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Sun/Moon Singles Need Help with Sun Team!

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I want to run a Sun Team. One of my friends set up a tournament and I was asked to be a part of it. There are 16 People that are part of it and there are 2 rules.
*Nothing Higher than OU.
*You can only have one mega, and only one Mythical/Ultra Beast/Legendary.

I 100% want a team based around the sun to try in this tournament. Using these rules, can you help me with a Sun Team to bring to the tournament?
Mega Charizard Y, Torkoal, and Ninetales are your Drought-inducers. Apart from Charizard, the latter two can be equipped with a Heat Rock for a longer sun duration. Alternatively, you can run something fast/with Prankster and Sunny Day up that way.

Since Sun reduces Water damage by 50%, obviously strong Fire Pokemon get a bit of a boost here. But you don't want your team to be too Fire-heavy. A few 'mons with Chlorophyll, Solar Power, Leaf Guard, and/or Harvest can excel here. Since those are largely Grass-types, you can run something with Flash Fire to come in and take a now super-lethal Fire hit, or just something to cover their other weaknesses.

Morning Sun will also heal for a ridiculous amount, and there's also things with Weather Ball that now get a 100 BP Fire move, and that's before Sun boost. You'll also want something that can Rapid Spin or Defog reliably since Stealth Rock is going to murder you.

And if you want a different Mega, Mega Houndoom is stupid strong under Sun with Solar Power and its insane Special Attack. Mega Pidgeot doesn't get an obvious benefit, but a Sun-boosted Heat Wave from that thing would be pretty painful.

Obviously I can't just give you a straight team off the bat, we'll need some kind of baseline to work from. Weather teams in particular care more about synergy and covering for weaknesses than a standard team since it's really easy to lock yourself into just trying to benefit from the weather, which can easily make most of your team weak to one type without having any way to counter it. So I'd come up with an idea for a team you'd like, post it here, get feedback, test, test, and test, and then come back if you need to. Sun has plenty of good options to use and it mostly boils down to personal preference.

Luckily you've found the guy who practically lives for Sun teams ^_^
Thanks, Shocari! With your advice, I found my team.
Mega Charizard Y, Venusaur, Heliolisk, Espeon, Latios, Tangrowth.
I really hope I can do good in this tournament.
From here:
KoL said:
8. Finally, don't just post a team of 6 Pokemon and expect us to make all your movesets from scratch - at least go as far as to suggest your own ideas for movesets, as well as making sure we know exactly what you want each Pokemon to do for you.

And I'm only saying this because there's a fair few members of your proposed team that each can perform one of multiple roles, such as Espeon providing DPS or utility, or Venusaur doing DPS, tanking, or utility, etc.

You might want one to do one thing and then later find out you want it to do something else, which is fine! Experimenting is always key, and sometimes there might be some configuration you never initially considered that ends up completely changing how your team performs! I'd suggest just a small look into what each 'mon is capable of, so you can better assess what role you'd prefer them to fill.

Sorry if that was overstepping any bounds, KoL :c


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"Overstepping any bounds" isn't the problem here:

KoL said:
2. Do NOT ask for someone to make a team for you - this is not only lazy, but it's also pointless if people recommend team members that you cannot acquire or if people recommend Pokemon that you just plain don't like. Asking for advice on one team member is fine, anything more than two will get your topic locked instantly.

Somehow you missed that on your way down to Rule 8 and Mewtwofan259 obviously didn't bother checking the rules at all.



P.S. Don't minimod again Sho. Not only is it against the rules, you're also bad at it.
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