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Packaged Versions of Pokémon Gold & Silver Revealed For Europe


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Pokemon gold and silver packaged versions.jpg
It has been revealed today through the Nintendo of Europe Twitter account that the up-coming eShop release of Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver will also have a physical release in Europe.

The two games are set to release on the 3DS' eShop on the 22nd of September and these physical editions will release on the same day. They come with a download code for either Pokémon Gold or Pokémon Silver (depending on which version you purchase), but otherwise it has yet to be revealed if there are any other extras included. It's also unknown how much these editions may cost compared to the eShop release.

It's worth keeping in mind that packed versions being released in Japan include stickers, a poster and a cartridge shaped-magnet, so there is every chance we'll have something nice in our editions too.


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But would that be a demo version or the entire game is my question?
It's the whole game. You don't even get a cart in the box – you just get a code, which you enter into the eShop to get the game download. The game you download with the code is literally the eShop version – this physical release is just a special collector's edition.
That's great to know! Time to search for codes!
Well, now the price will drop on actual packaged ones due to the code. Like it has for Red Blue and Yellow. You can get all 3 (red, blue, and yellow) for about 20 bucks on average. Hell, I saw a pack of Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, and Crystal for only 50 dollars.
Damn those look really nice... If there's enough cool stuff with them I'd honestly consider it. If not, I'm still hyped for these to be released on the eShop.


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Despite having very little love for Gold & Silver (Crystal's where it's at~), I'd be mighty tempted to pick up one of those packaged releases if (a.) they actually do hit North America and (b.) they contain all of the goodies that the Japanese boxes do. I'm a sucker for Pokemon merchandise. :p