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Ask to Join Pokemon Kalos Quest

Something inside Charlie snapped as he threw a punch at Allison but was barely able to stop it before it hit her in the face. "Is a scared person able to do that you punk, and I accept your battle right now, I'm doing this right now, and this time I'm gonna win, fair and square" Charlie vowed. "Maybe I attack a random person, maybe I battle her and insult her without any reason, maybe I assume she's part of a criminal syndicate, but nobody calls me CHICKEN do you hear me" Charlie asked in a serious tone.
"No, a scared person wouldn't almost punch me, but a nice person would. Also if I remember correctly, yesterday you called me a scaredy-cat. Someone's a hypocrite." she said while pushing off the fountain she was next to on her roller skates, and away from Charlie to a suitable distance. "But since it obviously means a lot to you, I won't call you that anymore. By the way, don't lunge for something when they're standing in front of a fountain. Just one trip, and you could be plummeting into a pool of water. As Doughnut can attest to, I have done that multiple times and I try to learn from my mistakes. Anyway, do you agree to answer my questions if I win, and if you lose, one non-money related, or weird favor? I'll be using Pixel."
Charlie knew if he won, then he could ask for help training his Pokemon and if he lost, then he would have to answer her questions. "All right then I guess, I shall use Ralto" Charlie said as he released Ralto from its overall onto the battlefield. "I'm not letting you go this time, I'm finally gonna win my first Pokemon battle ever do you hear me" Charlie yelled
"Alright, since Paralysis didn't work last time, I'm gonna start off with Gust!" said Allison. "Vivi!" said Pixel as she started flapping her wings creating a small whirlwind. She blew the tornado at the Ralts. "Then put up a protect just in case!" said Alli as Pixel readied a barrier shield just in case.
"Quick Ralto use the Gust so you can jump onto Pixel" Charlie commanded, then Ralts flew into the air landing on top of the Vivillion. "I've been learning from my mistakes, something you should do sometime since you make a lot of them, now Ralto use Thunder Punch, smash that Pokemon down to the ground!" Charlie said as Ralts charged a electric fist and punched Vivillion over and over again even though it's Protect kept it from being hurt. "You just use Protect because you know the second I land one attack you'll be defeated isn't that right" Charlie yelled
"While I don't think you'll take me down in one hit, a super effective attack like that would pack a punch. By the way, you're not the only one who can learn from their mistakes,make a larger protect!" said Alli as Pixel nodded. Pixel expanded the barrier suddenly to push off the Ralts. "Fly above it and use gust downward!" said Alli as the Vivillon flew a sizeable distance upward, and use whipped up another small whirlwind and sent it downward. Try and ride wind that sends you down!" said Alli.
"OK Ralto, we need to think as one person now use Psybeam, to shoot it down, follow it's movement patterns and wait before you fire" Charlie explained then Ralto saw Pixel's movement patterns and fired at Pixel for a direct hit. "Haha one more hit to get me closer to my win!" Charlie yelled "NOW I shall prove to you and everyone else on this world who underestimated me were wrong, and I shall be the very best that no one ever was!" Charlie yelled.
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"You may have gotten one hit on me, but don't count Pixel and I out yet!" said Alli. "In all seriousness, I'm in a pretty rough spot. Attacking from a distance hasn't worked at all, and if I get in close, I risk getting nailed with a Thunder Punch. The only thing I can do is just be faster than him, lemme check my pokedex." said Alli as she pulled out her Pokedex. "Let's see, looks like Ralts in pretty slow, so my plan might work." "Alright Pixel, Tackle 'em and fly out of the way before he can counter attack!" said Alli as Pixel nodded. Pixel swooped in for a divebomb tackle ready to fly away immediately after attacking.
"Your backup plan better have a backup plan, because I shall win this now Ralto, when it charges use Thunder Punch before it can get away!" Then Ralto ran at Pixel just as Pixel ran at him about to connect both of their attacks. "I better think of something if this doesn't work, maybe I should just do something mean." Charlie thought
"Too bad for you, I do have a backup plan!" said Alli as Pixel waited right before she collided with the Ralts. "Now Gust!" said Alli as the Vivillon flapped it's wings as it created a small whirlwind to propel itself over and behind the Ralts to dodge. "Now turn around and Tackle it from behind!" said Alli as Vivillon looped around and Tackled the Ralts from behind. "You may be able to counter me, but it doesn't mean a thing if you aren't fast enough!" said Alli.
After that last attack Ralto was on the ground unable to get up. "Get up Ralto right now, we can still win this thing, can you get up please?" The Ralts had scars and bruises all over it's body from Pixel's attacks and that final Tackle knocked it out as it passed out on the ground collapsed. "Ralto return, you cheated that's an unfair advantage I win because of uhh, my Pokemon is cooler and it would've won if you weren't such a cheater" Charlie complained as he lost the battle
"Ep. Stop right there. I don't need to hear anything else. You agreed to my terms. If I won, you would answer my questions. Now tell me, who's Team Flare, and what on earth they have to do with my Holo Caster?" Said Alli as she put her hand on her hip as she returned Pixel to her pokeball. "Good job Pixel." Whispered Alli to her pokeball with a little hug. "By the way, what favor were you gonna ask for me if you won? I'm kinda curious."
"Team Flare is a syndicate here in the Kalos region bent on world domination, and their leader is the murderer of my father. It's become a personal mission of mine to destroy them to avenge my father, that Holo Caster of yours is how they contact each other and I was gonna hold you for ransom so I could get close to their leader. And you have pecked into the life of my personal business." Before Charlie walked away he told Allison the favor he wanted. "I was gonna apologize and ask to be your friend, pretty dumb isn't it, since people like you don't need friends" Charlie said as he walked away sad and defeated.