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Nim has to drop out of the league


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Just passing along this PM.

Nim said:
Dear Linkachu,

I am very sorry to inform you this but I have no choice but to pull out of the league. This is due to a sudden modem change which cause a switch of security settings from WEP to WPA and a certain other in my household does not want me to change it back. I would love to keep on battling everyone but I just unfortunately can't. I am very sorry for any extra work that you may have to do in regards to score changes and eccetera and I am very sorry for people who have lost points because of me pulling out without much warning.

If in the future I do manage to get connected again I will be immediately registering for the next league. I will still be an active user of the forums, however and I wish you and all of the other contestants the best of luck for the rest of te season and I look forward to seeing who comes out as the victor. :)

Kind Regards, Nim.

To Nim: Thanks for the PM, and no worries. You've done all you could. Thanks for competing as much as you did. :)

To everyone else: I can't edit Nim's points out tonight, so if someone gets to it before me thanks in advance. Just remember to remove the points from everyone Nim has battled first.
Shame he has to drop out - good of you to let us know though Nim :)

And note, I won't be able to edit the scores out either at the moment (Or do any real WFC editery due to obvious reasons, Katie)