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Open Pokemon Conquest: Age Of Hereos

In this world everybody governs a kingdom. You battle others, wage war and make friends. Love Interests are allowed as well. (P.S ONLY PARAGRAPHS THAT ARE FOUR OR MORE LINES LONG AND PAST TENSE. NO I's OR ME's JUST THEM's OR HE's/SHE's. I have already got in trouble for not 'following role play rules' so i'd liked it to not happen again...)

Name (Recommended to be Japanese):
Kingdom Name (Make it up):
Partner POKEMON (Just One):
Types your character uses (Up to three):
-----------------------------------------Here's Mine----------------------------------------------------

Name: Kasuya Hinato
Kingdom Name: Lagoona
Partner Pokémon: Ditto (Mirage)
Types he uses: Dragon, Normal

Kasuya gazed at his prosperous kingdom. The Chatot sang and the Lilligant refreshed the air with their Bemusing Aroma move. He looked down at Mirage, his trusty Ditto who could take on the form off any Pokémon, even the mythical Jirachi who Kasuya needed to find so that he could cure his sick mother who was being watched over by an Audino named Nurse and a Chansey called Mother. Suddenly Tails, Kasuya's life long friend ran over to him. Tails was an Ambipom and was not really Kasuya's Pokémon but always stayed by his side.

Kasuya was a new Emperor who didn't have that much knowledge on Pokémon battles and Pokémon wars but he was an incredible tactician and was able to command the most fiercest allies.
Name: Aero Garancha
Kingdom Name: Ashiya
Partner Pokémon: Krookodile (Shades)
Types they use: Dark, Ground or Rock

Aero summoned his general and ordered him to prepare for battle as he planned to attack to kingdom of Lagoona. Aero loved to terrorise new kingdoms and raid them before they became more popular and powerful. His partner Krookodile snapped and was prepared to fight. Although Aero didn't know who the emperor of the new kingdom was, he still wanted to loot it as he was bored of staying in a boring old castle with only robes to iron.

Aero was the heir to the Garancha family fortune but found guarding a castle all day boring so he longed to fight worthy opponents or terrorise new kingdoms.
Name: Sato Tatsuma
Kingdom Name: Ferronia
Partner POKEMON: Metagross
Types your character uses: Steel, Electric, Water.

The Ferronia Kingdom was quite a weird place. Surrounded completely by water, the huge island was covered almost entirely in weird metal mountains. Apparently, the island's terrain, which had long been studied by scientists, had always had an unusual concentration of magnetic fields which caused the minerals underground to come more and more towards the surface, until the island became what it is today.
This attracted a lot of steel type pokémon, as well as many electric types. Humans too got interested in the strange island, and many mines were built. The island nowadays has a huge population, mainly miners, traders and fishermen, that live in harmony with the local pokémon.

Sato Tatsuma had been elected the 17th king of the Island. As everyone's representative, he had to live up to his people's expectations. He had to prove them that he was able to surpass his father and be the best king in Ferronia's history.

"... I hope that the relationship between our two kingdoms can continue to be as friendly and respectful as it has been until now.. Good, you finished writing that? Great" Sato took the letter, marked it with the Tatsuma family's emblem, and handed it over to a Skarmory.
"Go now Skarmory, hand it over to the Lagoona Kingdom's new ruler. We both just go into our new leading position, I guess he'll be happy too if I took the first step towards an alliance."
Name: Hiroyuki Junoei

Kingdom Name:

Partner POKEMON: Buizel (Kidd)

Types your character uses: Ice, Water.


There was a whirring outside as the young Hiroyuki sat next to his bedroom window, snugly wrapped in a blanket made from the finest puffs of wild Cottonee shedding to be had. The young man, his hair a dusty blonde in appearance, pushed the strands back from his face to watch the flurry of white in his courtyard. It was winter, and the kingdom of Beth was chilled to the bone. He wondered what the peasants felt like during these cold months, in their shabby log cabins. As if it wasn't already cold enough every other month.

He sighed, pulled the blanket over his shoulders and clambered out of his chair. Quickly, he ran across the icy stone floor to his bed. He hated how nasty and cold his room got during that time of year. However, his father had cooped him up inside that day and gave him little choice to leave; tomorrow was to be his coronation, and Hiro was instructed not to step foot out of his room until he was fetched for the practice ceremony.

Hiroyuki groaned, burying his face in a pillow. He wasn't ready to lead an army, much less an entire kingdom.
Name : Leo Alexander
Kingdom Name : Fumen-shi
Partner POKEMON : Swalot ( Olibo)
Types your character uses : grass, poison, insect

Leo stared at his small, makeshift village. Most of settlers were tired of traveling so long to this place. But Leo was so sure that the travel to the country was worth it. He couldn't help but think about the mass amounts of Pokemon and resources he could acquire. .Still, He was unable to fully begin advancing due to the cold season beginning and he was not exactly sure about the terrain or neighboring kingdoms, but he used the best he could with the time he had.

"The first path into winning this game is to know of the players" Leo said to his men. His partner Olibo nods along to every word. "we need to find what the other kingdoms are up to and how we can use this to benefit." Leo held a crudely drawn map and used it to send his ninjask spies into the directions of were the supposed other kingdoms were."The spies that come back will report their findings. the ones who don't return.." He pauses. " That means the kingdoms worth a personal visit."
(PFF by the looks of it everyone's character so far is male.)

After a moment, Hiroyuki heard a rap-tap-tapping at his door. He wondered if it was one of the servants; it must be time for the rehearsal. The young man sighed, rolled off his bed, and opened his door... only to be greeted by his mother. Well, step-mother.

"Ah, my son..." She cooed, inviting herself in without his apparent consent.

"..Yes, your Highness?" He responded, honestly puzzled as to why he was being paid a visit by HER of all people. His real mother had died during childbirth, and his father's new wife wasn't exactly... his favorite woman in the court.

"No, darling, don't be so formal! Call me mother," came her smooth voice, gentle and... manipulating.

"My mother died eighteen years ago," Hiroyuki retorted matter-of-factly. The queen's soft smile twitched into an ugly scowl for a moment before her appearance returned to its "loving" gaze.

"I just wish to have a talk with our soon-to-be-king. Is that a crime?"

Yeah, it is. You're taking up all the free time I have left, Hiroyuki thought internally. "No, your Highness." He wasn't sure if he said Highness that time out of habit or spite.

"Come sit on the bed with me then, lovely," she hummed as she rested on his mattress. She smoothed down her thick, wintery dress. Hiroyuki followed, falling awkwardly onto the bed.

"So... what's up?" He queried, suspicion still lingering deep in his gut.

"Your father... as you know, is stepping down to present his crown to you. This will leave him and I out of power; yet, not out of respect. Perhaps you could respect your dearest mother as well, and grant her a seat in your royal council? You of course must elect them a week from your coronation, and, you see... it is your father, not I, who is stepping down. Please do not rob your ever-youthful mother of a position in the kingdom. For, I have done so much for the land of Beth," she said, her words having came out slow and prickly. It really sent shivers down Hiroyuki's spine.

"I... will consider it... your Highness," he replied and shut his eyes tight. "Is that all you have for me this evening? I must prepare for rehearsal." He hoped his voice didn't sound as strained as he knew it must have. He didn't want to insult her, for fear of upsetting his father, but he was absolutely disgusted by her request. He couldn't think of a time she really did anything for the kingdom that didn't benefit her, in some way. Father didn't marry her for her intelligence and usefulness as a queen; he married her for her young looks and vitality.

"Thank you, my darling..." she hummed, resting her hand on Hiroyuki's for a moment. The prince was tense with anticipation for her to get out of his room already.

But, right as she seemed ready to stand, a servant burst through the door. His step-mom appeared ready to shout at the maid's intrusion, until she heard her words; "Your Highness, Madame! We have apprehended a spy inside the castle!"
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The spy responded in his foreign language hoping, this would hopefully convince them not to interrogate him. He did not know how to deal with these new people. He could only hope that Leo and his crew might rescue him.
Leo's ambition seemed closer, but only slightly. As of such, his first week was just him waiting..

"hows progress?" Leo asked to his lead constructor.

" Its still going, but its going well for our size. Mind that due to only having recently mined resources and the ships supply i recommend we spare-" The constructor goes on for a long time. The setup area of Fumen-shi was built within a forest clearing that was full of insect and grass pokemon. They used wood that were a moderately far distance away so that they do not to give their location away.

"Are you sure were progressing."Leo felt impatient. The idea of not even having a village fully established bothered him.

"Of course!" the constructor knew if his answer wasn't good his men might have to work overtime.

"well... i guess i can wait longer." Olibo gestures for the constructor to leave" I'll give those spies one more week before i move".
(And I, the glorious Dapper_Cat, have arrived to fix that. Also, do not expect anywhere NEAR this amount of text in future posts. One last thing. I'll be referring to Japanese armors in my description of my character. I recommend looking it up, but I'll briefly [and by briefly I mean use like one or two words] explain to you what the armor is.)
Name: Aimi Yurai
Kingdom Name: Eldurfjall (pronounced "Elder Fall," a combination of the Icelandic words "Eldur" and "fjall," meaning "fire" and "mountain" respectively)
Partner POKEMON: Rhydon (Kivi)
Types your character uses: Rock, Fire, Flying
The kingdom of Eldurfjall wasn't the most well-known. That was mainly because they were secluded isolationists. However, the people there are usually regarded as kind and accepting by the few visitors they receive. Elderfjall's people are always ready for war if the need arises, though. Every person in the village, no matter the gender, go into six months of mandatory military training starting at the age of sixteen. Only those with disabilities or diseases/sicknesses are excluded from this. Eldurfjall was high in the mountains near the center of the land. Because of this, many homes were made out of stone. Not only the homes, but many of their tools and weapons were also stone. The peaks of all the mountains were flat, allowing the people to build structures on the top as well as inside the mountains. The people use wooden bridges to connect the different peaks. One of the mountain tops, though, has been left untouched with their structures save for a bridge and walls. That is because, on the large plateau, there lies soil perfect for farming. Their location also gave the people of Edlurfjall many advantages. All of the peaks have been fortified with walls to protect from those few who may manage to find their village. There were five mountains altogether, closely bunched up. In the center lies the castle of the Yurai family. They have long been the rulers of Eldurfjall because of their intelligence, kindness, charisma, and skill in battle. They had also all been male until their newest ruler came to power.

Aimi Yurai was the newest ruler of Eldurfjall. She was, in truth, nervous about her new position. Her father had only passed away several weeks ago from an illness, leaving her in charge of the kingdom. She tried her best, but Aimi still wasn't sure if she was giving her people what they deserved. Her confidence had been slightly boosted, however, when several of her people came directly to her and voiced their support and praised the way she was operating. Aimi figured she'd never be as great as her father, Akira Yurai, though. She looked over near her throne at a statue of Akira. He stood in full armor on the back of his Charizard. The Charizard had armor plating on its chest, forehead, and snout. Unfortunately, according to her father, Aimi's mother had left the kingdom shortly after Aimi had been born, so she did not have any of the emotional support of family members, save for her uncle, Akito Yurai.

Like her father, Aimi had long, black hair that went down to her hips. She had a fair skin tone. Aimi's most unique feature, though, was her eyes. Unlike most, Aimi's eyes were two different colors. While her left was an emerald green, her right was a sapphire blue. Had she traveled around, Aimi was sure she would get strange looks because of her appearance. Because the people of Eldurfjall are always ready for war, it became normal for their rulers to be armored most of the time. Aimi wasn't an exception in this regard. She wore a sode (Samurai-esque shoulder plate) on her right shoulder that had been painted black. The sode extended a few inches above her shoulder and stopped right at her elbow. It was adorned with golden feathers hanging from the bottom. In the center of the sode was a green emblem, the emblem of the Yurai family. The emblem was forest green and closely resembled a dragon over the outline of a shield. She had black suneate (greaves, once again, Samurai-esque) covering her legs along with a pair of matching Sabatons to cover her feet. On her arms were a matching pair of kote (vambraces, Samurai-esque). Aimi wore a sleeveless chainmail breastplate. Other than her shoulders, the breatplate covered Aimi's entire torso. Like the rest of Aimi's armor, it was painted black. Aimi did not have any armor covering her left arm save for her kote, so her skin was bare there.

"According to our reports, my lady, the kingdoms of Ferronia and Lagoona both have new rulers, similar to yourself. We don't have confirmed reports on other kingdoms, though." A small, elderly man said to Aimi's left. Eldurfjall's ruler looked over to the man, a brow raised in curiosity. "We know nothing of their intents or their names, unfortunately." The man added. Aimi nodded before she spoke.
"Very well. As we always have, we will not involve ourselves unless our hand is forced or if our help is absolutely required." Aimi said. To her right, she was petting the head of her Rhydon as she sat on her throne. Her Rhydon, Kivi, was definitely the lazy sort. He usually only slept and ate. The only thing that ever seemed to liven up Kivi was a fight. He had been Aimi's partner since she was a little girl. He had black armor strapped across his chest and stomach, his tail, and his forehead. Kivi had a sode on his right arm that completely matched Aimi's.

"You are dismissed, Keith." Aimi said, waving her hand. The elderly man gave a curt nod before leaving the throne room. However, the silence was broken moments later as one of Eldurfjall's warriors burst in.
"My lady!" The warrior said. The warrior motioned for Aimi to follow him, so she did, Kivi right next to her. He led her outside. They moved at a brisk pace. "One of our warriors found a Ninjask nearby. It seemed to be spying on us, my lady." The warrior informed as they moved to one of the corners of the center plateau.
Name: Ayumi Atisuto
Kingdom Name: Ryoria
Partner POKEMON: Porygon2 [Murphy]
Types your character uses: Normal.

A young lady sat in an expensive, fancy cushioned chair, as her long black hair was being braided by one of the maids attending to her, being the new ruler of the Kingdom of Ryoria - an isolated kingdom in mostly grassy fields and flat land, being the only child of the last king which had died of a rare illness which was hard to cure when noticed too late - that was exactly what happened to her father, Takeshi Atisuto. Her mother had died from childbirth, and her father had never found another woman to marry. She didn't really care that much for him, if she were to say the truth - he had no time to take care of his children, busy with all the responsibilities of being a ruler of a kingdom. She mightaswell had been raised by the maids and servants which had took care of her when she was young.

It was going to be her coronation ceremony in a few minutes now - she couldn't believe what were they thinking - letting her rule the kingdom - a army -especially in times of war like this? They should have let her uncle to rule instead - he was around 60 years old - he had experience - not her! She got out up the chair, as her partner - Murphy, joined her up after she was done dressing up. They walked out to the balcony, as she prepared to deliver her speech. She was a bit nervous, even through all that public speaking classes she had went through - after all, she was speaking to her whole kingdom - not just a crowd of servants and maids!

She took a deep breath in, as she began to deliver a speech as the 37th ruler of the Kingdom of Ryoria, despite her nervousness.
Leo stands above his crew of settlers along with Olibo. The village is nearly complete with a fully functional farm and water system. The the clearing has been remodeled to look more like a part of the closed forest. The pokemon were a bit of a hassle at first, but after a while the pokemon started to get along with crew. The most important thing that leo was proud of was the poffin shop. The forest is full of a variety of berries and the chefs he brought over were exceptional when making poffin recipes to the point where both human and pokemon could enjoy them.

"Ladies and gentlemen" Leo announce to his village. "I am very pleased to see how fast we have made a village. It is the result of your hard work and determination. But now we need more than just farmers and builders for this next creation" he pauses."We are going to make a legacy. Our gracious king has gifted us to make profit in this new land but i know we can do even better than that. Each and every one of you will help me, and make our names last forever in this place. So celebrate now as today is the birth of the new kingdom FuMen-Shi." A wave of applause filled the forest with everyone's moral being a little higher than before. Olibo handed Leo a multitude of papers, some of which were hastily drawn. "lets give a round for our very diligent spies." More applause ensued. Leo was surprised that number of messages was not that high. After his public speech he returned to his own encampment to talk with his tacticians ."Let us see who our competition is, shall we" he skimmed through the papers looking for names or important events.

"First was the kingdom of ferronia and lagoona, they seem to have new emperors so they might be inexperienced. There is another kingdom but seems to be in the middle of preparing for battle so none of our spies were able to get close. The last full report is of place called ryoria, Just as we speak the new emperor is supposed to give some sort of inauguration speech." As Leo looked through the reports he was more interested in what was barely reported. There is but a small passage about a kingdom that lies within the mountains but nothing after that. There is also another kingdom called beth, but there is no detail about the ruler or location."Well, it seems we found our players, now lets win this game." Leo began packing.
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"So we don't know where they are?!"
Sato punched the table as hard as he could. After realizing they were being spied, he decided to act as if nothing was happening in order to follow the spy when it would have had to return to it's country. However...
"My Lord, the spy was incredibly fast and our rangers could barely follow it. They lost sight of the enemy when it entered a forest. We can only suppose the enemy's either inside the forest, or on the other side of it."
Sato calmed down a bit and sit on his throne. It's been a couple of days and I'm already failing.. He then stood up again and told his military advisor to gather a houndred men.
"We're going to the forest, we'll burn it down if we have to. After all, spying is an act of war, isn't it?"
Aimi groaned in distaste as she watched the Ninjask being dragged away by a pair of Golem. "This is not good." She murmured. Three weeks. She had ruled Eldurfjall for three weeks and someone had already attempted to infiltrate their kingdom. That Ninjask almost succeeded in slipping past her guards, too. That could be extremely bad. "It seems I need to act," Aimi said, finally. She looked to the warrior who had led her there, a man named Wulff. "Wulff, prepare sixty of our warriors. I want to look into this little infiltration attempt." Aimi ordered. Wulff gave a quick nod before running off to gather her warriors. Keith had returned to her side.

"My lady, I feel it would be wise to send inquiries to other kingdoms, to see if they're aware of what's occurring," Keith recommended. Aimi slowly nodded, understanding what her advisor was getting it.
"If they sent spies to Eldurfjall, they probably sent them to other kingdoms as well." She reasoned. Keith nodded.
"Good to see your mind is still as sharp as ever." The elderly man chuckled. Aimi let a small smile show on her face.
"Very well," Aimi said. "I'll prepare our Braviary to deliver the message to other kingdoms." And with that, Aimi returned to her throne room. She was immediately greeted by the Pokemon she was looking for, Anemoi, the Yurai family's personal messenger Braviary. He was intelligent and loyal. In fact, Aimi even used him on occasion to travel. She pet the Flying-Type on the back of his neck. "I got a job for you, buddy. I need you to deliver this note to different kingdoms until one can provide you answers, alright? If it looks like they plan to hurt you, back out, though, alright?" Aimi asked. Anemoi nodded.

Aimi sat down on her throne and began writing the letter.
"To whom it may concern, our kingdom has uncovered a spy in our midst, a Ninjask. However, our kingdom is not very well-known. I suspect that your Kingdom may also be a victim of this. If you were unaware, then consider this a warning. If you are aware and know where they are, I would appreciate it if you could inform me on the back of this letter.

Sincerely, Aimi Yurai, ruler of Eldurfjall"

Aimi sighed as she put down her quill once she finished writing the letter. She handed it to Anemoi, who took it in one of his talons. "Be careful, my friend." Aimi said as the Braviary flew out of an open window. His first stop was the Kingdom of Ferronia.
Sato was staring at his kingdom from the window of his room. He could see both the people going on with their eveyday life, and the soldiers preparing for his first military expedition.
He instructed clearly: only the best men were to join him.
"We MUST find that Ninjask, otherwise my people will already start doubting me.." As he was speaking to himself, someone knocked on his door.
Sato finished reading the message. So we're not the only one huh... Good
"Quick, someone write a letter. Just tell them we also noticed a spy and we're on our way to visit our guests back. Also give them the forest location, and add all that King stuff that you always put on these letters."
After a couple of minutes, the letter was done. Sato quickly grabbed it from his servant's hands and handed it over to the Braviary.
"Now go, bring this back to your Lord!"
Anemoi gave a nod to Sato before he took off once more and headed back to Eldurfjall. He had been chosen as the Yurai family's personal messenger for a reason. Before Anemoi, his parents had also been messengers. For some reason, his family were unusually fast for Braviary. Anemoi arrived back at Aimi's throne room quickly and handed the letter to her. "Already? I'm impressed." Aimi said with a playful smirk. "That anxious to prove yourself, bud?" She teased. Aimi resumed her serious expression as she read the response that Sato had sent her. Slowly, she nodded. "So, we know where they are. Now we only need-" As if on cue, Wulff walked through the throne room doors.
"My lady, our men are ready. Shall we begin our march now?" Wulff inquired.
"Of course. I will be joining you. We might also have allies in our endeavor."
As Leo finished his packing one of his advisers came rushing into the tent."My liege, this is terrible news!" Leo looked at what was in his hand. It was a spy report that said the usual, but it struck him that this report wasn't recent and that there was only one."I think the kingdoms are on to us."

"Great." Leo was unfazed by this idea, in fact, Leo wanted to see who would catch his spies to know which kingdoms are competent. With such little reports it tells him that he is facing multiple strong opponents. Leo is completely excited to see their reaction." I don't see what the problem could be."

"They might take it as an act of war." This was an idea that did shock Leo.

"That's...absurd."Leo and his crew are in the middle of a densely populated forest, their is no way for a troop to fully mobilize through the thick trees, and the forest pokemon are territorial, only now have the pokemon learned to get along with his crew."But we are dealing with new emperors. It is possible they might try to do something so stupid. Alright get out the the dewpiders and masqeruin." In the case that a kingdom would try to burn down the forest, Leo and his crew imported a lot of water pokemon, If the enemy try to flood or shake the the ground the forest roots would quickly rid it. Olibo went outside to get his crew to stock and secure their supplies. Whatever was going to happen, Leo was excited to get his name out.
Ferronia's army sailed that same day. Six large ships, five cointaining his hundred men and one specifically for supplies, sailed from Ferronia's dock. Five Skarmory were flying in the sky, guiding the ships. In the water, specifically trained Sharpedo and Empoleon were guarding the ships from possible dangers. At night, a unit of Lanturn were to join the water forces, in order to be able to travel even in the dark.

"We will travel day and night. Take turns at resting. Let's end this expedition as fast as we can, I'm sure you all want to go back to your families as soon as possible."

Sato realized he probably asked to bring more supply than it was actually needed. In fact, after only one day and one night, the Skarmory unit started flying in circle, meaning that the destination was just ahead.
Aimi Yurai and her detachment of soldiers marched through the land. Although, only half of their warriors did so. Those who had Pokemon large enough simply rode on their Pokemon. Some were riding Pidgeotto, Pidgeot, Skarmory, and Braviary in the air above the men on the ground. Aimi was riding on the back of Kivi, of course. There were some others riding on the backs of their land Pokemon as well. Many of them allowed the warriors without large enough Pokemon to switch spots, so everyone didn't have their legs killing them. One of the warriors in the air swooped down and his Pidgeot landed next to Aimi and Kivi. "Ma'am." The warrior greeted. "We've spotted several Skarmory circling a nearby forest. They look like Ferronia's birds."
"Then have our men set up camp right outside the forest. If we arrive before Ferronia, then we will camp there. If they arrive first, we shall rendezvous with them and head into the forest." Aimi ordered.
"Yes ma'am."
Within the forest the crew were all positioned in their spots, The supplies were safely hid away, and all the traps were properly placed. the ninjask spies have completely left the scene just in case Leo needed them to. All that was left was the confrontation. Leo spent all day thinking about what he would do and say, but one of the scouts already spotted nearby flying pokemon, and some flying pokemon were a distance away. Based on the scouts information there is are only two armies. Leo was in a state of mental high but did his best to follow the plan. He first and foremost needed to get there attention.Since the ships were closer, Leo and his partner Olibo walked out of the forest toward the ships with exuberant hand waving of pure happiness.
The five Skarmory that were circling above the huge iron ships quickly repositioned and created an arrow-like shape that pointed towards a small figure on the coast, just before the forest. Sato knew that the circle formation meant land, and the arrow was supposed to mean "unidentified person in direction X", however he couldn't bring himself to believe that the enemy would just reveal itself like this.

"Could that be our "ally"? How did she get there so quickly, and before we did? No way that's possible.. The only logical conclusion is that they're trying to bait us into some kind of trap... However.."
He stopped circleing the desk inside his chamber and turnt to his military advisor. "Prepare the jolly-boats. We are going there. We'll bring fifty men, the remaining is to guard the supplies and the ships."
As he walked out, he stopped only to turn around. "... and I want the water units to be constantly on guard. You know, just to be sure.."
Name: Mikaera Kimyona
Kingdom Name: Truva
Partner POKEMON: (Do you accept shiny?) Shiny Decidueye «Chastiefol»
Types your character uses : Ghost, Psychic, Fairy
The Kingdom of Truva had been the home of many types of Ghost, Psychic, Fairy and Dragon Pokémon. The Kingdom was surrounded by a large swamp, coupled by tall mountains that make it impossible to hike up but the Kingdom itself is a place that could be called as a safe haven for any Pokémon and humans. The kingdom was well known by its intellectual individuals and its unusual law. The Law of Mercury, in which every conflict will be settled through games, anyone who oppose will automatically lose and declared their opponent victorious. They are also known for their craftsmanship and their ability to make incredible weapons and equipments. But underneath this paradise is a world where the filth and insects gathered. The Lair of Orcus, a gambling underworld, a paradise for criminals and hell for the people on the 'Above World'.
Mikaera Kimyona, youngest of the Kimyona clan that ruled over Truva, is a regular visitor of the Lair disguised as her twin sister Minerva who will took after her duties everytime she visited the Lair much to her twins displeasure. Mikaera became queen after there mother, Diana, step down and handed her the crown through various of trials and battles in which Mikaera regretted winning. Her seven brothers became her Generals and her sister became her handmaiden after the coronation.
The young queen sigh as she looked over her kingdom at the chair of her balcony. "I hate this..." she mumbled as she sigh once again "That's the fifth time you said it, my queen." Mikaera scowled as she gave her twin a glare "Stop that." She hissed her glare intensifying but her twin merely chuckle "And that's also the fourth time you demanded me in such a manner, my queen." Mikaera groaned as she stood up from her sit "Where's my tea, dear sister?" Minerva frown "My queen you are not allowed to address me like-" Mikaera looked at her blankly "Dear sister, I am your queen and twin sister, I get to do what I want." She stated before sitting back down.
"Your highness!" Both the girls turned towards the man that barged in Mikaera's room, looking incredibly haggard and out of breath, Mikaera rose an eyebrow at the man but didn't stand up from her position "What is it, Kou?" She listened to the man's breathing patiently waiting for him "An urgent message from Eldurjall had arrived today! The queen had stated that a spy might be-" MIkaera stop the man by gesturing him to silence "Kou, you had done your job you are dismiss." When Kou tried to argue Mikaera sent him a glare which sent him running to his quarters. Minerva turn to her twin "They've found out." Mikaera hummed "So it seems..." she sigh for the umpteenth time "... I was hoping that this discovery didn't go public."
Earlier after her coronation, she and her sister found out a Ninjask skittering in one of the pathways that leads to the Lair, they didn't stop it from its impending doom at the hands of various bloodthirsty criminals and hunters. As the underdogs finish their morbid ways on dealing with the unknown Pokémon, Mikaera retrieved it's insignia from its corpse.
Mikaera traced her fingers on the insignia as the flashback ended. "I was hoping our extermination unit got all of them before they could be of any harm towards the other Kingdoms. I guess they didn't. Minerva, what was the insignia stand for?" She asked as she looked at the symbol boredly "It's the symbol of one of the rising kingdom, still in the form of a village. Its known as Fumen-shi." Minerva answered as she filled Mikaera's cup with her favorite, Roserade Tea. "If they had found out about the spy then they will assume that it is a declaration of war. Should we help them or watch them in their quest of destruction?" Minerva looked at Mikaera with mixed emotions "It'll be best if you decided, my queen. But in my opinion, lets stay neutral and only help our allied Kingdom, Eldurjall." Mikaera hummed again, as she frown "Why can't they just settle this useless feud in a peaceful negotiation way. Its so troublesome dealing with the mess of destruction." She commented as she sipped her tea "I do wonder. How far they will go with this call of war?"
Leo edged even further out of the forest, using a nearby rock to stand on top of in order to be more presenting. Next to him Olibo was moving in circles, just as anxious as Leo was. Leo talked to Olibo in his own language about which option to go for. Option A would be to just lie and lead them to into the more harsh areas of the forest. Option B would be to tell them the truth and just go from there. Of course there were other options and Leo was sure to think of every possible outcome he could perceive, but he thought it would be better to just see what was in front of the him. The outcome felt certain to him once either army entered the forest. When the boats were near Leo started to shout while Olibo start to wave towards them"OVER HERE, OVER HERE". Even at this distance, Leo felt sure the enemy troops were amazed by his guts.
The boats reached the coastline in a couple of minutes. Sato and his men, following him shortly, got off and started walking towards the weird man. Well, they were walking, but one could say that they were basically running.
He was impatient to know who exactly that man was and, if he was his enemy as he thought, why would he want to start a war with his country.
Sato almost didn't even notice the Swalot near the man. In that moment, he was just filled with rage and embarrassment.
Do you think you can make a fool out of me?!

As he stopped in front of the man, his men quickly ran and surrounded him.
"I am Tatsuma Sato, 17th king of Ferronia. State your name and your intentions".
"You King? Hello!" Leo used is his old foreign accent. This moment reminded him of when he was back in his homeland and performed a dramatic play for his king. Leo could see the soldiers that surrounded him, ready for an attack, but this did not stop him from using exaggerated hand movements. "Name me?, LEO ALEXANDER" he shouted so that everyone could hear, he then turned around to some soldiers with a cheeky smile."Tell family. Partner here Olibo". Leo went to hug his partner swalot. Olibo then spat out a large, bun-shaped object that was heavily covered in silk. Leo unwrapped the silk to uncover a brightly pink poffin."Greeting gift to king" he presented the poffin towards the king then quickly held it back. "OH! manners, no poison." Leo took off a piece of the poffin, the pink frosting completely staining his hand, and ate it, giving a genuine smile. In all honesty Leo was not a fan of the pink ones, but it needed to be a very bright color."Hello to Sato" he again lifted the poffin towards the king. While Olibo blankly stared at the sky.
Not long after, Aimi Yurai and her warriors spotted a group of Ferronia's warriors and a man and his Swalot standing on top of a rock. "What is this tomfoolery?" Aimi quietly chuckled from Kivi's back. She made a motion to her soldiers and they all stopped a little bit away from the group ahead of them. Aimi selected twenty of her warriors to accompany her to Sato, his men, and the strange man with the Swalot. She didn't trust him. After selecting her warriors, Aimi and the warriors approached the group, each of them having their Pokemon at their sides. "I don't suppose I could be informed as to how you managed to find a jester out here?" Aimi inquired, looking directly to Sato.
Sato looked at the pink poffin, then back at Leo.
This man... I'll make him regret looking down on me like this!
Leo Alexander, it appears our visit doesn't surprise you. I -" he was then interrupted by a feminine voice.
He turned around, facing her "Aimi Yurai, from Eldurfjall. It is a pleasure to meet you. As for this man -" Sato said, turning once again to Leo "- It would be more correct to say that he's the one who found us. Apparently, his people are quite cautious with spying but don't bother hiding when they've been found out.."

He took a small pause, mainly to regain his composure. "So, Leo Alexander, I'll ask you again. Who are you, and what is that you're trying to achieve?"
"spies....SPIES!"Leo's face twist into anger, Olibo is now turning around as if trying to spot them."They make more trouble?" Leo turns to Aimi while still holding the poffin out towards Sato." I, LEO ALEXANDER" he pauses for dramatic effect."New to land. Now live in forest. Spies....torment sun time and moon time." Leo starts muttering to himself as though he was figuring something out, then curses loudly in his own language. "Now spies anger kingdoms, hate too much...make problems and problems" Olibo nods then stares into the forest. Leo turns back to Sato." I now here for" Leo pauses to think for a word "Oppurtuntiniy" he intentionally fumbled the last word, but was a little winded.
"Funny. But I'm not here to laugh" As Sato said so, he held one of his arms up.
His men all threw a pokéball in the air. Moments later, an entire unit of Aegislash awaited for Sato's commands.
"I want half of you to cut down this whole area of the forest, then proceed in cutting down deeper into the forest, create some sort of road."
He then pointed at the man and his Swalot, and threw a pokéball with his other hand.
His loyal Metagross appeared roaring. "As for him, take him, we'll question him back in Ferronia... unless Eldurfjall has other plans?"
"D." Leo says that one letter out loud and the the forest leaves begin to rustle. Leo drops his accent when speaking this time. "So you plan to build a road while fighting what ever is in the forest." Leo smiles. "That sounds pretty tough, but don't let me try to stop you. it will be pretty impressing to do such a task." He holds up his arms are out, still holding the poffin. "So please, march in, i'm curious what will happen" Leo doesn't even flinch. but just carefully eyes the people around him.
"Who said anything about fighting?" Sato chuckled.
The groung trembled as a whole dozen of Aggron were freed from their pokéballs by Sato's men.
"We'll simply cut down the trees with our Aegislash, while the Aggron unit will protect them. Not that I expect many pokémon to attack us, as Aggron is known to be extremely aggressive and territorial even by wild pokémon."
Sato continued explaining ".. and even if the pokémon of the forest will retaliate, we'll just scare them away. Honestly, I'm not here to fight wild pokémon"

As he said so, his troops instructed their Aegislash to use Sacred Sword. The Royal Sword pokémon started chopping through the trees like they were butter. Sato was satisfied, his plan would have been complete in just a couple of hours.
Leo laughed as though he was the guy that won. He was amazed."Plan 168." With that shout the trees fell a little more silent. "Man that is amazing. You won the moment you set foot here. So these are are the kingdoms i'm going up against here. Your nothing like home" Leo was truly surprised at such a landslide this not even battle was. Leo turned to the forest, the aegislash chopping away, even with the sharpest swords lumbering still takes time. "Alright so what now?" Leo liked Sato's brash approach and was curious what will happen next. He wasn't worried about the village. The best case scenario would be getting some soldiers. "So lets go to ferronia then, There is so much i want to talk to you about."
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Aimi watched the other two interact, trying to keep an eye out for interesting traits. When Sato had asked if Elderfjall had different plans for Leo, Aimi shook her head. It seemed that this Leo was giving up, or that he was testing them. Aimi turned to Sato. "I will let you take him in for questioning, but is it alright if I tag along with a detachment of my men?" Aimi inquired. "I'd like to ask some questions myself, and I think it would be best if we didn't trade him between our two Kingdoms." She added. This new ruler was certainly an interesting sort, she was sure about that.
" 'what now' you say? Your Swalot will accompany us to where your kingdom is located, and I'm sorry but he won't eat any wood: we will have to take that with us."
Of course wood wasn't really easy to find in Ferronia. It's not like trees grow so well on metal.. That is why Sato had already planned to gather some resources while he was there too. Making a road was only a secondary bonus, as it would've made future travels a little more pleasant.
"Now then, if you'd be so kind to come with us on our ship.. And of course Aimi Yurai and her men will join us."
Leo just sighed. "Ok, lets go then." He proceeds to walk towards the ships in the far distance. "Olibo, no trees" Olibo looks dejected as he walks towards Leo. Leo halts and then looks at his hands. "The poffin's not poison. It legitimately was a gift but i understand why you wouldn't see it that way. Also I assume you guys now better than to hold captive that at least dosn't have his hands tied." Leo felt impatient. the time they waste on lumbering could instead be spent on negotiations bored him.
"We don't tie hands. If you do anything stupid, you'll take responsability for your actions."
They got to the ship quickly. Sato lead both Leo and Aimi to a small room which was guarded by two men, where they will have interrogated their 'prisoner' while travelling back to Ferronia.
"Now if you'd please sit down.." said Sato, indicating a chair at the center of the room.
"...how about we start talking about who you actually are and why did you send those spies to our kingdoms, 'cause you're the one behind that, aren't you?"
"Yep. All me" Leo sits down hunched with his hands folded. He takes a quick survey of the room then begins explaining himself. "I guess i should properly introduce myself this time. My name is Leonardo Alexandrovitch, but lets just shorten it to Leo Alexander, And lets just shorten my whole backstory as the boat trip will not be long enough for that. The important details is that my king over at homeland funded me and my crew so that we could travel here and make a profit. While my king thought to make just a small trading post I considered the idea to make a fully functional colony. It would be somewhat independent and we would try to do our own thing. The goal of my colony is to make history." Leo shifts his weight in the chair feeling if any part is loose. "Your wondering what the spies have to do with this and well...two reasons. Reason one, I don't know anything about this land beside some old folktales so I needed information and reason two, exposure." Leo leans out of his chair.

"I expected someone to catch my spies, In fact i wanted them to. If some no-name kingdom started to sprout out of nowhere people would be asking questions, some kingdoms might feel threatened, but this would take a long time and working without any outside influence is a pain. So i decided to speed this process and make the first move with some mediocre spies. I originally was going to wait for locations and visit kingdoms, but i did not suspect you would come to me. Nevertheless it ended the way i wanted to, which was speaking to a worthwhile emperor. Best to think of it as an invitation that could not be ignored"
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Kasuya gazed up at the sky after accepting the Feronia Kingdoms request and smiled. Today was the day he got to siege his first kingdom. Mirage gazed at him and smiled as he could she the fire in his masters eyes. As Kasuya ran across to look at the Map of Kingdoms he spotted one familiar place...Eldurfjall. He had to siege it as that's where his family usually took over in the past but they had become strong enough to break through the captivation and now Kasuya wanted to siege them again.

Calling upon his trusty partner, Kasuya ran towards the entrance of his Kingdom and summoned Tails. Ordering Tails to command the fiercest normal types and summon the strongest dragons, Kasuya was ready to breach an all powerful attack and was looking forward to his first ever siege.
"That is an interesting way of putting it." Aimi quietly commented, more to herself. This leader certainly seemed confident, though it granted her some small satisfaction that they managed to surprise the leader. "So, you thought sending spies to other Kingdoms, which is widely regarded as an act of war, would not be as threatening as a Kingdom sprouting up without another warning?" Aimi asked. This Leo Alexander definitely had a unique thought process.
Leo thought begin to think about his home. " Where I come from, it is ridiculous to not have spies. I never thought someone would go to war over it. I mean if you guys sent a spy over I would have just killed them and go on with my day. A unknown kingdom seems much more dangerous than an aggressive and active kingdom, at least you know how the latter is operating." Leo got out of the chair to quickly stretch.

"But if you guys must think of it in such a backwards way than fine. I already called off my ninjask spies as i achieved my base goal. Now that our presence is known my crew will lay low.They left that forest already and are probably looking for a new home. Kingdoms will be curious of what we're doing and as of now I will give them nothing to be curious about."
"You would have just killed them and go on with your day.."
Sato looked at Aimi, to see what her reaction to Leo's words was.
"So, an unknown enemy sends spies to your kingdom, most likely to gather info on your army and security in order to prepare for an attack, and your response would be "whatever"?? You are out of your mind! You are putting your people in danger, and what for? Exposure!! How can you call yourself a leader?"
Sato sit down, and took a couple of minutes to calm down, then looked again at Leo and continued.
"Not only that, but you are also a traitor, and your former king will most likely send someone after you when he'll find out that you've decided to gain independence."
The black-haired boy then looked at Aimi "I'm out of this. If you would like to get more involved into this, do so. This prisoner is all yours. I have just become the ruler of my Kingdom, and I have no intention of getting my men involved in a war started by someone else's ambition."
As he said so, Sato left the room, leaving Aimi and Leo alone.
A guard informed Aimi that they will arrive at Ferronia the following day, and that if they need anything they would've just need to ask.
Leo looks down. "Man, you guys are way too ruffled over the spy thing" He sighed as he watched Sato left. "But a leader must be prepared to handle a situation rationally" He turned back to Aimi. "Anyways, the whole reason to why i did this exposure was to meet with you guys the fact this encounter was surprisingly not that aggressive is admirable. So i have decided i am to become your ally and when Sato comes back i will share with him the good news." Leo parches his lips. "Hey guard do you guys have any drinks. I'm sure both of us would like something to sip."