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Ask to Join Pokemon Worldwide (RP)

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Pokemon, where our heroes will explore the differing regions of the Pokemon World. Beginning in the Kanto where Professor Oak has called new trainers from all around the world to take on this huge request.

1. Play nice with the other PRPers
2. No Mega Evolution, Z-Moves, Battle Bond, or Legendaries
3. Read the Sites RP Rules, click here to read them
4. No Fakemon or Pokemon Cross-Breeds
5. We go by anime rules
6. 2 Pokemon to start (No Final Stage Pokemon)
7. Try to avoid using Pokemon others are using


Chase was ready to burst with excitement as the boat drew closer to his destination. A few Pidgeys can be seen flying overhead in the clear open skies. Over looking the vast sea below, "You smell that Growlithe that's the small of our grand adventure" Chase said to the small Pokemon beside him as he took a deep inhale. Growlithe let out a small bark of agreement as both trainer and Pokemon saw land coming into view.

"So this is Pallet Town looks like we finally made it Growlithe" Chase smiled as he and the little fire pup got off the small boat the bought them. "Thanks again for the ride Mister Morgan" Chase said waving goodbye to the old man.

"It was no trouble Chase I've been meaning to take this old boat of mine out for a ride" Morgan smiled as he waved the boy off.

"Ok, if I'm reading this map right we should be arriving at Professor Oak's Lab pretty soon" Chase told his Pokemon as he puts his Town Map back inside his bag. After awhile of walking Chase founded himself standing outside the gate that leads to Oak's Lab. "Alright I just need to open the gate head inside to meet Professor Oak" Chase smiled as he goes to open the gate after giving it a few good tugs but it wouldn't open that when he noticed the sign saying the gate will open be open at a certain time. "Come on you are telling me I'm early well looks like we'll be waiting a little longer to start our journey" Chase said looking down at his Pokemon who was already sitting more than happy to wait with it's trainer.
Liana gazed out over the sea, trying to get a good look at the quickly approaching Pallet town. She'd been on the boat for about a week by now, only stopping once or twice since she'd left the port in Castella City. Not to mention she had to take a day to get through Pinwheel forest and across Skyarrow Bridge.

"Almost there, Tess." She smiled and looked down at the little Blitzle beside her. "Can you believe we're going to meet the Professor Oak! I wonder if he has any tips about researching pokemon for us?"

A little while later, the boat had successfully docked, letting Liana and Tess get off. She quickly dug out her map of Kanto from her bag, making sure not to disturb the rest of her organized maps and region guides. "Okay, the lab should be just over... there!" She looked up to find a large gate up ahead, with a boy and a Growlithe she assumed was his partner. "Hello, I'm Liana." She said as she walked over to him and waved. "Did you get Professor Oak's invitation as well?"
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Chase was playing around with his Rotom phone as he and Growlithe waited for the gates to open. When he heard a new voice talking to him looking up from his phone he saw a younger girl walking up, "Yup, I take it you got one to right" Chase reply with a smile. "The names Chase and this is my partner Growlithe" Chase introduced himself while gesturing to the small fire pup Growlithe gave Liana a small bark as a greeting. Chase took a quick look at his phone, "So seeing as it's almost time for the gates to open we got sometime to kill so where are you from?"
A car pulled up close to the Professor's lab, it was still quite a walk away, but it was as close as they could park and Anthony wanted to get a bit of walking in him before he started his journey. Beside him was his beloved Pokemon partner, Munchlax who happily gobbled a Sitrus berry that Anthony knew as his 'between meal snack', Anthony didn't mind his partner's gluttony as it reminded him of his grandfather's Snorlax who he used to play with a lot when he was younger.

"I'm still so surprised to see that this day's finally here; I'm gonna become a Pokemon trainer!" Anthony said with a rather excited tone. "It's a big step in your life, son. You never know what may happen during your travels, but it's a great way to make friends... your mother and I met on our journey, so who knows what the future will have in store." Anthony's father explained as they all stepped out of the car and looked up at the lab. "I'm sure you'll find lots of amazing Pokemon on your adventure, it'll be so different to see you travelling the region, maybe even the world." His mother said before she leaned in to give her son a kiss on his forehead. Both parents and son... and Pokemon all shared one more hug before Anthony made his way up towards the lab, he gave his parents one last smile and wave before he noticed a pair of other would-be trainers who seemed to have arrived before he did... and have trouble with the gate.

"Hey there, something up with the ga-..." Before Anthony could finish his sentence, he noticed the sign that explained everything and opened his mouth. "Right... guess our journey's gonna have to wait a lil' longer..." Anthony said with a somewhat annoyed look as he leaned against the fence, Munchlax almost mimicked his trainer as he too leaned against the wall and folded his arms with a pout... that was before his curiosity got the better of him and he decided to walk up to the Growlithe and introduce himself. "How long do you think we'll have to wait?" Anthony asked the other trainer before he went to check his phone, but not before he gave a friendly glance towards the other trainer and her Blitzle, both curious and fascinated by the sight of a Pokemon he only saw in either books or internet videos.


Previously 'Candle'
Delight shone in Coz's eyes as the cream-wooden boat came to a stop. He grinned turning to snatch up the Eevee that slept in the tip of the boat on it's checkered bandanna which had been taken off. "Thanks Mr. Torki!" He told the old man that had allowed him today in his home as a thank you for delivering. Mr. Torki waved and nodded, "Bye sonny." He said in a ragged, raspy voice as he started to paddle away. And there he was, Coz stood on the wooden dock staring at Pallet town which was right in front of him. "Here we are Milky. Our journey is starting."

In what seemed as 10 minutes Coz seemingly arrived at Professer Oak's lab. But instead of walking to the gates he sat next to bridge that ran across the river. And he watched, watched the river flow and move against the rocks. “Are you exited?” He asked Milky, who sat next to him. The Eevee instantly looked up upon hearing his trainers voice, “Eevee!” Milky said, closing its brown eyes and giving a smile. “I hope you are.” Coz mumbled reaching out to grab the twig that lay on the short sandy shore. He used this brown oak stick to poke at the rocks due to boredom. "New people.." Coz said lighty, turning to see the three and their Pokémon. "Eevee?" Milky asks and Coz couldn't help but nod, "Sure buddy, go make some friends.." And so the small Eevee ran up to the trainers with a large smile on it's face.
After having taken many different modes of transportation to get to the Professor's Laboratory, Alexander had finally ended up sprinting towards the lab. He had no idea about the time, because his Pokétch's batteries were currently dead. Agate, the Porygon, floated behind Alexander. "It won't be long before we arrive.", said Alexander, "I really hope we aren't late." "Po-ry", Agate agreed.

A few minutes later Alexander finally arrived at the gates to the lab. Upon seeing them closed, he worried that he was late, but he then noticed that a few other people were standing near the gate of the lab. Assuming he wasn't late, he let out a sigh of relief, Alexander took a moment to breathe a sigh of relief. He then found that the Pokétch did actually have a small amount of battery life left, and so he messed around with it for a bit.

After the Pokétch's batteries finally died, Alexander decided to actually try to talk to the trainers gathered at the gates to the lab. He walked over, with Agate closely following him. Upon reaching the gates, Alexander began to try to talk with the other trainers. "Hi, uh, my name is Alexander", he pointed to Agate, "and this is my partner, Agate, the Porygon. I would like to know if we're late at all."


Previously 'Candle'
Coz continued sitting on the bank of the river, his white bandanna flew in the breeze. "It's started to get a little hot.. maybe sticking my feet in won't hurt." And so he pulled of his sneakers and socks and stuck them on the grass behind him. He put his feet out on the rocks that stuck out from the moving water and.. THUMP! He slipped, scrapping his knee and hurting his wrist. Instead of moving he lay belly down sweater, bandanna and shorts soaking as the cool river water continued running under him. Luckily the injuries weren't that bad but small streams of blood started flowing through the water. Tears started falling from his eyes as he began to stand up. Limping over to the shore he lie down, huddling up to try to stay as warm as possible. Tears fell from his green eyes and drips of water fell down the grass. What a first day? Huh.. He thought wishing Milky had been over to help and not be over by the other trainers.
As Chase was currently making small talk with Liana out the corner of his eye he saw someone approaching. "Wow, looks like the Professor invited a lot of trainers" Chase chuckled. "Hey there dude its a pleasure to meet you and Agate my names Chase and this is my partner Growlithe" Chase greeted the new trainer while turning gesturing towards his Growlithe who was busy playing with an Eevee wearing a checkered bandanna. Chase was a little taken aback at the appearances of such a rare Pokemon but quickly figured that it had to belong to one of the many trainers that came to Professor Oak"s Lab.

After awhile of chatting with some of the trainers here the alarm that he set on his Rotom Phone went off. "Alright its show time" Chase smiled, turning as he watched the gates to the lab began to slowly open. Chase made his way up the path followed by his Growlithe making his way towards the large building Chase could see the Professor had a field filled with what he could assume are other trainers Pokemon enjoying themselves all across the open field. "Amazing and here I thought Oak keep all of them inside their Pokeball until their trainers ask for them" Chase commented as he continued walking until he founded him standing outside the entrance of the lab. Making his way inside he was greeted by quite the mess as a few of Oak's assistants were busy doing various things.

"Ummm...excuse I am here to meet with the Professor" Chase said to a passing assistant carrying a lot of books.

"Oh, um yes you're one of the trainers that was scheduled to meet with him today you'll be able to find him waiting further into the lab" the assistant informed him as he returned to his tasked.

Chase gave a quick thanks as he made his way deeper walking passed all the flashing machines. Where he founded an older man in a lab coat standing in front of a large computer very invested in what he was reading on the screen. "Excuse me are you Professor Oak?" Chase asked as he made his way towards the man.

Hearing the new voice the man stopped what he was doing as he turned to face the boy. "Oh, yes you must be Chase you came at the perfect time my boy I was just looking over something one of my assistants whipped up. Its a digital version of my invention the Pokedex" Oak explained, "Chase may I see your Rotom phone for a moment?" Chase handed over his phone as watched Professor Oak hook it up to the computer as it a light humming sound came from it. After awhile a ding could be heard signaling it was done as Oak handed the phone back to the boy.

"Alright you're all set I've downloaded the Pokedex onto your phone. It will allow you to record the data of any Pokemon you encounter on your journey it will also double as your trainer ID as well" Oak told Chase as he turned around to grab something off a nearby tray, "And here are some Pokeballs a journey wouldn't be a journey if you can't caught any new Pokemon" the old man laughed handing them over.

"Thanks Professor I'll make sure to call you if anything interesting happens" Chase smiled making his way out of the lab. Now back outside Chase took a deep inhale as he looked over Pallet Town, "I thought this day would never come I hope your ready Growlithe because our grand adventure starts now" Chase declared as Growlithe barked happily sharing in it's trainer's excitement.
After watching Chase and his Growlithe enter the gates of the lab, Alexander felt calm for the first time since he left Sinnoh. He was at the Lab, on time, and he was actually going to be going on a journey. Then all of a sudden, Alexander tensed up, remembering who he was about to meet. Professor Oak, one of the most famous people in the world of Pokémon Research. As Agate floated over though, Alexander relaxed. It was going to be fine, he didn't need to be nervous, etc.

So he plugged in the portable charger to his Pokétch, and waited. Alexander and Agate gazed at the clouds for a bit, and Alexander quickly took out a notebook to jot down some ideas, and theories.
"Do any Pokémon live near the altitude of clouds or higher?"
He was going to write more, before being distracted by a blaring noise coming from the Pokétch. This was it. Alexander was going to see Professor Oak. He took a few more seconds to mentally prepare, and headed through the gates.

The grounds of the surrounding area of the lab were quite large; many Pokémon were in the open area, including some Alexander had never seen. Alexander then walked into the doors of the lab. Hoping he was on time for the appointment too, Alexander walked quickly through the expansive building, with Agate floating closely in order to not cause any problems. It was hard to navigate through the different devices and the rushing assistants. Eventually, after walking through the maze that was the facility, Alexander saw Professor Oak, who was reading some papers that were messily spread in front of him.

"Hello? Uh, Professor Oak? I'm here for my, um, appointment thing, I'm one of the trainers that was told to come to your lab..." Alexander stated. Oak looked up from the papers. "Ah, I see. Is that a Porygon? Quite the interesting Pokémon, considering it's made out of computer code." Professor Oak walked towards another machine. "Do you happen to have a Rotom Phone?" The Professor asked. "No, sir, but I do have my Pokétch." Alexander said. "The hardware probably isn't enough to run some of the functions of the Pokédex... But no matter, I could just give you a regular Pokédex.", said Oak.

The Professor reached into a box and pulled out the device he had invented. "You're from Sinnoh... I'm guessing you would like the Sinnoh model? These were partially designed by Professor Rowan, while he was in this region doing research." said Oak. Alexander had actually seen this model before, it was donated to a summer camp he had attended by Rowan, and he and other people who had attended had been taught the basic mechanics of that Pokédex model by Rowan himself. Although, after all this time, Alexander didn't think he remembered how it worked. "I've thought about it", said Alexander, "and I've decided I'll go with that model."

AFter quickly plugging the Pokédex into the machine, Oak then handed Alexander the Pokédex and a few Pokéballs. "Your Trainer ID is now stored into the data." said Professor Oak. With a quick "Thank you, very much", Alexander and Agate navigated back through the lab, out of the entrance and into the world of Pokémon.

Alexander looked down the long winding path out of the small town, and took his first steps on his journey.
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After chatting with Chase for a couple minutes and getting introduced to Alexander, with Tess being a little wary of the other Pokémon at first, sticking near Liana until she was sure none of them wanted to harm her, she felt a slight buzzing in her pocket. She quickly pulled her Rotom Phone out of her pocket - they were still a relatively new thing in Unova, with the rarity of Rotom in her home region and all - and flicked off the timer she'd set. It was finally time to go inside and start her journey.

She started to funnel in after the others, but quickly noticed that Tess hadn't moved from her spot, and that her ears were twitching lightly. She followed the striped Pokémon's gaze into the nearby woods, and just barely caught a flash of blue near what looked to be a small stream. She cast a worried look at the quickly receding backs of the others before walking towards the woods, Tess quickly falling in beside her.

Picking her way past low hanging branches and over large roots, she quickly came across a boy lying in the grass, looking completely soaked and bleeding from a few small scrapes. "Arceus, are you okay?" She kneeled down next to him, already rifling through her bag from some bandages. "What happened? Did you fall in?" Her hand closed around a pack of Band-Aids, which she drew out and offered to him. "Here, you can use these. Not to be to intrusive, but what were you doing out here?" She cocked her head to the side.


Previously 'Candle'
He pushed himself up, looking to the girl. "I stepped in and slipped. I was just a gut hot and wanted to feel the mossy rocks. But then.." He sighed, pointing to the scraps on his knee and his maybe sprained wrist. "I was just out here, mainly avoiding the contact I'd have to make with some trainers before I'd go into Professer Oak's lab." Coz gave a short smile and softly took the Band-Aid's from her hand, "Thanks.." He mumbled, beginning to carefully open up the top. He searched around for his bag which hag been laying next to his shoes and grabbed it. Coz looked around inside with his hand and then pulled out a white handkerchief, he used this to carefully try and wash away the blood the still remained on his leg and knee. Then he placed the large Band-Aid onto his knee and sighed of relief. "I'm Coz, Coz Topaz. And you are?" He awaited the answer, placing the Band-Aid box next to her. "Awww." He said to the striped Pokémon beside her, then seeing as Milky had not arrived just yet.
It didn't take Chase long to find his way out of the small town that was Pallet. Making his way into Route 1 walking down the dirt path Chase was enjoying the fresh air watching a flock of Pidgey flew overhead. "Hey Growlithe what do you say should we try to add a new friend to our team?" Chase asked looking down to the fire pup. Growlithe gave an excited bark as it headed off the dirt path and into the forest with Chase following right behind. "So have you find anything yet buddy?" Chase asked watching Growlithe sniffing the ground as it walked on ahead. After walking for awhile Growlithe came to a stop letting out a bark while pointing ahead. "Oh, sweet you found something" Chase said excitedly walking up to some brushes Growlithe stopped in front of crouching down he peered through it. To see a small clearing off in the distance a shadowy figure appears to be eating some berries.

"What is that its a little to far to tell exactly it kind of looks like a Pidgey" Chase said squinting his eyes trying to make out the Pokemon. "Well doesn't matter my partner went through the trouble sniffing it out then a Pidgey will be my first caught" Chase declared as he and Growlithe engaged the figure. "Alright Growlithe lets start this off right use Ember!" Chase ordered thrusting out his hand, Growlithe barked as it launched a flurry of embers towards the unknown Pokemon hitting it along with burning its berries. As the Pokemon picked itself back up from the surprise attack to Chase's surprise it wasn't a Pidgey but a very angry looking Spearow he quickly took out his Rotom phone to scan it.

"Spearow the Tiny Bird Pokemon, Spearow has a very loud cry that can be heard over half a mile away. If its high, keening cry is heard echoing all around, it is a sign that they are warning each other of danger." Read off Chase's phone as he put it away.

Spearow quickly took to the sky as it flew towards Growlithe it's beak glowing white with energy. "Quick Growlithe dodge it!" Chase called out, Growlithe tried its best move out of the way only to be hit receiving a decent amount of damage. Keeping up the pressure Spearow dived back towards the downed pup its wings becoming coated with steel. As this was happening Chase tried his best to come up with a plan to get Growlithe out of this situation when it hits him. "Growlithe roll out of the way" Growlithe rolled just in time to avoid the attack, "Here our chance use Ember" Growlithe fired a series of embers striking Spearow shooting it down. "Nice work partner leave it to me" Chase smiled throwing a pokeball at the descending bird sucking it inside. The ball shook a few times before a click could be heard signaling Spearow was successfully caught. "Alright the first capture of our journey was a success" Chase said picking up Spearow's ball.
Alexander walked through the forest, currently, out of the Pokémon he had seen, there wasn't any that he wanted to catch. The most interesting Pokémon, and the only Pokémon he had seen thus far was a few Rattata running through the bushes. Even after using his Pokédex to learn more about Rattata, they weren't very interesting.

Bird Pokémon flew overhead, but they were too high up to attempt to engage in battle, Agate couldn't hover that high, nor could Alexander toss a Pokéball that high. Sighing, he continued to walk down the long path, hoping that something interesting might appear, that he could catch. Or at least one of the many bird Pokémon could fly down.

"So... those flying Pokémon are Spearow... and those ones are Pidgey..." Alexander remarked after checking his Pokédex. Looking back to Agate, he wished that Agate had some kind of attack with enough range to hit on of the flying Pokémon. At this point, Alexander would try to catch even just an interesting looking Bug-type.

As if on cue, a small worm-like Pokémon crawled from the bushes. Alexander quickly took out his Pokédex to scan this Pokémon.

Weedle, The Hairy Bug Pokémon. It eats its weight in leaves every day. It fends off attackers with the needle on its head.

"Well, it isn't a Rattata, it isn't flying, and it has a huge stinger on its head. That's pretty cool." he said, while preparing a Pokéball to catch the bug. "Agate, use Tackle!" Agate rushed towards the Weedle, and almost instantly, it was quite damaged. The sudden damage it had taken shocked Alexander. "It must be decently weak..." he remarked.

"Go! Pokéball!" Alexander yelled. It started speeding towards the Weedle. Due to it already being quite weakened, it was easily caught. Picking up the ball, Alexander looked at it, before placing it in his pocket. "This is my first catch... huh? Well, I better continue. I wonder if the others have caught any other Pokémon?"


Previously 'Candle'
Coz looked around, seeing as the girl wasn’t going to reply. So he just nodded, stood up and began pushing past the cedar and oak branches that hung low to the ground. “Ahh I’m late.” He mumbled seeing as the black and sliver metal gates had been open. “I bet the others are already on route 1, maybe even 2!” He gave a less than welcoming smile to himself. Coz would’ve definitely preferred to have left with the others having known he has never been on the Kanto region before.

So the orange haired 11 year old entered the Lab. “Hello Professor Oak!” Coz called, hopping the older looking professor would hear him. “Trainer come back here!” Oak yelled back as Coz began walking towards the back of the Lab where Oak was. The Professor seemed rushed as he quickly added the Pokèdex to his Pokètch. Coz was handed back his Pokètch as Oak nodded and smiled. “I’ll see you then.” He called out to him as Coz left the building.

He quickly found his way put of Pallet and onto Route 1. Milky soon spotted a Rattata, the purple thing waving it’s tail at the Eevee. “Eevee!” Milky called, jumping out in front of Coz. “Milky use quick attack!” Coz soon said loud enough for the Eevee and Rattata to hear. Rattata turned using tail whip. “Eevee Quick Attack one more time!” He said again.

He pulled upon the red white and black Pokèball; throwing it at the fainted Rattata. It shook two times before yellow blue and pink stars appeared above it, centering that it had been caught. “Rattata has been registered to your Pokèdex.”
The lady voice that seemed to be the Pokèdex said. “Great.” He placed the now small Pokèball down into his bag and continued searching for more Pokémon.

Coz’s journey had just begun.
Chase was making his way out of the forest back to the dirt path off in the distance he saw Alexander battle and successfully catch a Weedle. "Wow, that was a nice catch" Chase said making himself known as he walked up to the other trainer, "Nothing like catching your first Pokemon to mark the beginning of one's journey." Chase smiled proudly showing off the pokeball containing his newly caught Spearow.
"You've already caught a Pokémon? Nice." Alexander said, before looking down the long path to wherever the next city, or town was. "I'm going to continue, I think I'm good with the Pokémon I have for now, unless, you wanted to have a Pokémon battle or something. Or if you just wanted to talk. That's fine too."
Anthony went with everyone else to Professor Oak's lab, he smiled, but stayed quiet when the professor greeted everyone and provided them with their Pokedexes, Anthony had his provided to his Rotom phone. When Anthony got what he needed, he walked out of the lab and began to make his way towards Route 1, his Munchlax stayed close every step of the way. As both trainer and Pokemon looked around, neither could see any interesting looking Pokemon around, although he did notice one trainer that he saw from the lab in the midst of catching a Pokemon for their team.

"Congrats!" Anthony called as he decided to walk towards them, offering a small and somewhat lazy clap as he approached. "Each new Pokemon you get will likely become an invaluable asset in the future." He said while he put his eyes in his pockets, although Munchlax turned his head to hear some rustling in a nearby bush. "What's wrong, Munchlax?" Anthony asked as he turned his head to where Munchlax looked. When the rustling stopped, Anthony knew something was about to come out, Munchlax did as well and started to assume a defensive stance.

Suddenly, a small purple rodent Pokemon pounced out from the bush, although before Anthony assumed it was a Rattata, he noticed the large ears and horn that it possessed, Anthony smirked at the sight of his potential first catch. "A Nidoran, whaddya say Munchlax? Add him to the team?" He asked his Pokemon, Munchalx looked back at Anthony with a confident smile and nod. "Alright then, time for the first move of many, Tackle!" Anthony said as he held his arm out, Munchlax dashed forward and ran straight in to Nidoran who winced in pain before his horn began to ooze with a purple liquid, then the Nidoran began to attack with a tackle of his own, his horn pointed directly for Munchlax.

"Quick, dodge it, then use Lick!" Anthony commanded, Munchalx immediately jumped to the side before the poisonous horn landed, then stuck out his tongue to whip it at Nidoran, the shock from such a strange choice of moves caused the Nidoran to shudder before he attempted to use the same attack as before. "Let's take that head on Munchlax, Tackle!" Anthony said more confidently than before, Munchlax charged towards Nidoran and the two suddenly collided, both Pokemon seemed to clearly feel each other's attacks, but Munchlax seemed more fine while Nidoran struggled to stand up.

Anthony smiled and got a Poke ball out of his pocket and prepared to throw as if he was a baseball bowler and threw the Poke ball at Nidoran, when the ball hit, the Nidoran turned into a strange red light that got sucked in to the spherical capsule, the ball shook once, then twice, then a third time... then suddenly let out a ding to notify a successful capture. Anthony makes a fist and punches the air above him. "Alright!" He cheered while Munchlax jumped for joy at his first successful battle against a wild Pokemon, Anthony walked to the Poke ball and picked it up before he let the Nidoran out, unlike how aggressive he was before, the Nidoran seemed more calm.

"Hey there lil' guy, the name's Anthony, this here's Munchlax, I hope you and I will get along well." He said softly and moved an arm to pet the Poison type Pokemon, Nidoran gladly moved his head to take the pat. Anthony then returned his newly caught Pokemon to his Poke ball and put it on his pocket, then he got out Munchlax' Poke ball and went to return him to it. "Thanks for the help today, Munchlax, you go ahead and rest for now." He said and put the Poke ball back in his pocket.
It seemed like just another day when light shined on James's eyes, waking him up. He got out of his bed and took a look at his calendar, noticing the current date, "Oh, wait, isn't today...?" he got interrupted by a realization as he quickly scanned the room to look for a clock, and when he found one, he couldn't help but let out and audible scream, "I'm late! So, so, so late!" he said, with a panicked tone in his voice, he quickly got dressed and headed down stairs.

He's been staying at his aunt's house for the past few days, since she lived in Pallet Town it was nothing but convenient for James to go stay with her for a few days before beginning his adventures, and, despite his auntie's best efforts, it seems James is just as messy and unorganized as ever, "Good morning auntie!" He said as he rushed downstairs and began looking for his Rowlet, he found Rowlet resting on the couch and quickly woke it up, after which, they both quickly sat down and ate as fast as they could before heading outside, "Alright auntie, I'm going out now, see you soon!" he told her before heading to the door and putting his shoes on, "Don't forget to be careful out there, make sure to make many friends and have fun on your journeys, that's what matters!" his Auntie told him while handing him a bottle of water, which he proceeded to put in his bag, "Alright, I'm out!" he said while closing the door.

As he took his first few steps outside, he let the wind blow on his face, as he prepared himself to go on his journey. Seeing he was somewhat distracted, Row softly pecked him and pointed at his clock with his beak, James looked at his clock and suddenly remembered he was late, "Oh shoot!" he said, while running towards Oak's lab. Finally making his way towards the gates, he enters the lab and instantly needs to ask for help on directions, luckily, Oak's assistants are more than willing to help, so he eventually meets up with professor Oak.

"Ah, you must be James? I've been waiting" the professor remarked looking down at the young trainer, "hehe, sorry about that..." James said, slightly looking down in embarrassment, "It's no big deal, do you by any chance have a Rotom Phone?" the professor asked, James took out the phone from his pocket and handed it to the professor, who then installed the Pokedex, and proceeded to explain how it worked, after which, Oak provided the young trainer with a few Pokeballs of his own. James made his way out of the lab after saying goodbye to the professor.

Outside, James couldn't contain his excitement at starting a new journey, and made his way out of town as soon as he could, parting into route 1.
While making his way through the route, Rowlet couldn't help but hear rustling in a nearby bush, deciding to investigate, they encounter a purple rodent, James takes out his Rotom Phone, which proceeds to read out Rattata's pokedex entry "Rattata will chew on anything with its fangs. If you see one, you can be certain that 40 more live in the area." The Rotom Phone informed, as James put it back in his bag, more than likely ignoring anything it said, "Let's do this Row! use Peck!" Rowlet's peak began to to glow, as it went straight towards the Rattata, but, the Rattata barely managed to dodge it, only getting slightly injured, the purple rodent countered by trying to scratch Rowlet "Row! Put some distance by flying out of it's reach!" Rowlet flew into the air, where Rattata couldn't reach, not before getting a few small scratches, "Row! finish the fight with one more Peck!" Rowlet dived straight into the Rattata with it's peak glowing, it was a direct hit, and the Rattata was heavily injured, "Time to finish this!" he said as he threw a pokeball at the rodent, but, it was thrown right back at him, James tripped and scratched his head a bit before looking up and seeing a group of 6 Rattata's, "Huh...?" he said, before realizing what was going on, "Row... Let's get out of here" he said, before making a run for it with Rowlet, eventually, the Rattata's lost them out of sight.

"Well... that went just about as bad as it could go..." James remarked to his Rowlet. It wasn't a few seconds after that they heard something coming from a tree. This time, with extra caution, James checks Pidgey's pokedex entry, making sure he pays attention, "Pidegy is very docile. If attacked, it will often kick up sand to protect itself rather than fight back." James decides that It might be best to try and catch the pokemon off guard with a sudden pokeball throw, he silently approaches and throws a pokeball at it, a red light comes out of the ball as it absorbs the Pidgey and drops to the ground, the ball begins to shake, before a ding was heard, notifiying the pokemon had been caught. "Yes!" James said with a huge smile on his face, "If only catching that Rattata was this easy..." he mumbled, as he put Pidgey's pokeball in his bag and moved onto the route.

A little while later he heard talking, and took notice of two boys up ahead, one had Spiky red hair accompanied by a Growlithe and another one with messy black hair accompanied by a Porygon, he began approaching them, hoping to meet new people.
Agate made a few small beeping noises, alerting Alexander to the approaching figure. He looked back over his shoulder, and saw another person approaching. Turning around, he greeted them. "Hello! My name is Alexander. I'm assuming that you're also a trainer that set off from Oak's Lab today?"
James was approaching them, when he noticed the Porygon and began asking himself "What... is that?", he decided to brush it off for now and ask the trainer himself, when, one of the kids, the one with messy hair, turned around and greeted him.
"Oh? Nice to meet you, I'm James! Yeah, I set off from Oak's lab, I'm guessing you did too... What are you guys doing here? Going somewhere?"


Previously 'Candle'
Coz continued on his way, the reality of the whole thing seemed to mess with his head. As he continued on Route 1 he slowly saw that three trainers were gathered, all male. "Hmm?..What the heck.." Were the few words Coz mustered as he began studying them. Growlith, Porygon, Rowlet. Hmm they were rather different Pokémon, singalong that they probably weren't brothers are any close relatives. We're they freinds? We're they planning a battle? What was it?

Seeing as Coz was paying no attention, he tripped. Though he quickly stood up, dusting himself off. 'No Injuries Ever.' Definitely wasn't a saying that would fit Coz correctly due to his extremely clumsy persona. Then memories of himself sitting in the bank of the river that ran through near his wood home in the forest came to his head. It's cool water and small nips from the small fish Pokémon such as Finneon.

He shifted back to the cruel reality of earth and soon found himself wandering to the Trainer's. But as he approached, he pulled his hood up tightening the white strings so that it covered his face. "H-hello!" Coz mustered the courage to say as he stood there near yet oh so far to them. Milky sat on his shoe, just watching and observing the others Pokémon.
And though he couldn't say much more, he listened in. It wasn't eavesdropping seeing as he stood there, yet Coz thought otherwise as well. So as he listened, he found himself lost in memories again. Memories of finding Milky and the memory of being made fun of because of his horrible looking dirty self as he placed a foot in the first city he had ever been In..
Looking over to see another approaching trainer, Alexander quickly responded. "Hey... You're another trainer who started off from Oak's Lab, correct?" After finishing, Alexander quickly noted that he wasn't usually this talkative and jovial. "The rest of us all set off from the laboratory too." he said.
Turning to see who Alexander was introducing himself to Chase was met by a new trainer walking towards them. "Huh, another new trainer the same as us nice to meet ya the names Chase" Chase greeted with a smile while giving the other boy a small wave. Growlithe was getting impatient awhile listening to Chase talk with the other trainers as it begun to tug on his pants leg. "Yeah, what is it Growlithe?" Chase asked looking down at his Pokemon. Growlithe gave a bark as it pointed down the dirt path Chase smiled knowing what the fire pup wanted to do. "Alright, hey guys we can talk more in Viridian I'm going to start making my way there now" Chase told the other trainers giving them a brief wave as he continued walking down Route 1 with Growlithe happily following close behind.

After awhile of walking Chase founded him in the small city of Viridian. "I thought it would be bigger" Chase commented as he explored watching as people and their Pokemon enjoying the nice day, "Doesn't look like there is much to do here. I guess we'll just swing by the Pokemon Center to give you and Spearow a quick check up" Chase said to Growlithe. While making his way towards the large building that's when he saw a man standing at the entrance handing out flyers to passing trainers.

"Hey there by any chance are you a new trainer" asked the man excitedly.

"Umm, yes I am" Chase said while walking up to the man.

"Then this will be perfect for you" the man smiled handing Chase a flyer, "Every so often the city does a small tournament where new trainers get to show off their skills. The tournament is sponsored by Viridian's very own Gym Leader" the man informed.

"Wow, now I have to sign up by any chance will the Gym Leader be there?" Chase asked excited to get a chance to meet a Gym Leader.

"I honestly don't know the Gym Leader is a very busy man he is rarely at his gym so I can't say for sure he will make an appearance" the man shrugged.

"Okay well thanks for the flyer" Chase said a little disappointed as he made his way inside the Pokemon Center to heal his team.
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James took notice of the new kid coming in, after letting Alexander introduce himself, he also introduced himself "Hey, my name is James, nice to meet you!" he said waving at him with his eyes closed, "Like Alexander said, I'm also from Oak's lab, hehe" he let out a small chuckle at the end, James had noticed that this person was covering their face, so he tried to give off a welcoming vibe, to ease them in, he also returned the wave that the red haired boy aimed at him.
James soon noticed Rowlet was dozing off, clearly tired after the battle and how much we had to run before, he noticed the red haired boy leaving "Alright, see you there!" he said, giving the boy a small wave as he looked for Rowlet's pokeball, "Wait a second... Did I...?" he began to panic a little, emptying his pockets and looking around his bag, until the ball dropped from the bag, it was a red pokeball with a Rowlet sticker on it, returning Rowlet to his ball, "rest well, buddy" he said, as he put Rowlet in his pokeball.
He began to head off towards Viridian City, in hopes of challenging the gym there and earning his first badge, "I'm leaving too, see you guys around!" he said while walking off.

He finally made it to Viridian City, after trying to catch nearly every wild pokemon in the area and failing horribly, he began looking at the City and wondering if he went the wrong way, the City was pretty small, even compared to Cities in Alola.
James made his way to the pokemart and bought a few items and some more pokeballs, since he wasted them all while trying to catch more pokemon, he made his way around town, he wasn't in a hurry to challenge the gym, or atleast, not anymore. He was more interested in learning about the city, eventually making his way near the pokemon center, to have them check up on Rowlet, just in case he had any injuries.

While making his way there he saw a man handing out flyers, "Hello, are you a new trainer?" The man asked James, James got curious about whatever the man was handing out, "I guess you could say that... why?" James said, refusing to admit completely to being a novice, the man caught on anyways, "This'll be a perfect chance for you!" he said, while giving James the flyer, "Every so often the city does a small tournament where new trainers get to show off their skills. The tournament is sponsored by Viridian's very own Gym Leader" the man said, as if he's said this a few times through the day already.
"Oh? By the gym leader, huh?" James was completely convinced, in his mind, with a lot of confidence, James decided to sign up, assuming the gym leader would be there without even bothering asking the man, nor did he seem to care about the prize either.

In James's mind, this was a chance to prove his worth as a trainer, to show his mom, dad and brother that he's talented and capable too, and he was extremely determined to win the tournament, he entered the pokemon center with a huge smile on his face, and eyes filled with passion.
Alexander looked back at the new arrival. "I should probably go too. See you later!" He said, before strolling down the path, with Agate at his side. Taking out a map he had bought in Sinnoh before he came, Alexander studied it. "Up ahead would be... Viridian City. They have a Gym, I think?" He said to himself.

He continued to walk down the path, and eventually he caught a glimpse of Viridian. It didn't look unique, besides the fact that it was fairly tiny. As he continued, Alexander thought up strategies for his newly caught Weedle. It was weak, and its moves weren't very strong, only knowing Poison Sting, and String Shot. But Poison Sting could inflict poison, so maybe-

Alexander nearly tripped over a Ratatta. He reflexively threw out his Weedle. If he could make it stronger, then it could learn some new moves or evolve. After attempting to strengthen Weedle in battle many times, Alexander had come up with a strategy. Use String Shot, then attack with Poison Sting. This worked for every wild battle, but he wasn't sure if it would work in a trainer battle.

Defeating the Ratatta, Alexander only had to take a few steps more to reach Viridian City. Weedle had become tired during the last few encounters, so Alexander made his way towards a Pokémon Center, he paid no attention to the man handing out flyers, until he came out of the Pokémon Center, and realized it was for a tournament.

Alexander snatched up a flyer, and read it, while the man explained the tournament. "It's for new trainers, to show off their skills." the man said. Finding out a few more things like the start time, and the fact it was sponsored by Viridian's Gym Leader, Alexander ran off, to continue training Weedle for the upcoming tournament. It would have to be strong enough to put in a significant effort, as it was one of his only two Pokémon.

As he trained his Pokémon, Alexander quickly tried to think of good strategies he could use with his Pokémon. He made sure to train Agate too while waiting for the tournament.