move, nor did they speak.
With at least seven contestants on the dock, Shang Tsung now finally addressed them as a whole, suddenly appearing on a platform overlooking the dock in a brief flash of green mist.
"Champions of Earthrealm." He spoke. "Minus one, naturally." The Sorcerer added as Avina continued to soar, unaware of just how much danger she was in. "You have been gathered to fight in a tournament of Mortal Kombat, as I am sure Lord Raiden has affirmed to you. Understand that this contest is fatal. Only one champion can remain at the end, and regrettably, I fear none of you will reach such a point." After his jab, Shang Tsung lifted an arm, gesturing to his right- their left -toward a winding set of stairs that twisted and turned along the island, leading up toward a massive temple built into the side of the volcano. "During your brief stay here, you will take residence in the temple designated and designed for your utmost comfort... though I suspect many of you will not be quite so accommodated, considering a lack of... humans." Lowering his arm, Shang Tsung then placed his hands behind his back, giving one more passive gaze over the gathered kontestants. "You must return to this dock at the setting of the sun tonight for the first battle. Only then, will you learn who it is that will be potentially losing their life tonight."

With the dismissal wave of his hand, Shang Tsung turned on his heel and walked away, disappearing. His servants dispersed, most of them retreating to the other end of the dock, whilst a small group of them waved toward the kontestants to follow them up the stairs to the temple.
Logan sniffed, crossing his arms over his chest as he looked over at the others, then toward Raiden. He wasn't worried in the slightest about what was coming, but there was a single, glaring issue he hadn't been able to stop thinking about. These 'Elder Gods' had reduced the size of the cryo phoenix in order to make the tournament 'more fair'. That meant there was the chance that these Elder Gods had done something similar to the rest of them. Reduced their powers or abilities for the sake of fairness.
Without a word, a single claw shot out of the middle of Wolverine's fist, and he cut lightly across the palm of his opposite hand with it. It bled, as expected... and it didn't immediately heal over. Instead, it began to close up at a much slower process than he was accustomed to. He'd been weakened too, it seemed.

This was cause for a little worry, not that he'd admit it.

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Previously mallard
As they filed off the boat, Scott put on his most threatening angry face and stared at Shang Tsung as he passed. He snatched the gloves out of his back pocket and gripped them tightly, remembering what Raiden said about pickpockets among the monks. Scott endured the villain's whole speech, and when it was over, he was led to his room, glancing around suspiciously the whole time.

(There's not a whole lot to say about quiet, nonexpressive Noir.)
Hex was deep in thought as the servants brought her to her room. "Okay, let's see, my zerg, weakening and berserk sets are the most likely to get me through. I'll show that tyrant that he should look beyond looks." She then looked around, a grin forming on her face as she plopped down her ender chest. "Let's see, I could do an automatic light system and a secret behind-the-painting spy hole."

Anivia followed the servants towards the temple as she got used to flying in her new body, there was less air resistance but she had to flap her wings more often to keep afloat, at the same time as she wondered about the volcano. "to keep the temperature low enough for the temple to be comfortable at the same time as keeping it from erupting, there should be a strong mechanical or magical device that cools the magma. Stuff to look at later, I guess." She then glided down to the dorms.
Drake watched the sorcerer carefully, narrowing his eyes at the sorcerer's smirk. When baddies did that, it usually wasn't a good sign. The sorcerer gave a long speech, and Sgt. Drake shook his head. This guy certainly was a lot like Utgar. The confidence, the arrogance, the grandstanding... It was all there. And they were going to be fighting on his home turf. Sgt. Drake had a bad feeling about this.

The soldier allowed himself to be lead to the rooms they were going to be staying, and looked around suspiciously. And it appeared that he wasn't the only one wary of the gifts from the enemy. Scott also seemed apprehensive. Perhaps the man was more intelligent than he appeared. A good trait. He leaned over to Scott.
"So, what are you thinking?" Drake asked Ant-Man.