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It was midday, just the right amount of clouds and sun in the sky to keep an easy feel to anyone who feels it. Toshi walked along the sidewalks of Larimar City's streets under the shade of the towering buildings. The sun was not even visible with all of the buildings surrounding him, but only the glare from the reflection in the windows. He had walked all the way north of the city to a small area that felt more like a neighborhood. This place was just on the outskirts of the city, so the skyscrapers were in clear sight, but the sun shined beautifully in the small town-like area. He smiled and stretched as he looked down at his partner Buizel.

His partner Pokemon cried out in joy as she too enjoyed the sunlight. Toshi pets her and looked behind him at a medium-sized looking warehouse. "Well this is it Buizel, we've saved up enough money to buy out this big thing for everyone. Mom and Dad were somewhat supportive of the idea, so they lent me some money.." He pulled out some cash that was still left, it was a lot but he still looked unpleased. "I think they just needed to get some money off their hands, so a perfect opportunity for us, right?" His partner nodded also admiring the building. "Well the website is also up, and the meetup time is around thirty minutes from now, but as the leader of this group, we have to be early right?" He sat down by the entrance on the ground as Buizel wrapped around his neck and laid to rest. He smiled as he waited for any new people to arrive.
"C'mon C'mon!" Said the Black Haired Teen in the arcade. He was blasting at every enemy that appeared on screen almost seconds after it appeared. Some kids gathered around and was even cheering Levi on. "Time!" Said the announcer as the timer struck 0. "Whew. That was close." Said Levi as he looked at the screen. "Dang it. So close to getting high score." He said as he picked up his backpack that seemed slightly lighter. Levi looked inside and inside there was his phone, his wallet, keys, a water bottle and a few snacks. "Crap" thought Levi as he stood up. "Hey Yumi where are you?" He said slightly above normal speech voice. He looked around the floor and prayed to god no one stepped on her. Suddenly he felt a chill on his head. He reached behind his head an pulled the Icy Worm off. "Jeez Yumi. You were in my hood the whole time? God I gotta pay more attention. I get really serious when I play Balistic Blasters." "Snooom." She said lazily. A his phone buzzee and he pulled it out. "Hmm. The "One of Us" meeting is about to start. We gotta go. It starts in 30 minutes and it's 25 minutes by bus." "Sno." He put Yumi in his backpack and he ran to the bus stop.
At the nearly isolated park, Alex calmly swung on the swing as a way to pass the time, he liked going to the arcade, but sometimes with how crowded it got it'd be too noisy for him. As he swung, a gargantuan bird Pokemon encased in what looked like steel armor calmly darted his head around to see if anyone around, as rare as it was at the current hour, a likely reason Alex went to the park then; for fresh air and peace and quiet. Alex put his foot down to stop himself from swinging when he felt his pone vibrate, he took his pone out of his pocket to have a look at it. "Huh, it's that time already?" Alex asked himself nonchalantly as Corviknight leaned over to see the text, Alex tilted his phone lightly to let him see.

"Well, let's go then, shall we?" Alex asked as he put his phone away and got out a Poke ball. "Gonna have to return you for now, pal." He said, Corviknight simply smiled before a red beam enveloped around the giant bird and sucked him into the spherical capsule. Alex put his Poke ball in the side pocket of his red jacket and turned to make his way to the bus station, he wanted to ride Corviknight to his destination, but couldn't as the last time he did got him told off so he was forced to take the boring types of transports like everyone else. When Alex arrived at the bus stop, he simply got out his phone and looked at it while he waited for the bus.
"So, I think this will be a major opportunity to get people in Larimar City to finally see how amazing Pokémon are and how they can change people's lives!"
"I know you can join this One For Life thing or what's it called and do some great things, cookie! And I'm sure that other people from the city will agree with you... eventually."
"I think so too. And it will also be a chance to meet new poeple, hopefully somewhat intelligent."
"Hey, if they love Pokémon, they are more smart than the other people in the city. But, aren't you going to be early?"
"Hey, I like being early. That way you can get to know the people that have aldo arrived early before it's too loud that you can't even hear your own thoughts."
"I guess I can't argue with that. Okay, I've got to go, hope this works out for you! Love you, cookie!"
"Okay! Tell grandpa I miss him! Love you, grandma!" Darcie hung up the phone. "Hope this works, too..." Something snuggled up to her leg. She kneeled down and pat her Slurpuff. "You excited, girl? If we meet people who love Pokémon, you'll get lots of new playmates!" Slurpuff clapped, she was really looking forward to that. "Glad you like the idea." She got up. "Okay, I think that we're almost there." They walked for another five minutes, and there it was. The warehouse where they were supposed to meet. "This must be the place. Let's see if anyone has arrived yet." They walked closer to it and a boy and a Buizel that were sitting by the entrance. She waved at them and shouted. "Hello there! I'm here for the 'One For Us' meeting! Are you the founder?"
Toshi day on the ground waiting for others to arrive, and while he was sitting there he noticed someone approach. He looked up at her as she spoke. He quickly jumped up sending Buizel into the air a bit. “Oh! Um yeah, that’s me.” He brushed off his lap and smiled at her. “Nice to meet you, and welcome. Glad you came!” He seemed exited and nervous. Buizel crawled around him a bit before hopping off of him and moving down towards the Slurpuff. She stood in front of Slurpuff looking like she wanted to play.
Darcie smiled as the boy approached her.
"He seems nice... And he's got a Pokémon out, which he gets bonus points for." She thought, looking the boy up and down. She extended her hand towards the guy. "It is nice to meet you! I'm Darcie Simenera and this is my Pokémon, Slurpuff!" She looked down at her Pokémon, who waved at the Sea Weasel Pokémon. She looked back at the boy and waited for him to introduce himself.


Previously EeviumZ
A blue-haired girl held a phone in front of her, watching it carefully. She appeared to be using a map app, navigating to a location.
She turned to the left, only for the Eevee on her shoulder to let out a small squeak, pointing to the right. The girl blushed in embarrassment, before turning around and continuing forward.
The device let out a small beep, signalling she'd reached her destination.
She looked up, pocketing the phone. She'd arrived at a warehouse, seemingly abandoned. In front, she could see two teens around her age talking.
Excited, she sprinted up to them, the Eevee jumping onto her head, enjoying the light breeze.
Allie spoke, her voice filled with eagerness. "Hiya! Is this the place for the One for Us meeting? I'm Allie, nice to meet you! Oh, and this is Eve. She's my partner." She said all this without missing a beat, and seemingly all in one breath.
Eve released an affirmative "vee!" when she was mentioned, raising her paws in an attempt to wave. She decided to stop when she began to fall over.


Previously Night's Shadow
A dark-haired girl watched from afar, her Absol at her side.
"What do you think?" Raven asked quietly, her eyes fixed on the people slowly starting to congregate around a boy and his Buizel. "Think we should check it out?"
Absol looked up at her Trainer, seeming to agree.
Raven sighed. "You know I don't like people since Mom and Dad died. Or a lot of their Pokemon. Or... Well, I don't like much. You know I'm antisocial."
Absol continued to burn holes in Raven, her luminescent blue eyes gleaming.
The girl shook her head, a small smile playing on her lips. "You know me too well," she said. "Let's go."
Trainer and Pokemon walked down to the small group of people. Raven felt her social-activity-triggered claustrophobia starting up. She took a shuddering breath.
"Hey," she tried to say. Cleared her throat to try again. "Hey," she said, louder. "What's this?" She placed her hand on Absol's head for comfort.
"Absol..." Absol trilled softly.
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The bus slowly halted about a block away from the building. "Thanks." Said Levi as he swiped his bus card. The door opened and he began to walk to the building. He reached into his backpack and pulled out a bag of chips and fed one to Yumi who was now resting on his shoulder. "Jeez you do not like being in that backpack, do you?" He said as he bit on a chip. "Sno." "Okay though but don't stay on it for long. I don't want my shoulder frozen again, 'kay" The Snom nodded as Levi walkes to the place. Once he got there the place was pretty much barren. There was no paint, or even a sign to tell that it's true. The only thing that confirmed he was at the right spot was a small group of three trainers which wasn't too common in Larimar. He went through the door and saw the three getting acquainted with each other. "Hello. I'm Levi. Is this the One of Us meeting place?"
After Alex took a ride on the bus, he put his hands in his jacket pockets and looked around to see where his destination may be. He turns to see a strange building that looked like the one he heard about when he decided to join this 'One for us group' and noticed someone else seemed to head to the same destination, Alex shrugged and tailed the individual inside to find it quiet apart from a few strange people who seemed to converse with one another.

"Hey there." Alex called. "Is this the place where I'm to find this "One for us" group?" He asked and turned his head to the boy he followed to nod at him.
He looked at the girl in front of her with her outstretched hand and nodded taking her hand to shake it. "Nice to meet you, Darcie. My name is Toshi, sorry for not saying that earlier, I'm nervous about this new group." He stopped shaking her hand as she saw another girl approach him. She said her name was Allie. "Oh, nice to meet you too Allie-." Right after that, there was another person followed by another right after. So many people were arriving at once it shocked him. He began to get nervous a little more after each new person. "O-oh, u-uh yes! Welcome, everyone. This is where the 'One For Us' will be meeting. Thank you all for coming, I'm happy to see this outlook, and I think we're expecting a few more after this. I'll probably need to have a proper meeting with all of you over time, but my name is Toshi, and it's nice to meet you all here today." He looked around at all of them and slowly calmed down.


Previously Night's Shadow
Raven shivered as more and more people started to arrive. She bent down to talk to Absol. "You still think this was a good idea?" The chatter of people and introductions masked her nervous whisper. Absol gave an almost imperceptible nod. "Well," Raven said as she straightened up, "if you're sure."
If I can't trust Absol, I can't trust anybody, she thought. If Absol thinks I should stay, I will.
Looking around, Raven noted people and committed their faces to memory. A black-haired boy with a Snom on his shoulder. A blue-haired girl with an Eevee. A boy who didn't have a Pokemon out. And, of course, the boy with the Buizel who called himself Toshi. With every breath she took, Raven felt a little more at ease.
These people weren't like the others, she knew. These people were different.
Her claustrophobia slowly eased as she took a few deep breaths, hand still buried in Absol's neck fur.
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Makura and Shade were laying on a tree on a hill not far from where he has to meet One for Us. Shade woke up only to see the other members arrive at the meeting place. He nudged Makura's cheek to wake him up. "Uhh, what is it Shade?" Makura asked with his eyes barely open. Shade pointed at the warehouse where everyone else was meeting. "Oh right, I forgot. Well I'm not that far so I might as well catch up." Makura said. He got up and stretched and rushed over to the building as Shade followed. They arrived at the building with just enough time. "Well Shade, we made it." Shade nodded his head and they walked over to the group of members.


Previously EeviumZ
Feeling someone behind her, Allie turned around. Standing behind the group was a dark-haired girl, her hand petting an Absol at her side. She didn't appear too much for conversation. Unfortunately, Allie did not understand social cues and decided to do what she did best: be the hyperactive teen that she was.
"Hi! I'm Allie! And this is Eve? What's your name?" she asked eagerly.

@Night's Shadow


Previously Night's Shadow
Crap. The girl with the Eevee approached Raven. She called herself Allie.
“Hi,” Raven said uncomfortably. “I’m Raven. This is Absol.” Her fingers tightened in Absol’s fur. Her antisocial nature was finally catching up with her. “Are you a member of this “One For Us” group too?” Even to her own ears, Raven’s voice sounded tight.

Alex couldn't help but force a chuckle at Toshi's introduction and confirmation. "Yeah, sorry to be a part of this bombardment of sudden meet ups, guess we all had the same idea to arrive here and help out." He said before he got out his Poke ball and opened it which caused his Corviknight to emerge and immediately tower next to him. "The name's Alexander, but you can call me Alex." He said before he put a hand on his Corviknight's wing. "This big guy here is my partner, Galahad." He added while the Corviknight squawked in greeting.
Toshi looked at Alexander and then at his big Corviknight. "Woah! I've actually never seen a Corviknight before, it's big. Well nice to meet you, Alexander." His Buizel looked back up at him and climbed back onto his back. "Oh yeah, Buizel here is my partner Pokemon, she's nice so if anyone wants to hang out with her, she is happy to play." He petted Buizel as she smiled. "We'll all go in after introductions by the way, but just keep in mind that this place will need some serious renovations before we can really use this place to its full extent. The inside is like a two-story barn. I have some nice plans for this place, it has enough room for comfort and a small arena." He looked back at the building and smiled with a little fluttery feeling in his stomach.
Makura saw the two that were introducing their selves. So he walked up to slowly so he can introduce himself as Shade followed. "Umm hi. I'm Makura and this is my buddy Shade" Makura said shyly. Shade raised his paw to say hello. "You guys look like you're enjoying yourselves almost.
Saw another person walked up to him and introduce himself. "Oh, well hello Makura. Yeah.. I mean I haven't really hosted something as big as this, so I'm trying to keep everything together for as long as I can. Hopefully, everyone does fine and we don't have any problems." He looks down at the Umbreon and smiled. "Umbreon is a really good Pokemon, Eevee's and Eevelutions are nice overall." Buizel moved down his leg and looked at the Umbreon and cried out in joy before moving back up to Toshi's shoulder. "Let me know if you have any questions. I'm always free to help."


Previously Night's Shadow
Raven suddenly jumped and turned away from Allie as a huge Corviknight emerged from a Pokeball. The boy she had originally thought had no Pokémon was its Trainer. Absol let out a low growl that cut off abruptly when she realized that it wasn’t a threat.
It looked as if the boy with the Buizel, Toshi, was in charge. Absol butted the back of Raven’s legs until she took a stumbling step towards him.
Toshi looked a little overwhelmed with all the people that had showed up. Join the club, Raven thought. She decided not to give him yet another person to worry about and turned back towards Allie, smiling apologetically.
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Previously EeviumZ
The girl smiled brightly. It appeared she was not fazed by the Corviknight in the slightest. Then again, not much did faze her at all.
"Wow! That's so cool!" she squealed. "I've never seen that Pokemon before!"
She turned back to the girl, who had introduced herself as Raven. "So, as I was saying... I'm not a member yet, we're just starting now! So... yes and no, technically." She laughed, before noticing the girl seemed a bit uncomfortable. "Hey - y'okay? You seem a touch overwhelmed."

@Night's Shadow
Levi walked in and a small crowd seemed to form around the front door. After who looked like the owner nearly had a nervous breakdown made an announcement Levi breathed a sigh of relief as he was worried that he was at the wrong place. He looked around and walked up to Toshi. "Hey, the name's Levi. The pokemon that is currently freezing my shoulder is Yumi." "Snom." said the Snom sleepily. "Jeez, you've been napping all-day. How are you still tired?" he said. "Sno Snoom" said the snom. "Okay, you can sleep for longer but no more on my shoulder. It's getting way too wet." he said as he pulled off the snom and put her in his backpack. He looked over at the brown-haired boy. "You have a Corviknight? That's so cool. It's it okay if I pet him?"
Toshi was about to respond to the boy but he got quickly distracted by other trainers Corviknight. He sighed and shrugged his arms. Buizel hopped off him and walked by his side. Toshi didn't know exactly what to do but he walked up to the wall of the building and leaned against it. "Looks like everyone is introducing themselves to each other, that's good." Buizel was nuzzling his leg, she looked happy. He looked into the distance as if he was thinking of something. "I hope we can help people all over the world get used to Pokemon. So many people have them but in places like these, almost nobody has them. Luckily these few people are supporters of the same thing huh?" He sighed again and looked at his watch. His access to the building would activate in a few minutes with the building keycard he had. He put away his watch with his hands in his pockets.


Previously Night's Shadow
Raven was taken aback at Allie’s concern. “Yeah, no, I’m good,” she said awkwardly. “I don’t get out much, and when I do I don’t really like people. I get claustrophobic and, well...”
She trailed off and lapsed into an uneasy silence. She sighed. “My parents died when I was ten, and since then, my social skills haven’t exactly been up to scratch.”
Raven absentmindedly rubbed Absol’s scruff and looked off into the distance, the sun reflected in her silver eyes.
Darcie smiled at the boy.
"So, what made you---" She was cut off by a girl with blue hair who couldn't wait for them to finish their conversation. Then, someone else came. Then, someone else. And then, there were about 6 new people that were just standing there and being loud. Darcie sighed and rolled her eyes. "Ugh, so much for getting to know someone one-on-one..." She looked down at her Slurpuff, who was looking back and forth between all of the Pokémon, deciding which one of them would be the best playmate. Darcie looked back at the crowd. "This is going to be a loooong day... Ugh, I should have come an hour earlier..."
Alex smiled at the attention Corviknight seemed to get... especially by the female Absol trainer. "Don't worry, Galahad here's very friendly and gentle... unless you tick him off." He said in an attempt to reassure her. "I've also never seen an actual Absol in person before, from what I've heard they can pick up disasters, right?" He asked before he turned to Levi and smiled. "Be my guest, careful not to spoil him with too much attention though." He joked before he looked back at Toshi.

"If I may ask, what would you believe prove beneficial to this cause you have going on?" He asked. "I just wanna know so we can run smoothly when it comes to people recognizing the bonds between people and Pokemon... and each other." Alex added as he put his hands in his pockets.
Toshi stood against the wall thinking for a moment about what to do. He looked back at all of the people to see all of their conversations and the Pokemon playing. He then noticed someone was not talking to anyone and actually looked annoyed. He walked over back to her and waved. “Hey Darcie, sorry about earlier, so many people came and I really was caught off guard by that. Before we split off, you were about to say something, right?” His Buizel walked up behind him and looked at him with a weird look. Toshi looked down for a second and shook his head before looking back at Darcie.
"Note to self, learn to talk really fast. That way I can actually say what's on my mind. Hm, should I try speed talking to Slurpuff or in the mirr---" Darcie was snapped out of her thoughts by Toshi. He was asking about what she wanted to say. "What? Um... Oh, right! I was going to ask what made you want to create this 'organization', if I can call it that. I'm asking because it's not everyday that you meet someone who actually likes Pokémon here in Larimar. I mean, it's pretty obvious, anyone would want to spread the love for Pokémon, but I was just wondering..." She rubbed her arm. She was surprised that he came to ask her what she was going to say, and she noe just realized how stupid her question is. "Ugh, already messed it up. Grrr... I'm so mad at myself? Wait, was that even the question I was going to ask? Hm... Ugh, I can't even remember now..." Slurpuff looked up at her trainer, and she realized that she had the 'Ugh, I'm a mess' face. It wasn't really different from her usual face, but she knew her trainer too well to miss that.
He looked at her and smiled. “That’s actually a great question, nobody has asked that yet.” He took a second to think as he looked a little happy. Well I left my home with the support of my family, so I kind of had nobody for a few months. While I was living around here I felt like there was almost nobody around I could talk to, all I had was Buizel. Almost nobody had Pokémon so I eventually came up with the idea of making this group in order to open people up more. Without Pokemon, I feel like nobody has emotion around here, it’s gray and dull, but I want to make things better with everyone here.” Near the end he seemed a little sad and so did Buizel. “That sounds dumb when I say it out loud huh?”
Darcie smiled at Toshi, surprised that he didn't find her question stupid. "No, no, it's actually really inspiring!" She told him, smiling widely. "In this town, something happened, but I don't know what. And this thing made the people just drift away from Pokémon, and now they just think that it's better to live a boring life than hanging out with magical creatures that have been around for centuries! The most creative thing they could do is put on a hat, and it's like 'Mate, you are happy having a pathetic life when you could live with these amazing beings! Do you have the IQ of a spoo'---" She stopped as she felt her Slurpuff slap her leg. "Oh, um... What I'm trying to say is, this thing that you're trying to do is amazing and no one can make it sound dumb." She gave the boy a sweet smile.


Previously Night's Shadow
Raven moved a little closer to the Corviknight, inexplicably drawn. Its trainer introduced himself as Alex.
“Yeah,” she replied, somewhat embarrassed that the Corviknight trainer had caught her staring. “But Absols don’t bring disasters, they warn about them. What about your Corviknight? How did you two meet?”

@Red Gallade
Toshi blushes and smiled back, he felt embarrassed. “Why is she so nice? God I’m not used to nice people around here.” He calmed himself down and nodded slightly. “Well I’m glad you think that. I was so worried that nobody would show up and then you came along and I felt relieved.” He noticed Buizel was climbing around his back to his shoulders. He giggled a bit. “And I guess Buizel here feels the same. It’s a nice change of pace.”
Alex smiled as the Corviknight stepped closer and permitted those who wanted to pet him to do so. "I said 'pick up' I didn't mean that as in bring 'em, I meant as in sense them, but yeah." Alex said with a nod. "As for Galahad here, he was a gift from my mother when I was only five. Two of us have been inseparable ever since.
Levi stepped closer to the majestic raven. "He looks cool." he said as he started stroking his wing. "Hmm. The feathers are hard and shiny. That's the sign of good care." Levi looked up onto the Corviknights back and found Yumi sleeping on it. "Yumi, you will sleep anywhere but in that backpack, huh?" The snom was already asleep on the back and was out like a light. After pausing for a few seconds he gently picked the Snom up and put him back in his pokeball. "Sleep tight little guy." he said as he tucked it in his back pocket. He stood back up and looked over at Alex. "Sorry about that. Yumi is a sleepy girl and will sleep any and everywhere. Also she has a habit of snoring up powder snows"


Previously Night's Shadow
“That’s cool,” Raven said to Alex, memories building up. “My dad had a Corviknight. Name was Crow.” She let out a slightly derisive laugh. “My name was kind of a joke, really. My mom was Robyn, the Corviknight was Crow, so they named me Raven. Birds of a feather.” The laugh turned sad. “I was ten when they died.”
Darcie smiled at Toshi. "You had nothing to worry about. Where there are lots and lots of morons, there's bound to be someone clever. Pokémon are and have been a part of life for a very long time. And plus, there is always a white Wooloo among black ones." She scratched her head. "Um, well, shouldn't we, like, start the meeting? I'm running out of ideas for small talk..." Slurpuff face palmed at those words. "... and I think that it's about time we put this show on the road."
Galahad turned his head and simply chuckled along with Alex at the sight of the Snom that slept on his back. "Don't worry about it, might I also say that your Snom looks really adorable." He said before he turned his head to Raven. "Now the names make sense." He replied before he heard about the outcome of her parents. "Oh god... I'm so sorry." He said as he stepped closer in an attempt to put his hand on her shoulder to comfort her.
He looked around at everyone and then back at her. “I guess I should get it started, it should be time by now. Anyway, guess I’ll see you around, I’ll get everyone together.” He waved as he walked away with Buizel on his shoulders. He came up to the entrance of the building and turned to the crowd of people. He cleared his throat and didn’t look worried at all. “Attention everyone! The meeting will now begin! I’ll open up the building for everyone now, so feel free to look around. I don’t really have anything set up in there as I just gained access to here.. so it’ll be probably very empty looking besides a few things they left behind..” He got a little nervous as he probably looked unprofessional.

“Well besides that, if you all are wanting to join, then we’ll make this the best place you’ve ever seen for trainers all around to meet and have fun at!” He hyped himself up as he swiped his keycard and opened the double doors. As light flooded the room from the lights above the first floor, a small stage like elevation in the floor could be seen. To the sides of the stage were what looked to be rows of benches for spectators. “Woah! They kept it all for us!” He ran in and ran around up onto the stage while admiring the large room.


Previously TheJustinMan
Justin did not rush, but he felt he was rather on the edge of being late, seeing as he only had a few minutes before the meeting was supposed to start. “Aw, heck, It might’ve been more beneficial to take the bus, seeing as you’re a slower Pokémon and all... no, it’s my fault, I always end up doing this.” he said quietly, talking to Octoling. The Grapploct looked at him and shook her head. “Grappl...” she said, as she lifted a tentacle to her face in a somewhat facepalm. Luckily, he seemed to arrive just in time, as they all seemed be going into the building as he got there. “Hey, are y’all the group I’m looking for? Uh, who was it... One for Us? Sorry for being late if you are, this always happens, even when I leave early...” he said as he ran towards them, a bit embarrassed. He waited quietly for a response. Octoling stood near Justin’s side, looking in the direction of the others. She took no interest in them, rather being a small bit suspicious of these new folk, but she stood calmly.


Previously Night's Shadow
Raven stiffened a little, but let the boy comfort her. She didn't like to be touched, ever since her parents died, but she didn't want to hurt the boy's feelings. And, she admitted to herself, it did feel kind of nice for someone to care, even if it's just because of sympathy.

Absol sat down next to her, her hand still buried in its ruff. It had been six years since she had really engaged in conversation, or really interacted with people. She had forgotten that not all people were like the others. She had forgotten how healing some experiences could be.

The Buizel boy, Toshi, suddenly called for their attention. She looked up, and as he threw open the double doors, she couldn't help but gasp. Raven had expected the room to be something like a large warehouse on the inside. Probably because that was pretty much what it was. But the room was huge! There was a slight, stage-like elevation at the far end of the room, benches surrounding it.

"Well," she whispered to herself. "Guess my question of if there will be enough room has been answered."