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Open Pixel Pals: The Reboot

"One of a teenagers favourite things would be electronics. And people love animals! Most of all, they completely hate highschool! What would happen if you put these together? You are a human who has recently gotten a new phone, you think nothing of it, until an animal keeps walking across the screen, again, you think nothing of it, until one day, you are attacked by bullies and the animal in the screen comes out of the phone, scaring away the bullies. It turns out that the phone had an app, called....... Pixel Animals," A wise Wolfy once said.

Pixel Animals, or Pixel Pals have been known for their unnatural power to escape and fase through electronics. Taking form of a small animal of your choosing on a screen. How they're able to do this is unknown, which is even more unknown is that it's impossible to get rid of them, it's like they've gotten attached to you, magically. Of course, as many would like to figure out the mystery behind this, kids in high school, not so much. They think of them as more of adorable companions then anything else. And as for now, Pixel Pals are known only to protect the holder of their phone, and that will be all that's known for now...

  1. Everyone must reply to basic general roleplay rules, such as "No Autoing," and "Posts must be a Paragraph Long." General Role Play Rules
  2. Swearing, Romance, and Gore must be kept to a minimum, nothing too graphic.
  3. One Roleplayer may control Two Characters, not counting reacurring background characters.
  4. Failure to follow these rules and I will report you without hesitation.
Name: (Your Character's Name?)
Age: (15- 18, like most High School Students)
Gender: (Only Male and Female, no Genderless, or Transgender, sorry)
History: (How did your character and Pixel Pal meet?)
Personality: (Completely Optional, how does your Character act?)
Appearence: (Completely Optional, what does your Character look like?)

Name: (What is your Character's Pixel Pal named?)
Gender: (Your Pixel Pal's gender, they can be genderless, along with Male of Female)
Species: (What Species of animal is your Pixel Pal?)
Personality: (Completely Optional, what does your Pixel Pal look like?)
Appearence: (What Fur, Scales, Feathers, of other quality does your Pixel Pal have to stand out?)
Name: Nova
Age: 16
Gender: Male
History: After receiving his new phone, not shortly after Nova was being threatened with a gun to his head by an unknown suspect. To this, his Pixel Pal, named Foxy, rushed out of his phone and scared him off, despite only being six inches tall. The man ran off, tail rucked between his legs, if he had a tail of course. Slowly after they developed into friends, and Foxy explained what Pixel Pals were and that there were more amongst them.
Personality: Nova tends to get into fights often, but is a top notch student. With how many fights he's gotten into it's surprising that he hasn't been kicked out of his school yet, it probably has to do with his straight A's in classes, being one of the smartest, if not the smartest student in his grade level.
Appearence: Nova loves a good combination of black and red, wearing black shoes, black jeans, a red shirt with a black sweater over it. He occasionally ties the sweater around his waist, only if it happens to get too hot, or he's stressed. He has fair skin, red eyes, and black hair.

Name: Foxy
Gender: Male
Species: Red Fox
Personality: Foxy tends to be a narcissist. He absolutely loves the presence of females, human, animal, or Pixel Pal. He will flirt around them, causing him to be seen as cute by humans and animals, and coming off as a jerk from other Pixel Pals.
Appearence: Foxy has crimson fur, and wears an eye patch with a skull and crossbones, thinking it looks cool.
Clearing things up, this is an remake from an RP @WolfyPop created a long time ago, and tends to revolve around that alot. If things so smoothly, I should be able to post the RP thread tomorrow or the day after~ :3
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(alright here is mine)

Name: JC

Age: 17

Gender: Female

History: Her house was burned in a fire causing her father's death in protecting them from a large long wood that fell from the ceiling as only her mother and herself remained. She thought that her and her mother would die just like her father. However she was given a new phone as a present from her father before the fire happened and at that instant before the fire could engulf them both a Pixel pal named Pyro appeared stopping the flame in an instant demolishing the flames saving her mother and her. Since that day she form a bond with Pyro for saving her and her mother's life.

Personality: Quite distant, Gentle, can be stern, protects others she cares about before herself. She mostly the smart one with technology figuring out any codes and even parts of which each one goes to and with. She knows her way of graphic arts and is mostly a straight A student in most of her classes but she does not brag about it to make others hate her or feel bad

Appearence: She has dark brown hair that passes her shoulder that is pulled up in a ponytail. She is 5'4 in height yet light in weight with a well feminine build. She has light blue eyes with her right being covered my her bang wearing glasses upon her face. She wears a casual plad black shirt with skinny jeans and flats on her feet with the straps that wrap around her ankles with a black cover up that is long in the back that forms in a "V" tail shape. She wears bandages on her wrists to cover her burns from the fire and ankles. She wears a cross around her neck. She also wears a fedora on her head tilted slightly down.

Name: Pyro

Gender: Female

Species: Wolfnix(Wolf-Pheonix)

Personality: Rather stern, She is a sweetheart but don't take that as a weakness, Can be a tease to other Pixel pals out of playfulness, Shy, Protective

Appearence: Since Pyro has two forms, in wolf form she has this beautiful blue flame and white pelt with swirls of fire surrounding her tail with her Phoenix wings on the back of her with a bang covering her right eye. In Pheonix form she is just the fire bird with a long crest with two feathers at the end of it but instead of a fire color her whole body and feathers are a blue flame color. She has emerald green eyes with a white shiny color flower on her ear and crest area.
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Looks interesting. But I want to asks things first. Is pixelpal a common occurence, or only a few people have them? What do they know (and share to humans) about their origin?
Looks interesting. But I want to asks things first. Is pixelpal a common occurence, or only a few people have them? What do they know (and share to humans) about their origin?
A Pixel Pal is not an common occurrence, so not everyone in the school wull have them. Maybe only a select 10, out of 1,000 of the participants at the school will have one. They do not know their own origins, and they all know one thing, whoever uses the phone they're bound to will basically be their owner and they have to protect them in any way they can.
Name: Aran Alden
Age: 16
Gender: female
History: Aran was a solitary girl in middle school. She spent hours playing games in her room with curtains closed and light turned off. At first she thought those eyes shining in the dark corner of her room is just her hallucination, but after days of its presence Aran decided to approach it. Turns out this presence is a pixel pal and slowly they became used to each other and start playing together.
Personality: Aran doesn't take school seriously and oftenly doze off during class. She likes tinkering with things without thinking much about the result. Games and cat are her two most favorite.
Appearence: Aran is average in height. She has neck-length brown hair and brown eyes. Her usual outfit are green shirt topped with orange jacket and black shorts. She prefer sandals and sometimes can be seen wearing a blue flat hat.

Name: Eeriel
Gender: male
Species: regular everyday common domesticated house cat
Personality: Erie is lazy and proud about it. He usually trying to act cool, but he easily get distracted by small moving things, or ball, or toys, or anything that looks interesting.
Appearence: As long as he shut his trap then he looks like your regular everyday common domesticated black cat with yellow eyes.
Name: Ezmarel “Ez” Locks
Age: 16
Gender: female
History: Ez loved working with cars and vehicles so she followed her father with his fascination. One night while working in her dad’s shop, she forgot to check to make sure if the door was locked. A trio of masked men broke in to break in, stealing a car. Ez would have been hit if her pixel pal, Modo tackled her out of the way.
Personality: calm, adventurous and a dare devil, a little cocky
Appearence: short black hair, brown eyes, dusty reddish brown skin, wears a leather jacket that has yellow stripes, tanks tops or shirts, leggings, and dark brown boots

Name: Modo
Gender: male
Species: rock golem
Personality: soft spoken, brave, shy, a voice of reason
Appearence: has what looks like stained glass mixed in with the rock along with small chunks of metal

This good?
Name: Jack Smith
Age: 16
Gender: Male
History: Jack is a computer genius, able to program and hack through most anything. When he was messing around his phone, trying to hack his way to free in-app purchasing on an app, he seemed to have awoken Leon. The two soon became good friends
Personality: However he acts, I don't have a set one for now.
Appearence: Jack wears a normal T-shirt reading 'What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.' He also has brown, ragged hair and dark green eyes. Pants include blue jeans.

Name: Leon
Gender: Male
Species: Griffin
Personality: However he acts in rp.
Appearence: A silver feathered eagle head with golden furred lion back.