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Pokémon Bank Diagnosis

While I'm not a competitive battler, I always try to make sure that my pokémon are balanced in terms of stats, moves, types, etc. so that I'm always prepared in case I'm ever stuck battling a hardcore gamer with an OP team. Though I'm not going to post my current team since it's technically my in-game team as well & I want to respect the rules, I'm trying to work on a few of my high-leveled pokémon from Black 2 that I'm considering for my temporary competitive team for my X game once Pokémon Bank is released. Right now, I'm currently trying to work on their movepools & I was hoping to get a few comments (though please don't make suggestion of having my pokémon with different natures. Though they may not all beneficial, I worked hard on raising these pokémon & I don't want to throw my training away just to catch new ones with better abilities):

Charizard @Charizardite X/Charizardite Y
Male, Lv. 80, Hardy
Blaze (Tough Claws/Drought)
- Flamethrower/Fire Blast (already PPMax'd)
- Dragon Claw
- Solar Beam
- Earthquake/ Flame Charge/ Thunderpunch/Flare Blitz/ Rock Slide
NOTE: My main goal is to get both mega stones for Charizard, so I'm trying to create a movepool that will work with both of its mega evolved forms

Forretress @Leftovers
Male, lv. 40, Bold or Relaxed (forgot nature)
- Explosion
- Rapid Spin
- Spikes/Stealth Rock
- Infestation
I'm thinking of teaching Forretress Infestation as a surprise move when battling pokémon like Mega Gardevoir, especially in Double Battles

Conkeldurr @Life Orb
Male, Lv. 80, Adamant
Iron Fist
- Drain Punch
- Ice Punch
- Stone Edge
- Poison Jab/Power-Up Punch
While Poison Jab would give Conkeldurr coverage against Fairy types, I was thinking Power-Up punch would be the perfect move to go with its Iron Fist ability if it works with this move

Sylveon @none
Male, lv. 80, Hardy
Cute Charm
- Trump Card
- Moonblast
- Dazzling Gleam/Iron Tail
- Misty Terrain/Calm Mind/Skill Swap
Before Sylveon was even first revealed, I knew they'd introduce a new eeveelution after seeing Virgil in the anime, so I caught an Eevee in Black 2 partly because I wanted to evolve it in the next game. Anyway, I'm still new on Fairy types, so I'm not sure if this movepool would technically be the best

Altaria @ Dragon Fang/None
Female, Lv. 80, Rash
Cloud Nine
- Dragon Pulse
- Fly
-Dragon Dance/Draco Meteor
- Dazzling Gleam/Steel Wing/Sing
Though Altaria's nature is Rash, it also has a good ATK stat too, so I was trying to get a good blend of Physical and Special Attacks

Smeargle @ Focus Sash
Male, lv. 42, Jolly
- Bulk Up/Work Up/Swords Dance/Spore/Shell Smash
- Protect/Detect/King's Shield
- Spikes/Toxic Spikes/Stealth Rock/Sticky Web
- Psycho Cut/Rough Play/Poison Tail/Power-Up Punch
While most people suggest using Smeargle for a shield or inflicting field moves, I want to teach it a few attacks to defend itself in battle since not utilizing its Technician ability seems kind of like a waste. Also, I know that King's Shield won't protect Smeargle from status moves, but its added effect of reducing an opponent's Attack stat when being hit by physical moves is worth it

Typhlosion @ Leftovers
Male, lv. 41, Hardy
-Blast Burn
- Heat Wave
- Focus Blast
- Earthquake
Though it may not be my strongest pokémon, Typhlosion was a real sweeper in my HeartGold game and has gone through a number of my opponents with hardly any difficulty. I know that most people shun moves like Blast Burn or Hyper Beam, but I added it to give Typhlosion something different than the same Eruption strategy, while Focus Blast & Earthquake are to give it coverage against other types (though I'm trying to replace Earthquake with a special attack)

Samurott @ Mystic Water
Male, lv. 81, Naughty
-Razor Shell
-Mega Horn
-Ice Beam
-Dragon Tail/Gen VI move
While Samurott has a good Sp. ATK stat, it's physical ATK is stronger due to its Naughty nature, so I've been trying to think of a movepool that works to its strengths. For its last move, I taught it Dragon Tail as coverage over Dragon types, but I'm waiting to see what Gen VI moves it can learn unless there's something else I should reconsider

Leavanny @ Insect Plate
Male, lv. 82, Docile
Leaf Blade
X-Scissor/ Fell Stinger
Shadow Claw/Fell Stinger
After learning that Leavanny can learn Fell Stinger, I'm really considering using it due to its added effect of drastically boosting ATK stat, so I'd have no need to use Swords Dance anyway. While most people would say to take out Electroweb, I was thinking of keeping it because it'd serve as coverage against Flying types and, since it's already fully evolved, I can't re-teach it Sticky Web
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If it makes you feel any better, XY makes training ridiculously fast and easy thanks to Super Training. A straightforward 252/252/4 build should take maybe 30 minutes?

Charizard X and Y are actually a lot more different than you'd think. Charizard X is built to be an amazing mixed attacker, while Charizard Y, also capable of doing so, is better off as a special attacker with that mammoth 159 base Special Attack. Having Flare Blitz while already having Flamethrower or Fire Blast is a waste of a good coverage moveslot, really. Dragon Pulse is good special option for Dragon Claw, and Outrage is equally good for hitting whatever Dragons have a lower Defense harder. You /might/ be able to get away with Flame Charge in addition to a Fire move, but base 100 speed is usable, especially if you can remove key threats early. Solarbeam works far better on Charizard Y, as Charizard X will have to waste a turn charging if the sun isn't out - a turn that may very well mean death. Thunderpunch has a bit better coverage than Rock Slide, and is actually preferable over Solarbeam on the X 'Zard.

I don't really think that Forretress should run Infestation specifically for a Mega Gardevoir, as Mega Garde has pretty sizable Special Defense and will OHKO you with Focus Blast if Spikes or Stealth Rock has been used against you. Volt Switch or U-turn are pretty good scouting/retreat moves for after you've placed your entry hazard(s). I'd take Gyro Ball for some strong STAB, as well as a good anti-Fairy measure.

Conkeldurr's Iron Fist should indeed power up Power-up Punch, but I'd personally run Guts so you can absorb a burn and make Drain Punch heal your troubles away. Life Orb really shouldn't be used on something with such a high HP stat, as it is very detrimental considering how low your Speed is, as well. An Expert Belt could make for a decent Choice Band bluff, as well as compliment your fairly good coverage.

Sylveon does NOT have the Attack to run Iron Tail, not that it would ever hit with that accuracy. Sylveon would probably be good running a Calm Mind set, with Draining Kiss being both reliable STAB and a healing option. Shadow Ball would be good for any Psychic-types that come in to try and Calm Mind or Nasty Plot up on you. Psyshock has great synergy with Calm Mind, decimating Pokemon with low Defense. Stored Power is an alternative Psychic attack, gaining strength the more stat boosts you have(6 calm minds counting as 12 individual boosts for it's purposes). Hidden Power - Ground, if you can get it, helps stop the Poison- or Steel-types that otherwise wall and destroy you.

A mixed Altaria is certainly viable, especially with all the new toys it got this gen. I would drop Fly as it is easy to counter since they opponent knows exactly what you're doing and that you can't stop it. If you absolutely HAVE to have Flying STAB, go with Aerial Ace, but I wouldn't even bother. I'd take Dragon Claw or Outrage for my Dragon STAB, as it will hit things like Latias and Latios harder than Dragon Pulse. Don't run Sing. Ever. Dazzling Gleam or Moonblast make an excellent way to hit the more physically defense-inclined Dragons, as well as hitting Dark- and Fighting-types hard. Earthquake and either Flamethrower or Fire Blast make great coverage options as well as giving you the feared Dragon/Ground/Fire combo. Solarbeam is usable if you're running Charizard Y.

Always, always, ALWAYS take Spore on Smeargle, because unless the enemy has a Lum Berry, you're guaranteed to get of AT LEAST one Stat-boosting move, Shell Smash being the most beneficial here. King's Shield is great for stopping those would-be physical attackers. Power-up Punch gets both a Technician boost and is already powerful from Shell Smash. A Ghost move like Phantom Force makes good neutral coverage alongside Power-up Punch.

There's a reason no-one uses moves like Blast Burn, and that's because the recharge turn WILL result in your death. There's no getting around that. Typhlosion makes poor use of Eruption outside of being a Choice Scarf'd lead because he's weak to Stealth Rock, so Flamethrower, Heat Wave or Fire Blast are what's best here. Typhlosion can't reliably do mixed, so drop Earthquake altogether. Focus Blast, Solarbeam, and Hidden Power are really all he has going for him. You could breed for Extrasensory, but it doesn't really do much for your coverage.

Leavanny, like Typhlosion, doesn't have the stats to go mixed. Fell Stinger is remarkably situational, and often times you'll kill something before you can even use it. Poison Jab adds some nice coverage against Fairies. Leaf Blade and X-scissor are the bread-and-butter STAB, while Swords Dance rounds out the set nicely.

Something you should really look at is your items. Items that boost only one move-type are just...awful. Unless it's the Gems. The Gems are awesome. Stuff like Wise Glasses and Muscle Band boost your respective attack type for ALL moves of that category, instead of just one type. Items like Air Balloon or Absorb Bulb remove a weakness until the item is used up. Leftovers is a great recovery item on things that are slow and bulky-ish.

As of Gen V, Item Clause is pretty much gone in a standard match, so you can use Leftovers and Life Orbs as much as you want. Choice items are also good! Being restricted to one move isn't too bad as long as you're good with switches and your team covers each other's weaknesses just fine. Just really take a look at each Pokemon individually and ask "what item helps further the goal of this Pokemon?" A fast, frail sweeper just loves a Life Orb, while something a bit sturdier would enjoy Expert Belt. Berries are good as well, healing status or boosting a stat in a pinch!


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Just a few points:

- Forretress doesn't get U-Turn and has no business whatsoever using Volt Switch with its pathetic Sp.Atk,

- Iron Fist Conk is better than the Guts version in my experience due to the amount of damage the Flame Orb does to Conkeldurr over time. Even with Drain Punch the damage really ramps up.

- Aerial Ace is terrible and nothing should ever use it, it shouldn't ever be considered even as a last resort. Also Outrage is a much weaker option now due to how it locks you into it for several turns which gives any Fairy-type on the enemy team a free switch-in to murder you.