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Ask to Join One Piece: The Great Pirate Era Discussion


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Wealth. Fame. Power.
The man who had achieved everything in life, like none before him, was the Pirate King, Gold Roger.
The few words he spoke at his execution drove people the world over to take to the seas:

"My treasure? If you want it, you can have it.
Seek it out! I left everything in my life at that place!"

(Men, bound for the Grand Line, will chase after their dreams.)

The world is about to witness a Great Age of Piracy--!

The great pirate era has just begun, many pirates are aiming to find the treasure left by the pirate king himself, but at the same time they will have to fight their way through as the marines and many others may try to stop them. Try and gather your own crew, the journey to finding One Piece has just begun.


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Character Bio:
Pirate or Marine:
Crew: (Optional)
Role: (If part of a crew)
Devil Fruit: (Optional)
Backstory: (Optional)

My Character:
Ryuuji Kurata
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: He looks like Shisui Uchiha from Naruto, but his hair is much darker and his eyes are brown, one his most notable features are his sort of sharp teeth. When in hybrid form he has red eyes and looks like your average werewolf, he has black fur and when in full wolf form he looks like a normal wolf
Height: 5'11
Personality: He can be quite hot headed at times and cocky, but outside of battle he will relax and just chill, he will not hesitate to attack or even kill someone, if they irritate him, or step out of line, and he will do anything if he is payed good money for it
Pirate or Marine: Pirate
Crew: None yet
Role: He isn't part of a crew yet, but he would be the swordsman if/when he ends up joining one
Devil Fruit: Inu Inu No Mi (Wolf Form)
Backstory: He was born on a small island, however it was one full of bandits and many other criminals, so he hadn't lived the best life. Ryuuji would often go exploring on the island, one of the days while exploring, he stumbled across a weird looking fruit, at the time he was quite curious nad hungry, so he ate it. This fruit turned out to be the Inu Inu No Mi, he was quite surprised to find out he had ability to turn into a wolf. He wants to show that his island isn't just full of unskilled bandits and thieves.

@Satokuye do you wanna join this?
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Previously AceTrainerGold
that's what I need help with really, I don't know whether it should just be like actually one piece but with our oc's, that being finding one piece
Character Bio:
Green D. Muto
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: Has medium black hair with the bang swept above his right eye. Wears a black fedora black coat with red shirt, dark grey pants and black boots.
Height: 5'8
Personality: Laid back and carefree. Kind and loyal to those he trust and can get very serious when the situation calls for it. HAs a great sense of humor and is a bit lazy.
Pirate or Marine: Pirate
Crew: Need to think of a cool name
Role: Captain
Devil Fruit: Slime-Slime Fruit (Suraimu Suraimu No Mi)
Backstory: TBD
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Name: Kyuubei Norihara
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Appearance: she has thin and pale skin, and grey eyes. Her hair is shoulder length, and she wears a yellow sleeveless shirt with black trim. She wears black shorts and black shoes.
Height: 5’7
Personality: seems calm and happy, but doesn’t mind laying down the beatdown, even on her friends. Also has a fear of bears.
Pirate or Marine: pirate
Crew: (Optional) also the one that needs a cool name
Role: (If part of a crew) cook, and also the first mate.
Devil Fruit: (Optional) none
Backstory: (Optional) TBD as well
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Sorry, was super busy today.

I have interest, though maybe not capacity as between school and other RPs I am swamped. But I need to play catch up first with other RPs. My apologies.
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Are we all gonna have some NPCs to control in order to "fill" our crews? And what about the story, should we make arcs/chapters/whatever you want to call them and follow that?


Resident Furry
I don't normally get called out like this...

Alright, I'll dust Veks off.
Name: Veks Reinsei
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Appearance: A tall and lithe individual, almost unnaturally thin for a human. He has russet eyes and grayish-brown hair, with white skin. He typically wears a red bowler hat, a red sleeveless vest, and a pair of red three quarter pants. In his hybrid and beast forms, Veks' hair color becomes his primary fur tone; however, his muzzle, tail tip, forearms and hands, and lower legs and feet, are all a darker brown coloration, while cream fur runs from his cheeks down his front. In his hybrid form, his proportions shift, causing his pants to pool at his feet while his vest no longer reaches his waist. He tends to keep a pair of flintlock pistols hidden in his vest, one on either side.
Human & Hybrid Forms: 6'1"
Beast Form: 1'4"
Personality: Veks is something of a loner. Though he'll work with others when it's in his best interest, he's slow to open up to people and doesn't often talk about his history. He's loyal enough though, and a firm ally once finally made. He's often ready with a sarcastic quip or joke at someone else's expense. He is, however, dedicated to piracy, and will put up with a lot in the name of his ambitions.
Pirate or Marine: Pirate.
Crew: None yet.
Role: Though he is not yet a member of a pirate crew, Veks' talents mostly revolve around firearms. A marksman who is well versed in the use and maintenance of most any gun from the smallest derringer to the largest cannon, Veks is a natural gunner and sniper both.
Devil Fruit: Weasel-Weasel Fruit: Model Kamaitachi - A Mythical Zoan fruit, though at present Veks thinks it's only a Weasel-Weasel Fruit. A Veks begins to unlock his wind powers, he'll be able to use his cutting winds offensively in their own right, but also to propel his bullets and cannon balls faster, straighter, and further than they might otherwise go. With enough experience, he'll be able to ride his winds, a skill akin to flying, and eventually create large enough sustained gusts to fill the sails he sails on.
Backstory: Born in Loguetown, Veks grew up hearing about the town's most infamous resident, the Pirate King Gold Roger. He, like many others, was inspired by Roger's last words, to find One Piece. He was something of a problem child growing up, and eventually ran away from home to seek his own fortune on the grand line. In that time, he's done odd jobs for various crews, and eventually picked up his propensity for black powder weapons. It was during this time he also came across his devil fruit. He tends to stay in his Hybrid form, since it makes him unrecognizable to anyone who might have known him in his old hometown.


Previously AceTrainerGold
@RhythmThief I know you haven't seen one piece, but I was wondering if you'd like to join as you don't need to know much about one piece to be part of this, other than devil fruits which aren't that hard to understand
Name: Blossom Springfield
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Appearance: wears a black jacket with a pink shirt and blue pants and black shoes. Has pale skin and forest green eyes
Height: 5, 6
Personality: despite her outfit making her look mean, she’s actually pretty nice, but inexperienced with combat
Pirate or Marine: Pirate
Devil Fruit: Naturea Naturea fruit (Nature Devil Fruit)
Backstory: as a kid she would always play by the docks from her parents lounge. Her parents would always fight and her father would most of the time be drunk and abuse her and her mother, so one day her mother filed a divorce and the father wasn’t happy about it and when he got home he was drunk yet again, though this time when they fought he killed the mother. Making Blossom scared, she would run away from home and would tell people about her father with the marines coming after him and get him. She would later become a orphan at a orphanage, at a certain age she would leave to be a pirate like her mother was when she was younger.