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Other pokemon triple battle

First 3 that I send out are:

Lucario - mega
Moves: close combat - blaze kick -ice punch - aura sphere

Golurk - asult vest
Moves: dynamic punch - shadow punch - drain punch - earth power

Haxuros - life orb
Moves: dragon dance - dual chop - bulldoze - poison jab

(Sorry for spelling mistakes)

Lucario has a good move set to cover a majority of types but is OHKOed by fire types

Golurk is fast and a good physical sweeper but drain punch is not healing him much

Haxuros is a beast, he has a power boost and a move to strike all enemy pokemon and a move that hits twice and poison jab Is just in case of fairy and dragon dance is a good power/speed booster but I don't know what nature to give him