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Private/Closed Pokemon Adventure....In Sinnoh!

Stror blushed a little at Kitty's last sentence, chuckling a little from nervousness before trying to find something to say. It was difficult, as she seemed to be the only person to make him speechless like this. He scratched the back his head a bit and found something to say, stuttering a little. "U-um, me too, Kitty. I would have felt like some guy chaperoning some kids for a field trip if you weren't here. W-well, what would you like to know about my family? Anything specific or anything in general?"
"I would love to hear anything that you want to tell me, as I love to hear about others." Kitty had moved onto working on the art for parts of the game. She had turned her laptop around as she flipped the screen all the way back. She had a pen in hand that was made for her laptop. As she listened to Stror, she began to draw the scenes that she had just coded, as it would take her a bit to get them just how she wanted them. Kitty seemed to be a perfectionist, which is why she takes so much pride in her work.
Stror watched as she turned her laptop into a tablet to draw on. An idea struck him. He's good with playing electric guitar and drums and his siblings have talents in other instruments. He should help her with music. He smiled as he offered this before he tried to find what to say about his family.

"Hey, if you need any help with music, my family and I are experienced in some instruments. We can help with background music and such. Anyway," he changed the subject quickly to his family. "My family has always been pretty old school, preferring to befriend the Wild Pokemon before we capture them. We also have this thing where we have Birth Pokemon, a kind of cultural thing that has been in my family since centuries ago, back when people with aura powers were slightly more common than nowadays. Basically, when a human and Pokemon are born at generally the same time in the same general area, they are destined to be together and are paired with each other. They become essential in their day-to-day life throughout their life. Mine is Lucario. Pyros's is a Charizard, Miel's is a Walrein, Shade's is an Alolan Raichu, Catrina's is Torterra, Lorenza's is Togekiss, and Poito's is Scolipede."
"Well I am not bad with a mic, as I love to sing. My cousin is helping me with the music, as I love his taste. Though I will keep it in mind for later, as I might need others for a game later on as I want to try my hand on a music producing game. My cousin Saphrax suggested that I try the genre, and I will admit it intrigued me to say the least." Kitty smiled as she began to add more detail to the drawings. She loved to draw, and paint. It was an escape from her hectic work with people who do not know how to make a game. She sat and drew through what Stror said about his family. She loved the idea of a birth pokemon. She then got to thinking, that Faith was born a year after her, so they really did grow up as one, so she knew to an extent as the bond Stror and the steel type had. "You know, Faith was actually born a year after I was born. No pokemon was born on my birthday when I was born, but the following year, Faith was born, and I could not have asked for a better best friend, and partner."
Stror was immediately interested as he began to flirt with her a little. "Oh? I would like to hear you sing. I bet you sound better than an Altaria."

Of course, his subtleties were lacking, but he meant well. Stror then smiled at the mentioning of Faith. "Yea, Faith seems like a good Pokemon. Jacquel apparently likes her, too."

As if hearing his ears burning, Jacquel woke up and looked back over the chair, only to see Stror doting on Kitty. He rolled his eyes and went back to meditating.
"She is the best. I love her to death. She has been with me through a lot of emotional things in my life, and I do not know what I would have done without her." Kitty smiled and seemed to relax as she spoke. He hand still drew the scenes that she saw in her head, and did not let on the she knew he was flirting. He was cute, and would very well be boyfriend material for her.
Stror saw that she was practically unfazed by his flirting. Was she too busy? He decided to try again, but decided to try and make it funny instead of flirtatious. He saw her drawing skills and chuckled.

Did he dare say it? Oh, yes he does.

A goofy smirk appeared on his face as he said something that made his internal goofball laugh. "You draw extremely well. How about you draw me like on your Kalosian girls?" He was trying to keep a straight face, and failing horribly as his face contorts to try and keep himself from laughing at his own horrible joke.