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Open One Piece : The New Generation ( RP discussion )

This RP will take place during the era where every Straw Hats' pirate has achieved their missions and goals. Luffy became the king of the pirates, Zoro has become the strongest swordsmen in the world, Sanji has find his all blue, Ussop became a strong warrior over the seas, and the rest of the crew also have overcome their achievements. And now it is the job of the young generation to keep their legacy and to go out on a great adventure to fulfill their goals and to stand tall among the strongest in the world.

  • Follow the pokecharms role playing rules
  • Usage of good grammar
  • You can use Canon character as long as you are role playing as your main oc
  • You are allowed to role play as the child of two canon character or you may use your own oc
  • You can also role play as multiple characters if you want
  • No God Modding
  • Last but not least have fun

Bio template :
Devil fruit:
Pirate or marine :
Bounty( if you are a pirate ):
Appearance ( you can attach a picture if you don't want to describe ):

Name: Roronoa Yuki
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Devil fruit: Tori Tori No Mi, Model: Frost Pheonix
Role: Swordsmen
skills: duel swords style ( but prefers using only one sword, her sword's name is heiwa meka)
Pirate or marine : Pirate
Ambition : To become the strongest women swordsmen
Bounty : 90,000,000.
Epithet : the Frost Pheonix

Name: Roronoa Naoki
Age: 19
Gender: Male
devil fruit : Neko Neko No Mi, Model : nemean Lion
role: swordsmen
skills : uses three sword style ( his swords are kumaniu , kujaku , gin shishi )
Pirate or marine : niether he is a bounty hunter
Epithet : Naoki the silver lion
Ambition : to keep his mother's legacy and to become a great warrior like her.
Appearance: ( well his appearance is like zoro just with a little less muscle but he is powerful teen he wears a heavy white jacket with gray fur tuff on its collar and at the end of the sleeves and dark gray pants and heavy black boots and has his three swords strapped on to his belt near his waist )
( naoki's beast form )

Name: Akamane Zoko
Gender: male
Devil fruit : inu inu no mi, model cerberus
Role: swordsmen
Skill : two swords style ( his swords are akaryuu and kuro hi ookame )
Pirate or marine: pirate
Bounty : 750,000,000
Epithet : demon king zoko
Ambition : To explore the seas with his crew
Appearance : ( wears an off white shirt over it he wears a red long coat with golden button on his coat,he also wears an orange head band over his forehead with his light mint green hairs showing. he also wears a blue jeans and military boots )

( his cerberus form and also ignore that werewolf in the back )

Name: Akamane Oniyuri
Age: 24
gender : female
Devil fruit : none
role : assassin of wolf fang pirates which is lead by zoko her big brother
skills: has good cooking skills and assassination skills
pirate or marine : pirate
Bounty : 400,000,000
epithet : blood scythe assassin
Ambition : to become a great cook
appearance : she wears a white buttoned blouse and brown pants with long black boots she also wears a red cape and gold bead necklace, she also has white hair with blue colored dyed bang which covers her right eye.
( please ignore the werewolf and those ears and tail in the back)

sooo yeah these are going to be my main oc's which going to use but these characters will show up later in the rp i'm just going to use yuki at first.


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