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Need Breeding Help!

I'm trying to breed an Adamant, Perfect 5 IV Tyranitar in everything except Special Attack in Pokemon Ultra Sun. I want it to know Dragon Dance and Earthquake as Egg Moves. I've drafted all of the steps that I think will work fastest and the most efficient. Check these out:

Goal: A Perfect 5 IV Adamant Tyranitar with Earthquake and Dragon Dance Egg Moves.

Step 1: Ally chain a 4 IV Adamant Larvitar.
Step 2: Ally chain a 4 IV Ditto.
Step 3: Give the Larvitar an Everstone.
Step 4: Give the Ditto a Destiny Knot.
Step 5: Breed them together until an Adamant Female Perfect IV Larvitar pops out.
Step: Repeat Steps 1-4 to get another Adamant Male Perfect IV Larvitar. Evolve both and teach them both Earthquake.
Step 6: Give one a Destiny Knot and one an everstone, then breed them to get an Adamant Perfect IV Larvitar with an Earthquake Egg move.
Step 7: Repeat Steps 1-6 with a Haxorus to get an any nature Haxorus, then level it up to teach it Dragon Dance.
Step 8: Give the Haxorus a Destiny Knot.
Step 9: Give the Larvitar an Everstone.
Step 10: Breed the Perfect IV Female Adamant Larvitar with the Perfect IV Male any nature Haxorus until a Perfect IV any gender Adamant Larvitar with Dragon Dance and Earthquake pops out.

Is this the fastest way?