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✦ Lazuli's ( the creator ) Rules
Quick note: This is only the application thread. As soon as you're accepted, you'll be able to join the roleplay!

  1. Romance is okay! If you'd like my character to be your character's romantic interest, go ahead and message me and we'll talk it out~
  2. Please refrain from swearing. While I myself am okay with it, other people in the group may not be.
  3. Legendaries are not permitted. Neither are being overpowered and making your character a Mary Sue / Gary Stu.
  4. Shiny Pokémon, mega evolutions (so long as it's permitted by the admins) and z-crystals are okay!
  5. You're allowed to have more than one character!
  6. Please keep your starting team around levels 10-20.
  7. For battles, I'd prefer using Pokemon Showdown to replicate how it would go down. However, if you're unable to do that, I'm more than willing to just roleplay it out!
  8. Have fun!
Welcome to Pokémon Academy, a prestigious school for trainers, coordinators, performers and alike. Here you will learn more about the meanings of befriending Pokémon, battling, training, performing and meeting others. You have been selected as one of the many talented students to join this academy! If you'd like to study here, please fill out the following form.




Exene Lydon
Pronunciation: Ex-een Lih-don



16 yrs old

Donning black hair highlighted with streaks of pink and blue, Exene is a girl who gives off a rocker aesthetic. Matching her light olive skin, the rocker has light purple eyes and keeps her hair up in very loose buns. Unbeknownst to her parents, Exene has a tongue piercing and diamond marks on her cheek. While pink and blue are her signature colors, she wears a dark blue jumpsuit and a maroon crop top over it as well and grey-purple thigh highs.

Drawn by me! Do not use, trace or repost!

Just like her appearance, Exene is loud and boisterous seemingly having no inside voice and incapable of being calm. Energetic and oozing confidence, Exene is a extrovert at heart and despises being alone. While she can be rude and aggressive at times, the black-haired girl means well and just truly has a hard time with being patient. Undeniably, Exene is hardworking and is constantly striving to better herself. In addition to this, she's quite tomboyish and cares little about her appearance ━ hence her odd choice in fashion.

Saber ( Sneasel) ( F ) (lvl 17)
- Fury Swipes
- Icy Wind
- Feint Attack
- Quick Attack

Yuri ( Salandit) ( F ) (lvl 14)
- Poison Gas
- Ember
- Dragon Rage
- Sweet Scent

Zora ( Zorua ) ( F ) (lvl 12)
- Leer
- Scratch
- Pursuit
- Fake Tears


- Exene wants to become a gym leader in the future.
- Her favorite types are dark, poison and steel.
- She knows how to play the drums and guitar.
- Oddly enough, Exene secretly loves classical music.
- She's from the Unova region but previously lived in Alola.
- Her voice.
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You've posted this on the wrong board, I'm afraid! This is not an RP thread, but a discussion thread. As it contains no actual RP content it doesn't belong in the RP board - and so it was moved.

Also - remember that Mega Evolutions require staff approval - and also that typically, in RPs, the four-move limit on Pokemon is not a thing (although nothing is stopping you from making it a particular restriction for your thread) and "levels" mean absolutely nothing beyond rough estimates of strength (These are living elemental creatures, not Victims of Mathematics). Some things are basically just game mechanics - keep that in mind.

Be sure to read the RP forum rules before doing anything else (though I see you seem to have edited your post to remove the piece of art that wasn't yours, so that probably indicates you've noticed that particular provision).

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I deleted your second clone thread from the RP forum as - once again - it contained no in-character content! Character bios/applications/sign-up nonsense go into the discussion board, NOT into the RP forums. That is what the discussion board is for.

When you have enough people to actually start the thread - THAT is when you post in the RP forums, with actual in-character content. The RP forum is for the actual RP and not OOC shenanigans.

Also, remember: you can use the 'Edit' button at the bottom of your posts to edit your posts. There's zero reason to post a thing all over again for a minor edit.

Again, read the rules and keep the actual purposes of each forum in mind!
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The first one was in the discussion board but you told me that it was in the wrong place and that it should be here.
Name: Davis Welsh
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Appearance: Davis is a rather lanky boy, not muscular or incredibly handsome, just decent looking and lanky. He has brown hair that covers his ears, brown eyes and fair skin. He wears a rather shabby jacket with elbow patches, a pair of jeans with some tears and battered shoes.
Personality: Davis is kindhearted and tolerant, always ready to forgive someone or to make a joke. He almost never reacts to comments about his appearance, and when he does it is usually a laugh. He is social and wants to help people, but is afraid his appearance scares friends off. When he does make friends, he won't correct them out of fear of getting rejected again.

Pokemon: Pads (Poochyena) (M) (lvl 17)
-Sand Attack

Raj (Trapinch) (F) (lvl 14)
-Feint Attack

Exo (Pineco) (M) (lvl 12)
-Bug Bite
-Take Down

-He chose his Pokémon to resemble him, his desire to join a group, him grabbing hold of every opportunity and his hiding away out of fear.
- He likes chocolate.
-He tends to stare up at the moon at night.
-His favorite types are Dark, Ground and Bug.
-He wants to become a teacher one day.
Name: Hudson Irwin

Gender: Male

Age: 11 years old


Hudson is a short kid with green eyes. Being part of the Jr. Class he doesn’t need to wear a uniform and often wears striped shirts and shorts (they are comfy and easy to wear). He often wears a hat with a similar striped pattern and a badge. A cheaply made pin that looks like the Zephyr badge; no one believes it’s a real badge, not even Hudson (he just thought it looked cool). Most of the time Hudson has bandages on his arms, face, or legs: as he often gets into playground fights with other kids.


A bright eyed youngster in the Jr. Class. Hudson managed to score near the top of his class with his partner Crabrawler after taking out the exam giver’s Sneasel in a single hit, despite the Sneasel being’ the clearly superior Pokémon. To this day, Hudson doesn’t know exactly what happed. However whenever someone tries to call him out as it being a fluke, he immediately goes to stand his ground and accept any challenge he receives. This often leads to a lot of losses and scrapes with the other kids.


Crabrawler (M) : (Level 8 )

- Bubble

- Rock Smash

- Superpower


-Crabrawler likes to sneak about and collect berries, don’t be surprised to see him have one on him in battle.

-Crabrawler is actually an escaped Pokémon from a daycare, born there, but never got to be with his intended trainer.

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Name: Thomas Skyscale

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Thomas does not stand out with any special appearance from the crowd. He is a quite tall guy with dark brown hair that looks almost like black and Ruby eyes. He wears brown jacket, Red t-shirt with black stripes, brown trousers and black trainers. He also wears a white scarf around his neck with the black sign of Skyscale Corporation, a dragon flying across the sky.

Thomas is a patient person. He is not shy but he keeps a distance from newly met people, as he never had friends outside of his pokemon. He thinks that he is best acquainted with the character of other people in the battle of pokemon, Also only in pokemon battle he is more aggressive and energic. He really wants to have someone that he can trust and call a friend (and he or She isn't a pokemon)


Fanegy [Trapinch] M (20lvl)
-Rock Slide
Snowflake [Snorunt] F (17lvl)
-Icy Wind
-Double Team
-Ice Shard


- He is the youngest kid in wealth and renowed in Sinnoh, Skyscale family. Thomas has two brothers and sister. His second brother, Clint is a member of Elite Four.
- He likes to play on his guitar
- He has a sweettooth
- he likes dragon-type pokemons.
- Thomas wants to be an Elite Four member in future.
- Thomas don't want others to know about that, He is from rich family. He don't know, how they could react, and he is scared becouse of this.

trainercard-Thomas Sky. .png
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Magic Sparkle

Previously Sparkling Emolga
Name: bolt

Gender: male

Age: 13

Appearance: bolt have a spiky bright blue hair and yellow-green eyes, he wears yellow shirt and black pants, he wears blue shoes and green-blue gloves.

Personality: bolt get excited easily and doze off often, he like to battle but he feel uneasy when he lose, he think that he dont have what he need to become a gym leader when it happens.
But he still cheerful and a little curious, he like to meet new people and pokemons, and want to know more about them.

Lightning (emolga)(lv 19)(m)

-iron tail
-tail whip
-double team

Spark (chinchou)(lv 17)(m)

-confuse ray
-icy wind
-electro ball

Wool (mareep)(f)(lv 13)

-cotton spore
-charge beam
-signal beam

-bolt want to become an electric gym leader so he aspecially interested in electric pokemons.
-he came from the jhoto region.
-a lot of times he adding the word that have a connection with electric (spark, shock...) to his sentence when he's excited.
-his favorite type is electric but he also like the fairy type.
-he like to eat sweet and spicy food

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Actually the first one was posted in the RP board and I moved it where it belongs - as I have stated clearly. (although I guess you may have missed the "and so it was moved"). No matter. At least things have been cleared up. ^^
Name: Tony Kell

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Appearance: Relatively Pale skin with smooth, short, dull Black hair and Dark Blue eyes. Tony comes off looking like your typical emo. His main choice of attire consists of a long Black trench coat with a few Silver decorations on it, Black jeans and Black shoes with a white horizontal stripe each.

Personality: Like his appearance would say, Tony comes off as a calm, stoic and blunt kind of person, extremely informal and wouldn't hesitate to talk back to anyone regardless of the consequences. Despite his seemingly edgy personality, he does however care deeply for Pokemon, especially his own and loathes anyone who treats Pokemon badly... almost as much as he hates losing. In the past, he used to be a friendly and cheerful person, but nobody knows what changed him into the person they see today. He also has a sweet tooth.


Gible ( 19, M )
-Sand Tomb
-Dragon Rage
-Take Down

Inkay ( 19, M )
-Foul Play

Flabebe ( Orange, 18, F )
-Vine Whip
-Fairy Wind
-Razor Leaf

Extra: A hint about his past is that none of his Pokemon with him were his first ones.

Lemmie know if anything needs changing.
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Name: Gerard Neil
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Appearance: Smaller than average. Skinny. Red hair, brown eyes, white skin.
Navy blue t-shirt, black leather jacket and blue jeans.
Personality: Tactful. Smart. Quick in his feet. He tries to be friendly but he is sarcastic so most people think he is rude.
Hatori (Froakie) (Male, lvl 10)

- After the death of his parents, he lived with his uncle.
-His uncle was a fisherman. He was the one that gave the Hatori to Gerard as his 16 birthday gift.
-Gerard liked chocolate and so does Hatori.
-Gerard hated carrots.
Name: Maxime (Max) Auclair

Appearance: Max has a gangling but polished mien, standing at 6'3" and having an extremely skinny frame with very little muscle tone. He is generally considered to be attractive, his sharp facial structure and brooding hazel eyes being the main contributors to this label, which he wears knowingly with pride. He has neck-length layered brown hair that he often styles into a side part, swooping his wavy mane to one side of his head, or wears in a man bun. The beginning of a wispy beard are present on his chin.

Hailing from Lumiose City where designer fashion is a staple of the local culture, Max tends to dress in a more sophisticated manner when he knows he will be in public. He typically wears a light blue cotton blend oxford shirt under a v-neck navy sweater and slim fitting dark gray slacks. On his feet, he wears brown leather pointed shoes, but will switch these out for more comfortable black canvas sneakers if he intends to walk long distances. On particularly cold days, he opts to don a brown sherpa-lined leather jacket.

Personality: Max is an academic through and through, often spending long hours studying. One of his main hobbies is reading, especially about topics like history and politics. He finds it hard to unwind and while he is not necessarily uptight, he can often seem detached in social situations as if his mind is elsewhere. Max's charm and choice of style give him an air of pretentiousness upon first glance, but those who get to know him find that he is friendly and open to new experiences. Despite his love for Pokémon, Max doesn't have an affinity for battling and prefers not to engage in it for sport, but rather only for research or safety.



Brin | M | lvl 15
- Vine Whip
- Rollout
- Bite
- Leech Seed

Célestine | F | lvl 17
- Bite
- Double Kick
- Quick Attack
- Shadow Ball


- Max has a thick Kalosian (French) accent. He sometimes has trouble picking up on traditional nuances.
- He hopes to become a researcher and study the origins of Pokémon under Professor Juniper in Unova.
- Max loves to cook, especially cultural dishes. He likes to travel and try new things.
- This is his theme song.
Name: Jayce Hull
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Appearance: jayce has brown hair and eyes of a similar color ... he wears a blue shirt with a gray jacket and blue pants ..... he wears some sunglasses but he only uses it when he is strictly necessary
Personality:Jayce is quite shy and does not like places with many people .... In his spare time Jayce likes to draw and play piano,He also gets scared enough when he sees something that could hurt him
Sandile(Brownie)lvl 18 Male
-Sand Tomb
-Rock Tomb

Stufful(Cupcake)lvl 16 Female
-Brutal Swing
-Baby-Doll Eyes


trainercard-Jayce Hull.png

all of jayce's pokemons have dessert names ...

he likes everything that has to do with sugar

he's pretty curious about fossil pokemons
Name: Liam Unity
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Blue Eyes, Brown hair. He normally wears a black t-shirt, black cargo pants, and red sneakers, along with his trainer hat. When it's especially cold, he wears a blue jacket.
He hides all of his stress behind a perpetually optimistic and friendly exterior. When things get too big, he will break down as all of that stored stress floods out at once.

Royala (Servine) lvl 18 shiny female
Ability: Contrary
Leaf Storm
Aqua Tail
Iron Tail

Oval (Herdier) lvl 17 male
Ability: Intimidate
Work Up
Fire Fang
Take Down


- Loves Casteliacones

- His brother was a member of team Plasma and is now in jail. That is one cause for his stress.

Trainer Card:


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Name:Timor Trinity



Appearance:He is very short.He wears a green hoodie, has dirty blond hair and has blue eyes. He wears blue jeans and green sneakers.

Personality:Timor is quiet and rarely talks to anyone. He is seen as an oddball and blurts our random words at times due to stress. He hides in his hoodie to get rid of stress and have some alone time.


Scyther(Splice)Lvl 19 male

-steel wing

-Bug bite

-quick attack

-Ariel ace

Dhelmise(Rust)Lvl 17 male

-shadow claw


-mega drain

-gyro ball

Rhyhorn(Terrell) lvl 18 male


-horn attack

-Smack down

-tail whip

Extra:Timor has been with splice his whole life and was given to him as an egg when he was five.

He writes down his experiences with his Pokémon and doesn’t show it to anyone.

His sister recently died in a car crash.

He wishes to become a gym leader or become apart of the elite four.

Also when is the rp thread going to be going up?


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Yes, him again

Name: Isak Hunt (i'm bad with names. Don't judge me ;-;)
Gender: Male
Age: 16 (but his birthday is approaching :p)
Appearance: he's 6'0 tall and have the same muscle structure as a swimmer. He has black hair and green eyes. He dress in a purple hoodie (with a black t-shirt, mostly with a rock band logo on it, underneath) and torn jeans. He has his left ear pierced and have spiderbites on the right side of his lip (basically two piercings on your lower lip if you don't know what it is).
Personality: basically a trickster and quite mischievous. And he finds joy in tricking other's. He has a carefree exterior but a mess on the inside.
Blaze (Charmeleon, lvl 18 )
- Ember
- Headbutt
- Iron Tail
- Smokescreen

Lunar (Eevee for now, lvl 13)
- Tackle
- Double Kick
- Protect
- Dig

Extra: he's pansexual. And he has a very sick little sister that he constantly worries about

If there's anything i need to change, just tell me and i'll fix it :)
Name: haru himikawa

Gender: male

Age: 15

Appearance: scruffy black and blond hair , he wears a black hoodie with a off colored white t shirt he also wears black jogging bottoms and black trainers (this may sound emo but he is not)

Personality: very kind and nice he loves all Pokemon and try’s to be as nice as he can


- thunderbolt
-iron tail
-electro ball
-volt tackle

-chimchar(chimp)LV10 male(from egg)
-fire punch
-thunder punch

-treeko(gex)LV10 male
-bullet seed
-quick attack

-froakie(ninja)LV10 male
- bubble
-quick attack

-houndour(pup)LV20 male

-quick attack

Extra:haru is always kind but if you mess with his Pokemon or his friends he will become very mad


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