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Open One Piece RP Reeboot

This is the reboot of my old One Piece RP.
1- Follow the standard Pokecharms Rules
2- Use good Grammar
3- Keep swearing to a minimum
4- Romance is allowed but keep it tame
5- No God Modding
6- Have fun

Devil fruit(if not, put the character's ability here):
Back story(Optional):


Previously Sarah316
Name: Rebecca Ryder
Devil fruit(if not, put the character's ability here): Feza-Feza Fruit (Feather-Feather Fruit. Allows the user to generate & manipulate feathers from her body. Can use these as projectile attacks, can make miniature feather wings to allow for gliding and even feather-weapon generation.
Role: TBD (I'll take whatever role needed, do not have a preference and want other people to pick what they want.)
Race: Human.
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Back story: TBD
Appearance: A tall woman with fair skin and short, red hair. Green eyes with some freckles. Has an athletic figure, with some muscles and large but not overly large bust. Wears a pair of old jeans with a white, sleeveless top that exposes her belly button and wears a pair of sunglasses and brown sandals.
Name: Nero D Kyle
Devil fruit: Reflect-Reflect Fruit(Hansha Hansha no mi)
Role: Captain
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Back story(Optional): to be revealed
Appearance: Has medium black hair with the bang swept above his right eye. Wears a black fedora black coat with red shirt, dark grey pants and black boots.
I'll get a bio tomorrow. Am I allowed to make an additional marine OC as well? Figured having a concurrent adversary would be good for us.
Name: Laura Savan
Devil fruit: wāpu wāpu no mi (warp warp fruit): the warp warp fruit allows its user to teleport itself and other things it touches. Laura can willingly teleport herself anywhere she wants as long as she has previously been there and can clearly imagine where she wants to teleport. The user of the fruit can also generate portals of which teleports any non-living substance that touches it to a place of Laura’s choosing.
Role: Shipwright
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Back story(Optional): TBD
Appearance: a woman of 5 foot 6 inches with pale skin, bright pink hair and blue eyes. Her clothes consist of a long pink dress with the colour being just darker then her hair, white gloves, pink high heels and a scabbard with the blade handle of the sword directed downward.

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This sounds like a cool idea I'll join

Name: Libra L Rim

Devil fruit: thorn-thorn fruit , the thorn-thorn fruit allows Libra to summon and manipulate plants, his ability is very versatile and he can create many different types of plants to which are used diversly , if no land or plants are near him he can make them sprout from his body, and can apply several effects to the plants he created, such as poison

Role: navigator

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Back story(Optional): His parents abandoned him at seas when he was very young, assuming he was "bad luck". He drifted out at sea until he was picked up by a small pirate group, they then raised him and taught him about the oceans and how to navigate them. He found a strange fruit in a treasure chest that they obtained which gave him his thorn-thorn ability. One day the ship was attacked by a navy warship, he was the only one left alive, he sailed the broken down ship to a nearby island and vowed to take revenge on the Navy admiral that commanded the warship, he trained his ability and continued to learn about navigation

Appearance:Libra is 5'1 and has an average build and tan colored skin, he has dark green spiked hair and wears a red handband, he has black shorts and a dark green shirt, he doesn't wear shoes, and he has a five pointed star on his right cheek