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Open Pokemon: A Summer's Break DISCUSSION THREAD

Quick! Who will your go-to starter be for Pokemon: Sun and Moon?

  • -~- Rowlet -~-

  • -~- Popplio -~-

  • -~- Litten -~-

  • -~- Can't decide! -~-

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No, no, you're fine! There is absolutely nothing wrong with your post! No need to be nervous at all, okay? :)

Believe me, I was nervous in the beginning, too, but I quickly caught on and basically posted whatever popped into my mind, like a castle of sweets in another RP. Just go with the flow! :p
Oh thank goodness.
I was so sure I messed something up back there. Thank you! I'll take your advice but I think It might still take a little while for me to settle in.
I dont think im late so lets roll!:p(P.S this is my FIRST rp im doing) I dunno what im doing i just read the other posts :C
Species:Skorpuri(did i spell it right, dont judge me)
Trainer:parker Wallace
Ability:X Poison (i made this up)
Notable Features:Wears wristbands
Past:Skorpy was walkin through the forest and then he saw Parker and accepted that he wanted to catch Skorpy
If it's okay with everyone I'm going to add another member of my trainer Calypso Tide's team to the rp.

Species: Dewott
Name: Dewdrop
Gender: Female
Trainer: Calypso Tide
Ability: Razor Shell
Notable Features: Matching teal waterproof bracelets on both her wrists. When she's out of water she wears headphones that are plugged into a music player that she carries around in a special satchel.
Personality: Dewdrop is an optimist. She loves the water and music. Dewdrop is fun-loving and usually carefree, though she knows when to be serious. She will skip on occasion.
Past: Dewdrop was Calypso's fifth Pokemon, but she was later sent to Professor Juniper when Calypso caught her seventh Pokemon, Tidal the Frillish.
Romantic Interest(s): None yet, though she might change her mind for the right Pokemon.
So, what do you think?
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Am I a bit TOO late?( i hope you don't ignore me )
Trainer:Jakob Meteor
Notable Features:Just Wearing A Gengar Hood And Gastly Bracelet And Haunter Glove
Past:Lived Near The Kalos PowerPlant With 2 Gabites and 2 Garchomps And Got Caught By Many Trainers And Got Realeleased Until Caught By Jakob
Friends:Jakobs Party:Fletchinder, Sligoo, Dedenne, Duskull, Hawlucha
Omg. So sorry, @epicj90 , you're fine. Remember the rules and remember to keep your posts over at least 3 sentences. Have fun! Also, by all means, Honolulu. I believe there was a rule about not having more than one member from a team be controlled by one individual, but that kinda went out the window, so let's just roll with it. Sorry for my inactivity, I feel kinda dumb XD
Ability:flame body
Notable Features:red glasses like this one 20110909_163431_g.jpg
Past:was a brave pokemon of the forest but was caught but released for this he losed some habits he haved
Friends:no one he is a little solitary
Romantic Interest(s):none......yet
Notable features:have a rainbow necklace and is white and blue inside of the ears and have blue eyes
Friends:yes some
Romantic interest(s): don't even now what romantic is so no
Past:have not seen his parents but have a type stone of every type that is what he call his "color necklace"
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Okay, just wanna ask a question about some side character/team mate stuff. I'm not sure if I could use these characters as main ones. It's fine if they can't be, it could be difficult using three. Anyways, I'll just put the bio anyways, since I don't think I could mainly be using them.

Species: Lucario
Name: Luke
Gender: Male
Trainer: Aria (Chihiro's teammate)
Notable features:
Medical tape wrapped around right arm, hiding scars from older battles, and a collar holding a mysterious crystal
Personality: laid back, calm, able to understand others well, helps others in need
Friends: Midnight
Past: i haven't come up with one yet, although I do know it will be in relation with his close connection with Midnight
Romantic interest(s): Possibly one of his teammates (insert Lenny face here)

Species: Zoroark
Name: Midnight/Midna
Trainer: Aria (Chihiro's teammate), an unknown former trainer
Notable features: N/A
Friends: Luke
Personality: Sarcastic, loud, obnoxious, not very aware of other's feelings, does what he wants, when he wants
Past: Again, I don't have much of a story, other than his relation with Luke, and with another trainer from a whole different region
Romantic interest(s): None...yet

sorry if they shouldn't be added, and I wasted your time. If they can't, could I add them as something like some side characters, not mainly in the story, but still have a presence (mainly to bother Chihiro)?
Species: Swampert
Name: Flipper
Gender: Male
Trainer: (This can be the same as someone else's, but to be safe, ask them if they'll let you. For my trainer, I say yes.): Whoever wants to be?
Ability: Torrent
Notable Features: (strange coloration, accessories, and the like): His flippers are a lot sharper, and his eyes are a little less slanted
Personality: (You can either list traits, or write a bit about the character): Firendly, calm, But if he gets angry, he is a force to be reckoned with
Past: (I guess this can be a little tragic, I'm not against that. You do you.): He was raised in the wilderness, fainting a lot of pokemon, eventually he turned into swampert, and became a lot more friendlier and calmer.
Friends: (It's implied that you are familiar with your own team members, but you may not be friends with them. Who knows.): Whoever wants to be?
Romantic Interest(s): Whoever wants to be?