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Stuff being worn (optional):



Pokemon: charmander

Name: Taka

Nickname: Rin

Wearing: red scarf

Moves: tackle, leer, and ember

Gender: Boy
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Pokemon: Bulbasaur

Name: Onion

Nickname (optional): Oni

Stuff being worn (optional): N/A

Moves: Razor Leaf, Tackle, Poison Powder, Vine Whip

Gender: Male
Pokemon: Fennekin

Name: Norri

Nickname: Ri

Stuff being worn: A light purple scarf with a darker shade of purple stripes.

Moves: Scratch, Ember, Psybeam, Protect

Gender: Female
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Pokemon: Shinx

Name: Zachary

Nickname (optional): Zach, Zac.

Stuff being worn (optional): -

- Tackle,
- Spark,
- Fire Fang,
- Thunder Fang.

Gender: Male.
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Pokemon: Zorua

Name: Zaria

Nickname (optional): Zari, Zar Zar,

Stuff being worn (optional): -

- Fake Tears,
- Grass Knot,
- Double Team,
- Dark Pulse.

Gender: Female