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Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Rescue Thread!

Help me!
Heal Seed X2
World Tree 2F


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I still need help! The last time someone was rescued was a while ago, so are people still using this?

To Melodiac Meloetta,

I could possibly assist you once I am finished with my final exams here, as I cannot exactly go venturing out into the dungeons until then. I will be taking my final exams soon, so I cannot be rescuing you right now at the moment, but I can do so later on in the day when I am finished.

Please relax and try to not dwell too much on time; I will come with my other two members as soon as possible. Thank you for notifying us of your location, and until you are rescued, please do not give up.

Ok! Do you need a reward?

To Melodiac Meloetta,

The decision of giving a reward for your rescue is up to you, as I give many thanks for your gratitude.

I apologize if it took me and my expedition team a little longer than usual to rescue your team, as we were in quite a pinch with some Ledyba that kept bolstering our enemies with reflective barriers and safeguard protection. Thankfully I did not faint like Tropius did earlier before having to give him my seed to get him back on his feet.

I wish you the safest luck and wishes upon your continuation of your journey through the Island of Storms, as I must make my way over to Nurse Audino with Raichu hastily escorting me over to her office before I collapse in the hallway like last time. I wish that I can write more, but my right arm is badly sprained from the overuse of blocking off the dreaded barrage of ancient powers to protect my comrades from harm.

If you need any assistance from my expedition team, feel free to send us a letter with your location, floor and members. I can be reached at the mailbox on Pelipper island, as I am available at almost any time unless if urgent matters come in the way. Thank you for your time and consideration.



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I'm sorry but I fainted on the 8th floor this time. Same dungeon.

Dear Melodiac Meloetta,

I am sorry to hear that you fainted again in the same dungeon on the eighth floor. I understand that everyone gets into sticky situations, and well, we're going to help you get out of it again. Just as a bit of advice, the main Pokémon you will be encountering in there are Rock and Bug type Pokémon. (Save for the occasional electric duo on Plusle and Minun which a Ground type can destroy both them and Rock type Pokémon.)

Unfortunately, since the Audino is still busy tending to the Cubchoo, me and the other two members of my exploration team will instead be sent to rescue your team in the same dungeon. We will rescue you very soon after preparation, so please try to have your team remain calm and not tap into the depths of giving up in the dungeon.

(I am a bit sorry for any inconvenience, but I am going to be double posting here since I got done rescuing rather quick.)

Dear Melodiac Meloetta,

I give many thanks for notifying us of your need of assistance, as we were able to successfully rescue you much earlier than usual. However, the unfortunate news is that Vanillite had fainted in the dungeon, and I had to carry her throughout our rigorous mission until it was accomplished. Castform seems to be doing okay, other than the fact that he is still a bit sad with some tears from the fact that Vanillite is still unconscious from her injuries she sustained.

I wish you God's luck in completing that dungeon, as it is one that tends to conquer the faint-hearted with ease. I must now leave to check up on the Vanillite and tend to her needs while the Nurse continues to patch up Cubchoo's wounds.

If you need our help in the future, please do not hesitate to give me or anyone else in my or Cubchoo's exploration teams a call with your letter that has the members' information and location. I am typically free at almost any time unless if I have any emergencies that I must attend to. Thank you for your time and solicitude.



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Can someone please rescue me, if this thread is still active?

Apologies for the low quality images. Hope they still work.

Edit: and I somehow attached one of the images twice, and I'm not sure how to remove the copy. Sorry.


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Well hello all

I'm an European player who has died in Poliwrath River, second floor and need rescuing :-/ anyone here might help me out?


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Spiral Vortex floor 8.
Done! I apologize for the abysmal quality, but I hope it can scan the code alright. If not, then try the password. It is backwards, because I had to use the inner camera of my laptop(it doesn't have an outer one). So, I will copy it down to the best of my ability.
J-QN+H7 3=9=9Y M29W29J
NQMH+(weird circle thing)& NNTMMY Q8#7M8+
70-(weird circle thing)=88 0W#-F9 #FC+C+F
(I'm so sorry, it looks like a jumbled mess.)

Hey if this thread is still active, I'm new to the game and I uhh, failed haha! Mind anyone helping out? ^^


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