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My Rain Team

I used this team a good bit on PO...but it sucks because my team is banned from OU so I can't really practice there. Either way, I wanted to get this off the ground.

Politoed @ Choice Scarf
4 Def 252 Sp A 252 Speed

-Hydro Pump
-Ice Beam
-Psychic/HP GRass

Pretty straight forward. Politoed is here for Drizzle and perhaps revenge kill/pick off a weakened Pokemon.

Scizor @ Leftovers
4 HP 252 atk 252 Sp Def

-Bug Bite
-Bullet Punch
-Swords Dance

Scizor is basically here so that I don't get walled to infinity by Reuniclus. It also functions pretty well in rain.

Meinshao @ Muscle Band
4 HP 252 Atk 252 Speed

-Taunt/Fake Out
-Hi Jump Kick
-Rock Slide

My favorite member of the team. I'm conflicted on whether I should have Taunt or Fake Out however from my bouts on PO, Taunt is usually more useful although Fake Out is fun to lead with. Both U-Turn and Rock Slide are there to provide coverage and scout for ghosts so I can use HJK with impunity...and hope it doesn't miss.

Rotom @ Wise Glasses
4 HP 252 Sp Atk 252 Speed

-Thunder/Thunderbolt/Volt Switch
-Shadow Ball
-Will O Wisp

Yeah, I don't know what I'm doing here. Rotom is basically a replacement for Zapdos (because I didn't feel lke SRing for one nor did I want to use Electric tumor genie). Yes, it seems counter-intuitive to use a fire type in rain, but what if Politoed dies and the weather changes? That's where this (supposedly) comes in to provide valuable fire power. The electric moves are always a welcome sight to take out enemy Skarmory.

Ferrothorn @ Rocky Helmet/Leftovers
Iron Barbs
252 HP 4 Atk 252 Sp Def

-Stealth Rock
-Power Whip
-Gyro Ball

This is an effort to not get destroyed by Gastrodon...not to mention it's hilarious to see Garchomps die just by getting locked into Outrage against it. However Leftovers might be a better option for longevity purposes

Kingdra @ Life Orb
Swift Swim
252 Atk 252 Sp Def 4 Speed

-Draco Meteor

One half of the reason my team is banned from OU play. Kingdra is there to cause massive damage in rain, but I'm shaky on it because its so dependent on rain--it's screwed otherwise. If I can find a suitable replacement for it so I can use this team for tournaments, I'll go for it. I appreciate any suggestions here.


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I went over some of this last night with you, but just to clarify:

- Drop Toxic on Politoed, it's not a move you want to have with a Choice Scarf.

- Move some of Scizor's Attack EVs into HP if you still find yourself being beaten up by special sweepers (or Reuniclus.)

- I'd consider Taunt more useful than Fake Out in singles due to the rarity of Focus Sash in singles, although Fake Out + U-Turn makes Mienshao a huge pain to deal with for slower enemies. Use Wide Lens as your hold item if HJK seems to be missing too often for your liking, and note that Life Orb combos very well with Regenerator.

- Wash Rotom is far better for your team than Heat Rotom, and Shadow Ball should be dropped for a Hidden Power type of your choosing.

- Drop Spikes for Leech Seed on Ferrothorn if you find the former isn't pulling its weight.

- Drop Kingdra for Dragonite if you want to avoid OU/Uber tier issues. Also, I'd put those EVs into Sp.Attack instead of Sp.Defense with a set like that.

I've already given you a possible Dragonite moveset to play with in chat.
Yeah, I've already decided to ditch Kingdra as I like Dragonite a lot better for my team. Thanks for all your help~

I still can't believe I didn't catch that I put Toxic on a Choice Scarf set <<