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Old Republic RP?

Okay, so I've always wanted to do a RP set in this universe, since originally playing the Knights of the Old Republic games. It was an idea that I sort of let slide up until now, but since I've started playing the Old Republic MMORPG, this idea has come back in full Force, if you'll pardon the pun.

I have no idea what would happen in the RP, but I would love to do an RP set in the Star Wars universe at all, and I think the time of the Old Republic would just be awesome to take part in. Anyone interested? We can spitball some ideas for a plot at a later date.

I've been contemplating doing a Star Wars RP for some time. Hell, I remember when I started one ages ago XD Doing one in the time of the current Old Republic game would work wonders. There's a lot of room to be creative with in that time period.

EDIT: Now that I think about it, if it's set in the time period of TOR, we could all theoretically play TOR and join an RP server, adding some pseudo-live action elements as well :O
I think I already discussed this with Sho on chat, but sure why not? I'll be willing to take part. Either as a badass smuggler like the one in the trailer, or a jedi knight with an unfitting attitude. Either way, smugness is on the agenda.

Since we're basing this off of an MMO, we could make the RP go on for a while if we really wanted, modelling off of different flash points within the game and adjusting it to our own liking, with our own twists in it of course.
I like your idea of joining an RP server, Sho, since I've been thinking about joining one in the game once I decide to start a new character XD I'll probably play my Sith character on an RP server. Though, for this purpose, we may want to keep in on the forums, just because I'm not sure who has the game and who doesn't.

I am loving the game so far though, and the time period leaves us with a lot of freedom for an RP which would be awesome. It depends on how we wanna play it, but I think it'd be cool to be a crew aboard the same ship, but we'd have to have characters that sorta make sense for that - it'd be a bit weird to have a Sith and a Jedi in the same crew XD

Dwayna DragonFire

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This is an interesting idea, to say the least. If we're doing it on an RP server, Jason has the game and lets me play now and again. I'm willing to play either side.

However, I don't know how far an actual RP on the forums would go. Whenever I've joined a tabletop game, it's always come to an abrupt end. Ultimately up to you what you do, though.
I've played the table top and I like the idea of the world. But I guess the RP would be awesome as long as like EVERYONE isn't jedi. Then it's just kids with super powers cause the force is op. ME personally? I'll either play a soldier of some kind or something similar.

But I'm in
I agree, Reynald, if there are too many Jedi, the entire thing would just feel over the top and ridiculous. I would say that 2 Jedi would be the max, a master and padawan pair would be acceptable. Depending on how many people join, maybe 3, so long as there are plenty of other classes around.

Myself, I would prefer to be a Jedi, just because I'm playing through the game as my Jedi character, but I'd also be willing to be a smuggler, because let's face it, smugglers are awesome in the Star Wars universe.
Agreed. Personally, I don't really care what class I play as, though I lean towards Sith Warrior/Bounty Hunter/Smuggler :p

Depending on the number of people, we could have one Jedi pair, one Sith pair, and fill the rest with Smugglers, Troopers, Bounty Hunters, and Imperial Agents. We could even do normal everyday jobs if someone wants to.