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Open Pokemon Day Care/ Boarding center

I accept! Here is my Character (Just to warn you,I'm pretty bad at making Characters):

Name: Kadencia Morker (Kad or Kaden for short)
Age: 17
Appearance: Waist length,wavy, black hair and blue eyes
Height: average height for a 17-year-old..?
Other: She's bitter towards specific people but kind to all of the Pokémon,she's also very stern.
Well, I'm still a little sick here, but I can still RP reguardless. I might be inactive on some times if I'm knocked out or away playing video games, so if there's any concerns, please feel free to discuss it with me.
I accept the rules and understand. (Unless you kick me for, well reasons.)
Name: Mimi
Species: Vulpix
Gender: Female
Appearance: Normal Vulpix but with a pink scarf around it's neck
Trainer: Mia Mulbyn
Other: I wanted to make Mimi an Alolan Vulpix *Spoilers begin here* (It relates to my Pokemon Fanfic series when Mia catches an Alolan Vulpix on a mountain hike) *Spoilers end here* but when I saw it was in Kalos, I was like, Okay, let's make Mimi a normal Vulpix. Hopefully you don't mind it. :-)
P.S. Just made a trainer card for Mia (Mimi's trainer) Note that this is set in the ALOLA region and not everything is accurate.
Note: In case you get confused: Don't forget the Alola region, as of this comment comes out in 6 or 7 days!!!
Exeggcutor and Dugtrio are Alolan forms, Pikachu is Mimikyu, just don't question Spearow, and Chespin is Rowlet.
Rules acknowledged and duly noted.

Worker Form
David Novosel
Age: 17
Appearance: David is a young man of Asian descent with an undead essence to him. His hair is cheaply dyed a bright shade of lilac to match his omnipresent partner, Drifloon. He has a very disheveled look to him, as seen through his messy hair and the dark circles under his dull hazel eyes. He wears a loose deep grey dress shirt with golden hemming. He sports a pair of dark grey jeans and a black belt to accompany a pair of frayed black high-tops.
Height: 5'8
Other: David is paralyzed from the waist down due to a spinal defect and depends on Drifloon's Psychic as a "crutch" in order to walk. He frequently falls ill, especially if he uses his Pokémon's influence excessively. As he is constantly on the brink of death, it's commonplace for Ghost-types to be attracted to him (Unfortunately for him, David has an immense fear of ghosts).
I accept the rules! This is my character
Name: Gem
Species: Spoink
Gender: Female
Trainer: Jasmine Shauntal
Appearance: Gem wears an evolite around Its neck and has a white scarf covering it. She also has black squares glasses that doesn't fit her very well.
Others: tends to trust only certain people and was recently hatched from an egg.
2nd character

Name: Butch
Species Beartic
Gender: Male
Appearance: Butch wears a black expert belt around his arm and wears a black scarf. He also carries a satchel that has food and his treasures inside
Other: he is one of the only Pokémon Gem trusts and he is like a father to her. His job is to take care of Gem while Jasmine is off visiting her mom in Unova.
Trainer: Jasmine Shauntal
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Pokemon Form~
Species: Dewott
Gender: Female.
Appearance: Matching teal waterproof bracelets on both wrists. Out of water she usually wears headphones plugged into a music player, which she carries in a special satchel.
Trainer: Calypso Tide
Other: I accept the spoiler thing.
Well, I'm sorry if I haven't been active lately, as I had been sick for pretty much the entire weekend. On the bright side, I am getting better now, but well it's getting gradual here. I'll try my best to be active, so if there's any concerns, please feel free to discuss it with me.

I also have made another character that I will introduce, as I have wanted to introduce her a little later. It's down below, and yes she is very young here, she's like the baby pretty much.
(*Just a quick note: A milquetoast is someone who is extremely timid, cowardly, and well, essentially a person who is easily intimidated.)

Name: Serena
Species: Fennekin
Gender: Female
Age: ~3 Months old
Appearance: She is significantly smaller than the average Fennekin, while her head to body ratio is slightly larger due to her young age.
Personality: She is a huge milquetoast, especially around strangers, while she is also a crybaby. She hates being away from her trainer, as no one can understand her since she cannot talk. She despises battling with others, as she would most likely run away from even her trainer if she was forced to fight.
Trainer: Devin Macrod
Height: 0'10"
Other: She wears pink mittens on her paws, while she has pink socks on her feet. She has a pink scarf wrapped around her neck, while she also carries around her blue blanket that she has an obsession with.
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I'm gonna delete my other characters, I am bored of them.
Name: Mira
Species: Vulater
Gender: Female
Appearance: http://pokecharms.com/works/1-fakemon-idea-ideas-1.27585/
Trainer: Clarissa White
Other: Has very much trouble with the Vulpix she was born with. They had a fight when she was born, but the Vulpix actually won. She is only 2 months old.
Personailty: She really is shy, she hates ebign with others but her trainer, but that is why her trainer brought her here.
Let's just say Hino was a menace XD
I'm actually going to make another character here, and well I think that it'll be easy to find by looking down... I'll have it down below once I'm finished with everything! (Yes, I do tend to make quite a bit of characters for roleplays here.)
Alright here's my new character! As always, if there's any concerns, please feel free to discuss them with me.
(*I might have Anthony care for him or someone else since he can't really be on his own due to his extreme youth.)

Name: Nolan
Species: Noibat
Gender: Male
Age: Newborn (He had hatched recentally.)
Appearance: He is slightly smaller than the Average Noibat due to his youth. He also wears a modified onesie to keep his body temperature stable since his body can't adapt to even minor temperature changes yet. He has purple mittens on his hands, lavender socks on his small feet, and a white bonnet on his head.
Personality: He is rather shy, especially around others, as he is also a huge crybaby. He hates being without his trainer, since he is afraid of strangers, and he cannot talk. He also tends to let out a slight, supersonic noise from his ears if he is startled, or if he feels threatened.
Trainer: Somaiar Kyoto
Height: 1'0"
Other: He also cannot fly yet since he is very young, and he also cannot move as much. (Which means that someone might have to be carrying him around like the baby he is.)
This isn't really related to RP, but I would like to say this @Daylight Eevee

TEAM Primarina. Woo!

Also, I feel like we need more Workers, other than me and one other person (forgot the name, and to lazy to look it up _/(-_-_/) We seem to be the only workers. I prefer to roleplay with 1 Character, but if needed I can roleplay with more. Just might degrade my quality of writing
I might make another worker since I have a character who's younger than an infant. I do tend to make a lot of characters for roleplays, but I don't like to make too much here. It's because it could possibly result in a monarchy in the power control from having so many characters. If I do make the other character which will most likely be my last one, I'll post their information below.
Alright I've made my other character now! (This might be my last one for the most part since I don't want to have so much control.)

(*This character is a worker and is also in care of the baby Noibat and is great with other younger characters. All unknown stuff may be revealed later on in the roleplay, and will be edited here.)

Species: Meganium
Gender: Female
Age: ~20 Years old
Appearance: She is your normal, everyday Meganium.
Personality: She is gentle, soft-spoken, and is mother-like. She is also happy and outgoing, as she is willing to stand up for the young that need assistance.
Trainer: Unknown
Height: 5'11"
Other: She wears a white, beak-like mask and also carries around a pouch containing medicinal supplies.
Well she is a doctor, and well I also have my Noibat now. (He won't really be scared since he doesn't even know what an apple is yet... he's even younger than the Fennekin.)

Funny enough, Noibat is actually my favorite Pokémon right now.
It's fine, Websites like this have that glitch from time to time. If people respond alot at once, you only get one notification, so it can be confusing sometimes. @Novosel It might do it as well if the thread is not watched