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Ask to Join Pokemon: The Delta Species

(Link to RP thread http://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-the-delta-species.14525/#post-317559)

This roleplay with be based off of the Delta Species Pokemon TCG

If you do not know what delta species are then
δ Delta Species (Japanese: δ-デルタ種 δ-Delta Species) are a special kind of Pokémon found in the TCG. The term is often shortened to δ, DS, or Delta. They first appeared in the EX Delta Species expansion, and were last released in the EX Dragon Frontiers expansion.

According to the backstory offered in EX Delta Species, Pokémon become δ Delta Species upon exposure to electromagnetic waves, which were produced by scientists in Holon attempting to locate Mew. Why the scientists chose to use the Greek letter δ is unclear. While in science, the letter can be used to denote a change, the uppercase Δ would have been more appropriate, as that denotes a major change. Another common theory is that Delta is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet, and δ Delta Species are the fourth sort of Pokémon after normal Pokémon, Pokémon-ex, Pokémon Star, and Dark Pokémon in the EX series. Another possibility is that Delta Species has the same initials as the Nintendo DS, which was recently released at the time.

δ Delta Species are different from normal Pokémon in that their type is not the expected type for a Pokémon of their species; however, they still have the same weaknesses that a regular Pokémon of their species would have. For example, Rayquaza δ becomes a dual-type Lightning/Metal Pokémon, as opposed to a Colorless-type, but remains weak to the Colorless-type rather than gaining a weakness to the Fighting-type.

Dual type Pokémon δ always have Metal as their secondary type, and it is nearly always fully evolved Pokémon or legendary Pokémon that display this. However, with the release of EX Dragon Frontiers, no Pokémon δ displayed this Metal dual type, leading some to believe that these Pokémon became δ Delta Species naturally or the trait was outbred on the island habitats in which they live. Appearance-wise, δ Delta Species Pokémon do not differ from normal Pokémon other than an aura that denotes its type; some have a more distinct aura than others.

In EX Delta Species, if a δ Delta Species Pokémon had one of its types changed to something other than Metal, it was always either to Fire or Lightning. This is likely due to the fact that, since these two types are based upon one of the game types each, whereas others are based on more, all cards of those two types shared a single weakness among them: Water and Fighting, respectively. Thus, Fire Pokémon and Lightning Pokémon became more playable by diversifying their weaknesses. Later sets did not do this, however, and Delta Species Pokémon could be of any type.

In terms of card design, δ Delta Species have a coil design going around their image border, and the evobox circle becomes a large letter δ; Basic Pokémon have an empty letter δ.

The designation of δ Delta Species does not affect the name of a Pokémon, e.g. a normal Dragonite can evolve from a Dragonair δ and vice versa. If a card wishes to reference δ Delta Species, it uses the text "Pokémon that has δ on its card". Bulbapedia~

To Sum it up, Delta Species are types of Pokemon that are not the same type they usually are.
But this is an Rp right? So lets make it more adaptable,
In this Rp, you will be battling Delta species, or playing as the trainer who has one. Delta Species Pokemon can be more powerful than normal too, just within reason (Pretty much keep it at a 550 Base stat max)

Special Trainer Slot:
The Delta Species Trainer: None


Name: Ahnoah
Description: A Man with a slightly more muscular build, but mostly un-noticable due to his clothing. Standing at around 6 foot 3 inches, Ahnoah is a bit taller than average human height. Ahnoah has a scruff beard and short hair both being of the color bronze. Ahnoah also has a slightly more rough complextion

Arcanine:Tiberius: Larger than the average Arcanine, Standing at 7 foot 3 Inches. Protective and Loud Bark. Gotten and raised from the Pokemon Shelter. Ahnoah's first Pokemon. Loyal to everyone and a warm ball of fluff that everyone gathers around when they are cold. Has a large amount of fur as well, making Tiberius look bigger than he already is.

Sylveon-Stardom: A Cheery Bundle of Joy. Never ceases to make others around her happy. See's Zehriyah as mother. Saved from a wild attack against a very high level Zangoose. Wants to become the star of Kalos in the Pokemon Contest.

Zoroark-Zehriyah:Saved from a abusive Pokemon Circus. Because of this she is missing the hair tie (blue bead in hair) so she has free flowing hair. Can make auditory illusions, so it seems like Pokemon are talking, though she can only focus on two at a time, usually herself and a other Pokemon. See's Stardom as herdaughter.

Staraptor-Reina: Rescued from a nest where the parent Pokemon never came back. Counter balances Stardom by being the moredarker one on the team. Extra long feathers give her a slightly different look, with the bane in her feathers being longer.

Serperior-Autumn: Saved from an attempt at poaching this Snivy (now Serperior) for its unique color, being of the color of Autumn. Loves fashion, theater arts, and designing things for the team. For the most part, grooms them as well.

Floatzel-Caesar: The shy one in the group, though not really that shy. Is afraid to know new people, but is fine with people he knows, so is not as shy. Saved Ahnoah from drowning and wanted to join team due to seeing a deep bond with all his other pokemon. Air sac builds up with tension. Upon release of air, speed and attack are doubled.
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Name: Aidan
Description: Aidan stands at 5'7 feet and is considered short from what his parents look like. He has blond hair and wears jeans most of the time, Ever since he met the delta charizard he has now, he's become distant with mostly everyone he knows, as he doesnt want to be crowded with strangers coming around asking where'd he get his pokemon. Hes had a bond with the Delta charizard that he has raised since it was a charmander, He doesnt keep him in a pokeball, either.
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Delta Charizard Ghost/Dark;Odesey, The only member in his team. It's easily able to take down most pokemon, even those with abilities that counter it, but its diverse variety of moves can easily take down many pokemon.
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Name: Kip
Description: A girl with all black wait a black and white cap
Age: 12
Gender: Female

Shiny Charizard(m): Kip's starter Pokemon, it was weary rare to find in the wild. It is a very loyal Pokemon and Charizard hates the cold. Charizard always gets in fights with Electivire, but it always ends up in defeat.

Electivire(m): Was Kip's first Pokemon and Electivire was traded with the first Pokemon that she caught, Spearow. Electivire was a rare Pokemon where she lived, and he is very loyal to Kip.
image.jpeg<------- Hat
(drawn very quickly so don't judge)
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Name: Will Whitman
Description: While he may be a bit intimidating at first, Will is really kind when you get to know him. He is very loyal, and a great friend to have during a crisis. Sometimes, he is not the smartest, most serious or the most careful, but in a battle situation he suddenly can become very competent. He is compassionate and understanding, but can get quite excited
Age: 19
Gender: Male


Blastoise-Shellshock: Will's first Pokemon, Blastoise can get easily annoyed by Will, but at heart really likes him. he is quick-thinking and smart, and can get out of many bad situations, even without Will's help.

Wobofett-Wally: Hatched from an egg when he was just a Wynaut, along with Blastoise, who was just a
Squirtle back then, Wynaut has gone on many adventures with Will. He can act a bit funny at times, just like Will, but is well-meaning and loyal

Pidgeot-None: Will's very first capture, Pidgeot was caught quite early in Will's journey. Pidgeot was quite naive when will first caught her, but is now a wizened Pidgeot who is not afraid of, and competent in, battling

Gardevoir-None: Will's most recent Pokémon, captured when already at the Gardevoir phase, Gardevoir, like Pidgeot, used to be quite naive. When Will first met Gardevoir, she was living with her brother, a Gallade, as well as a few other Psychic type Pokémon who believed that they were much better off without humans. Her older brother sheltered her a bit too much, teaching her nothing about the real world except that humans were naturally evil. Now however, Gardevoir is one of the most intelligent of the group, earning the respect of others, even the loner Blastoise. Her psychic powers have gotten will out of many of the unfortunate situations he often is dragged into

(not done yet, still need to edit. Do not accept/deny until i say that It is done)
Edit: my form is now done
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Name: Nate Beck
Description: He is very friendly to everyone, but when someone bullies him he's in it for a pokemon battle. He wears a red and white hat and a black hoodie. He couldn't tolerate his parents anymore so he left his house and found a Pokemon lab and got Froakie. It would later evolve into Greninja and he hasn't been worried about his parents since then.
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Team: Staraptor. Personality: Surprised. Staraptor would usually fly to any city for Nate but then get's surprised.

Greninja. Personality: Happy. Greninja likes his other teammates and is friends with them.

Venusaur. Personality: Confused. Venusaur always doesn't know what he's doing.

Luxray. Personality: Brave. Luxray would stand up for battle to protect Nate.

Sylveon. Personality: Scared. Sylveon hides when she sees new trainers.

Flareon. Personality: Hyper. Flareon loves to play a lot.

Will this work?
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Name: Jack Devlin
Description: Jack is of average size and build of his age, He wears a white cap with a black stripe on it, he wears a Grey Sleeveless shirt with Red Shorts down to his knees

Shiny Umbreon- Star, A Quiet pokemon who would rather not fight but is fierce is she does, Umbreon is the Sister of his first pokemon Sylveon, Umbreon will not hesistate to save Jack whenever he needs help

Lucario-Impact: Impact nearly never talks, He always is training or battling and never helps his teammates and finds Flare to be "Underpowered"

Charizard- Flare: Hates Impact alot, Flare balances out battling and resting very well and always takes care of Star and Claw

Beldum- Claw: Claw is one of Jacks newest captures, Claw is very shy and does not like to meet new pokemon and would rather stay under Flares wing

Zangoose- Scar: Scar is the second Battle ready pokemon on Jacks team, Scar is always getting into battles with Impact and Gallade and never wants to be in a world where ha cannot battle

Gallade-None: Gallade is Jacks newest capture and was captured in a odd way, One day Jack was walking and ran into a Gallade, Through brain waves the Gallade told jack to capture him, Which he did, Gallade is always battling Impact and Scar, other than that Jack does not know much about Gallade

(I have seen some really weird delta species pokemon like a Ice type Jolteon and A fire type Gyarados)
(Other ones i found: Fire type Mewtwo, Fire and Dark type Garchomp, Steel Type Pikachu, Fighting type Blastoise, Electric Type Fearow, Electric Type Latios, Psychic Type Typlosion, Electric Type Gyarados, Fighting Type Elekid, Electric Type Feraligatr, Electric Type Rayquaza, Water type Rayquaza and last a Water Type Mew)
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(This is for @Excalibur Queen , they sent it to me because I phrased my sentence wrong)


Description: Zoey has an average build for someone of her age. She has short blonde hair, some of which frames her face.


Gender: Female


Mightyena-Cody: Slightly larger than the average Mightyena, standing 3’ 6’’. He’s loyal to his team and anyone he trusts and can be quite protective.

Roserade-Bella: Sweet, kind, generous, graceful, and a competitive spirit. Bella once took on five Growlithes by herself back when she was a Roselia. After being rescued and treated kindly by Zoey and her team after she had been wounded by the Growlithes, Bella gladly accepted the offer to join her team. She sees Cadpig as her daughter.

Grumpig-Cadpig: Smaller than the average Grumpig, standing at 2’ 7’’. Cadpig is incredibly sweet and happy, though she had been abused because she was smaller than normal, even as a Spoink. Cadpig is fascinated by Pokemon Contests and dreams of being in one someday.

Chandelure-Whisper: Instead of pretending to lead lost people, Whisper had been lost as a Litwick. He saw Zoey and followed her out of curiosity. Zoey and what had been her team then gladly shared their food with Whisper. He has been with them ever since then.

Samurott-Riptide: Brave and loyal Riptide was rescued from poachers by Zoey when Zoey started out back when he was an Oshawott. Riptide has proven himself time and time again that he’s willing to do anything for his trainer and teammates. A sort-of father figure to his teammates.

Talonflame-Marianna: Shy and cautious due to her past. Marianna wants to make new friends but is still learning how, with the help of her teammates. Marianna loves fashion and doing aerial tricks. She’s a sweetie at heart and will preen her teammates on occasion.
@Meepy , You need to state what type your Charizard is. Other than that it would be accepted, though you can have more Delta Species if you wish.

@Pokemon Ranger Kip , Please give me more info about your Pokemon beside Moves. Even then, I go by Manga Rules, so you don't need to list moves.

@SMRPG64 , Accepted. Seen you on some really nice Roleplays too. So great to have you.

@Pokemon Master Nate , Please provide more info on your Pokemon I go by manga rules too, so moves are not required to be listed

@MegaCharizardZ Accepted
Would just like to say, this is the most popular Roleplay I have ever done already. Wow, I guess people wanted the Delta Species

Also fun fact, Delta Species Meowth is dark type, so Alola Meowth has been around for about 10 years now.
Name: Holly
Description: Holly is a short girl with dark brown hair and green eyes. She is feisty and easily annoyed, and she doesn't like to be called short. When she is approached, and people don't immediately comment on her height or insult her in some way(knowingly or unknowingly), she becomes flustered. Because of this, it's very hard for her to make friends.

Leafeon- Leafeon is very strong in willpower. If he is given a command, he will keep peservering. He isn't shy, and will go up to any trainer or their Pokemon just to talk. Leafeon is basically the leader of the team.

Rapidash- Rapidash is a kinder Pokemon. She has a hard time battling, because she never wants to hurt other Pokemon, quite unlike Leafeon. This Pokemon is the go to for Holly if anyone has been injured, as Rapidash is almost like a mother to anyone she sympathizes with.

Swanna- Swanna is a very conceited Pokemon. He will always be bragging, often leading to Leafeon's annoyance. In battle, Swanna adds extra movements before executing a move, or if he deems it unnecessary, he won't use that move at all.

Luxray- Luxray is very protective of Holly, and will not show any mercy if she is attacked. Luxray is a dirty battler, and this usually gets Holly disqualified. She is one of Holly's first Pokemon, but she doesn't show it. This Pokemon helps Holly get through caves and dark places.

(Are Pokemon allowed to be caught later in the RP?)
Name: Isaac Willow
Description: Isaac tries his best to be quiet and polite, but can be too snarky at times. He also never shuts up when he starts talking. He has short light brown hair and dark brown eyes, and is short for his age. He usually wears a black hoodie and jeans, his best attempt at being inconspicuous. He also wears relatively thin and bendy glasses that look like they could snap at any moment. He came from the Holon region, where his father was a scientist looking for Mew.
Age: 18
Gender: Male

Delta Arcanine / Male / Akela (Ice/Dark) Base Stats 555 (standard)
This Delta Arcanine is a staunch leader. He possesses many markings and scars he probably received from battles prior to his capture, and thinks of his teammates as a pack where he is the leader. Unlike any normal Arcanine, he emanates a light blue glow.
Delta Golurk / Genderless / Rune (Steel/Ghost) Base Stats 495 (+12 total) This Delta Golurk was found hidden deep in an ancient temple as a Golett by Isaac. It rarely makes any signs of life at all, if it never battled it would be hard to argue it as a Pokemon. It tends to make no movements outside of battle, a mysterious dark grey glow following it wherever it may be.
Delta Scizor / Female / Amy (Bug/Electric) Base stats 505 (+5 total)
Not much is known about the ruthless, cold-hearted Pokemon known as Amy the Clamp-Amp. Caught as a Scyther, this Pokemon quickly took its own path, refusing to accept rules and showing no mercy. No signs of emotion or happiness come from her, and not even Akela dares to pick a fight with her. She loves to clamp her claws on an opponent and let out full charge through her metal encased body. Only the glowing yellow aura around her and her neon yellow eyes show her true intentions.
Delta Arbok / Female / Samantha (Fire) Base stats 455 (+17 total)
Samantha, or Sam as she prefers to be called, may be the weakest Pokemon on the team, but despite being all happy and nice she will really lay the sass on if you happen to mention it. And that attitude often results in burning venom, portrayed in the glowing light red aura around her and on her markings.

Hopefully this is acceptable.
@Generation Sect

Well, you are using all Delta pokemon, so you could be the Delta trainer if you wish. This means you would have higher responsibility over everyone in the rp.
I do need someone to fit this role. (Note this does not mean you control all Delta pokemon, rather it means you have the means to tame them and use them for your command) This would also mean you are the Antagonist of the Rp. If so, I suggest you should have more Delta Pokemon. (feel free to make the Garchomp in the starter yours. You can set its typing)

I saw it has been adjusted, Accepted. Just a small thing I forgot to mention, If Generation Sect decides to be the Delta Trainer you will have to deal with Delta Charizard not always obeying orders. Just when they are around though. Even then, it's still your pokemon, so most likely it won't attack you and you can pull a "I know you are still in there" Cliche

@Pokemon Trainer Nate
I don't know if you are editing it right now, but have Pokemon personality, don't just state the team. (That may sound counter productive seems how I just said you don't need moves on there, but I am looking for how the Pokemon reacts to certain situations. Then I can suit plot devices for all of us better)
that works...but I would like a little more. Use one of the Aceepted bio's as an example. History isn't required, though usually is explained because it elaborates on personality
Sorry, but it Improves how you roleplay as a character Overall. If you can find reasons why they are that way, then they feel more real, and in turn improves writing quality.
I said what region we are in within the post.
Also, yes they are, but there is a rotation. I am trying to message you saying you were not to post yet, but it wont go through