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Open Not your typical high school

At first glance, Exent Academy seems just like your average school not different from any typical high school you would see anywhere, except it isn't. This well know academy accepts its students based on interviews, gathering in this school all sorts of people with various quirks, perks and personality traits, the aspects Exent deems most important. What sort of shenanigans would be expected to be seen in a place like this?

The uniform looks like average Japanese school uniforms.
1- Follow Pokecharms rules
2- The usual, no one liners and such
3- Swearing is allowed but don’t abuse it
4- Don’t do anything too mature in this
5- Have fun

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What he said
Name: Zad Sal
Gender: Male
Appearance: he has white eyes and hair, he has pale skin.
Personality: he is quiet and nice, but he acts like a jerk to people he doesn't know/trust/isn't a friend
Others: he is INSANELY rich

Dead account

Previously Super Lazy Man
Is this my hero academia? If so, what are the limitations? What world are we in, ?
Those are my main questions, the others are for later
I love slice of life comedy deals.

Name: Teal Brun
Gender: Male
Appearance: Blonde hair, deep blue eyes, pale complexion, blue hoodie, khaki cargo pants (out of uniform), olive green backpack and school uniform (in uniform).
Personality: Outgoing, defendant of others. He is above average in intelligence
Others: Has a bird hiding in his backpack. Makes little noise unless startled, and even has food and a light in there. Has a knack for animals. All animals love him, and he knows how to care for them.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Name: Ludovica Ippoliti
Gender: Female
Appearance: She is kind of small, skinny, with rather large eyes. She has green eyes and black hair. She also has a spread of freckles across her nose and a pair of black glasses.
Personality: She is gentle and calm, she loves to make friends and be a bit silly. She hates bullies and has a fear of heights.
Others: She has a strangely good affinity for archery and goes everywhere with a sports bow across her back as well as a quiver of arrows (not lethal as they are blunt, but can cause harm).

Nombre De Usuario

Previously JesusoChristo
Name: Himari Akagi
Gender: Female
Appearance: Maroon hair, and light blue eyes, and a blue scarf, of course school uniform
Personality: Goofy, Energetic, and she is afraid of insects
Others: she has made tons of drawings but always hides them, because she is shy about showing her art
to other people, except her family
name: spadealina
gender: female
looks: has secretive lilac-purple hair and quite pale skin and aqua blue eyes with a black spade symbol over her right eye and a but mark under her left eye
personality: quite and secretive along with loves to eavesdrop (spying) on people and very sneaky and smart but never wants to show it and is always pulling pranks
others: is INSANILY rich and has cat like teeth but looks like human teeth too, needs surgery on her chest bone
powers: can disappear and reappear where ever she wants.