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Ask to Join Pokemon: The Delta Species

(Link to Discussion Thread http://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-the-delta-species.14522/)

"Wait, what you are saying is that there has been Pokemon around here, showing characteristics of types that are not there own?"

"Yes! They have been terrorizing us! We don't know how to combat them!" A man replied to Ahnoah's remark.

"Well, shouldn't the league be taking care of this? What can I do, it's not like I have even beaten the league."

"Well, your Pokemon seem strong enough to at least defeat one. Please, we need as many trainers as we can get."

"Fine, not like we have anything better to do anyways. Also, seems like a bit of an adventure." Ahnoah said.

Lately, Kalos has been ravaged by strange Pokemon, not of normal typing to be exact. They seem to show a higher stat average than there normal counter-parts as well. Coumarine City was recently attacked by a Garchomp of unknown typing.

"So what do you think guys?" Ahnoah said to his Pokemon

"Well, when it comes down to it, We can out gun it. My air sac Tension should be filled to the max though, and Tiberius should get some flash fire bonus as well. Then we should have a pretty good shot." Caesar replied, being the mon on his team that is known to surprise almost all trainers due to his Tension ability. He is used to taking on opponents that have significantly higher stats then his own, so he believes it will be a piece of cake.

"Well, we don't know what will be effective against it. We just have to throw out things until it works." Zehriyah added in, she seemed more concerned for the others though, being the more worried one for the others in the group.

Suddenly, Tiberius began barking, though not his usual loud bark due to Ahnoah telling him to tone it down lately. That Garchomp came back, and was in a flurry as well.

"Well no more time for talking, we have a battle on our hands." Ahnoah said, running towards the Garchomp.
"Lets show em what we got!"

Ahnoah, and his group of Pokemon all sprung into action. Which Zehriyah the Zoroark, Reina the Staraptor, and Stardom the Sylveon immediately fell victim to a Night Slash.

"You alright? Caesar, Mach Punch! Tiberius Fire Blast, Autumn Dragon tail!" Ahnoah didn't have time to think that much, so he just had to see what worked and what didn't.
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"It's too dangerous" The man decided as he and Will Whitman watched the desperate battle against the Garchomp "it would be better to just run"

"Run then" Will replied "I'm not a coward, I will fight that thing, whatever it is"

"No!" The man said "you can't, have you seen what it can do?"

"I don't care!" Will said "innocent people and Pokemon are in danger! All throughout the region it's the same, I can't just stand by and watch"

Man shrugged "Your funeral" He said as he began to walk away

Will leapt onto Pidgeot and the two sped towards the Garchomp, when he was just behind it, will jumped off and sent out Blastoise, Wobofett and Gardevoir

"We have no idea what we are up against" he said to his Pokemon "attack it with whatever you have!"
Blastoise fired a Hydro Pump at the Garchomp, the water blasted towards Garchomp, while Gardevoir used Psychic, Pidgeot stayed near the back in case Will needed to make a quick exit, and Wobofett stood by to reflect any attacks.

Will smiled, the Garchomp would be distracted by the other person attacking him, and unaware of the attack behind him, and would not be able to fend the both of them off anyways,
Mach Punch and Hydro Pump seemed like the strongest hitting attacks on Garchomp, while Psychic and Fire Blast seemed the least effective.

The Garchomp was pushed away severely by the Dragon Tail from Autumn, sending to more in the direction of the second set of attacks.
"Hm...So it has to be dark type, and fire typing seems very likely...Also great to know I'm not the only one in this."

Caesar bounced back after the Mach Punch, but was struck with a Flare Blitz, which caused his Air Sac to expand to around half.

"Alright, now we are getting somewhere. Caesar, Aqua Tail!" Caesar launched at propelling speed and hit with a much more force than Mach Punch, though Aqua tail has more power.

The Garchomp stagnated from the hit, almost falling on the secondary trainer battling it. Though it got back up, and used flare blitz directly into Autumn, K.O.ing her on Impact. Then the Garchomp turned around at the other trainer, looking at the Blastoise.

"Autumn! Tiberius, help Zehriyah get her!" Ahnoah shouted. Stardom seemed to be using calm mind, due to the situation being highly stressful.

"Look out! Caesar, stay on the offensive! Make sure no one else gets hurt! Reina, go with him and if it comes down to it, Final Gambit. You will know when to use it." Ahnoah said, clearly becoming overwhelmed through sweating, though it might be just the heat

Reina flew back into the fight using Close Combat due to fighting type attacks proving to be effective.
"Bella, Whisper, Cadpig, hit that Garchomp with everything you've got. The rest of you, fall back." Zoey said. Cadpig aimed a Psybeam at the Garchomp. Bella aimed Poison Sting at the Garchomp. And Whisper aimed a Confuse Ray at the Garchomp.
Kip saw the commotion outside and grabbed her bag and pokeballs of her desk, and ran outside to help. "Electivire and Charizard, come out and help us out." Kip said throwing her Pokémon out of their pokeballs. Then Charizard got hit by Gachomp. "Electivire Giga Impact, Charizard get up and use Flamethrower on Electivire."
(I drew most of this pic)
IMG_4562.jpg (Aka: Flaming Impact)
(Just being Garchomp right now)
Garchomp was not really effected by the psybeam. Though the confuse ray seemed to hit, it didn't seem to due much, beside send the Garchomp on more of a flurry that it already is. The poison sting landed though, but due to the confusion, it didn't really do much but damage.

The Garchomp noticed the Flaming Impact, and prepared a counter of it of his own. Garchomp began charging a Dragon Pulse, and Fired it at the Flaming Impact.
"Bella, fall back. Cody, use Bite. Riptide, use Water Gun." Zoey said. She stood behind the Water Type that had been her first Pokémon. Both Pokémon obliged. They aimed their attacks at the Garchomp.

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Alright, folks.
I've been contacted by the person who started the thread - and they requested that I step in to demand an immediate upgrade to the quality level of this RP immediately. People like Pokemon Ranger Kip and Excalibur Queen - stop posting one-liners and start posting paragraph. Put some details, description, anything into your posts. Try to follow SilverSolis' example here re: the quality anticipated from posts.

If I am specifically contacted about anyone else posting a one-liner with insufficient detail, they will be removed from this thread effective immediately.
Ok @StellarWind Elsydeon, is this better?
"Charizard and Electivire keep attacking and don't stop." Kip said, then asked a man nearby, "Do you know what happened to this Garchomp?"

The man responded "No, but please, protect our city."

"I will do my best." Kip told the man, then went back to her Pokemon. "Charizard, use Heat Wave and Flamethrower, and Electivire use Thunder and Thunderbolt."
(OOC: Alright. @StellarWind Elsydeon , is this better?)
"Okay, Riptide fall back. We need a new strategy. Cody, use Bite. Whisper, use Confuse Ray. Marianna, use Brave Bird. Cadpig, try another Psybeam. We need to find something that works." Zoey said. "Grumpig grumpig grumpig." Cadpig said with a nod. "Samurott samurott samurott, rott." Riptide said. He drew something on the ground that resembled so semblance of a plan. "Okay, Riptide will try Megahorn to see if Bug type moves have any affect on this Garchomp. The rest of you will go with what I said earlier." Zoey said. All but Bella nodded in response and prepared to unleash their attacks on the Garchomp. Cadpig, Whisper, Cody, and Marianna aimed their attacks first. Riptide prepared to use Megahorn. after they unleashed their attacks.
"Ok it hit but it didn't do much damage, Charizard, Brave Bird and use Flamethrower on yourself while your doing it. Now Electivire use thunderbolt under garchomp so the only way it can escape is up." Kip commanded. Kip walked into the trees behind garchomp to see if its trainer was nearby.
"This isn't working" Will said to himself and his Pokemon "We need to try something else"

"Blastoise, Hydro Pump on Wobofett!" he shouted, and Blastoise fired a massive spout of water towards Wobofett

"Gardevoir use Psychic on Wobofettt!" he shouted, and Gardevoir also attacked Wobofett

"Pidgeot use Air Cutter" He shouted, and three flying scythe thingies at Wobofett

The attacks all hit Wobofett at the same time, and Wobofett absorbed them all, with a tiny bit of health remaining

"Now Wobofett, using the power absorbed from the others' attacks!" Will shouted "Super Mirror Coat!"

A massive wave of power came out of Wobofett and sped towards the Garchomp
Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 2.48.23 PM.png
(@Excalibur Queen I can say that is much better, and I mean MUCH better)
Zehriyah and Tiberius ran with the fainted Serperior up to Ahnoah, while the other Pokemon kept Garchomp preoccupied. Tiberius seemed the most worried for Autumn, though Zehriyah was concerned, she didn't seem all that worried.

"Alright, Tiberius stay here. We need as much defense as we can get and you're our tank. Zehriyah, do your thing. Autumn, it's going to be alright...you have taken worse."

Zehriyah seemed to make two other illusions of herself, and Darted at Caesar at full speed, landing a night slash and filling his air sac up to full. Caesar instinctively charged up a Focus Punch while the Garchomp was distracted. At the same time, the Illusions attacked, but none of them landed a hit, instead a hit came from above. Then the 3 Zoroark disappeared and revealed an other in a completely different place, right next to Caesar.

"All their attacks are coming now Caesar, ready for the finishing blow?" Zehriyah asked, with a bit of a snicker in her voice. She knew that if they are defeated the Garchomp, that they would be considered heroes, which is something Zehriyah is concerned with being other Dark types giving her a bad name.

" 'Course I'm ready, just waiting for that tidal wave of an attack. Probably do the most damage when that hits, ya know?" Caesar said back, with a bit of a cocky smile.

Meanwhile, Stardom was using wish, being more of the team medic this match, which is usually Autumns job, but due to the circumstances, Ahnoah put her on the attack. Once the wish landed on Autumn, she recovered minimal health, due to being fainted, though enough to move.

"Sorry for letting that happen Autumn. Just rest until the end of the fight, you need it." Ahnoah said, with a bit of shame in his voice.

Tiberius was whining, but also was happy that Autumn was OK. Tiberius used Sunny Day on his own accord, to help Autumn heal with Synthesis. "There ya go Autumn. You can do the plant thing right?" Tiberius said, though in 'Pokemon' language, due to Zehriyah not being able to hear what he said.

"Yeah...I'm fine, I just wish I could take that...*cough cough*" Autumn began hacking, as if she had some smoke in her lungs, which she did. Little puffs of black would come out with every cough, and would disrupt her healing process. She kept coughing, until she fell over from the smoke. Stardom rushed to Autumn, confused with whats going on. She didn't see it as a status condition, so she did not use heal bell, instead she tried an other wish, which did seem to heal her wounds more, but wouldn't stop the coughing.

Ahnoah rushed over to Autumn, unsure what to do. He could try to put her asleep to slow down her breathing, but it wouldn't help much because it could leave the smoke in there longer.

"Autumn, I don't know what to do. This isn't a status condition...it must be the smoke from the Flare Blitz...We need to get you help and fast. Caesar, I swear if you don't send that thing into the Ocean then I will be highly disappointed in your skill as a fighter. " Ahnoah said, trying to get him to do more damage than needed.

Caesar disappeared almost instantaneously, and a loud SMASH could be heard from where the Garchomp was. It took the damage, and seemed to be K.Oed right there, but there was still a wave of attacks coming. Caesar landed, with very light steam coming from his fist. When he landed, it revealed all the wounds on his body due to the Air Sac deflating.

"Nice job Caesar...Nice job." Ahnoah said, with a smirk on his face. Though it immediately turned to a frown, for Autumn was not cured of the smoke, it was merely revenge for an injured ally.

Garchomp Staggered, and then fell over on to the ground, watching as the wave of attacks get ready to hit it. This was the end of his terror, but it does not answer the question why it happened. Why was this Garchomp a Different typing? These trainers would find out soon enough.

(The official typing is revealed, Dark Fire)
((Is this better))

Kip knew that if the attack hit garchomp it would be severely injured "Electivire, try and stall or break through the wave and Charizard go get garchomp out of there!" Kip commanded her Pokemon and the responded in 'Of corse'. Electivire used thunder on the wage but it didn't do much. Charizard used slash on the wave bet it just created three smaller waves, so Charizard grabbed garchomp and flew out. "Everyone lets destroy those waves. Electivire, Charizard, Flaming Impact and get rid one of the waves!" Kip yelled

The Flaming Impact smashed one of the waves but Electivire had taken too much damage and fainted "Electivire return, you did well Electivire." Kip said as she returned Electivire to its pokeball.
"Wait what" Will said as he looked at Kip and the weakened Garchomp "I mean, did you just save that thing? I understand I guess but it... it did kill like five people and almost killed all of us"

He wondered why Kip would save the Garchomp, but decided she must have sound reasonig. "Quick, use Hypnosis on the Garchomp" he said

"Blast Blastoise (isn't this Garchomp a dark type?)" Blastoise asked