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Open Pokemon Day Care/ Boarding center

Hey, guys. I just wanna let you know that I am not, in fact, ignoring this RP. I'm just super caught up in a whole lot of other school crap, and that's a priority. Plus, I just asked someone else if I could help them start another RP up. Oops. Well, it really does need improvement (and some RP content), so... I'll make sure I respond to this at some point soon. I'm really sorry about my absence.
I'm partly sick here, and thankfully not as much, and I'm also busy creating my artwork that I might publish on this site a little later once I'm done. So yeah if you don't see me responding as much, well now you know why.

(I'm using some programs to create my art, and yes this might take me several days since I'm still slightly sick here, and well I'm kinda learning since it's been a while for art.)
What? Man, I was kinda hoping this would be a chill rp, but that's completely fine, this is the only one that is staying alive currently out of all of mine
Ooh... this will be interesting. I think that it might be a little awkward though to have two people walk in a place where like the majority of them are Pokémon.

-Charmander lies next to his computer randomly eating cookies-
That is true, but it doesn't even need to be that kind of Drama, there are so many more ploys that can come into play, like a Pokemon that thinks they can run the place basically run it as a dictatorship and the pokemon in the day care need to team up to take them down._/(-_-_/)
Okay so judging from what's going on, so essentially like Team Rocket is going to kidnap the Pokémon... oh my. Well, hmm... this is going to be interesting.

(To be honest, Team Rocket is actually my least favorite out of all the villains because I've seen them been mentioned so much like in the anime.)
Well that's interesting... so umm, since Team Rocket is like breaking into the place, are the Pokémon allowed to go outside and just like run from the scene?

(And well it's just so hard to resist the temptation of adding another character since I have my Popplio plushie already.)
Okay so I might introduce another character maybe for the last time here since I really don't want to be having so much power like a monarch. I'll tell you one thing though, he's a character who I've once used way back. I'll post his information below and introduce him a little later since I'm writing a letter right now.
Trainer Form:
Name: Ahnoah
Age: 26
Appearance: Ahnoah has short bronze hair with a bronze scruff beard. He is a bit muscular in figure, but for the most part is un- noticeable due to clothing
Height: 6'6"
Other: Ahnoah does not use Pokeballs and refuses to use them unless in dire situation or is required to do so. (Example, Pokemon locked in cage, will call back so they can not be in cage, will be sent out immediately after)

Pokemon Form~
Name: Tiberius
Species: Arcanine
Gender: Male
Appearance: Tiberius is considered Gigantic for an Arcanine which already have a significant size. Tiberius while standing on 4 legs is 7'6" but if he goes on his hind legs to stand like a human (which he can't do very long) he is 9'3". This does not include his insane amount of fur, which causes him to look bigger than he already is. With current fur, when Tiberius is standing on 4 legs is looks around 8 Feet tall
Trainer: Ahnoah
Other: Tiberius has a highly protective instinct. This can cause him to do things and immediately regret doing, such as a kid going to pet him and Tiberius goes to bite the kid's hand. Tiberius is really loving, though, he allows those who are close to him to just lean on him to be warm. During winter, Ahnoah and his team gather around Tiberius, with Ahnoah laying on top of him, and Stardom too if there is room.

Pokemon Form~
Species: Sylveon
Appearance: Stardom is at the average for being a Sylveon beside one trait. Due to being evolved from a non-Kalos Eevee in Jhoto, Stardom's Ribbons are wider, resembling closer to dancing ribbons of ceremonies
Trainer: Ahnoah
Other: See's Zehriyah as Mother

Pokemon Form~
Gender: Female
Appearance: When Zehriyah was a Zorua, she was abused by a circus owner. When Ahnoah took her she finally evolved into a Zoroark. Due to this abuse, though, Zehriyah's Hair bead (The blue thing) was cracked and shattered just after evolution. Due to this, her hair is free flowing.
Trainer: Ahnoah
Other: Stardom sees her as her mother

Pokemon Form~
Gender: Female
Appearance: Reina's feathers are extra long, causing her to look bigger herself. The bang in front of her head looks longer
Trainer: Ahnoah
Other: Tends to show no remorse for her enemies. Overdoes it frequently. Has anger issues

Pokemon Form~
Gender: Male
Appearance: Other than Caesar being around the height to Zehriyah, he doesn't have any noticeable physical traits
Trainer: Ahnoah
Other: Special Ability: Tension
Tension causes the user to be able to store energy and let it out for attacks. In Floatzel, the energy is stored in their air sacs. The air sacs can hold up to 400 Power worth of damage. Anything exceeding this amount causes Air Sac to pop, dealing 50% to Floatzel. When the Air sac expands, it causes for the defense to raise. This does not affect the amount of Power received, only damage. The defense buff is based on the amount of power received. Upon release of Air, Speed is increased and Attack is increased for 1 attack

Defense Equation: 1(1+[amount of power/100])
Speed Equation: .5(1+[amount of power/100]) Note: If the Multiplier is below 1, Keep speed multiplier at 1.
Attack Equation 1(1+[amount of power/100])

I decided to bring in Autumn's trainer and team, because why not? Though he won't be there Immediately, he will eventually be there. Also when I roleplay as the full team, I tend to see my writing improved. Don't know why....
Well yep, also... I think I actually might make my own abilities for the Aloha character I might maybe make, which might not be as likely though.

-Pikipek sits down playing on her Nintendo 3DS on Pokémon Sun-
The Tension Ability I made took a lot of thought and balancing out. I tested it out in an engine where you can create your own Pokemon stuff. Works really well on Floatzel due to him being Glass. Adds just enough extra bulk. Basically, it releases every time you use a physical attack. So Power up punch works really well with it.
I find that ability very interesting from the mathematical equations you put in there. I might be thinking about making the ability to where it could gain energy from attacking, as that energy is immediately transferred to damage absorption.

Here's how the formula goes. (Still working on my character.)

E= (Initial Energy + Damage * 3 − Current HP / 2 − Energy Decay)^1.001
It actually adds a little more than just using + X or something like that.

I was going to multiply that by the log base of 5 there but it would be too much.