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Private/Closed Phobia RP


Previously DripNinja
Discussion- https://forums.pokecharms.com/threads/phobia.29976/ (Ask to Join - Phobia)

Apollo woke up from bed and proceeded to do his morning routine. He looked through his freezer and pulled out a tin of ice cream. 'Today is really quiet,' Apollo thought to himself as he took a spoonful of ice cream. A few minutes later, he heard a knock at his door. 'I'm not expecting anyone I wonder who it is,' Apollo wondered. He opened the door to be met by two very tall guys in suits. "Um...how can I help you?" Apollo questioned. "Apollo Letas, you will be coming with us," one of the men said. "I don't think I'm going anywhere with strangers," Apollo said before blacking out. Apollo woke up in a chair with several other people in a sliver-walled room. "What the heck," Apollo said out loud.


Previously 'Candle'
Jordan sat on the plain couch in her rather gloomy apartment. Her ginger hair was pinned back allowing her friend, whom she was on FaceTime with, see her odd eyes.

"So how are you Miss. Emo?" The boy's voice rang suddenly.

"Oh.. uh sorry Chris. I'm good." She replied with a nod of her head.

One knock. Two knocks. "Who are you expecting?" Chris asked with a grin. "No one, I'll go check and I'll call you later alright?" Jordan asked him and Chris nodded so she hung up and pocketed her phone. "Hey whose there?" She opened the door and was encountered by some men, or at least she thought so, standing there. She narrowed her eyes as one of the men spoke in a gruff voice. "Come along now." He said.

"And why would I do that?" She asked as the man grabbed her forearm. The other man covered her eyes with a blindfold and the two dragged her away.


She was stunned by the sudden lit room as the blindfold was pulled with force off her eyes. "What the hell?" She asked quietly. "Hey wow another person!" Jordan reached out and lightly kicked him in the shin. "Were you taken too?" She asked him, her hair still pinned back uncovering her Heterochromia eyes.


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Judith was doing her normal routine of getting ready. But when she got done eating her breakfast, there was a knock at the door. She opened it to see two men in suits. “Judith Meliad, You’ll be coming with us now.” One of the two men spoke. Judith scoffed at this. “As if! Unless it is the end of the world. I’m not going with you two.” Judith said before blacking out.

When she awoke she saw many others and looked around. “Greaaat. Not how I wanted to start my day off. Does anyone even know why we are here?” Judith asked the others as she looked around the room

Joseph had also had a similar situation to Judith. He had opened the door. But instead of turning it down. He was curious, “Why? Is it potentially world changing?” Joseph asked the two as the men looked at each other then back to Joseph. “It can be.” The two said before grabbing Joseph and incapacitating him.

Joseph awoke, right next to Judith. “Oh! It’s at least nice to see a familiar face.” Joseph commented as Judith turned in his direction. Judith returned Joseph’s response with a scowl.


Previously Deathstalker62
Just another day for Roy Jamison. At least, so it seemed so far. Waking up in his apartment, Roy got out of his bed with a stretch and a yawn. Groggily, he had walked around his apartment, performing his typical morning routine that he had done every other day. Little would he know however that today, things would be completely different.

Jamison had just finished breakfast and sat on his couch, browsing through the early-morning shows when a knock sounded up on his door. Weird. He swore he hadn't invited anyone today.. and this early in the day, too? Opening the door, he found himself standing in front of two men in sunglasses and black suits.

" Roy Jamison. You'll be coming along with us. "

" Wha- "

Then, everything went black. When he had woken up again, he found himself in a strange room. Silver walls, sat on a somewhat uncomfortable chair. Just what in the world was going on? He wanted to say something, but he found himself still too out of it from the concussion to do anything but look around warily.


Previously Airslashz
Like others, Bella Hayes was experiencing quite a typical, ordinary day.

Bella got up later than usual. There was no need to wake up early for work, so the alarm clock near her bed was not in use. It was a day off where she could relax and maybe sit on the couch and binge-watch shows.

Bella yawned and stretched out of bed. It took her quite a bit to finally get off her comfy, medium-sized bed, but eventually, she managed to get out. She did her regular daily routine, then went to the couch and turned on the TV. It was going to be a nice, relaxing day, or so she thought.

She heard a distant yet close voice, and what she heard disturbed her.

"Bella Hayes, you're coming with us." the voice said sternly.

"What do you mean that I'm coming with y- WAI-"

Bella blacked out, and the next thing she knew was that she was on a chair and in a grey room. After further observation, she noticed more and more people around her, none of which she knew. She started to freak out slightly, seeing that there was no way she would be able to escape at the moment. For now, she listened to other people's conversations until she asked, "What in the world is going on here?!"


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Judith turned her head towards the one who asked what was going on. “Believe me. If we knew, we could be explaining it to you right now. We are all as confused as you are. Some, even more so.” Judith explained to the girl next to her. “But I suppose introductions would be in order next.” Judith spoke as she looked around to the others in the room.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Sitting at home watching some random thing on TV, the last thing Jake expected to hear was a knock at the door, "I don't usually get visitors" he mused as he got up and strolled over to the door. He slowly opened it and looked at the two men, "can I help you gentlemen" he asked politely. The two men spoke "Jake Lockheed, we would like you to come with us", thinking this a pointless endeavour Jake attempted to close the door, "no thank you" he said before the door sprung open and he was suddenly knocked unconscious.

Waking up in a shiny room with several strangers, Jake sat quietly waiting to find out what was going on.
The day was supposed to be normal. Anna prepared some breakfast for both her and Nathan. While the Young boy continued writing On his notebook.
As he explained it to her. He was writing his own book. Something that the therapist told him that may help to overcome their trauma.
Unlike her, who mostly adapted to what happend. He didnt.. And he is supposed to be the smart one here? A sudden knock to the door took her out from her thoughts. Nathan came to the kitchen and looked at her curious as if she expected someone. Anna shook her head however and headed to the door with him.

After opening, Three people were waiting. "Anna and Nathan Vanglory, you are coming with us."
Before she could protest, everything happend too fast. Her Brother pulled her away, Mysterious people seemed to move towards them and before she could do anything.. She lost conciousness.
Nathan and Anna woke up at the same moment.. In a weird room and not alone. However while Anna stayed quiet, her Brother was litteraly frightened.. But what do you expect for teen with a trauma that cant be cursed for years.

"Where are we.. Sis..whats going On.. Who are you people.."


Previously DripNinja
Apollo turned towards the girl. "Do you know, why we're here," Apollo said stressing out. "Maybe they're holding us for ransom, or going to harvest our organs," Apollo frantically said while going into a downwards spiral of possibilities and kept running his mouth. Shaking his head, he continued looking around at his surroundings, until a lady walked into the room. "Welcome to Imagined Hope, any questions you have will be answered now," the lady said in monotone.


Previously Airslashz
Bella shared some fears that Apollo had, but her face didn't show she was scared of anything. She was frustrated and confused and hoped the best would come out of this situation.

As a lady with a monotone voice entered the room, Bella stared at her. She immediately assumed that this lady was the one who had kidnapped the group, which, well, was an obvious observation.

Bella wondered why this place was called "Imagined Hope," as she thought that was a stupid name for a lifeless, grey room. As the lady finished, immediately, Bella asked a question that probably everyone was thinking about at that moment,

"Why in the world did you kidnap us?!"
A typical day in the life of Salinis. A quiet, ordinary sort of day where she was just waiting for anyone to need her help when it came to anything. That’s just how her life went, after all.

Though give it a bit, and the door knocking had caught her attention and prompted her to go and open it, revealing some strange looking men.

“Miss Salinis? We need you to come with us.”

“Understood. Take me wherever you need me to be.”

They seemed a bit surprised at her compliance, but took it in mind as they simply put a blindfold over her eyes and simply took her away. After all, there was no need to knock her out with this compliance.


Time passed, and the blindfold was removed to have Salinis see she was with where everyone else was. But Salinis, being as dumb in the head as she was, had no clue on why everyone else was so scared.

So she just spoke up about it, automatically assuming her scenario was what everyone else had went through.

“Excuse me? Why are you all so scared? We’ve all come here willingly, so there’s no reason for you all to be acting so silly.”


Previously 'Candle'
Jordan shook her head at the boy. "Nope." She stopped looking at him when a lady walked. But instead of speaking to the older lady, Jordan turned towards the girl who asked the question.

"You came here willingly? I mean that's just stupid." She said with an expression of 'duh'.

Jordan turned back towards the lady who had entered and began to blink. Many questions ran through her head but she didn't want to ask incase of an capable possibility of not receiving a answer. So the girl stayed quiet, just sitting there.


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Judith scoffed at the response Jordan made. “Then explain how all of us, specifically might I add, end up in this situation.” Judith sharply asked Jordan as she looked to the woman who entered. “Oh great and now the judgement maker has arrived. Enlighten us. Besides your company moniker, what do you exactly plan with us.” Judith sharply asked the woman as well.

Joseph looked around to the others in the room. “I suggest we try and recollect out thoughts before we had arrived here. I assume we all had been doing something and then someone came to bring us here. As for the details in between. That remains a mystery.” Joseph spoke as he then also looked at the woman. “Ok so. Gotta ask. Whatever your going to do, will it have a positive or a negative impact on the world?” Joseph asked the lady who entered.
(@Prof.Ninja )
"No," Salinis had almost instantly countered at the statement of details remaining a mystery. "We all know what happened. Some individuals came and requested we came with them from our homes, which we all willingly did. This also means there are good intentions in store for the scenario, as only negative impacts come from winding up in a place you can't recall going to. Meaning the details in between are simply us coming on our own accord to where we are now."

It seemed plausible that Salinis was purposely trying to tick everyone off here (hence the italicised words) just by stating her own views on the matter. And as such, she had her own views on the newly entering woman and actually decided to set the rest of this group straight with HER memories.

"Excuse me, madam? May you correct everyone by saying we all came willingly to this scenario? They keep talking silly nonsense about kidnapping when we all know it doesn't exist."

And once more, her words almost seemed intentionally anger inducing regarding the situation.


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Judith laughed a bit at Salinis’ response. “Geez Someone’s crabby. Some sleep can help that! Obviously being a pushover isn’t going to help make any progress.” Judith sharply commented to Salinis. Joseph was going to make a comment but Judith was quick to cut him off. “Joseph. Your comment was pretty dumb. We all know what happened to each of us.” Judith commented as she looked at her…colleague.


Previously 'Candle'
Jordan took a glance at Judith and Salinis. "Well... Uh how would I know the reason why specifically us would be kidnapped? I just went along with it because I wanted candy." The answer was directed to Judith before she spoke to Salinis. "Maybe stop stating your own opinions and let this lady speak." She motioned towards the older lady, rolling her multi-colored eyes.


Previously DripNinja
"I must apologize Salinis, you were the first person to actually come willingly here," the lady responded. "My name is Cesia, and you are here, because you are special," Cesia continued. "Last week, cities in East Asia, were suddenly abandoned, this is because of Reality Authority trying to snare all humanity under their grasp,"

"What does this have to do with us," Apollo quickly said.

"Well it is common human nature for people to be afraid of something, but some people have irrational fears, called phobias, all of you have these, Imagined Hope have found a way to exert these phobia's into.... let's say skills," Cesia finished. "Any more questions?"


Previously Night's Shadow
Cleo blinked owlishly in the harsh light reflected by silvery walls. She wondered vaguely why she had been sleeping in a chair, and who the strangers around her were. If this were the plot of some cheesy action flick, she’d have been brought here by some evil organization for scientific testing, and maybe she actually knew these people, and they had stolen her memories!

Slap! Cleo clapped her hands on her cheeks to try and focus, then squirmed self-consciously on her chair. She could remember what had happened, as her mind brought forth wisps of information that strung together for a full picture. Well, not nearly a full enough picture— she was still wholeheartedly confused— but enough that Cleo could deduce how she had gotten here.

The girl remembered… the doorbell, towering figures, on the wrist of one of the figures… a gleaming watch, tiny Roman numerals etched on the surface! Cleo had screamed, she remembered, but no one had been home. Dark hands reached for her as her vision went black from the fear, the analog watch coming closer, closer…

Cleo licked her lips in memory of the fear, just a ghost of what it was in the moment. She didn’t feel any fear now; there weren’t any clocks in the bare room. Now she was just curious. When the woman who had been talking asked for questions, Cleo raised her hand like she was in class, then immediately began bubbling with questions without being called on. “Why does it smell kinda nice in here? What kind of paint didja use on the wall to make it kinda shiny? Can I paint the wall too? Who came up with the names for the organizations? It sounds like something out of Danganronpa. Also, do you have any painkillers? My head is killing me.” Cleo sat back in her chair, squatting like a frog on the seat. She beamed innocently, looking thoroughly satisfied that her questions had covered all the bases.


Previously Deathstalker62
Now that his conscience was returning, Roy could finally witness just what was going on around him. Others like him, already up and chatting with each other. A new face now, explaining where they are. East Asia? Reality Authority? World Domination? Fears into Skills? Just what the hell was going on here? A million and more questions poured into Roy's head, just like it had with the guys at the door. One could say.. an infinite thoughts.

To stop himself from blacking out again out of trying to grasp all the possible questions (and possible answers to those questions), he had now paid full attention to what was being said by another girl who.. apparently agreed to being hauled off by strangers. Weird.. And she even had the gall to act as if everyone here agreed to being whisked away by strange men in suits? Jamison had turned to the girl, finally speaking up.

" I didn't even get a word in before I ended up knocked out and being taken here. Also.. really? You saw weird people in black suits show up at your door, telling you to go with them.. and your first instinct was to agree? Just.. why? "

Sighing in annoyance, Roy now turned to the one who had explained were they were in the first place.

" Just three. One. Why couldn't I even say one word before being taken here? Two. Turning phobias into skills.. what even? And Third.. why us? Couldn't you have just, like.. hired hitmen or mercenaries instead? "
"How would that even work?" Anna finally said in annoyance "Are you some kind of a wizard to suddenly make our Fears into our strenght? Its not like any sort of Technology will do it.

In a meantime, Nathan Just stayed quiet, trying to stay close to his sister and to not let anyone approach her or him. He was scared.. Oh he was very scared. His mind didnt even proceed the informations they were getting. He just wanted this to end. He just wanted to stay with his sister, watch movies and laugh.. Now some bad people kidnapped them.. Why? So they can have bigger number of pawns. So they can raise in numbers for whatever they want to do. It was clear he wasnt listening.. He didnt want to..
“Crabby? Oh, in that case I should probably stay away from one of my brothers then. He’s got a pretty nasty seafood allergy, heh! I feel bad for the guy.”

Salinis’ first instinct had been to naturally mask her mentioned phobia here, so she still pretty much seemed like that one random onion ring you got in your fries. Except in this scenario, you didn’t really like the onion ring.

A bit of backlash regarding her compliance was heard, and yet she remained patient and externally happy all the while. “Correct! It’s in the Arektou name to follow all given orders without a shadow of a question. Unless it’s a bad favour, of course… anyways, phobia powers? That sounds pretty nice! A bit rough, as we need to be exposed to said phobias of ours first… but I still like your idea.”


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Judith was taken aback by the revelation of skills from Phobias. ‘So. Would that mean spider communication or a spider form.’ Judith thought to herself as she decided to speak up. “So. Let’s say a phobia has a potential for many different skills. What happens then? Does the person with the phobia get to choose their skill?” Judith asked Cesia as she looked to Joseph.

Joseph looked back with a smile. With a small bit noticeable smile, Judith returned the smile back to Joseph. “Yeah. So, what is the testing process actually going to be like?” Joseph asked Cesia after Judith finished her question.


Previously Airslashz
Bella was perplexed. How in the world would phobias be transformed into powers? And how did they even know that this group even had phobias? Of course, Bella had a phobia herself, but her phobia was one of the more common ones. She did whatever she could to avoid her phobia, which was her fear of heights, including whenever she got on an airplane or went to an amusement park.

However, she didn't want to get involved in this fray whatsoever.

"Do... Do I need to be here? I mean, many other people have phobias..."
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Previously 'Candle'
Jordan blinked her eyes, staring at Cescia. And as the overly, let's say, "trained" in the obedient ways from almighty highschool, she raised her hand waiting to be called upon.

Internally Jordan felt as if she should say everyone else's questions were stupid but hers might have been considered that too. And so instead of actually waiting to be called on, however, she spoke.

"So, if we have a more uncommon phobia, will our "skills" be stronger or mildly the same?"

This question had ringed in her head as soon as Cescia has spoke and everyone else had seemingly finished their question asking.


Previously DripNinja
Cesia ignored all the questions and quickly said, "Come along now, we are on a time frame here." She started strolling through a hallway.

Apollo quickly got up and decided to follow here and made sure he wasn't going to die. Cesia continued to lead the group in a heavily guarded room with several mini rooms with numbers on the doors. A scientist whispered something to Cesia, and she nodded. "Apollo, Jordan, Judith, and Joseph, please procced to rooms 1,2,3, and 4, in order called out," the scientist quickly said before going back to his computer.

Apollo slowly walked up to his door and opened it, to find a nice brightly lit room. He walked in and the door closed behind. 'You know, this isn't that bad,' He thought to himself, before the lights switched off and was in a pitch-dark room. Apollo quickly found himself in the corner of the room. 'I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm fine,' he tried to tell himself to no avail.


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Judith followed Cesia. Her arms were crossed as she looked over to Joseph. Once she heard that they would be separated. She brought a fist and slugged his arm. “Good luck, Dude.” Judith smiled as she walked inside her room. It seemed like it was well kept, for the time. There were some cobwebs scattered throughout her room.

Judith scoffed. “Is this the best you could do for an arachnophobe? I was expecting more of a show!” Judith commented, but she didn’t know what was coming next. Immediately, tarantulas began marching towards Judith. Some stalling and showing their threat posture. “Never mind. You do put up a decent show!” Judith commented with a smile

Joseph walked into his room. Seeing how bright the room was, he didn’t expect anything. ‘How inhumane would they be to keep dead bodies around this fine establishment?’ Joseph thought to himself as then a platform arose with some animal carcasses. “Oh my!” Joseph spoke as he jumped back a bit. “I was expecting too much out of this place!” Joseph commented as he began to freak out.


Previously 'Candle'
"Haha I'm number two! I'm number two!" Jordan forgot her question and pumped her fist. The girl stuck her tongue out at everyone and walked into room 2.

This room was a small room, likely the smallest of the four but she had no general judgment of the others rooms. The back of the room where the wall was smooth, had a nice fruit covered wallpaper and the smell of the room in general was like a Peach pie cooling on a windowsill. The room was seemingly very echoed and rumbled gently with each footstep forward.

The door shut as she walked to far forward towards the fruity walls and this sudden shutting made her jump and spin around. And there it was.. Multiple ducks painted upon the other side of the room. The door sat in the middle with many duck-like eyes surrounding it. She looked around the room which was suddenly dimmed but still allowed her to be stared at.

"At least they aren't real.." Jordan sighed a short but pressed sigh of relief.

Once again, Jordan shouldn't have said that because now she had jinxed herself. A very small and short platform rose quietly from the ground, revealing an actual duck sitting there. It quacked once. Twice. Jordan screamed.



Previously Night's Shadow
It didn’t take Cleo very long to be called to a room after the first four went in. She glanced at the door, then back at the workers, and entered. The girl jumped as the door closed behind her.

The room Cleo found herself in was barren, the walls painted a warm caramel color and lit with dim lights. Cleo was perplexed by why they would want her in this plain room, but didn’t mind. She would get bored quickly for sure, but maybe something interesting would happen if she waited long enough. She sat down cross-legged in the middle of the floor, holding back a sneeze as a thin film of dust was disturbed, joining the slightly sweet smell of sawdust in the air.

It took a minute or two before Cleo became aware of a faint, rhythmic sound, gradually growing louder. She listened more carefully, curious. ~… ~… t… tck… tick… tick… tick… tick… Cleo blanched as she recognized the sound. She whirled around, searching for the speaker that she could destroy to make it stop. There were none that were visible. Tick… tick… tick… A low tolling began to join the ticking, just off-rhythm enough to set Cleo’s teeth on edge. She clapped her hands over her ears, but the sounds were invasive, like fingers prying into her skull and dredging up her deepest fear.

Cuckoo! A new sound joined the low bell and the rhythmic tapping, preceded by a rattle. Cleo’s head snapped up just in time to see a yellow wooden bird retreat back into the wall on a spring. Cuckoo! Cuckoo! Tick… tick… TONGGG… tick… Cleo shook her head, desperately trying to block it out. What was this place? Why were they doing this to her? Her eyes opened slightly, hands clasped over her ears, kneeling in the middle of the floor. A floor that… had a pattern in the dust. Two lines, stemming from the center, tapered at the ends, one long, one short. Each pointing to spaces between… Roman numerals.

Cleo was standing on a clock face.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Jake remained relatively quiet during the previous proceedings, opting not to vocalise his questions and when the time came to follow the group he did so quietly as well. When they reached the rooms, he waited patiently to be told what to do. After waiting not very long he was directed to a room, he entered as instructed. The room was pitch black and silent, Jake stood glancing round in the dark wondering what was going on. He wondered if he had walked in the wrong room when he was suddenly roughly pushed aside, he turned to feel for what knocked him when he was knocked once more, then again and again, then the chatter started, a symphony of mumbles, grunts and coughs as more and more things that he realised were people bumped into him to get past. Upon the realisation, he began to hyperventilate, he was in a bustling suburban crowd, as people knocked him and the sounds they made got louder, Jake slower began to recede into a ball as he huddled close to himself.
Aaron, who much like the others was going about his usual routine, reading whatever books he had while enjoying a nice bowl of cereal, although, with pretty convenient timing, as soon as he had turned the last page and read the last sentence, he had heard a knock on his door
"Weird.. I'm not expecting anyone" Even weirder was that his parents weren't home at the moment, they had already gone to work.
He didn't want to respond, but he sure as hell didn't have much of a choice as he slowly and nervously made his way to the door.
He was shortly told that 'he needed to come with them' and that they didn't have time to argue, good thing that Aaron wasn't gonna argue anyways.

Much like the others, he had woken up in the silver walled room, although he didn't say anything, "[Atleast I'm not alone..?]" He thought to himself, he listened to everyone's discussion, not adding anything to it as he didn't want to be an annoyance. He followed them through the hallway and watched as the others went into the assigned rooms. "Uhm-.." He didn't know whether or not him not being called to one was intentional, but he was a really curious, so he sucked up his social anxiety and went for it. "What about me?"


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Judith began to back towards one of the walls. The tarantulas began to close in from all angles. She slipped back and some of them bolted away, thinking it was a bigger entity. Most of them however, continued their march towards Judith. She began to breath in and out at a rapid rate.

Joseph began freaking out. ‘Who keeps bodies for a test? How inhumane is our society!’ Joseph thought to himself as he saw more bodies coming into the room and he began to hyperventilate and start turning pale. ‘It just keeps getting worse and worse.’ Joseph thought to himself as he backed towards a wall.


Previously gutens
Meanwhile, Jin Yoshida woke up in a silver walled room, just as the others did. He slowly became more and more anxious. He suddenly began to hyperventilate. "Am I suffering from a disease and I don't even realize?!" he said quietly, "What's going on?" He pulled out a paper bag and started breathing rapidly through it. He suddenly began to calm down. "What if it's just a dream?" he said to himself quietly. He sighed. "So, what about me?" he sighed, "Am I gonna get tortured or something?"
People keept going into the weird rooms till it was Vanglory siblings turn and of course, they were seperated...

Anna entered a dark room, she could hear doors closing behind her. It was too dark... Too quiet... She hated it. She didnt know what it took to make a 'Phobia' a 'Power'. Till She heard a Thunder and saw lightning in front of her... A Loud booming voice followed a forgotten memory.
'Car... Road... Sudden bend... Mother's scream.'


'And silence... Then... Hospital... And numbers.. They showed that Mommy is alive!'

Nathan was by himself too.. But they did him much more dirty. An empty hospital bed and a manequin of a Young woman, in her early thirties and then... Screen that showed that there was still pulse.. Yet beeping kept slowing down and the numbers were dropping down. The time passed by, those numbers kept growing..

The world, It can be described by numbers. In fact, numbers are everywhere, they shape this world and Control it. They decide on how our lifes start and when.. And how it ends.

They say when something happend, why, how.. They are answers to all questions.
"But what cant be controlled..."
"What is Sudden..."
"... What is controlling you..."
"...What is connected to loss..."
"... What keeps judging us..."
"...What came out of Nowhere..."
"...What keeps punishing us, taking away everything we loved..."
"...What began the terror which happend due to a lack of Control when fate struct down with a booming sound..."

"...All of this bring FEAR"
And in all due obvious time, Salinis eventually had to deal with her own room as well. She truthfully wasn’t the most nervous at all when it came to entering initially, but it was rather quick to change.

The room was dark enough that Salinis could hardly see a thing, and the air felt all tight and warmer than it should normally have been. The carpet beneath her feet being too soft to even be considered a carpet… things that could only lead to one thing.

“Heh, wh-whoops… when’d I end up asleep…?”

Though her happy attitude was starting to crack away now, it wasn’t stopping Salinis from attempting to keep that smile on her face despite this room just having shoved her phobia in her face.

Wasn’t really her fault that you could go to sleep one night and then wake up to find things totally different. After all, nearly all phobias have reason behind them.


Previously Deathstalker62
Not before long, it was Roy's turn to enter the mysterious chamber. Soon as he walked into the dark room, the door had slammed behind him. Nothing had happened yet, but Roy was already anticipating with fear what could happen. Was there gonna be a sound played any moment? What would it be? Would an arm or something reach out of the wall? Was there something already with him? Where even was he? Was he still in the room he entered or was there some kind of trap door that put him elsewhere? Being left with his thoughts was all it took and Roy's fear quickly grew, paranoia rising in his mind and causing him to start to panic. An infinite amount of thoughts he had put off, he was now confronted with. If only there was a light in the room, his question would be answered. For he wasn't in any special room at all..

..he was just in a broom closet with a broken light and a locked door.


Previously gutens
Afterwards, it was Jin's turn to enter. He slammed the door behind him so he wouldn't be followed. Suddenly, he heard a frail, weak voice.


Jin bolted in the direction came from. Suddenly, he came to a stop. The person looked like they had COVID-19 or influenza, or something. Jin began to hyperventilate. He began to back up.

"Please... help..."

Jin checked his pocket frantically for an inhaler or a pistol. But was it any use? Nooooooo. He checked if he had his rifle on him. Blatantly, it was no use. No use at all. "Where's my pistol?" he said quietly, "Where's my rifle? Where the heck is my AK-47?!" The person stumbled towards Jin as he backed up. Suddenly, he began to lose himself in fear.