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Open Pokemon Royal Academy Roleplay

Discussion Thread

Math: 8:30-9:30am
English: 9:40-10:30am
Science: 10:45-11:30am
Lunch: 11:30-11:45am
Gym: 12:00-12:45pm
Social Studies: 1:00-2:00pm
Dismissal: 2:15pm

Algebra: 8:30-9:30am
Language Arts: 9:40-10:30am
Environmental Science: 10:45-11:30am
Lunch: 11:30-11-45am
Gym: 12:00-12:45pm
Global Studies: 1:00-2:00pm
Dismissal: 2:15

Earth Science: 8:30-9:30am
History: 9:40-10:30am
French: 10:40-11-30am
Gym: 12:00-12:45pm
Health: 1:00-2:00pm
Dismissal: 2:15pm

Biology: 8:30-9:30am
World Studies: 9:40-10:30am
French: 10:40-11:30am
Lunch: 11:30-11:45am
Gym: 12:00-12:45pm
Health: 1:00-2:00pm
Dismissal: 2:15pm

*Freshmen and Sophmore's eat lunch together and have classes together
*Junior and Senior only eat lunch together since their classes varie

Open period: 2:15-5:00pm
Battle Practice: 5:00-9:30pm

The bell rang at 8:00am in the morning as the students entered the academy building accordingly. She had walked inside with her brother Shadow who was the Student body Vice President below her. She heard many of the student scream a bit due to her popularity as the Student body President. She didn't mind it if course but as long as they don't crowd her she was ok with it as Shadow would intervine if she felt uncomfortable. She glanced at her watch seeing she had a bit of time before she had to go to her Earth Science class. She made her way upstairs into the President office where she placed her stuff on her desk as she went to set everything up before the other members arrived. Shadow had helped her set up making sure everything was working properly and nothing was unorganized. She sat down at her desk opening her folder going through the papers that were inside. Shadow turned on the tea Brewer to make some tea for his sister before sitting down himself going through somethings. It was now silent in the room but she had glanced out the window only for a moment enjoying the silence. Shadow followed looking to his sister before the window as well as he stood up before standing right in front of the window looking outside seeing student rush in as he even spotted Maskerin and Milo below.

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Alex had his phone up to his ear as he spoke to the other person. It seemed that Alex did not have the most pleasent of conversations with whoever it was. "Listen, I know what you are saying, but no I am not quiting school." He paused as he shifted his phone to his shoulder to open the door to school.

He walked past the student body president and her brother. He did not really pay them no mind as he contiued to speak. "I know I would get more exposure if I was to be on stag more, but I want a break. It is not like I am stopping them all together. A break is not going to end my career. Not all musicians spend every minute of the day on stage performing like a trained monkey."

There was another pause as the other person began to speak again. Judging by the look on his face, Alex was not happy with them one bit. "Ok, ok just be quiet. I am not doing another concert. It is not going to happen. Now I will talk to you later. I have to get to class." With that, Alex ended the call and slammed his locker shut.

He turned around to Frost who waited by his side. Picking her up, he made his way to earth science. Holding the little ice type seemed to calm the singer a bit. He took his time to walk to class as there was still a half an hour until they had to be in class. Once he had found the room, Alex took a seat in the second row. He took out a notebook, and began to start on another song. He wanted to have a could of new songs ready for his recording session next week.

Willow Tree

Previously Brightheart
Circulating through the crowds, Milo easily wade pass the heavy bodies trying to squeeze into the school. He wasn't trying to get in school door nor is he trying to get out the crowd. He was trying to get to a girl, Maskerin. She was also in the crowd of students, though god was more merciful towards her than him and gave her a clear pathway. He clasp her hand from behind, finally catching up. Though he wasn't out of breath from the short walk, he surely didn't want to go through that again. "Hey there," he breathed, standing once more, still holding her hand, "tough morning huh, students are rushing quite a lot." He said, walking along the wave of students. "How are you this morning? Not being hunted by boys so much I hope?" He chuckled, "They're really focused on getting you for a girlfriend," he teases, "they're stubborn on that." He said.

Willow slid through the crowd, luckily getting ignored by all the bigger kids who merely walked pass him. Early growing morning surely did attract a lot of students who much rather deal with crowds just to sleep a few minutes more. Popping past them, he quickly seem shelter underneath the roof of the school, keen on not dealing with the crowds anymore then needed. Venny follow closely, trying not to lose herself amoung the others.
Firey Argentston was with his girlfriend, Ariana, they were cuddling when the bell rang, she kissed his cheek quickly before they headed towards two people, most likely Maskerin and Milo. They spotted JC and Shadow, and waved. Ariana was running with Firey, hand in hand. Rocco and Sharp were following not far behind their trainers, some Pokemon from the field egg group noticed Sharp, but Rocco was making them back off.

"Milo, Maskerin!" Ariana called out to them.


Gustav Berlitz was walking with his Pansear on his shoulder. He had spotted JC and Shadow, but thought best not to bother them, he then decided to head for Math, his Pansear covering his seat, in the fourth row. He spotted another student, who didn't look happy.
Atticus stepped calmly through the school doors, despite the crowd of people, and made his way to his locker while simultaneously checking his timetable. "Algebra. Guess I better make my way over there, nothing better to do right now," he thought to himself. He finished gathering his things from his locker and went straight for the Algebra room, sitting down in the middle row like always, he began unpacking his things and made sure his Pokeballs were safe in his bag.
(@Willow Tree I did make a facial Appearance of Maskerin in my char example if you want to see what she looks like)

Maskerin felt Milo's hand being grasped from behind to catch up with her. She turned around quickly. "Oh my goodness Milo...you managed to catch up hehe but I am doing alright...and yes it is a tough morning...well the morning bell rang and class will start soon once the bell rings again but hehe and no Milo...but they try so hard to get me to say yes that I run away from them like a cute fox" she said chuckling before she heard her name being called by Ariana. "Ari hey!" She said waving her hand up. "We need to get out if this crazy crowd though..or I really will fall...so not fun to fall...but embarrassing..." She said blushing slightly just by thinking about it. She jinxed herself as a student bumped into her and without thinking grasped Milo's shoulder to not fall. "Omg sorry Maskerin!" The male Student said. "It's...alright really..." She said very embarrassed because she was holding onto Milo's shoulder which was embarrassing to her.

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Clint slowly walked to school, followed by his *little* group of people and he was just glad that he didn't forget his contact lenses. His Sister said that she will be in the school before him (and when some lazy creator will find time to make her bio). He was surrounded by people, who wanted to challenge him, ask him out or just look at him.

After a while He noticed JC and Shadow. He menaged to wave to them and give a quite bright smile. Then he received a message from his Sister. Battle after school? And she wanted to make it a show for freshmans... Ehh, problems. He entered the school building.

He eventually managed to reach the Classroom, where he should have Earth Science Class.
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Willow Tree

Previously Brightheart
(I saw the image already, they're all adorable! Maskerin is a cutie~)

Hearing his name being called, he turned to the direction where Maskerin was looking in, catching sight of the student that was calling their name. It took him a while to recognize the girl, being as he isn't really familiar with students outside of his year. "Oh! Uhhh...Ariana," he guessed, saying it slowly as he wasn't sure if he got the right girl, "it's Ariana right? Sorry, I don't familiarize myself with that many students outside of my grade." He apologizes.
"And you're right, we should get out of this crowd Maskerin, there's no room to even breathe." He laughs. Suddenly, Maskerin was knocked off course when one of the male students bumped into her, causing her to grab into his shoulder for support, nearly catching him off balance as well. Luckily for him though, he was able to stop the fall narrowly, leaning the weight into one foot.
"Woah there!" He exclaimed, quickly wrapping his arm around her in case she falls, "You okay dear?" He asks Maskerin. He looked up at the boy who bumped into her, "You be careful next time alright?" He warns, waving the boy away. "You're not hurt right? If you are, we should go to the infirmary." He suggested. Kiki, who was perched on his arm, chirped in agreement.
"Hi, there's something I have to tell you, and Milo, you're right," Ariana responded to Maskerin, "So remember how I crushing on Firey Argentston badly, so two months ago, he called me to ask me to meet up with him..."

Two months before, Ariana Montgomery was sitting on her bed in her room, when her cell phone went off. She saw who called and blushed.

"Hi, Firey," Ariana tried to say, but it sounded stuttery.

"Hi Ari," Firey responded, trying his best not to stutter.

"So how are you doing?" Ariana blushed.

"Good, I was wondering if you could meet me at the park in about an hour?" Firey asked.

"Yes, I'll be there in an hour." Ariana responded.

Ariana left for the park, about an hour later, Ariana was looking around when she found Firey standing with something behind his back.

"Firey!" Ariana exclaimed excitedly, hugging him.

Both blushed at the action.

"There was something I wanted to give you, for your birthday, but it arrived six months late." Firey took a small box from behind his back.

Ariana took the box and opened it. Ariana started crying when she saw a Sterling Silver Mudkip pendant.

"You got this, for me?" Ariana responded, shyly, trying her hardest not to have her voice crack.

"Ariana, Need to tell you something, since early last year, I've been in love with you." Firey confessed, blushing heavily and trying not to stutter, "If I scared you I'm..."

He was cut off by Ariana kissing him. The two broke apart and he put on the necklace.

"Will you be my girlfriend?" Firey asked nervously.

"Yes," Ariana answered.

She hugged Firey and the two pressed their foreheads together.

In the current time, Ariana had explained the story of her and Firey getting together to Maskerin and Milo, said boy appeared behind her and hugged her.

"Hi Milo!" Firey exclaimed, "Hi Maskerin!"

His Absol, Sharp was with her mate, Rocco.

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Willow Tree

Previously Brightheart
Ariana, from earlier, approached them and Milo looked up from Maskerin to listen to the girl. She seemed nervous as she went on about how she and her crush has gotten together. Honestly, the story was sweet and really romantic, Milo couldn't help but smile at the mention of it. "Wow congrats!" He exclaimed, grinning as her said boyfriend appeared hugging her and greeting the two duo. "Hello there Firey," he he greeted with ease. He know Firey, he's a Junior too. "I heard the story, congrats to you too." He said.
"-Soooo embarrassing......-" she thought as she answered Milo to not feel even more embarrassed. "No Milo....I'm alright really...and don't be to hard on him it was just an accident and he apologized....so I am ok..." She said as Missy appeared from under the ground looking to Milo with a smile. "Mismagius?" She said patting his head with her cloth hand. Maskerin gently removed Milo's arms from around her as she looked up to Milo with a gentle smile. "Let's head to class Milo...or we will be late...and I am pretty sure JC and Shadow are heading there themselves and I have something to show you too at lunch ok..." She said before she listened to what Ari had to say.

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Willow Tree

Previously Brightheart
Milo smiled and nodded, curious as to what she has to show him. "Sure, let's go to class then." He said, "Though we really need to have a better way to getting through to class without crowding the place. I need to perhaps talk to JC about that, maybe she'll know." He suggested, "You saw how it was, you nearly tripped." He pointed out. "Oh well, I'll ponder about this later, for now let's go before the teacher calls role." He laughs. During the midst of his steps he seems to remember something and stopped abruptly, turning to Maskerin. "Oh! And have I told you, I got an egg just a few days ago!b he exclaimed excitedly, "I don't know what the pokemon is but the professor is pretty sure it's going to be hatching soon!" He unzipped his bag and took out an incubator, an egg laying lazily inside. "Isn't it cool? I had been wanting to show you for some time now," he smiles, "you can help take care of it, it'll be fun!"
She saw the egg and smiled sweetly. "Oh that's amazing, I can't wait to see what hatched from it" she said before looking to Ari confused. "Wait....Ari...what you talking about? Why are you congratulating us for?" She said as she waited for Ari's answer before she had to head to class with Milo as she didn't seem to realize that Milo still had a hold of her hand from earlier going through the crowd.

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"Cola or Cream? Which do you want Ann?" "Ree Ree," said the Milcery floating beside him as he pointed at the cola. " 'kay," said Apollo as he put in 3 coins and pressed the keypad for two colas. He bent down and picked up the two as he heard the crowd of fellow sophomores walking to Algebra class. "Hmm Ann, looks like we're one of the few people who actually came to school early Ann," he said with a smirk as he opened his s drink and took a sip. He reached into his backpack and pulled a book out of his bag and picked up where he left off on a pokemon medical book out and began to pick up where he left off.

Apollo sat down in the classroom and began reading. "A common affliction of water types is dehydration. This is commonly overlooked as many more water types are on land more often than in water."
Walking up to the doors of the school, Jamie took a quick glance at the many other students entering the large building, slightly nervous as he entered through the doors as well. Following close by Jamie's side was his Persian, letting out an annoyed growl due to the many students crowding the halls. Jamie gave his Persian a reassuring pet on the head before looking at the paper clenched in his left hand, showing him the classes he had for the year as he made his way through the hall, smiling when he found what he thought was Math class, which was instead Algebra, as he walked into the room, taking a seat at the nearest desk while his Persian sat next to him.

Having no idea that he was in the wrong class, Jamie tucked the paper into his pocket before taking a look at the room, feeling confident that the rest of the day would be nothing more than smooth sailing from here on. His Persian, however, felt a bit uncomfortable as it observed the students and pokemon in the room, letting out a displeased cry as it turned its attention to Jamie, who gave the pokemon a gentle pet along its back to comfort the feline.
"oh...ok...well...your welcome... let's go Milo or we'll be late, come Missy" she said gently pulling Milo along as she finally realized she had a hold of Milo's hand and quickly let it go. "Oh sorry Milo...didn't realize.......um...let's get to class...." She said walking ahead to Earth Science as Missy followed close behind her seeing the faint blush on her face from embarrassment.

JC and Shadow waved back to Firey and Ariana as JC waved at Clint giving her gentle smile to him before walking to class with her brother Shadow. The Eevee sisters Blue and Sparkx followed closely next to Shadow and JC. Blue the shiny Umbreon was on JC's side while Sparkx the Jolteon was on Shadows side. The siblings both entered the classroom with Earth Science sitting next to each other in the middle row as Blue and Sparkx sat beside them waiting patiently for class to start.

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Atticus watched Jamie with curiosity, as he'd never seen him in any of his classes in the year prior, and he looked a little older than him and his fellow classmates. His curiosity got the better of him, and so he walked up to Jamie and began talking to him. "Hello, are you new? I've never seen you in any of my other classes before," he asked, a friendly look on his face.
Taking a notice of Atticus, Jamie waved at the student with a smile, nodding at the question that was asked. "This is my first day here as a freshman." he responded with sign language, forgetting that not everyone knew sign language since it was second nature for Jamie. The Persian stared at Atticus with an untrusting glare, watching him intently as Jamie continued replying, giving a rough snarl as its tail twitched against the floor. "My name is Jameson, but my brother calls me Jamie." He looked at his Persian and rolled his eyes, still smiling. "And that is my Persian. What's your name?"
Jamie's smile disappeared when Atticus explained that they were in a Sophmore class, his cheeks turning red with embarrassment. He felt like a fool for having thought that Atticus could understand him, but pushed it away as it was a mere mistake. Jamie reached into his pocket and pulled out the paper containing his class schedule before holding it out to Atticus, hoping the Sophmore student could point him to the right class. Unfortunately, the Persian took notice of the paper, seeing it as nothing more than a toy for it to play with as the feline swiftly snatched the paper from Jamie's hand in its jaws. The feline then took off running out of the class with Jamie running after the mischievous Persian, sprinting down the halls to catch up with his Pokemon, which was a ways ahead of him.

He let out several loud whistles and clicks, but the Persian did not listen, thinking it was just a game as it dodged any students still lingering in the walls. Jamie accidentally bumped into a few students while chasing after his Persian, nearly tripping and falling at one point.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Stiles and Aster Greenhardt hated being late, they sprinted down the corridor to the classroom. They stopped outside and entered, Aster stopping a second to fix her hair using a pocket mirror. Stiles sat down in a seat near the front, pulling out some books as Shade stood over him, looking curiously at the text books. Stiles looked round at his partner and said "hey Shade, probably best if you sat down on the floor, don't want to block anyone view", the shiny Greninja nodded and sat down cross legged.

Aster on the other hand had chosen a seat near JC, she hadn't seen her a lot over the break as Aster had had to go away with family a lot. She sat down and turned her head to JC, "Hey, JC! How was your break" Aster said as energetic as she always was. Inside though she was also kind of miffed everyone else could get their partners out in class, but she couldn't because he was a bit large.

Bellamy walked into the classroom, he had been looking for Shadow and assumed this was where he would be, he walked through the classroom Ren and Aeris following behind him, he spotted Shadow and sat in the seat next to him, "Hey, Shadow I was looking for you, figures you would be here already", Bellamy then saw JC, "oh, hey JC" he added blushing slightly. He had always had a bit of a thing for JC but over the holiday m, during one of his performances the worlds of one of he songs seemed to convince him to do something about his feelings, he just didn't know what.
Maev walked in the school gates with no hesitation feeling proud, while carrying her Vileplume like a plushie, they were many people indeed and it seems Maev has lost her way, she pulled out her paper which contained her schedule, and noticed "Math" was first, "oh gee", Maev whispered, feeling a bit uncomfortable.

Not soon after, Maev saw a boy chasing what seems to be a Persian, Maev didn't know what to do, so she figured that boy might be a Freshman, since that scene looked like a cliche in movies. Maev started chasing after the boy and she finally kept up with him, "Hey, are you a Freshman here too?", Maev said while running alongside the boy, nearly losing her breath.
Atticus wasn't quite sure of what just happened, though he knew it wasn't good, so he ran after the boy to try and help him get his timetable back. He released his Blaziken from it's Pokeball, commanding it to help find a Persian running around with a piece of paper in it's mouth. Blaziken took off, and Atticus followed suit, dodging and weaving through the students with relative ease until his Blaziken came to a stop at the entrance of a hallway, blocking Jamie's Persian from going further.
Hearing a new voice while running startled Jamie, causing him to trip and fall forward as he hit the floor hard. He laid on the floor for a good minute before lifting his head, revealing his now red face as he waited for his blurry vision to clear. Meanwhile, his Persian skidded to a sudden halt due to the Blaziken currently blocking the feline's path, agitating the Persian as it hissed and growled, letting Jamie's schedule fall to the floor.

Once his vision was back to normal, Jamie turned his head to see Maev, the student who startled him as he gently tugged her arm before pointing at his Persian. He noticed Atticus catching up to them, happy and relieved to know that the Sophmore was trying to help with the crazy situation. The sooner they could help calm down his Persian the better, knowing how temperamental his pokemon could become if he couldn't settle the feline down.
"Oh, no, I-i'm sorry, here let me help you" Maev apologized before reaching a hand for Jamie to grasp, "I-i'm sorry, i just figured you were a Freshman here, but it seems i just wasted your time, I apologize" Maev explained, but she noticed the boy tugging her arm, then pointing to a Persian, "O-oh, is that your pokemon?" Maev wanted to confirm, while her pokemon Vileplume finally caught up with her trainer. There was a Blaziken blocking the path to the entrance, and Maev finally understood the situation, when she saw a schedule paper fall on the floor, "oh dear, this is all my fault", she mumbled.
Jamie made a gesture to thank Maev as she helped him stand on his feet, smiling before turning his attention to his pokemon, walking towards the angered Persian as its fur stood on end while trying to swipe its sharp claws at Atticus and his Blaziken. He had been through this many times with his Persian, perhaps more than he could count as Jamie came up behind the feline, lightly touching the large cat on the back.

The reaction to the touch was swift and immediate as the Persian turned and bit down hard on Jamie's right arm, its sharp teeth puncturing the skin just a tad as a tiny bit of blood trickled from the wound. Jamie had grown tolerant of the pain as he pulled his Persian close to him, embracing the cat in a warm hug until it had settled down, releasing its hold of Jamie's arm before licking at the wound while purring.

Feeling relief wash over him, Jamie gave a thumbs up, his gaze shifting from Maev to Atticus as a way of saying everything was okay now.
Maev smiled when she saw the boy stand up, but she was shocked when the boy went to the Persian, since she still didn't know, if that Persian is his or not, The Persian seemed angry and punctured the boy's skin, "Oh no" Maev whispered while covering her eyes, she didn't like seeing blood, but when she removed her hands, it seems all is fine, Maev let out a relieved sigh while crouching, as if all her worries were gone, at least everything is okay.
Atticus breathed a sigh of relief once the Persian had calmed down and returned Blaziken to his pokeball, he took a quick look at the timetable and saw that Jamie's first subject was actually Math, and not Algebra. He handed the timetable back to the boy and told him where the maths room was. "Maths room is just down the other end of this corridor." He said, pointing towards the room, "My name's Atticus by the way."
Tony walked toward the academy just as everyone else did, he didn't mind or care if he was late and the look on his face looked as though he didn't care about anything at all... apart from his Pokemon, such as the Zoroark that tailed him and cautiously looked around in case anyone was stupid enough to try and mess with Tony... every attempt has never ended well.

As Tony walked through the halls, he turned his head to see several 'unique' individuals while he kept his hands in the pockets of his jet black coat, the sight of the couple caused a frown to decorate his face; not out of disgust but instead potential envy. "Earth Science..." He muttered under his breath as he walked through the halls to make his way to the classroom, he cared little about any student in his way and simply bumped past them.

Willow Tree

Previously Brightheart
Milo merely nodded and follows, quickly putting his incubator back into his bag. He stayed a few distance behind Maskerin, as she likes her personal space. During the hallway though, it seems like there was a commotion of some sort, a student running through the hallways after a persian. The situation seems to be taken care of, so he merely nodded in greetings at each of the students before once again following Maskerin to their class. "Crazy day huh," he commented, "something is happening every hour of the day." He said.
Apollo couldn't help but chuckle once he heard about the person right in front of him who went to the wrong class, but he couldn't help but feel a little guilty for the person. "Hey, Jamie is it? I couldn't help but hear your predicament. I might be able to help. I know where the math classroom is and the teacher is taking a while to get here. Also, you can use this." he said as he pulled out a small whiteboard with a dry erase marker. "Not a lot of people know sign language."

Crimson Sun

Previously Crims0n
Being newly appointed as Committee Chairperson for the new school year had Crimson feeling a bit nervous with his responsibilities. Even though the male was now in senior year within the academy, he only recently decide to apply for the officer position and was able to make it. Crimson, along with Luxray beside him, walked through the corridors of the academy, heading towards his locker. The hallway was big enough to fit both Pokemon and Coordinator side-by side, but the crowding was less than ideal to be walking beside each other, resulting Crimson leading the way with Luxray right behind. As the newly found head of the student body, though not as higher up in position as most of the Student Body members, Crimson had a small but relative commotion. The commotion was more towards saying "hey's" and "hello's" along the way to his locker and lots of petting of his pristine Luxray. The Gleam Eyes Pokemon didn't mind all the petting and attention it was receiving. However, all the small talk Crimson made and the adoration Luxray received delayed their walk towards their own locker.

Quickly putting away the heavy textbooks from his bags to the lockers, Crimson and his partner rushed their way towards their first class, not wanting to be late on the first day of the school year. It was Biology, one of the easier subjects for Crimson, and the first class for Seniors. Crimson chose the seat closest to the side wall while Luxray made itself comfortable underneath Crimson's designated seat. He was one of the earlier student to first come in class, but that didn't matter, the latter just passed the time talking to his Luxray about whatever nonsense he wanted to vent about.
As students went on to settle into their classes, Victoria had already arrived to her class prior to the crowds forming in order to not only avoid them, but to also not risk being late on the first day. She was sitting in the middle of the very end row on the other side of the classroom just so she could take glimpses of the outside world during class, with her Furfrou sitting right next to her. She was flipping through the pages of her textbook and would look up occasionally to see more students come into the class as well as hear them talk about the crowds. She then turned to her partner and said with a smile, "And this is the perk of coming early."

Furfrou would then bark happily in response.

As class drew closer to start, Victoria took out her schedule to take a look at it, noting that she would have History after Earth Science.
Taking the timetable from Atticus, Jamie gave a nod of thanks, briefly catching a glimpse of a student passing by as he began to head in the direction that was pointed out to him with his Persian tagging along beside him, still purring loudly. Jamie then paused, grabbing hold of Maev's hand to pull her up to give her a hug before continuing to make his way towards Math class. He would steal glances at the feline pokemon, making sure there were no signs of agitation or anger until they reached the classroom, taking a seat while his Persian sat beside him.
She looked to Aster and then at Bellamy. "Hey guys and my break was great just a bit busy due to my brother owning a Pokemon breeding business but I was great over all and helped our mother out" she said. "Hey Bellamy, don't forget you have to go to the Student body room during lunch....so much on my plate right now..." She said before glancing to Clint waving as she gave a gentle smile.

Maskerin looked to Milo. "Yes it is crazy....but let's hurry..." She said walking into Earth Science seeing JC and Shadow now knowing she was in the right place. She took a seat just behind JC as Missy floated next to her. The teacher came in afterwards as all the seats were filled. Class had started but JC felt uncomfortable for some reason and lightheaded. Shadow noticed first as he leaned into her. "You alright sis...you look pale.." He whispered. "Idk...I need to excuse myself..." She whispered back. The teacher spoke up seeing how pale she looked. "You alright JC, you look pale?" She asked. "-I can't breathe-" she thought. "May I please excuse myself..." She asked. "of course" she said as JC stood up and placed her items in her bag before running out of the room as Blue followed her out. "Shadow, you may follow her since you are her brother and just one other person" she said. "Thank you" he said grabbing his things before leaving the room as Sparkx followed out with him. "I'll go with him" Maskerin said standing up. "See you in the student room Milo" She whispered gently smiling at him before she left the room with her stuff as Missy left with her.

She went to the infirmary in the school to sit down and rest as she placed her hand on her forehead. Blue went into her bag and grabbed her inhaler in her mouth before handling it to her. "Thanks Blue..." She said. "Umbre...("Your welcome..are you alright?") She asked. "Don't worry I'm alright..."she answered as she saw Shadow and Maskerin run in. "Are you alright JC?" Maskerin asked. "Don't worry it was just my asthma that had acted up suddenly..." She told her. "Oh...well I'll leave Sakruny out with you since she can catch if your breathing is off again" she said pulling out a Pokeball as a shiny female Matron style Furfrou appeared out in front of her. "Sakruny, can you watch JC for us and make sure her breathing is alright" she asked her. "Frou!" She barked before looking to JC sniffing her. "Thanks Maskerin.." she said gently placing her hand on Sakruny's head. Shadow glanced at his watch. "Our class will end soon so we should wait here" Shadow said.

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Watching Jamie stand up, made her happier, but then it hit her, the two mentioned something about math, she had "Math" in her schedule, After Jamie hugged her, she opened her schedule just to make sure, and she was right, she ran after Jamie who was heading to his classroom, "W-wait for me!", she whispered, while her Vileplume was running as fast as it could, when she finally thought that she had caught up to him, he actually entered a room, "that must be my classroom too" Maev thought, she slowly opened the door, and found Jamie in there, sitting in one of the chairs, with his Persian, "Jamie, Jamie, oh thank god, your here, i thought i was lost again" Maev said while approaching Jamie and hugging him, after a while Maev let go of him, and took a seat. Everything went as planned, she got to her classroom, and she knew someone there.