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Private/Closed Pokemon: A Journey Across the Land RP

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Kiera woke up in her home in Pallet Town. She got up from her bed and yawned. "Hey Vee, you ready to start our brand new journey?" She said this in a sleepy manner as for she just woke up. Vee woke up and walked up to Kiera and nudged her to pick her up. Kiera picked up Vee and took each other down stairs to eat breakfast. She got dressed and walked out to her deck and staired at the medow. "Just a little more time till I can head out. I wonder where Max is?"
On Route 1, Damocles watched as his Riolu practiced a type of fighting technique. "Well done Lena. Once more and then we can put your training to the test." Lena nodded and used her fighting moves one more time, the last attack unleashed a very faint gust of wind. Afterward, she returned to Damocles who put his hands in his pockets and looked for someone to battle, Lena followed behind him, excited to try out her moves.
Max woke up, ready to go on an adventure. He was very excited to finally go with Onion to other places. "Onion are you ready?" said Max to Onion, smiling. Onion smiled back, 'cause he had been waiting for that day as well. Max and Onion ran downstairs together. Max got dressed and Onion ate his breakfast. Max came out of his bathroom to go eat breakfast too. Once they were both done, Max went outside to find Kiera. Once he made to her house, he started calling her name out. "Kiera, Kiera!" yelled Max, waving.


Previously m1h4jl0
Luke got out of his house followed by Ziggy. They already packed their stuff ready for adventure.
He was walking down the street when he saw Max calling Kiera in front of her house.
"Hello,Max what's up?"asked Luke (imagine he has Russian acent)
James was tailing behind a moving van hyped about what he was going to do next, start his very own pokemon journey. Eventually, to his relief, they finally got to there new house his Mudkip jumped out of his backpack in joy. ''Ha-ah, hi Freshie how was your nap?" His Mudkip jumped on his shoulders and heald on like normal. James ran into the room and tried to decorate his room the fastest he could, (It looked messier than his normal room) He tried to run out the door. But his mother pulled him back for breakfast. "But mom....... I'm not hungry" James complained. His mother came back with "Well do you want to go out with an empty stomach, I think not". James groaned and quickly ate his breakfast.

Finally, he ran out the door with Freshie saying his last goodbyes to his father and mother and got to route one, Ready to start his journey.
Edith hummed happily. Her eyes lit up when she saw two boys on route one. Her Cleffa started bouncing towards the two. One looked ready to battle and one looked.....ready to do just about anything. “Hello!” She called to see who’s attention she attracted.
Kiera smiled as she saw her friend running up to her waving. "Whats up Max! Are you ready to start our adventure?" She came down from her deck and walked up to him holding Vee in her hands. She noticed a boy calling for Max. "Who is he?" She felt like she should have remembered him if he was a friend of Max but she couldn't remember.
Damocles raised an eyebrow and turned his head to who greeted him. He gave a small wave whilst his Riolu waved happily at Edith and her adorable Cleffa. "Hey." Damocles said nonchalantly. "What brings you out here; you looking for people to battle as well?" He asked as he put his hands back in his coat pockets.
Plum was hyper and excited to meet new friends. She waved at the Riolu with her stubby arm. Edith giggled at how adorable this was. “Not really. But I could go for a Pokémon battle. Plum here was just hatched just two weeks ago. So we are still working on our moves! I’m Edith by the way.”
Damocles gave a faint smirk and a positive huff, already liking this 'Edith'. "Damocles, and this is my partner, Lena." He said as he gestured to his Riolu. "I've had her with me for almost a year now." He said as he looked at Cleffa with a smile. "Plum is it? She's certainly an adorable lil' bloke, if you're sure you wanna battle, just get to a fair distance so we can begin, but I should warn you: Two weeks old or not, I'm not holding back." He said.
Edith bent down. “Plum. Do you think you’re ready to take them on?” She asked the little Cleffa. The Cleffa nodded and bounced around. Edith smiled and picked the Cleffa up. She moved some feet away and set her down again. “Alright Plum. Let some go get em!” She said and grinned at Damocles. She brushed her skirt off and pulled a strand of fire red hair back.
Damocles smiled. "Alright Lena, let's do this!" He said as Lena front flipped into position. Both Damocles and the Riolu moved their lings lightly to crack some bones. "Alright the Edith, since I'm a nice guy, I'll give you the first move." He said with a sly smirk as he nodded at Lena who nodded back and assumed a battle stance.
Edith snorted. She narrowed her eyes as she surveyed the Riolu. “Plum. Use Charm!” Plum focused and used the move her trainer had told her to use.


Previously TheJustinMan
(I’m a bit late to the party.)

Justin’s eyes squinted open by the tugging of his Oshawott on his blanket. He then looked at the time. It was about 15 minutes past the time that he wanted to leave for his journey. He quickly got up and began packing his bag, and got dressed. He put on his Xtransceiver, and zipped up his jacket, as Buddy got on his shoulder. “I wish I could’ve got up a bit earlier... but it’s not too far from the time I wanted to leave.” While walking out the door into Pallet town, his mom quickly stopped by. “Up and at it I see! Well, I hope you have a good journey. Make sure to come back and visit every once in a while!” She said. He hugged his mother, and went out the door,
walking towards Route 1. While one the path, he noticed a few other trainers, and two were beginning to start a battle. “This could be interesting.” He thought, as he got closer, and began to watch.

(This is so Cliche....)
"Not attacking out of the blue but instead going for a chance to weaken... Nice call." Damocles thought as Lena felt slightly weaker after the Charm. "Let's make things interesting. Quick Attack!" Damocles commanded with a snap of his fingers. Lena darted toward Plum at incredible speed in an attempt to hit the Cleffa dead in it's tracks.
Plum squealed as it was sent flying backwards. She landed on her feet and winced. She stood up as tall as her fat little body could. Edith bit her lip. “Plum, are you okay sweetheart?” She asked. Plum indignantly shouted at her. Edith laughed. “Okay. Plum, use pound!” Plum waddled over to the Riolu and stared at it. She lifted her hand and tried to pound the Riolu.
Lena quickly turned her eyes to Damocles who looked back with a nod. Riolu took the Pound attack and went back because of it. "Use Counter." Damocles said much calmer than his previous command. Before Cleffa could get any further away from Lena than she already was, Lena ran forward and went to unleash a hard attack, twice as strong as Plum's Pound was.
Plum went wide eyed. She stood there and in a miracle rolled to the side. She laid there on the ground and breathed heavily. She winced as she stood up dazed. Edith now bit her nails in worry. “Plum....honey.” She said. Plum opened her mouth and started to Sing. Edith’s eyes widened. “She learned a new move!” She said and clapped. “Good job Plum!”
Plum went wide eyed. She stood there and in a miracle rolled to the side. She laid there on the ground and breathed heavily. She winced as she stood up dazed. Edith now bit her nails in worry. “Plum....honey.” She said. Plum opened her mouth and started to Sing. Edith’s eyes widened. “She learned a new move!” She said and clapped. “Good job Plum!”
Plum went wide eyed. She stood there and in a miracle rolled to the side. She laid there on the ground and breathed heavily. She winced as she stood up dazed. Edith now bit her nails in worry. “Plum....honey.” She said. Plum opened her mouth and started to Sing. Edith’s eyes widened. “She learned a new move!” She said and clapped. “Good job Plum!”


Previously m1h4jl0
"Hey Max,it is me Luke,guy who moved in house next to yours,remember?" said Luke when he came closer to Max.
"So I wanted to ask you will you travell alone or no?" asked Luke

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"Lena, look out!" Damocles warned, but before the Riolu could fully evade, she eventually succumbed and fell forward into a deep slumber. "Damn it, Lena, wake up!" Damocles pleaded as his tone became more serious. But Lena was still fast asleep, although she twitched lightly when Damocles called to her.
Edith grinned in satisfaction. “Plum use pound again.” She whispered. Plum started repeatedly using pound on the poor Riolu. Edith looked at Damocles. “You will probably win this. Lena is a well trained Riolu and Plum is a little goofball.” She said.
"Don't expect it until it's actually happened, mate." Damocles said to Edith before he looked back at Lena, the poor Riolu struggled to wake up as she took hit after hit, but as a Fighting type, the Normal type attacks didn't do much, but it was enough. "Lena!" Damocles shouted as Riolu twitched more and more, even while asleep, she could still hear her trainer's call.
After what seemed like forever, Lena finally opened her eyes and quickly grabbed Plum's arm before the latter's next Pound could hit. "Lena, can you still go on?" Damocles asked, Lena looked back with a nod as she got up, but continues to hold the Cleffa's arm. "Then use Blaze Kick!" Damocles commanded. Lena gave and intimidating gaze as her leg began to burst into flames and went to kick Plum hard, the fact Lena held Plum's arm made the attack more difficult to dodge.
Plum was sent flying. She hit the ground and fainted. Edith winced and ran over to Plum. “Plum! My sweet baby!” She worried and kissed Plums forehead.
Damocles walked up to Edith and Plum with a smile, he patted Lena on her head along the way. "Good job, Lena." He commended as he kneeled down to the pair. "Sorry if I was too hard on your cute little friend there, take this." He said as he got out and held out a Sitrus Berry. "But look on the bright side, Plum learned a new and useful move." He said.
James looked to the right of him to see two trainers pokemon battle ending, one had a Rioul and the other had a cleffa. He smirked before he walked by then he felt something tickle his knees he looked down to see a rattata and then it quickly jumped back looking like it wanted to engage in battle. Freshie jumped from his shoulder ready to battle, "Okay it looks like this pokemon wants to battle so Freshie use water gun!" James shouted A spew of water came out of Freshie's mouth blasting the rattata away and into the dirt, "Okay now use tackle!" James yelled. So Freshie ran to the rattata and but the rattata looked and Freshie jumped into the air and fell behind freshie and tackled him pushing him away from the rattata.

"Okay, I have a plan. So Jump into the air and use water gun!" And so Freshie Jumped into the air and spewed a lot of water were the rattata was standing, the rattata tried to run away but the water turned the dirt into mud getting the rattata stuck. "Alright, great job Freshie". The rattata eventually got out of the mud, ate some grass and ran away.


Previously Team Rainbow Hope
Antonio jumped out of Alex's bag and onto her head. Like Alex, he always like to see a good battle. He looked down at her, his golden fur shimmering brightly in the sun. She smiled. "I know you want to battle too, Antonio", she said, as he hopped back into her bag, "But you're too young! Those trainers probably have more experience than we do." She walked up to them, just as their battle drew to a close. Even then, however, did the tired pokemon seem to shine more brightly! Oh, how she wanted to see that happen to her, but she knew that they just started. And yet.... "Hey!", she said, "Want to battle?"
Damocles looked over at the newcomer hand her Purrloin, after he handed the Sitrus Berry to Edith for her Cleffa, he smiled. "Hey there, and sure, I could go for one more battle, could you give me a moment to heal my Pokémon first though?" He asked as he got out a Potion and began to spray his Riolu with it.
The feeling of being watched was not a rare feeling for anyone, really- but, perhaps it was more potent for the trainers gathered below. Though most would likely pass off this feeling as their brain tricking them, they would surprisingly be correct; buried in the leaves of a tree, overlooking the battling pair of trainers as well as one who had fought a Rattata, was a girl with ashy-brown hair and glaring maroon eyes. The girl watched intently at the others, a mischeivious smile spread across her lips.

"That Riolu's a strong one, isn't it?" she murmured, her voice a low volume so she wouldn't be heard, and in response to her voice emerged a Snivy, who looked panicked and shaky at her trainer's proposal.

"I know what you're thinking, Serpentine," murmured the girl. Feigning a squeaky voice belonging to her Pokémon, she said, "'Touko, it'll be dangerous to steal that Pokémon!' That's why we have to study, my friend. Ya can't steal a Pokémon until you know how it moves."

Her abnormally quiet movements disguised the noise as she left her cover of the tree, and Serpentine jumped on her shoulders. Touko stayed hidden behind the tree, watching with interest as events unfolded before her. The Riolu was being healed up by its trainer, who seemed to care deeply for it; that would make her job a lot harder. Hopefully, though, she would be able to get it alone so she could entice it.

Serpentine, however, was not so confident. The Snivy could sense that it wasn't going to work, so had leapt from Touko's shoulder to get a bit closer. "Serpentine, what are you doing!?" hissed Touko, her tone low but harsh. "You're gonna blow our cover!"

But, the Snivy didn't care. She approached the gathering of trainers and began to wind around their legs, sniffing and squeaking.


Previously Team Rainbow Hope
Alex smiled. "Ok! That's fine with me! But just so you know, this may be our first battle, but I think I've seen enough to know how this works!", she said somewhat quickly. Antonio, hearing the word "battle", immediately jumped out of the bag, trying to see where it was. "Did you hear that Antonio!", she exclamied to the Purrlion. However, she swore that she was being watched by something. "But Reshiram and Zekrom aren't here in Kanto...", she thought. Antonio sensed it too. She looked around, but nobody was there. "Someone could be after you Antonio", she thought, "It was the same in Unova. Because you're gold." She let loose for now. "I won't let my gaurd down", she mumbled to herself.


Previously TheJustinMan
As the trainers battle drew to a close, Justin noticed yet another come towards them, asking for a battle. He smiled, but noticed something strange. A Snivy was winding around their legs. Buddy jumped down from his shoulder, and watched this as well. “Be careful Buddy. I don’t know what’s going on...” he said, just in case this would lead to a fight. He continued monitoring this behavior.

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James was about to keep walking the route but then in the corner of his eye, he saw a pokemon he never saw before. He plucked out his journal to try to draw its design and some features. "Okay I'm done let's go Freshie, I would catch that pokemon but I have no pokeballs''. He sighed before walking forward onto the route. He trudged through the grass getting a minor amount of mud of his shoes and kept going trying to get to the closest city.

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Damocles looked at the Purrloin, somewhat amazed that it had a different color but at the same time wasn't shiny, but that didn't stop his focus on healing his beloved partner. "So, does that special little feline of yours have a name? Mine's Damocles and the girl I'm healing here is Lena." He said as the latter lightly waved at the new pair. After Damocles was done healing, Lena pointed at the Snivy winding around them. "What's a little Snivy like you doing here?" Damocles asked as he got up while Lena shot the Snivy an cautiously stern look.


Previously Team Rainbow Hope
Alex smiled, pretending her guard was down. She noticed a Snivy winding around her legs. Pretending she ignored it, she did the ranger dance thing like the ones on that one nature show, looking all like some kinda rock star. She blushed. "What? You don't watch that show too?", she said awkwardly. Seeming focused on the Riolu, she shot a glance at Antonio. "Antonio! We've trained for this! Do it now!", she shouted abruptly. The golden Purrlion did a swift turn towards the Snivy, and leapt at it. Yowling furiously, he bit onto its nose and used scratch on its belly, attempting to lure the trainer out by weakening the pokemon.
Serpentine squeaked at the attack from the Purrloin, and hissed, hackles raised. With bright eyes she nodded toward her trainer, who peeked out from behind the tree. Sighing, Touko reluctantly made her way over, feeling slightly betrayed by her partner- though, she knew Serpentine often had a knack for spotting when things could go wrong, so perhaps the Snivy had done the right thing. A forced smile curled her lips as she came to a spot beside her partner, who quickly scaled her trainer's body to end up on her shoulder.

"Uhh... Alola. Sorry 'bout that." Touko muttered, waving the traditional Alolan greeting and finding her eyes drifting toward the Riolu again. It seemed to be quite attached to its trainer, perhaps in a way that Serpentine could sense- maybe that was why the Snivy had prevented the plan from going along the way Touko was planning. "Serpentine's pretty friendly."
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Damocles turned to the newcomer who appeared to be the Snivy's owner. "S'fine, as long as no harm was done. What brings you out here anyway? Training, looking for battles, other stuff that you'd rather not speak of?" He asked as he put his hands in his pockets. Lena however looked at the Snivy and gave the latter a 'watching you' gesture before she went to check on Edith's Cleffa.
Now, Touko knew she wouldn't be able to tell the truth, because these people would report her sooner than you could say 'numbskull'- so, she needed to lie. Lying was nothing worse than stealing, and the girl stole almost every day, so it was relatively easy for her to say, "I want to see the world, really. Been cooped up on Ula'Ula all my life, and Serpentine needs some extra training, so... y'know." she shook her head, furrowing her eyebrows slightly.

Serpentine felt eyes on her, and her own eyes drifted to the source of the feeling- the Riolu seemed to be suspicious, and the Snivy warily nudged her trainer; however, in reponse all Touko did was give her partner a warning glance- by acting neurotic, Serpentine risked blowing their cover. It went without saying that was a bad thing, especially while choosing a target.


Previously Team Rainbow Hope
Alex made a signal to Antonio, and he let go of the Snivy. Her face turned a tomato red, realizing that the Snivy wasn't there for her pokemon. "I'm....sorry about hurting your Snivy...", she said, "It's just...in Unova people tried to steal Antonio, because he's....different...." Hearing his name, Antonio mewled happily. She looked at Touko. "But you aren't here to steal pokemon, RIGHT?", she said with a somewhat edged tone. The whole thing seemed fishy. She then loosened, and looked at Damocles, then back at Touko. "Anyway, we're about to battle, I think. Want to watch?" She smiled, hiding the fact that she knew something was off. "Pretend that you are clueless, Alex", she thought, "You are now clueless."