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Open Pokémon Alola frontier

Hello, trainers! I'm professor Almond - A scientist from the Kanto region. I've come to this sunny island in Alola to study Pokémon from other regions through watching them and their trainers battle and compete for victory.
Fill out the form below - telling me your name, native region, and Companion.
Only one Pokémon is allowed per trainer - it speeds things up and - frankly, people sometimes find loopholes in the system that they can use for victory.
You can have any Pokémon, as long as it's not a legendary - we don't want the island getting destroyed! And as long as it is physically fit enough to battle, you can come here to Frontier island and Compete with it!
Post below the Pokémon you wish to use, a one or two sentence backstory of your character, and where they come from. You'll nearly always be green-lit to post on this Thread, just follow the Professor's rules.

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This is more of a discussion thread than an RP thread as it contains no actual RP content. And of course, we have global restrictions applying regarding legendaries in general, as you should have been aware if you read the RP Forum rules.

Thread moved.
Name: Drake Satoru
Age: Fourteen
Region of Birth: Ransei (From Pokémon Conquest)
Species: Lurantis
Nickname: Lurrie
Gender: Female
Ability: Leaf Guard
Moves: Solar Blade, Grassy Terrain, Attract, and Slash
Backstory: When he was born due to the war-torn state of Ransei, his mother took him to Alola where he made friends with a Fomantis who he trained into a Lurantis.