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Ask to Join One Piece: New Era

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In a village somewhere in the east blue, a young boy walked towards the dock and got into a boat. The town people watched as he set sail. "So you're really doing this, but remember, if you get into trouble, don't come crawling back." A older man said. "Don't worry I won't." The boy said. "Thank you for everything! Good bye." He said as he left the town's dock and out to sea.
Most young people who set out on to become pirates usually have a plan, or at the very least left on an actually boat.

Wu was not most people.

Wu sat on a floating barrel, just barley treading water. Wu thought that if he began his journey from a humble perspective, at his lowest point, he'd appreciate it more when he got a boat and other luxuries.

Wu was learning what a foolish thought that was.

This was a horrible idea! I need to find land or a boat or something. I can't keep this up.

Wu used his combat staff as a paddle and tried to just move against the current.
"Ahahahahaha!! AHAHAHAAA!!!" A pale white-headed mid-teenager whaled as his thin legs hyper-extended from roof top to roof top, gripping a small bag of valuables slung over his shoulder. The boy's legs stretched at incredible lengths as he leaped from buildings while a group of merchants and store owners shouted curses at him from below. The wind blew harshly against his face as he escaped the crowds, and the yells of rage and discontent was like music to his ears. This was his essence. This game him fuel. This was life.

Viserys, or "Vick", as the village called him, was the neighborhood thief - if you weren't on his good side. If you made the mistake of making a dumfound encounter with this notorious 16 year old, you were more than likely to walk without your watch, monocle, or any other jewelry that you wore on your person. A bad kid? No. A good kid, not necessarily. A misunderstood, rebel without a cause? Sure.

It was a wonder to some that the kid had not set sail as a dirty pirate yet. He was already the local pick-pocketer, had an odd obsession with shiny things that had the potential to have historical value, and spoke a median of different languages. Hell, he even managed to worm his way into the presence of a Devil Fruit, and take it all for himself; granting him the ability of elasticity - perfect for evading the situations he constantly got himself into. Even Viserys himself recognized all of these. He would be out on the ocean, apart of the most legendary Crew ever -- if only he had the funds. Even the risen thief had money issues every now and then.

Vick took a rest as he landed on one of the building rooftops. He took a breather, grasping his bag of stolen goods, going through the items inside.

"Lets see what we got here...golden compass, trashy necklace..." But he was stopped at the sound of shouting near the dock.

Vick looked up, noticing a kid around his age setting out on a decent boat himself. He recognized the kid from around the town - Naru, was it? but Vick was dumbfounded. How did he manage to get himself a nice boat? The 16 year old elasta-boy spit off to the side out of bitterness. Until an idea hit him that caused a devious grin to slowly form on his face. Who's to say Vick couldn't tag along?

He quickly made his way down the side of the building, and ran full speed towards the boat that began drifting off. As he came up to the crowd of villagers wishing Naru sweet goodbyes, he caused his right leg to stretch in place, giving him a huge boost into the air. Vick soared over the crowd, before landing directly in the center of Naru's boat. He stood in a stiff, victorious pose.

"Howdy! How are ya!?"


Previously Sarah316
The sounds of gears twisting and turning can be heard as the steampunk engine that powered Valerie's personal boat sailed across the open sea. Valerie had a big grin on her face, excited about what lied ahead for her.

This is it, my adventure in the world beyond the horizon begins today. I can't wait!

Soon however her attention was turned to a lone guy trying not sink on a barrel. Valerie couldn't help but laugh as she moved closer to the guy.

"You need a ride?" Valerie asked with an amused grin.
The small sail boat Naru was riding shook when Vick landed on it. "Hey watch it!" He said as he stabilized the boat. He looked at Vick. "You're the neiborhood thief right? why did you jump on my ship? And don't you know that you can topple a ship if you land like that on one this small?" He said a bit annoyed.
Wu didn't waste a second as he jumped from his barrel onto the girl's boat. Wu took a moment to collect himself before he turned to face his surprise rescuer.

"Yeah, not my smartest idea thanks for that." Wu said, as he set his staff to the side and gave the girl a sheepish grin. Wu's journey wasn't off to a great start, but with this unexpected rescue Wu believed things could only improve from here.
Vick released a bellowing laugh as he was referred to the neighborhood thief. Although it was true, the title gave off a somewhat offensive but enjoyable tone.

"Ahaha!! That's me alright! And don't get your panties in a wad! Relax a little, I simply have decided that I will be joining you on this boat ride until we come across an island with treasures worth my time!" He responded. Naru was right, of course. This boat probably would topple over if he made any dumb moves like that again, but Vick ignored it.

He placed the golden compass he had just acquired on the ground of the boat, while he opened up his bad and tossed the rest of the cheap jewelry out into the ocean, watching them sink out of view. They were of no use to him, and wouldn't sell for much anyways.

"So," Vick started, taking a seat with his feet propped up as if the boat was already his home. "How exactly did you get this boat? Must've been some nice trickery you pulled for someone like you to get a boat like this, huh?"
Naru turned towards an island in the horizon. "My father was a sailor." He said about the ship. It was a half lie. "There's an island in the distance over there, you can get off there." He said as the boat closed in on the island quickly.
"An island already? NICE! I'm sure there will be all kinds of valuable there - and maybe a boat I could steal...or maybe a full ship!" Vick spoke, fantasizing about coming upon a full ship in his wooden glory.

At this point transportation was all he wanted, due to him being completely unable to swim now, and it being a key point in becoming a pirate.

"I'm Viserys, by the way. But call me Vick. I really appreciate you taking me to this island. Maybe I could pay you back one day from all the treasures I'll surely find there." He spoke mischievously.

The white haired teen was surprised that Naru was so okay with him tagging along for now. Nice people - he never understood them. Wading the passing water's rippled waves, he looked at his reflection in the ocean. Perhaps he should've made a plan, because there wasn't necessarily a guarantee that he would get rich right away.


Previously Sarah316
Valerie couldn't help but grin, this guy was quite the character.

"I'm about to head over to the next island, I can give you a lift there if you'd like? Name's Valerie by the way." Valerie explained before she turned her boat around and began to make her way over to the island. Valerie needed to ask to be polite, but she was gonna go to that island and really this guy wasn't in a position to protest.
"Well, It seems to only be a common cold." Reeze explained to his patient. "Gimme a minute..." He stood up from his seat and rummaged around his medicine rack, filled with homemade concoctions for just about any common sickness. "Here. Take this twice a day for three days, and you should feel some results. It's rich in vitamin C." He explained.

"Th-thank you...-ACHOO-! D-doctor Reeze..." The man said through his stuffed nose and sore throat. The Island's doctor simply nodded as he checked his silver pocket watch. It was almost time to close up his office.

"Call me if nothing's changed." Reeze said as he ushered the gentleman out of his clinic and waved goodbye with a smile. He then went in and let out an exhausted sigh, a bead of sweat trickling down his face. Today had been his busiest day yet. Six patients, two house calls, and still no luck on finding a cure for the new pandemic spreading across the slums like wildfire. With that last thought in mind, he entered his clinic's back room, where he kept patients staying overnight, and went to it's only inhabitant: a young boy in cryogenic stasis, his veins blackened by the disease. "Two months of searching and still no results..." Reeze muttered to himself with a chuckle. "God, what a pain."

Heading back to his office, he sat down at his desk and soon allowed his exhaustion to pull him into sleep.
Naru's boat closed in on the shore of the island. After arriving, he tied his boat to the dock. "Here we are Vick. Safe travels to you." He said as he walked into town looking for anything interesting.


Previously Sarah316
Valerie pulled up on the docks of the island she had planned to travel to. Valerie gave a grin to Wu as she stepped into the docks.

"Well, we made it. I'm gonna go take a trip around town. Try not to get stuck at sea on a barrel again. Until next time." Valerie said as she made a move for the town with the intention of leaving Wu to his own devices.
Wu got off the boat to the dock as he saw Valerie walk off into town. With nothing better to do, Wu decided to go into town...right into a bar. After his initial experience at sea, Wu needed something to make those memories go away. Still, least he was on dry land. Now Wu just needed to regroup and find an actual boat to set out to sea with.
Vick leaped off of the decently sized boat he had invited himself on to, and stretched as he was finally on land again. He got a good whiff of the air, and it smelled alot like a busy town - and busy meant shops - and shops meant valuables to steal. Although the idea of thieving precious ancient items and goods sounded great, he had to admit to himself that he was a bit worn out. A chill day would be nice.

Moving on into the town, he stopped by each little tavern or stand that was selling - quickly locating and admiring some of the goods and pottery that mustve transcended this modern time. He also noticed a few counterfeits, unsurprisingly. He took notes, jotting down the values and designs of the items that caught his eye.
With nothing better to do after his nap, Reeze set out to take a stroll around town, greeting various townsfolk as he put on his fedora and made his way toward the tavern for a drink. A few people noticed him enter and waved happily while others sneered, and others still simply stayed quiet, ignoring him or just giving him a silent glare. "Bartender, a small amount of wine with a little snack, please." he requested. The bartender gave a nod and began fixing his order as the doctor opened his wallet and took out a few berries (that's the name of the currency, right?) to pay.
Naru walked in the town looking for any supplies he could buy until he saw a large looking pirate hassling a fruit stand. "This apple is taste disgusting! You want to poison me?" Naru looked at the large man. "Someone need to teach that guy a lesson." He tough.
Wu heard commotion outside and decided to go check it out. He saw a large pirate bothering a fruit stand and its worker. Wu gave a grin as he put himself between the stand and the pirate.

"Do we have some sort of problem here?" Wu said, a grin on his face and his staff held in his left hand.
The large pirate starred at Wu. "Who are you pipsqueak.. Don't you know who I am?" He said as he grabbed his cutlass. "I Armin Dorvack! Captain of the dreaded Dorvack pirates! You made a mistake to cross me!" He said as he swung at Wu. His crew laughed at Wu in the back.
"A pirate captain who wastes time on fruit stands? Rather small minded don't you think?" Wu said with a grin as he easily blocked the sword strike with his staff. Wu then used a free leg to try and trip the pirate while they were in the middle of a weapons clash.
More laughter erupted nere the fruit stand but it wasn't Dorvacks crew instead it was coming from the roof of the building opposite the fruit stand where Eliza was standing "ohh your so funny" Eliza said as she jumped from the roof of the building and landed on the ground infront of the weapons clash "the wanted poster said you were full of yourself but it didn't mention that you were a comedian" Eliza said before looking over at Wu "don't bother yourself with this brute honey" Eliza said with a grid as she pulled out a kukri and a flintlock, aiming the flintlock at Wi and putting the kukri on Dorvacks neck "now be a good little boy and run along while the grown ups have a talk, ok" Eliza said as an evil look came onto her face
Dorvack became enraged. "Who are you then? You think you can beat me?" He strafed left and swung his blade his blade at Eliza. Naru walked closer to the pirate. "What an self centered jerk." He though.
Eliza smirked and dropped down to the ground to dodge the blade before quickly rolling behind Dorvack and getting up and swiftly moving her Kukri to Dorvacks neck, Eliza let out a chuckle before her face became dark, an evil grin came upon her face and the blood lust in her eyes became visible "now it seems like you didn't hear a word I said so I might add a bit of reason for you to pay attention, if you don't come with me now you'll be short a head" Eliza said as she dug the kukri deeper into Dorvacks neck "and I'm not bluffing so if you won't to gamble any take another swing at me go ahead but it won't be pretty"
Dorvack growled. "Shoot her! Shoot her now!" He shouted. The pirates standing near him pulled out their flintlock and muskets. "Can't let this happen." Naru though as he jumped above the pirates. He pulled back his arm. "Slime Sling!" HE said as he slung his arm forwards and shot many slime balls that knocked the pirates in the face making them fall over. He then landed near Dorvack. "Who the hell are you!?" He said angrily. "None of your business now." He said as he pulled back his fist. "Slime Cannon!" He shouted as his arm stretched and punched Dorvack in the face and knocked the man out. "That should keep him from being killed." He said jokingly.
Wu had prepared to jump in when the sounds of marching turned his attention behind him.

"Hold everything!"

Wu saw a group of marines arrive, muskets aimed at the pirates before a large muscular man with a gray beat emerged.

"Pirates, by orders of Captain Silverson..." The large man said before a man around Wu's age appeared, a large grin on his face, which cut the captain off.

"...and Vice Captain Devin and in the name of the World Government you are under arrest! So surrender now or face the fury of justice!" Devin called out, slamming a fist into his palm as he challenged seemingly everyone.
Naru looked at the marines. "They're all yours. But just so you know, this lady has claimed this man's bounty." He said pointing towards Dorvack and his men then towards Eliza.
Hearing the ruckus outside, Reeze rolled his eyes. It seemed just about every day a fight broke out in town, either from some visiting pirates, or from the marines being corrupt, mostly the latter. Even though he'd already seen it a hundred times, he decided to follow his curiosity and check out the commotion. Walking out to the plaza, he saw the unconscious pirates, those still standing, and the marines, already there. Walking over to the unconscious ones, he began looking over them, ignoring the marines. "Hmmm..." He then looked up at Naru, Eliza, and Wu. "I trust you three are responsible for this?"
Eliza watched as the commotion unfolded and stepped back so she wasn't caught in the crossfire "easiest bounty ever" she said to herself as she watched the government men came in to stop the fighting "well I'll be going now" Eliza said as she grabbed Dorvack by his arm and began to drag him with her as she left completely ignoring Reeze "you government guys can take the rest I only came for the captain" Eliza said before walking towards the dock
"That's so lame!" Devin complained as the other officers went to work to arrest Dorvack's crew. Captain Silverson went over to pat his Vice Captain on the back.

"Your desire to protect is admirable, but you mustn't worry over this. Least that pirate will get what's coming to him." Silverson reassured as Devin let out a sigh.

"Just had hope that I'd get some action today..." Devin said as Wu walked over to Naru.

"Thanks for the assist. Could've handled it on my own, but I appreciate you and that bounty hunter's desire to help; regardless of motive." Wu said, showing gratitude toward Naru as well as Eliza's efforts; even if Wu didn't really need their help.
Naru smiled and looked at Wu and Eliza. "Well, there's something I want to ask you." He said. He waited for the marines to get further away. "I want you two to join my crew." He said confidently with his arms on his hip.
Wu let out a grin, but waited for the marines to walk away with the pirates under custody before he gave a response.

"Looking for a crew huh? Well you've got my interest. I'd love to join your crew." Wu said, having accepted Naru's offer. A distance away Devin swore he heard the word "crew" spoken, but disregarded it before he followed the other marines away from Wu and the others
Eliza turned to look at Naru and dropped Dorvack, Eliza walked back up to Naru and smiled gently at him "no" Eliza said before turning back around and picking up Dorvack again "unless there's something in it for me I'm not gonna join" Eliza said as she continued to walk off "look honey you are pretty powerful, it's not everyday I come across a devil fruit user but just because you have power doesn't mean you can use it" Eliza turned her head to face them "prove you have what it takes to be a pirate and I'll consider your offer, ok hun" Eliza said before she went out of sight of Wu and Naru
Naru crossed his arms. "Oh well, can't expect everyone to accept my proposal. I'm just glad that there was at least one of you who accepted." He said looking at Wu. "Well let's head for the next island. Follow me." He said leading Wu back to his medium sized sailboat.
"Aye aye captain." Wu said with a grin as he followed Naru to the sailboat, only one thought ran through his head while they walked.

Defiantly better than a barrel...
Naru jumped into his boat when they arrived. "Well let's get going. I need to find a decent crew before going on our adventure into the Grand Line." HE said as he looked at Wu and hoisted the sails.
"Indeed, nice boat you've got." Wu complemented as he sat crossed leg on one side of the ship while they prepared to sail out to sea.

"So, name's Wu. Thought I'd introduce myself properly." Wu said to Naru with a grin.
The boat left the port. "Well welcome to my crew Wu." He said turning back to face him. "My name is Naru, Green D. Naru." He said as he sat down. The boat sailed gently on the sea towards another island.
"Nice to meet you Captain Naru." Wu said with a smile.

"Must say cap, pretty bold of you to ask for people to join your crew with a squad of marines not thirty feet away. I like your style." Wu said with a grin, recalling Naru's request to join the crew back at the island.
Naru sat back in the boat and looked at the sky. The sun was shining on the calm sea as they sailed across it. "Today is very peaceful if I do say so myself." Naru said out loud. After drifting on the seas for a bit more, Naru saw an island off in the distance. "Wu, I see and island over there. Its still pretty far ahead so lets get on with it." He said while adjusting the sail to head towards the island in the distance.
Naru and Wu could then hear, just below them, a random burst of vocal yelling.

"AND I, GOOD SIRS, AM-" But just as the muffled voice could be located, a loud 'thud' could be heard and felt underneath both of the guys' bottoms. The bump seemed to cause the boat to sway, almost tipping over.


As the screaming of pain was emitted, a thin, skinny, elastic tan-skinned body could be seen unraveling upwards from underneath one of the boat seats - like a coil springing back out. The noodle-like body finally stretched back out to normal, revealing Vick to be triumphantly standing in the middle of the boat, smiling brightly with golden jewelry worn all up and down his arms. The gems seemed to give off a twinkling sparkle as if it was timed as he made his grand entrance.


He took a good look around, and then immediately sprawled out on the floor of the boat, propping his feet up on one of the seats.

"I have to say, Naru, it felt like I was waiting a century for you to get back here. I started to believe you were killed during that Marine scruffle back there in the tavern." Vick mentioned, very nonchalantly and relaxed. "It got incredibly boring on that island - even some of these jewels are fake riches." He mentioned, holding up some of the gold he had quite obviously stolen.

"So joining your crew I heard you mention seemed much more interesting. I'm looking forward to it!" He said with a child-like excitement in his voice, noticeably inviting himself in to the recruitment.
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