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Ask to Join Pokemon High school roleplay!

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Dan woke up early in the mourning. Excited to be going to this new school to meet new friends and finish assignments. He quickly got dressed, grabbed his phone, and rushed out of the door. "Wait up sweetie!" Dan's Mom called out to Dan. "Yea Mom? Did I forget something?" Dan asked walking back.
"You forgot your Pokemon and your money!" She giggled almost cracking up in laughter. "Heh heh.." Dan thought embarrassed. He grabbed his stuff, and rode his bike to school in excitement.

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Jason woke up suddenly to the sound of his alarm clock. It made an annoying beeping noise that he couldn't stand, but at least it never failed to wake him up. Next to the bed was his mimikyu, Jaxon. People often got their names mixed up because they were so similar, but he didn't care. His mimikyu was his best friend, and he actually didn't have any human friends since he was so shy. His mimikyu was the opposite though. He always tried to get Jason to talk to people. Jason jumped out of bed and walked downstairs to see his lunch on the counter already made. His parents both worked during the day so his mother made his lunch before he wakes up. he grabbed his lunch and his stuff and put Jaxon back in his pokeball. Then he walked outside and got on his bike. It was red with streaks of fire painted on it. It was very expensive but his family was quite wealthy since his father owned a company. And so, on his bike he sped towards school.
Kaysi's alarms went blazing off an a fury, but this time Kaysi woke up excitedly, she usually really hates her alarm. But today was a different day, today's the day that Kaysi will be heading off to a new school. Kaysi liked making new friends, so she was pretty excited. Kaysi got dressed, took care of her personal hygiene, ate breakfast, and got all of her stuff ready for the first day of school. Kaysi said goodbye to her parents, and left her house riding on her bike.

As Kaysi was riding her bike, she saw some guy riding a bike of his own, and so she went riding next to him and asked, "Hey are you heading out to that new Pokemon school?" Kaysi wanted to make a new friend for the first day of school.
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Jason was surprised by the girl talking to him, causing him to lose balance and fall over. He ended up scraping his hand on the sidewalk. It didn't really hurt, but he was embarrassed for falling over. He just blushed, got back onto his bike quickly, and rode away as fast as it could take him.
Kaysi was surprised to see him fall over and tried to help him get up, but he ran away. But it also made her feel sad because she blew her chances of making her first new friend in school.
As Kaysi finally arrived at school she started walking around the halls, just in awe because of how big the place was. She saw so many students walking around the place, and they were all with their Pokemon. This surprised Kaysi, but she took out her Pokemon, Rowlet. Rowlet didn't like seeing so many people so curled up on Kaysi's shoulder. This was Kaysi's first day, and she was already psyched.
Jason arrived at school and parked his bike against a wall. Now that school had started, he'd have to get back into the routine of avoiding all conversations. He walked inside, and luckily no one talked to him. They all new he was shy and decided to just do what he wanted. He saw that everyone had their pokemon out, so to blend in even more, he brought Jaxon out. Unfortunately, this had the opposite affect due to the fact that his pokemon was a mimikyu, which is already quite rare, costumed as a psyduck instead of a pikachu. He had caught this pokemon over the summer, so no one here knew about it because he never went outside with it (or at all). He decided to walk faster to avoid being looked at but just ended up bumping into the same girl who had tried to talk to him.
Alan woke up to the sound of a chiming bell-like sound, as he quickly got up with enthusiasm! He said to the Chimecho who was still emitting the ringing noise, "Alright buddy, let's get ready now." The Chimecho nodded at him, as he saw him getting dressed in his shady attire after getting his hygiene out of the way. The Chimecho hovered downstairs, as he ate a nice breakfast with Alan. He saw Alan with his stuff ready after cleaning the dishes, as he heard Alan say, "Alright Daniel, let's roll. I know that this might be a bit weird at first since I'm the only one in the house. Anyway, we got a nice first day of school to go to, so hop on!" The Chimecho smiled and transformed into a Mudkip, as Alan picked him up; placing him gently in his sling after.

Alan left his house; walking to the school at a quick pace. He arrived at the school after some brief minutes, as he noticed some other trainers that were also within the area. He walked inside the school; staying as silent as a reserved Zorua. He glanced over towards a girl; noticing a Rowlet that curled up on her shoulder. The Mudkip gazed over at the beak-like mask that Alan always wore when going out, as he thought to himself, "I always wonder why he wears that... maybe he likes it, or possibly it's something else that I don't really know about yet."
As Kaysi was walking down the hallway, she saw the boy that she met earlier, but she felt like he didn't like her, so she just waved. Kaysi was intrigued by the Pokemon that he had, but she didn't ask him about it.

Kaysi than saw a guy wearing what seemed to be a... bird mask? and a mudkip. She went up to him and said, "Hi there! My name's KaysI. What's yours?" Kaysi said. Kaysi hoped that she would at least make friends with this guy.
Jason was glad the girl just waved instead of trying to talk to him. He always hoped people didn't think he was rude, he was just really shy. Unfortunately, his mimikyu had other ideas. He started walking towards the girl to get Jason to go over to her. Jason didn't really know what to do so he just ended up standing there awkwardly hoping Jaxon just came back.
Alan's eyebrow rose when the girl introduced herself, as he quietly replied, "Well... they call me Alan. Me and my little buddy here go a little back, so what's your story?" The Mudkip looked over at the curled up Rowlet, as he gave off a slight giggle at the Rowlet. The fin on his head shook along with the gentle breeze that cuddled around his body. He smiled at his incoming thoughts, as he thought to himself, "Hmm, what shall I be next? Maybe that little blue guy with the big eyes, or maybe perhaps that little green spider guy?"
"Hi there Alan, well you see.." Kaysi said, but then she noticed that the Pokemon, of the guy who fell off his bike, went up next her. Kaysi smiled at the Pokemon, and started petting it. The Pokemon seemed to very happy that it was being pet. "You know what you remind me of?" Kaysi said, "The Mimikyu's that I used to encounter when I went to Alola." Kaysi kept petting the Pokemon because she thought it was extremely cute.
Jaxon was happy to be getting so much attention. It smiled under the costume as Kaysi pet it. Jason, however, was not very pleased. He wanted to talk to them, but he didn't want to. It was all very confusing and he just ended up continuing to stand there awkwardly. At least Jaxon was happy.
As Kaysi was petting the Pokemon, she noticed that the guy was just standing there, staring at them with confused look. Kaysi stood up, carried the Pokemon, gently, and started walking up to him. "Hi there. I'm sorry how things turned out this morning, I just wanted to say hi." Kaysi said to him. She gently handed him his Pokemon and said, "You're Pokemon is really cute and unique. Oh, and my name's Kaysi, by the way." Kaysi knew that things didn't go too smoothly in the morning, but she didn't want him to think of her as a bad person.
Jason blushed when she complemented his pokemon. He looked at Jaxon, then back up at her, then did something not even he himself expected. "H-hi, I'm Jason," he replied. Jaxon started smiling and was happy he finally got his trainer to talk to someone.
Kaysi was glad to see he didn't run away. "Jason, huh, that's a nice name." Kaysi said to Jason. Rowlet looked at Jaxon and cooed at him with a smile. "So Jason, I don't know if you would mind me asking, but do you wanna hang out with me and Alan?" Kaysi asked.
Jason blushed even more after receiving the compliment. He had never really had human friends before. It was always just him and Jaxon. But he decided maybe this year would be different. "O-Okay," he replied. "My mimikyu's name is Jaxon by the way."
"Oh, so I was right, it is a Mimikyu!" Kaysi said. "I was having doubts because it looks more like a Psyduck, than an actual Mimikyu." Kaysi than took Jason with her to go meet Alan. Kaysi than walked up to Alan and said, "Hey Alan! Sorry I wasn't talking to you, but, hey, I brought along someone else." Kaysi then motions to Jason as says, "This is Jason, and I think he's a really swell guy. So guys, why don't we say something about ourselves. I'll go first, someday I wish to become an Elite Four Member, or Gym Leader, that mains in Ghost Type Pokemon. I thought going to this school would get me ready for when that day comes."
Alan looked over at Kyasi, as he replied in a still, quiet tone, "Well, I suppose that I'll have to break my ice here... though this might be a little hard to explain. You see, I have some things that I'm trying to learn here..." He didn't seem to realize that his Pokémon was hiding within his cloak; he was oblivious to the fact that he was now a different Pokémon.

The Pokémon had a neonate appearance; his shrew-like body was mostly blue from the top of his head that went down on his back to his bottom. Below the blue fur lied his cream-colored body that was mainly on the front areas. His snout was rather long, as he had stubby arms that lacked claws; his feet had one small claw each. On his back lied four red spots which were warm to the touch. His eyes stood out however, as they appeared to be closed; giving off the resemblance of a newborn. The Pokémon dozed off on Alan's sling, as he quietly snored along to the whistling breeze.
"All students... please go to my office to get your sheets about every class and a list of your hours in order. Most students will have a different set of hours, some will have excatly the same. And as of right now.. go and meet everyone and explore the school for a bit! See whats around and maybe meet the new teachers here!" Principal Willis said through the speakers.

Dan soon finally reached the school and smiled. "I guess it already started. I hope Class didnt actually start up..." Dan thought as he took off his helmet.. and nodded to his pokemon in respect.
"Woah! This building is so huge!" Dan thought in a surprise as he walked around to explore.

Kaylee woke up to the annoying beeps of her alarm. She checked her calander and it was the day...
"Oh no I must be late!" Kaylee started to worry. She quickly grabbed her bag full of study guides, books, and money. She also grabbed her lunch, and pokemon and was running to school.
Kaysi was surprised to see the Pokemon that was on Alan's shoulder, because she was pretty sure it was a Mudkip. "Um, Alan. Wasn't there a Mudkip on your shoulder?" Kaysi asked. Kaysi than heard the announcements, and said, "Yeah! Hey guys, I hope we get the same class!" Kaysi said.
Jaxon was happy to hear Kaysi liked ghost types, being one himself. Jason simply nodded about having the same classes. He finally had friends other than his mimikyu. At least he thought he did. He didn't really know how friends worked. "I guess we should go get our sheets," he said to the other two.
Alan slowly grabbed the Pokémon that was hiding within his cloak now after he felt his squirms. He whispered to Kaysi, "Umm... what do you mean by Mudkip? I also don't know what classes I have yet though..." The Pokémon was still dozing off, as he continued to quietly snore. His feet wiggled in response to Alan's modest grip, while his back became noticeably warmer now.
Mitch woke up to de head butting him repeatedly "ugh I'm LATE" he got ready and ran to school he arrived running to class sitting down untidily
"Ashley!" Ashley's mom marched in her room, "You over slept and are late to school." Ashley got up quickly. "Why didn't you wake me up? I'm late know." Her mom smiled, "Well I thought you was there. I only was bringing your laundry for you after school." Ashley got dressed quickly grabbed Sunny her Esper, and put it on her bike. "Sunny, we're late. Let's go!" She said.

When she arrived she sat outside for a little bit. "Finally... we're here." Her Esper jumped of and raced inside. "Wait for me!" Ashley said running after Sunny.
Kaysi was shocked to know that Alan never had a Mudkip. "Wait!? Alan what Pokemon do you have!?" exclaimed Kaysi. Jason than suggested that they should go get their schedule sheets, and Kaysi nodded in agreement. "Yeah, I'm pretty excited to see which classes I'll go to." said Kaysi.
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Hearing this, Jaxon decided to lead the way, and started walking toward Principal Willis' office. "I-I guess we should go see then," Jason said, not wating his mimikyu to go to far ahead. "Follow me, it's this way. Expecting them to follow, he then started walking in the same direction as Jaxon.
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Alan nodded at Jaxon after hearing his command, as he quickly walked up to him. He trailed with him towards the Principal's Office, as he kept a steady pace once he was near Jaxon's right side. He continued to carry his Pokémon in his arms, as he cradled him like a baby. He thought to himself while he was oblivious to the Mimikyu, "Well, I suppose that I'll have to go see what I'll have for my classes. Hopefully it isn't a teacher that forces me to be nice too much to the point where I might as well volunteer as that one fairy Pokémon in that one play."
Ashley fell down out of breath after catching Sunny. "You are very fast. Now I have to catch my breath, again." She looked at Sunny to make sure she didn't run away again. Ashley opened her book and read while resting. Sunny slipped out of her arms and cooked on her to her head and Asked didn't notice.
As Jaxon was walking ahead of everyone, he saw many pokemon he had never seen before. There were big pokemon, small pokemon, and there was even one that floated above the ground. Then it saw a grey pokemon with a girl. the pokemon was small, and had big eyes. Jaxon assumed it was a psychic type. He had always liked psychic types, so, forgeting where he was going, he walked over to it. Jason saw this and started to worry because most pokemon he's seen don't really like other pokemon that they're weak against. But of course, being the shy person that he was, he simply watched as his strange mimikyu attempted to interact with a pokemon that's weak to it.
As Kaysi was following the Jason and Jaxon to the main office, she noticed how Jaxon walked towards a girl's Espurr. Kaysi saw that Jason wasn't trying to catch up to Jaxon, and so she walked up to Jason. "Hey Jason, why don't you get Jaxon back?" Kaysi asked Jason.
Jason was surprised when Kaysi asked him this. He didn't her to think he was a bad trainer, but he had to say something. "I-I just let him do his own thing, because h-he pretty much does w-whatever he wants," he responded, hoping she didn't ind his stuttering.
Kaysi then responded with, "Oh, OK. It's nice to see that you have trust in your Pokemon." Kaysi then marched off to the girl reading her book with the Espurr, and said, "Hi there! Sorry to bother you, but my friends Pokemon came over here, and wanted to interact with your Pokemon. If you don't mind, I'll be taking off with him right now." Kaysi said as she picked up Jaxon. Kaysi than gave Jason a look that told him to come over, but in a nice way.
Jason saw her give him the look, and although he was shy, he couldn't say no. He was walking over to receive Jaxon, when the strange mimikyu jumped out of Kaysi's arms and started walking toward the office, which was just down the hall. "I-I guess we should follow him again," Jason said awkwardly.
As Kaysi handed Jason, Jaxon, Jaxon ran off to lead the way again. "Yeah I think we should!" Kaysi responded to Jason. "See you later," Kaysi said to the girl with the Espurr, "I hope we can be good friends!" Kaysi than grabbed Jason, and started running towards Jaxon.
AAfter making his way to the office, Jaxon looked at the classes, and was happy to see that Jason, Kaysi, and Alan all had the same classes. He looked over to Jason and Kaysi and pointed at the list with his claw. Jason looked at them when he got there and, like Jaxon, was pleased to see that he was in the same classes as his newly found friends.
Kaysi saw Jaxon point at a list, and saw that they had the same class/teacher, and was excited. "Yeah!" Kaysi exclaimed. "I can't wait to go!" Kaysi than saw a guy come up from nowhere. He wore a lab coat, but all the buttons were put it together, and he didn't have a shirt under. "Oh, hi there!" exclaimed the man. "My name's Professor Kukui, I'm one of the teachers here. Yeah!" Kaysi than noticed his name on the list, and he was one of her teachers. "Woah!" Kaysi exclaimed. "I can't wait!" "That's nice to hear! Wooh!" said Professor Kukui.
Ashley put her book away and smiled, "Sunny, come on, let's walk around." Sunny nodded. She jumped off Ashley's head. She walked away. "Oh, Sunny, wait for me!" Ashley said following her.
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