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XY/ORAS Singles Need Help For Dream Team

I'm just starting to play competitively, so I have no clue what I'm doing. :'| I have no idea how to do this. So...I guess you guys can give me advice on how to 'perfect' my team and such.

Hoopa (Bound), level 76
No Item
Hyperspace Hole, Psychic, Nasty Plot, Phantom Force

Sceptile, Level 65
Fury Cutter, Leaf Blade, Rock Smash, Strength

*Shiny* Audino, level 48
Secret Power, Entertainment, Take Down, Heal Pulse

*Shiny* Lopunny, level 47
Frustration, Quick Attack, Jump Kick, Charm

Petilil, level 48
Own Tempo
No Item
Aromatherapy, Cut, Energy Ball, Entertainment

Cottonee, level 38
No Item
Giga Drain, Fairy Wind, Energy Ball, Leech Seed


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I think you have quite a lot to brush up on before you can really benefit from our advice here. If you pop into the Clinic forum, you'll notice there's a set of Competitive Battling Guides – I'd give all those a read, and modify your team to take account of the advice there.

Immediately, the following pops out to me:
  • Hoopa is banned in competitive play.
  • Only one Mega Pokémon can be used per battle (so three Mega Stones isn't necessarily the best tactical option)
  • Pokémon without hold items are missing out – ideally, choose a hold item for every single Pokémon unless there's a very good reason not to.
  • You have a lot of moves of the same type – Cottonee has Giga Drain and Energy Ball, for example, which are both special Grass-type moves. Those moveslots can be put to better use.
  • You have three Grass-type Pokémon, which means you have some severe weaknesses running through your team (like Fire). Swap some out.
  • You have some unevolved Pokémon. Unless you have some very good reason for using them, you should be using their final evolved forms. (Eviolite used to be a good reason to use some NFE bulky Pokémon, but it's not as good anymore – and wouldn't work on any of your Pokémon anyway.)
Before we go any further, please redo your team taking note of all the advice in the Competitive Battling Guides, and also make sure your team is in the format noted in the Doctor's Clinic Rules – you're missing some bits that are useful to us, like EV spreads.