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Ask to Join Pokemon: A Summer's Break

Which of the newer Pokemon listed below is your favorite?

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"Split up and do what? Are you looking for someone too?" Zorek asked the Persian. The Charmeleon glanced around for a second before he turned his gaze back to the cat Pokémon. "Have either of you seen a Gothitelle with a pearl bracelet around here?" he asked. Zane returned to the poolside. The Aurorus watched the Pokémon as they played and floated on the water. The Flareon and Ninetails were still there. Zane dipped his head in their direction. The Ice and Rock type Pokémon laid by the poolside. Zorek turned to the Braixen for a moment. "You're Lori, right. It's a pleasure to meet you in person."
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Nicole entered the premises, looking around curiously. It was time to return to Beya. "Aqua? Luna??" she called out for her Pokemon

Luna gasped, suddenly sensing her trainer's presence nearby. "Nicole?? Aqua! I-It's time to go..."

Aqua had a look of surprise and slight heartbreak. "Wait...my sis is here?? B-But...I haven't even said goodbye to Honolulu! I still wanna stay here!" she complained.

Luna sighed before giving a supportive smile. "Aqua, Nicole has arrived and it's time to reunite with her. Even if you didn't get a chance, I'm sure your friend will understand you meant well."
Wyatt the Buizel saw the two Pokemon as they started to leave the beach while he had almost arrived. The water type waved goodbye to the two. He guessed Honolulu might be another Vaporeon. He made a mental note to keep an eye out for her as well as Ooroo the Gothitelle. Wyatt continued to walk towards the beach.
Chihiro took off looking for Goldie and Freddy. She ran off, deciding to split up. She looked around the resort for the Jolteon and Eevee. She kept pacing around frantically, waiting to find at least one of them. Maybe Icarus stumbled upon one of them while searching for Violet? She was scared. Chihiro was never very responsible, and good at looking after things. Heck, she lost a scarf by laying down! She suddenly regretted splitting up. She couldn't find the lost Pokemon, as she noticed she had helplessly lost herself. It was crowded in the halls. She was running up and down, looking for at least a glimpse. She didn't know where she was.

Chihiro searched every floor, until she got up to the roof. She decided to look from a higher spot. Chihiro carefully got to the edge of the huge building, and looked at the tops of every head in the crowd. She looked to the bushes in the gardens, to the entrance, and then to the pool. She had noticed Icarus found Violet. She smiled, knowing they had reunited, then snapped back to her work. It was sunset, as she sat on the roof, tired. 'Where could they of went? They're only young...' Chihiro was starting to think to herself again, but was distracted. Distracted by the beautiful sunset. She sat at the edge of the building, watching the sun fade as the clouds were tinted an orange-pink colour. The wind softly blew as she forgot her worries. She wanted to stop worrying for once, and relax. It finally happened, but only for that moment. As she watched the sun, she thought, what if life was always like this? What if she could relax, and feel good about herself? She didn't know. She didn't care. All she cared about at the moment was the beautiful scenery. This trip was for her to relax, and forget about worrying...right?
Luna and Aqua finally emerged from the ocean, briefly shaking themselves dry before starting off for the lobby.

Aqua glanced around frantically, hoping to see her 'twin' friend to say goodbye. "Honolulu?? Hono-"

But Luna quieted her with a sudden Psychic jolt. "Aqua! Don't disturb the other guests! Honolulu will know when we're gone but she won't be upset! It happens all the time!" she lightly scolded.

The water type frowned, feeling a tiny tear run down her cheek...or maybe it was just sea water? "But...I'll miss her...we never got to have enough fun..."

Luna giggled. "You spent an entire night with her at the pool. I think that's enough fun."
Syvery let out a sigh, not knowing what to do. She looked down and walked out and towards her room.
The door closed behind her before she turned on the light. The food seemed to have arrived and had been placed under a heat lamp, keeping them warm. Icarus had seemed to find Vio so she relaxed a little bit. However, she was already mentally exhausted from what had happened. She missed Vio.. Freddy and Goldie too.
She jumped up and lied down on the couch, her feet pointing towards the dimly glowing TV. She wanted to do something to find Vio or help Icarus, but he didn't know how.
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Scrunching up her snout a bit as Chihiro suddenly fled the scene without giving her an answer, Naya walked after her into the main lobby, deciding on her own to go look in the opposite direction than the Leafeon. Quickly padding through the halls, the Persian looked from room to room, calling out the names of the MIA children. "Goooldiiieee! Freddy? Where are you two? You're father's worried sick! Please show yourselves...!"
As the sun set and the stars came into sight, Chihiro looked down. She looked down at every Pokemon that was outside, wondering. She wondered what they were like. What was their life like? Could they be someone important? Chihiro knew so little Pokemon. There were millions, and she was just one in the crowd. Chihiro didn't mind. She would rather be unnoticed than put on the spot. She looked at the moon that was in the night sky. It was a full moon tonight. It was getting late, and Chihiro still hadn't found Freddy or Goldie. She didn't want Icarus to be upset. She had failed him. Hopefully Naya found one of the kids. Chihiro went to go back to her search, but she fell. She fell off the roof and into the pool. She shrieked, as she plunged into the water. It saved her fall, but she was still shocked. She pulled herself out of the water, looking at Icarus and Violet. She had to stop falling into that pool. She stood there silently, embarrassed. Her face went red in embarrassment, as she ran to the public showers to get the scent of the chemicals in the pool off of her.
Zane watched as the Leafeon fell of the roof. He winced when she had hit the water. He looked first at the Leafeon, then at the Flareon and Ninetails. The Aurorus sighed and turned towards the resort. Zorek, Tina, Felicia, and Sasha were already inside their room. Wyatt found Ooroo at the beach, and after he scolded her about taking off without telling anyone where she was going, the two headed inside. They ran into Honolulu and Wyatt told her that Aqua was headed back to Beya with Luna and her trainer. Honolulu nodded solemnly and then continued to her room. Toren met her in the hallway. She opened the door and they went inside. The two Wingulls figured things out and headed off on their own. Lori sighed as she headed to her room. Mimi, Hammy, and Oak had fallen asleep in their room hours ago. Candlestick continued to invisibly guard the cakes that were for Sylvery, Icarus, Violet, Goldie, and Freddy that were still in front of the door of Room 120.
Upon seeing her Pokemon, Nicole ran up to them with an excited smile. "Aqua! Luna!! I missed you two!" she giggled before pulling them in for a hug. "How was your girls' vacation?" she asked.

Luna smiled as she was greeted by her loving marine biologist trainer. (We missed you too, Nicole! I actually had fun...I'm sure Aqua did too!) she telepathically answered.

Aqua gave a slight smile before sighing. "...Yeah..."

Nicole frowned upon seeing her friend's troubled expression. "Aqua? What's the matter, sis? Didn't you have fun? Aren't you happy to see me again?" she asked.

Luna sighed. (Aqua met another Vaporeon named Honolulu but they never got to say their goodbyes. Apparently, they became great friends and now, Aqua doesn't want to leave without atleast seeing her one more time.)

Nicole nodded before pondering. "...Well...I hate seeing you unhappy and who am I to put a scrape in a good friendship? Go on, Aqua. I'll wait for ya here!" she reassured.

Aqua's frown instantly disappeared as she ran off to find her friend. "Honolulu!! Honolulu!!" she called out.
A Noivern heard all of this. He searched for Honolulu's room. When he had found it, he knocked on the window. Honolulu went up to the window and asked the Noivern what she wanted. The Noivern told Honolulu that there was a Vaporeon looking for and had called out her name a few times. Honolulu figured out who she was talking about and rushed out to go find Aqua.
Aqua dashed around the halls, searching for her friend. "Honolulu??" she called out repeatedly. Finally, her eyes caught sight of the other Vaporeon before rushing forward and playfully tackling Honolulu. "Honolulu! I almost left without telling you!"
"I heard from a Buizel that you were leaving." Honolulu said. "If it wasn't for a Noivern who had heard you guys and told me that you were looking for me, I probably would've missed you. It's nice that you came to say goodbye in person." Honolulu said. She fiddled with her bracelet a bit. Then she smiled at Aqua.
Aqua smiled back. "Yeah! I really wish I could stay longer and hang out but...well...my trainer has a tight schedule I guess. And what Pokemon would I be if I wasn't there to protect her and keep her company? So...will I see you in Beya sometime?" she asked.
"You bet. We'll probably come on the back of one of Calypso's big Pokemon. Like Whirlpool the Gyarados or something. Definitely a trip I could talk Calypso and the team into doing. Anyways, it was nice meeting you Aqua. It's been a pleasure." Honolulu said. She hugged Aqua for a few seconds, then she let go. Honolulu smiled at Aqua.
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Honolulu nodded and waved goodbye to Aqua. Suddenly it occurred to her that she hadn't gotten the names of the Buizel and Gothitelle. Now that she thought about it, she hadn't gotten the Noivern's name either. 'I don't recall seeing any Noivern when I had first arrived here. I wonder where she came here from.' Honolulu thought.
Nicole laughed as she was greeted by a now ecstatic Aqua. "Hahaha! Ok! I'm gonna take a guess and say that everything's all better now, right?" she asked.

Aqua nodded cheerfully. "Vep!!" [Yep!!] she mewed before licking her trainer.

Nicole continued laughing before finally prying off the excited water type off of her body. "Ok! Ok! So we're all happy and refreshed and ready for more work, right?"

Both Luna and Aqua nodded.

Nicole nodded back, unclipping the Gardevoir's ball from her belt and returning the psychic/fairy type back in. "Ok Luna. Rest up for tomorrow." she instructed before clipping the ball back on her belt then turning to her beloved water type. "C'mon sis! I already packed and our ship back to Beya leaves in an hour so we've got some time to kill! Maybe I'll stop by the shops and buy a new bikini and some more treats for you and the others!"

Aqua nodded, following her trainer out of the resort with a joyous smile. "Vap Vapor Por Poree, Napor!" [Sounds awesome but don't get lost in the clothes again, Nicole...] she jokingly warned.
Once Aqua was out of sight, Honolulu sighed. She started to head back to her room. 'I wonder how Toren is doing.' the Vaporeon thought. Toren looked out the window of Room 125. He wondered if he should wait up for Honolulu or just fall asleep.
After a while of being ignored, Icarus felt as if it would be best to get out of the pool and talk to Violet from there. Panting as he went, he paddled over to the edge of the pool and got out. "Vio... please... I... was just... doing... something... nice for... you... oh my gosh..." he said between deep breaths of exhaustion. "Swimming is... still kinda... hard... how do... you do it?..."

He sat at the edge of the pool, fishing around with his paw for nothing really. Violet was still in the pool, and Icarus was still waiting for her to respond. Please don't be angry at me, Vio. I just wanted to do something nice for you and the kids. I shouldn't have kept it a secret, this wouldn't have happened. I'm so stupid! Icarus thought in dismay, his ears and tail drooping, as did his semi-happy expression.
When Honolulu had finally entered her room, she saw that Toren had fallen asleep. The Vaporeon sighed. 'I should get some sleep too.' Honolulu thought. She yawned and jumped onto her bed. The Vaporeon then fell asleep.
Honolulu was an Eevee at the Pokemon Tower. She shivered. The Tower was occupied by Ghost Pokemon. Honolulu had heard about it from a Pidgey. The Eevee slowly entered the tower. After a few minutes of walking through the tower, a Gengar appeared. Both of them screamed. After they realized both of them had been equally startled, they started up a conversation. The Gengar had no official name, but she was called Spectra by most Pokemon she met. Spectra was quite nice for a Ghost type Pokemon. After their conversation was over, they said goodbye. "I'll visit you again sometime, if you're still here." Honolulu said to Spectra. The Gengar nodded. They waved goodbye, and Honolulu headed down the road again.
*Dream over*
As Chihiro walked out of the shower, she stretched out and put on her choice scarf. Suddenly, she heard a car drive at the entrance of the resort. She walked out to see who it was. 'Oh no' she thought. It was Aria, and she looked like she was about to pick up Chihiro. She looked up at Aria, as her ears dropped as she heard her annoying voice "It's been a while, Princess!"

Princess. That was what Chihiro was nicknamed. She hated it, and always went by Chihiro to other Pokemon. It was her name that her mother gave her, and it was better than Princess. She saw another Pokemon in the back of Aria's car. No, two Pokemon. A Zoroark and a Lucario. She must've went to another region, because she had never seen those two in Johto, or Kanto for that matter. Aria had a strange bracelet, and it had a weird stone in it.

"It looks like you've evolved while I was gone. I wanted an Espeon, but I guess a Leafeon is decent..."

"Leaf! Leafeon!"

Aria looked disappointed. She even looked mad at Chihiro. Chihiro backed up and away from Aria, and looked through the window at the two Pokemon in the back of the car. There was no sign of her Chikorita and Skarmory friends. "Princess, meet Luke and Midnight! They'll be staying at the resort with you until I come back for you."

'Great. More Pokemon.' Chihiro thought to herself. The Leafeon walked the Lucario and Zoroark to the front desk. Since they had the same trainer, there was no need for them to go to different rooms. Chihiro was upset. She enjoyed the room to herself, but it was fine. They went upstairs to their room. Chihiro got on one of the six beds, and tried to sleep, ignoring Luke and Midnight's conversations. She wasn't happy about that, but at least she had company. There were six beds, and the room was half empty. Aria is becoming a stronger trainer, and surprisingly, a bit nicer. Chihiro hated to admit it, but Aria wasn't the psychopathic girl she was used to. Something was wrong. Chihiro knew it.

Her tail hung off of the bed, eyes gently shut. Chihiro was faking sleep. She didn't want any reason to talk to two stronger Pokemon. "Hey, what's up with her?" Asked the Zoroark. She heard a slight push on her shoulder. "Isn't she awake?" Midnight wouldn't shut up. Chihiro didn't bother fighting though. She heard him talking loudly, most likely trying to annoy her. Loud and obnoxious were two words to describe Midnight.

"What's her name again? Chihiro?"

"I thought it was Princess." Replied Luke with a snort.

"PFFFFT. PRINCESS?!" The Zoroark bursted into laughter.

"Dude, Aria named her that, and she can't change it"

'I already have' she thought to herself. If she could only sleep, everything would be fine. She knew X-scissor, and she wasn't afraid to use it. Later on, they finally kept quiet, and Chihiro could finally sleep.
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Violet leaped out of the pool and sat beside the upset Flareon. "Really? A surprise? Well, me, Gold and Silver have a surprise of our own." Violet said, nodding at the two Eeveelutions, who had appeared behind them. "Freddy, Goldie, let's say sorry first" Violet muttered. "Sorry Daddy..." Freddy muttered. "Sorry Icarus..." Goldie apologised, his fur softening and relaxing again. "We're really sorry, but we also have a surprise for you" Violet told Icarus, wrapping a tail around the Flareon's back.
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Icarus stood, dumbfounded and annoyed. Dumbfounded at the fact that Gold and Silver were actually Goldie and Freddy, and annoyed at the fact that he hadn't realized it previously. Idiot. "I-it's fine, you guy- woah!" He began to say, startled by Violet suddenly wrapping one of her tails around his back. "Hehe, it's fine. Anyways, you guys have a surprise? Welp, here's to hoping that my surprise can match yours~!"

He smiled at Violet and poked her nose with his own as a sign of both affection and forgiveness. With his tail, Icarus waved towards Freddy and Goldie. "C'mere you guys, come give Daddy a hug," he said to them, still smiling.

Icarus was glad that he could be done panicking, and couldn't wait for everyone to see what he and Syvery had in store for them, Violet in particular. "Vio, you give me a hug, too~" He said, now staring into her purple eyes.
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Two trainers stood near the entrance, one was there to pick up his Pokémon, the other was there to drop another one of hers off. Orion soon sensed his trainer's presence and woke up Toli and Flicker. "Guys, Cody's here. I believe it is time to leave." the Gallade told the Raichu and the Pyroar. "But what about Honolulu, and the other friends we've made here?" Flicker asked. "Maybe we can leave a message with somebody to tell them we left." Toli suggested.
Meanwhile, a Dewott stood beside her trainer, Calypso. "'Are you sure about this?" Dewdrop asked her trainer. Calypso turned to her Pokémon. "You'll be fine. Honolulu is already here. Look for a Vaporeon with a waterproof bracelet on her left front leg. Besides, this is an opportunity for you to make some new friends as well." Calypso said. "'Okay!'" Dewdrop said cheerfully, though her trainer heard an equally cheerful "Dewott!" Dewdrop put on her headphones. 'Friends' by Blake Shelton played through her headphones as the Dewott happily skipped towards the entrance of the resort.
Violet sighed, but gave in anyways and tackled Icarus in a hug, Goldie and Freddy joining in not even a minute after. After awhile, the three let go off the red and yellow fluff ball. "Also, don't worry about the surprises getting burned, we made sure, very sure- that they was fire-proof and water-proof" Violet said, eyes gleaming with happiness.
Candlestick had fallen asleep while she guarded the cakes for Icarus, Violet, Goldie, and Freddy. Her gentle breathing could barely be heard, even at a close proximity. Mimi woke up from an unusual dream. The Espeon looked around and saw that all her teammates that were in the room were asleep. Mimi sighed quietly. Carefully, so her teammates would not be awakened, Mimi slipped off the bed. Using Psychic, she quietly opened the door. Mimi then used Psychic to close the door once she was outside the room. The Espeon sighed, then headed towards the beach.
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Chihiro woke up to smell pancakes, and hear talking. "Looks like Princess is awake" Midnight said mockingly. Luke glanced over his shoulder, seeing the Leafeon awake at last. She walked over, looking at the food. It wasn't burnt, and the resort wasn't burnt to a crisp either, so she guessed the pancakes must be decent. Midnight grabbed a plate, sliding it to the other side of the table, where Chihiro decided to sit. "Want some?" He asked. Chihiro nodded her head, pulling her plate closer. The other two Pokemon were looking at her weird, as if she did something wrong. 'Oh right, food' she thought. They ate the pancakes, which were surprisingly good. After, Chihiro left the table.

Chihiro finished eating, and put on her choice scarf. "Where are you going?" Asked the dark type Pokemon. She looked at him, thinking they would tag along if she didn't tell them. "I'm going outside..." She replied. She wanted to get out of her room ever since her new teammates arrived. "Would you mind if we came with you, to look around here?" Asked Luke. She sighed, wanting to be alone. She nodded her head, opening the door and left to the garden. On her way there, she showed Midnight and Luke around. When she thought she lost them at the cafe, she then decided to lay in the garden, in the same patch she usually goes to. They were like children. They were stubborn and loud, and just wanted to wander around. They were also pretty annoying. Despite being older Pokemon, Midnight and Luke still seemed like young Pokemon at heart.