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Ask to Join Pokemon: Web of Lies

As Rotie took the final blow Paratmos returned it to its Pokeball and thanked Talia for the battle. Paratmos then sat on the bench as he watched the next battles ensue. He healed Rotie and let it out of its Pokeball to watch.

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The Leader of the Guardian's felt his jaw drop. He pulled his jersey over his body and stood beside JC, his arms crossed. "So. This is a proper battle." He said more to himself. He turned to the woman before back at the two children having their little battle. Jayden tightened his grip on his Black Z-Ring. He looked at Raichu whose cheeks sparked. "They both seem ready...but not ready." He sighed as he pushed his hair back, then pushed his glasses against his eyes. "Wait...That was a Mega Evolution!" He screeched internally. "That's not a good sign."
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“Nie job Talia, way to beat up on a kid.” Acacia chuckled as he walked out on the battle field to greet her. “Though he must be pretty skilled, I don’t see you use mega evolution that often.” He reached his hand out to her for a fist bump. “How’ve you been? It’s been awhile.”
She looked to Jayden who had stood next to her as her arms remained crossed against her chest. "Yes, you must have faith in yourself and your Pokemon in battle and remained focused and have a strategy ahead of time to trick your opponent into winning. Mega evolution is a special type of evolution only certain Pokemon partake when there is a strong bond between the Pokemon and its trainer. It's only a temporary evolution so once the battle ends or the Pokemon is defeated it will revert back to its original form. It can be dangerous if the trainer and Pokemon don't have a strong bond with each other which causes the Pokemon to lose control and go berserk and must be dealt with immediately" she explained. "The Pokemon becomes a lot stronger and even have a type change, another typing added or and ability change depending on the Pokemon. One of them is Absol that can mega evolve and gain the ability Magic Bounce which can bounce back a status condition move and even entry hazard moves such as Taunt and Torment. Just to make it easier for you to understand, Magic Bounce works as Magic coat does but it's a very helpful ability in Absol's Mega evolution. Mega Evolution is a whole different level of power that I can tell you but yes it can it's very problematic..." she finished.

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Previously EeviumZ
Talia returned the fist bump, grinning. "I may have been really excited to reveal my Mega Evolution with Melody in public. Melody wouldn't stop pestering me about it - day after day, whenever she was out of her Pokeball, pointing at my Mega Ring every thirty seconds. She really wanted to show it off."
At this, Melody popped out of her Pokeball, wings crossed. "Tarri!"
Talia gave her Pokemon a playful glare. "Hey, it's true."
Melody looked away, trying to hide a smile.
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“Well if you ever want to practice against someone who can use their own mega, just give me a call.” He winked jokingly, though he had been secretly craving an intense battle. Acacia hadn’t been forced to use his own mega evolution in quite some time. Blastoise smiled excitedly and hugged the fluffy Pokémon when he saw his old friend and rival.
She stood where she was seeing Jayden go hug the Blastoise and Altaria. "Jayden...your suppose to ask the trainers if its ok to hug there Pokemon..." She sighed stubbornly but soon realized it was just Raichu. "Nevermind...." She added as she just gave a small smile under her mask. Blue shook her head sighing as well watching how the Raichu hugged the Blastoise and Altaria as she remained sitting next to her partner as her gold eyes kept an eye on the trainers closely.

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Previously Team Rainbow Hope
Hazel, from a distance, spotted the group and their battle. A pale-furred Dedenne sat on her shoulder, its whiskers twitching. "Something's going on over there. A battle, probably. But why such interest?" She slowly walked over towards the group, caution in her step, trying to get a closer view.
Akali sat against a tree, eating some snacks and sharing with Sneasel. She knew she was being followed, again, and decided to just avoid doing anything until she was alone.
"Well Sneasel, looks like they won't leave us alone today." She said as she popped a gummy into her mouth.
[4:30 AM - Hoenn]

Victor slumped before the glazed window, in the fresh morning sun, squinting into the horizon. He glanced at the alarm clock to see that he had much to early of a wake-up. He could just grab some coffee and prepare for another day's research, but something urged him... go back to sleep. Indeed, he did have quite a bit of work to do and so it would be a necessary step by waking and starting his day earlier. Then, he could also have time to stop by and wish Alice (his neighbour) a Happy Birthday. But, then again... He glanced at Persevil, his Zangoose, he seemed to tilt his head towards the bed as if indicating for him to go back to sleep. "Oh well," He yawned climbing back into bed and tucking in, "It seems I do need a bit more rest.."

[4:50 AM - Hoenn]

Malice slithered from underneath the crumpled covers, and turned its head sharply towards the desk in the corner and walked to it. It released its Children, one by one, from within their containment devices and grinned oddly at them. "Well done my pretties.. you have done well indeed. He knows nothing yet, let us keep it that way. I am very pleased. Now, I have plans and contacts I must arrange swiftly," It stated. One of the children before him tilted its head, giving the impression it wanted something, the others replicated the motion as if in agreement. "Ah yes, before I begin allow me to give you your reward of pleasure."

[5:25 AM - Hoenn]

"Good, good. Well then make sure you make the arrangements. I want a a lure, a reason, a mode of transport and more information for me about the situation and environment within the time-frame of two hours that I have most generously offered you. Oh and don't forget the other business we talked about. I must leave now, I have little time myself. Au revoir," The call ended and Malice smiled in satisfaction. The several necessary arrangements had been made and it was all set out and ready.

[3:45 PM - Kanto (Approximate RP time and location).]

Victor stepped out from the musty, chemical odour of Vermillion City Airport and into the expanse of the area. "What a wonderful opportunity, being offered to go here on behalf of Kanto-Hoenn research facilities. Though really quite unexpected that they would only just call in the morning, and not earlier on. This could also give me a chance to look into all those mysterious Pokemon disappearances and whatnot that have been rumoured to be happening here." He thought to himself whilst observing the nearby people and there Pokemon. He then turned, and headed towards a nearby Cafe, situated beside a small battle arena, so to appease his grumbling stomach.


Previously SwiftSwoobat
Loki was surprised to see so much attention to this so called 'Mega Evolution'. He was curious, then strolled to the Pokemon Center, needing the map of the city to aid him. It was like a corn maze... He entered the Pokemon Center, walking over to the computer-like devices as seen in the anime. He did something to the machine that made a connection between him and Professor Elm. "Oh, hey Loki! Were you able to catch the Beedrill?", he said, enthusiastic. Loki showed him the PokeBall," Yeah, but Permafrost and Arthur here are anxious to battle, so let's get this done quickly..." The screen showed the two Pokemon bickering with each other. "What an odd thing, Arthur isn't prone to violence...", Elm paused," Anywho, try and send over the Beedrill!" Loki put the PokeBall in an attachment to the side, which fit perfectly. He pressed a button near it and the capsule device faded in a white glow. On the screen, it showed Professor Elm receiving the bee-like Pokemon. It immediately came out, giving off a large screech. Elm sighed as the screen started to go static. Loki turned the computer off, facing his Pokemon. "Listen, Arthur, Permafrost, let's try and get this battle over with--", he thought back to Talia," Actually, would you want to be on a team against two other Pokemon?" The Alolan Sandslash refused, though the Ledian smiled, agreeing. Permafrost scoffed, nodding yes in a rather passive manner. Loki walked with his two Pokemon to the battlefield, approaching Talia. He looked rather shy approaching a celebrity, though a tiny smidgen of bravery lead him to confront her. "Would... it be okay if maybe I battled you after you heal your Pokemon...?", he asked, giving off a mediocre first impression, he then remembered something," Oh, yeah, my name's Loki!" He gestured a hand shake with Talia.



Previously EeviumZ
Blinking, Talia turned to Loki, smiling. Her first public Mega Evolution had gone well, evidently.
"Sure! I'd like to heal my Pokemon first, if you wouldn't mind. The Pichu and Rotom put up a good fight." She glanced around. "Do you know where I can find a Pokemon Center? I've never been here before, so pardon my cluelessness." She laughed a bit.


Previously SwiftSwoobat
Loki pulled out the map again, examining it. "Well...", he said, still looking down," Just head down this street and it's on your right!" He said, looking back up again. He put the map back in his backpack, filled with a clutter of unorganized items. Loki hoped he provided clear directions for her. Maybe he should tell her little sister about this... she was a big fan.


Previously EeviumZ
She nodded, smiling gratefully. "Thank you! I've never been good with directions, so that's a big help. I'll be back here when I'm done."
Talia clipped her Pokeball onto her belt, heading down the street and to the Pokemon Center. She looked around, marvelling at the sights.
So similar, and yet so different to Lumiose.