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Pokemon Games Discussion Rules

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There are a certain types of topics we don't really want to see posted on this board (mainly because they lack discussion value), so here are just some quick rules and guidelines to read and follow:

1. Do not post topics requesting information related to cheating devices (ie. Action Replay) or for codes that the devices use. Please use other websites for those questions.

2. We ask that you do not create topics such as "What is the best Pokemon team?", "What is the best Pokemon?", etc. They tend to turn into discussions of people simply saying "there is no best team" or "every Pokemon has its weaknesses" and hold little discussion value.

3. Please do not post topics asking basic information that can be quickly learned from using an online PokeDex. Examples of this are questions like "Where can I catch Zubat in HeartGold?", "What level does Metang evolve at?", "What level does Pikachu learn Thunderbolt at?" and so on. All of that information can be quickly located if you check Google first.

4. Make sure you post all of your Pokemon games related topics on the appropriate boards. All WiFi related threads (such as battle or trade requests) belong on the WiFi boards, all team help requests belong on the Doctor's Clinic, and so on.

And that's all for now! :)
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