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Private/Closed Plates and Fates, a Worldwide Journey

@Red Gallade @Frontier Master @Mr Fishykarp @EeviumZ @Radioactive_Microwave281 @Foxex @Riverrunner @ThatJustin’sASpy! @WildFlower

If one should wield the Plates seventeen,
the power they'd gain beyond wildest dream,
if used for good could make all pristine,
but if used for ill,
raze all, reign supreme.
(Traditional Celestic Town Prophetic Poem)

As the cool blue waves lazily slapped against the hull of the Wheel's ship, Montagne Khastil shuddered from sea-sickness and anticipation alike. "Why did I let Faite talk me into this?" Montagne groaned internally. "Of all the ways I could've 'broadened my horizons' ...sauve-moi Xerneas." He leaned more heavily on the guardrail for a moment, all the while squeezing his eyes as tight as they could get, while trying to hold back a retch. "Ugh," Montagne murmured aloud as he half-staggered to a bench only a few feet away.

Montagne felt immediately better as he sat down, but only in the same way that getting struck by lightning is immediately better than slowly dying in quicksand; it still sucked. "Mon dieui, I need a distraction." Montagne thought as he wiped the sweat off his brow. He unzipped his jacket a little and reached in, feeling for the bandolier that was slung across his chest. "Come out, Borealis," Montagne murmured as he withdrew a Pokeball from the bandolier. Expanding the Pokeball with the click of a button, Montagne released his partner with a quick flash of white light.

Borelias materialized with an excited cry, slipping and sliding around on the deck of the ship by freezing the splash-over. The Sandshrew slipped around some, taking in it's surroundings, before noticing a nearby open door to the ship's cabin. "Shrew!" Borealis chirped. It started towards the door, but before it got very far it was grabbed by Montagne. "You're sticking with me for now, bud," Montagne chastised. As far as Montagne knew, all the other Seekers were in the cabin, so he didn't want Borealis rushing off into such a big group on it's own.
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This wasn’t the first ship Leander Norwood had been on, and he was certain it wouldn’t be the last.

The cabins of the Wheel’s ship were, somewhat unexpectedly, very nice. Good airflow, just large enough that he didn’t knock his head on the ceiling, a cot that didn’t reek of cheap perfume, a heater—this place had it all! Granted, he shouldn’t have expected less from an organization that offered to completely fund his journey on a dime.

Evidentially, he hadn’t been the only one to receive the wheel’s offer. Several other people, all around his age, had also boarded the ship, although he had yet to talk with any of them.
His attention at the moment, however, was focused on the small fossil Pokémon currently pacing at his feet. Tiberius let out a low growl, looking up at Leo with pleading eyes as he nervously shook his tail. For the past hour, he’d been trying to get the tyrunt to rest up (or eat something, at very least) but between the Pokémon’s seasickness and general anxiety, he hadn’t been having much luck.

“Tibbs, I know you’re nervous—you’ve never been good on trips overseas.” Leo began once more. “But you need to eat something, I really don’t want you to get sick. We’re supposed to start our trek through Kanto fairly soon.”
The tyrunt let out an indignant snort in response, snubbing his nose up at the Oran berry he was offered.
“Ty, work with me here, please. I know you can’t sleep, so at least eat something. You’ll be even more tired if you’re hungry as well and I’m not going to carry you around when you inevitably decide you don’t want to stay in your Pokéball.”
Tiberius shook his head, almost looking offended as he nudged at Leo’s satchel. As he tipped it over, his Pokéball rolled across the floor, stopping neatly against the journalist’s shoe.
Leo sighed, holding up the rock-type’s ball in defeat. He’d deal with this once they got to dry land. “Tiberius, return.” The dinosaur’s form dissipated into a beam of red light, encapsulating itself within the ball. Leo placed it back in his bag, shaking his head—as nice as the cabins may have been, he needed some fresh air.

The deck itself was fairly empty, save for one person—presumably another Seeker—and a rather excitable… sandshrew? No, definitely a sandshrew, one of the ones that inhabited Alola. A bit of the seawater had washed up onto the deck, on which the Pokémon had taken to sliding around playfully, before scampering towards the now-open cabin door (only to be stopped by who he assumed was his trainer moments later).
Leo couldn’t help but smile at the ice-type’s antics, closing the door behind him as he walked on deck. “Your sandshrew seems to be having a blast already,” he chuckled, gesturing to the ice-skating Pokémon. He strolled over to the ship’s railing, allowing the sea air to whip through his hair (and, regrettably, allowing the seawater that had lapped up onto the deck to soak into his shoes) as he glanced downwards at the sparkling blue waters. His heart hammered in his ears with anticipation. This was what he had been dreaming of—a journey of his own. A chance to explore the world for himself, jotting down notes about his travels along the way. Not to mention the supposed ‘seventeen plates’. If they didn’t exist, well, that was an issue. But if they did, that was a story.
Leo turned to the other boy on deck, offering him a smile. “A bit chilly out here, I probably should’ve brought a jacket.” He gestured to nowhere in particular, shaking his head. “I don’t think I’ve introduced myself, you’re another one of the Seekers, right? I’m Leander Norwood, but just Leo is fi-“
Only then did he notice the tinge of green to the other boy’s light brown complexion and the stagger to his gait. ”Oh… sorry. Are you… alright?”
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Previously EeviumZ
Her blue hair flowing in the wind, a girl and her Eevee gazed out over the ocean. Matching smiles adorned the pair's faces, as they admired the beauty of the waters, the shapes in the white fluffy clouds (cumulus, Allie thought - her sister had taught her about the different cloud types not so long ago), the glow off the deep blue sea.
"Vee-eevui!" Eve pipped, climbing up on Allie's head. The teen chuckled. Eve hadn't been on boats much (and neither had she, for that matter).
Allie smiled. "It's beautiful, isn't it?"
She glanced around, noticing other people on the boat - she assumed they were Seekers as well. She decided to keep under the radar for now. The longer she could go without being recognized, the better - in time, she'd integrate herself.
"Bon sang, juste ma chance," Montagne thought groggily as he turned his head to size up the approaching footsteps. A boy, fairly fair-skinned with dyed blue hair, was rapidly approaching and Montagne was not in the mood. The boy seemed to be his age, or maybe a little younger judging by the build. Montagne had gone through a similar phase not long ago, where he shot up in height but was skinny for a long time after. "Sans blague, he probably shoud've brought a jacket." With Borealis still in his arms, Montagne rose from the bench to meet the boy, but made no attempt to close the distance between them.
"Oh...sorry. Are you...alright?"
"Fine." Montagne answered immediately. "Why is he apologizing? Mon dieui I really am out of it."

Borealis wiggled fervently in Montagne's arms, growling in protest the whole time. There was a new person to meet, and Montagne was making him stay up in his arms? He might as well put him in the Pokeball at that point. "Knock it off," Montagne whispered out of the corner of his mouth down at the Sandshrew. Borealis wiggled a couple more times, then finally gave up in favor of pouting.
"They really missed out on an opportunity by not calling this The Propeller, eh?" Bea joked, gazing out the window of her cabin. "Because they're the Wheel. And a propeller is like a wheel but for water. Kinda."
Getting no immediate response to her sub-par boat humour, Bea turned back to the room, and to her complete and utter lack of surprise, her two Pokemon were making a mess of the cabin's bed.
"Temp! What did I say about hitting Kon- Kon, your bandages aren't meant for mummifying Temp-" she said. "Just- both of you cut it out. Having to clean up bits of bandage is already annoying, and that's not even mentioning what you did to the pillow!"
Her Pokemon stopped for all of four seconds, managing to look sincerely apologetic for making a mess.

Until Kon pushed Temp off of the bed. Bea could only stare as the hurricane that was Kon and Temp began moving their fight to other parts of the cabin.

Once she managed to return the cabin to a state that didn't look like a natural disaster hit, Bea decided that it'd be a good idea to actually meet these trainers who she'd be travelling with. If she was being fully honest with herself, she'd been avoiding the fellow inhabitants of the ship to a somewhat extreme degree, worried that she'd been paired with other celebrities' kids and this entire thing was less of a journey and more of a glorified cruise around the regions, or even that she'd signed up to some secret reality tv show (after all, the wheel's fairytale about mythical plates that power a god seemed about as fictitious as the movies that her parents starred in). Or, alternatively, that she was on this journey with actual trainers, who'd probably be infinitely more experienced than her, and make her look like a joke, slotted in only because of her parents' connections.

Convincing her Pokemon to promise not to murder eachother, she ascended to the deck with Kon and Temp in tow. Seeing only one other person on the boat not currently engaged in a conversation, she approached Allie.
Internally she flipped out upon seeing Allie's face, but controlled her facial expressions so it didn't show. At least there were a few advantages to growing up around actors.
'That isn't Alison Silverstone, is it?' she thought, 'This IS just a glorified celebrity tour!'
She calmed herself, it probably wasn't a good idea to jump to conclusions.
"Hey." She said. "This whole 'collect some magic plates' thing is kinda wild, isn't it?"


Previously WildFlower
Alexandra was on a ship. She was somehow on a ship, " Well, This is quite the surprise. " she thought to herself, looking off deck into the ocean. In the background were two pokemon, one being an Alolan Vulpix, the other a Ralts. They both had their respective names of Kiara and Kiba, and she was glad she brought them on this possible new journey. Of course, there was the chance that it wasn't, and she was just getting kidnapped, but that was her decision.

When Alexandra started walking, the Ralts already teleported on her shoulder, the A. Vulpix going to her side. She could see that other people were on the ship, some clearly more friendly than others. Alexandra walked to who seemed to be two girls, when she paused. " Aren't those two related to celebrities? " she screamed into her head. She stayed in place, but then started to cautiously move forward, looking at both of them.

She didn't know much about either of them, besides their names.Alison, a sibling to a celebrity, The famous Talia Silverstone. Then, there was Beatrice, a child of famous actors from Unova. She looked up at both of them, a little rude to interrupt them, but still had a small wave toward both of them.


Previously EeviumZ
Allie let out a surprised squeak when two people approached, but relaxed somewhat when they seemed to be fairly causal. She waved to both of them, smiling.
"Hello! My name's Allie. Yeah, this is pretty weird, huh? Sounds like some old folk tale to me, but whatever." She shrugged.
Eve, meanwhile, took it upon herself to introduce herself. She stood up on her hind legs, waving at the pair... before falling forward and onto the ground.
"Vee... vee." She glared at Allie, obviously saying something along the lines of "don't say a word".
Allie chuckled softly. "Calm down, Eve."
She suddenly recognized the person in front of her, and her eyes widened. "Hey, aren't you the kid of those famous Unovan actors? That's so cool!" She turned back to the other girl, not wanting to leave her out. "And you have an Alolan Vulpix! That's awesome! Those are pretty rare nowadays.." She was obviously incredibly excited, and you could practically see anime-style stars in her eyes.
Within one of the cabins on the ship, Chris lied down on his bed with his eyes wide open, excited about the journey that was just beyond the Kantonian shores. As he slowly began to sit up on his bed, he felt a soft yet strong push place him down where he was before, Chris looked up and laughed to see that it was his beloved Stufful, Greta who simply wanted some attention. "Whaddya say Greta, shall we go say hi to the others? I think we've had enough peace and quiet." Chris asked while Stufful squealed in delight as she leaped off of Chris and ran around the room like an excited canine until Chris went to open the door of their cabin. It almost seemed like a while since he smelled the open air and the ocean beneath him.

Once outside, Chris simply walked across the deck until he was closer to the bow, while the trainer simply decided to gaze at the oceans around them, Greta walked around on her own, but Chris didn't mind as he trusted that she would return to him if any trouble were to occur on the ship.
Ceres watched everyone from the upper deck of the ship, her Larvesta, Haru was on the ground next to her, her piercing blue eyes surveyed the ship, it’s current visible passengers, and the horizon. The other trainers down below had not noticed her yet but she didn’t mind.

“Larr...” Haru scooted closer to Ceres’s leg as the ship dipped slightly from a wave some water splashing rather high. Haru’s white fur felt warm and soft on Ceres’s leg which was rather welcome. She wasn’t cold but it wasn’t particularly warm either on the ship with the wind blowing and being out over the water.

Ceres knelt down and pat the worm. She noticed her fire spouts were slightly heated up, perhaps it is a bit too cold for Haru. “Do you want to go back into your ball?” She asked.

Haru looked at her and shook her head, no.

Ceres smiles and stood back up, “Well if you ever feel uncomfortable then let me know yea?” Haru nodded and continued looking at the trainers and their Pokémon. Ceres touched her pendant. She felt honored to be going on this journey for her rite of passage as well as looking for such sacred objects as Arceus’s plates, she can only hope to do the Birds of Passage proud and assist the Wheel in anyway possible. The journey ahead will be hard and she knows she will be tested. Ceres looked down at Haru, “By the end of this, you will be as strong as the sun Haru.”

Her Pokémon looked up at her expectantly before resuming her gaze.
"Anyways," Montagne began as he started walking past the boy, "We should probably head back in and see if the captain wants to talk yet." As if by coincidental premonition on Montagne's part, the loudspeakers at each end of the ship crackled to life as the captain began to speak.
Montagne mentally breathed a sigh of relief at the sound of the summons. "Hopefully that means we can get off this ship and onto dry land soon," he thought as he stepped through the cabin's threshold. The change in scenery riled Borealis up again, and the Sandshrew resumed his struggle to escape Montagne's grasp. "Stop it or you're going back in the Pokeball," Montagne warned Borealis in vain. Borealis payed no heed to the warning however, and gave one final, valiant squirm. The Sandshrew plopped down onto the floor, and immediately began skating away. "Hey!" Montagne shouted, chasing after Borealis.
"Well, lets head back in." Ceres walked back into the ship from the upper deck, she just had to go down a few flights of stairs to reach the Central Cabin. Once there she nodded at the waiting members of the Wheel and waited by a window for the rest of the Seekers. Haru waited patiently next to her on the floor, she knew that she was too heavy to be casually picked up and she preferred to be the ground anyways or in the air, but on her own terms.
(I probably should've given the unovan actor parents names, huh)

Now, Bea was panicking. Silverstone just had to blurt out that Bea was related to someone famous, she'd hoped that she'd be able to keep a low profile for at least part of the journey. At the very least, she hoped that a Silverstone would still be more famous outside of Unova than the daughter of Bernard and Beck Brown.
"Allie, like Alison Silverstone. Right?" she said. "I've heard of you too, you're Talia Silverstone's sister."
Ok, now maybe revealing Allie in the same way wasn't the best solution to the problem and possibly would only create more problems, but there was probably a chance that the other girl had already recognised her anyways.
Her thoughts were cut off by the Captain's announcement. She made her way to the Central Cabin, putting Kon and Temp back in their Pokeballs on the way.
Chris' peaceful gaze at the ocean was interrupted by the speakers that requested everyone make their way to the central cabin. Greta thought this seemed important and trotted back to where her trainer was so they could go down together. "Wonder what this is about." Chris asked himself as he gently picked up his Stufful and carried her like a child with a teddy bear down to the captains cabin where he and the other 'seekers' were told to meet at.