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NumberNine's PKMN Team

Hey guys, this is my first post and i just wanted to know what is wrong with my team? When i battle people on Double Battle i have only won 2 of my last 6. Can i have some help please?

-Shadow Sneak
-Shadow Claw
-Shadow Ball


-Heat Wave

-Foul Play
-Shadow Claw


-Ice Beam
-Hydro Pump

I also have these other PKMN that i switch around when i feel like it:


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First step, read this topic: viewtopic.php?f=17&t=1067

It has a ton of good info you can use to make improvements on your team.

Step two, post again with your team updated to the standards explained in the topic I linked to you just now. Once you've done that, I can explain the more detailed aspects of making movesets for double battles.


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Actually it's obvious you don't know any of that because your team fails to follow its instructions even in the slightest.

Since I have to spell it all out for you, here we go:

- Timid nature on Shedinja is awful first off, and your moveset is absolutely atrocious. 3 Ghost-type moves, one of which is special when Shedinja's Attack stat is much higher than Sp.Attack, and one Bug-type attack.

- Electivire is Adamant. This reduces its Sp.Attack while increasing its Attack stat. Not only do you have nothing but special attacks on it, but you also have two Electric-type moves on there for absolutely no reason.

- Headbutt is terrible, so's Fly, and you don't need both Heat Wave and Flamethrower on this set. Also, terrible nature.

- Dig and Shadow Claw are useless on Zoroark. The nature actually isn't bad this time.

- Bad nature on Dragonite, although the moveset is passable...or at least would be if someone could make it rain on your team to make the most of Hurricane.

- TERRIBLE nature for Milotic since Rash lowers its best stat. Waterfall is a waste of space too.

If you actually knew all the stuff in there like you claim to, then your team would be far better than this.

Read it again, take it all in since you obviously don't know the stuff in there, change your team accordingly (I've already told you what parts you need to change) and you'll get more in-depth advice after that.

I'm not just going to spoon-feed it all to you. How are you going to learn for yourself if I just tell you everything for free?