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Ask to Join Pokemon Worldwide Travels

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Pokemon, where our heroes will explore the differing regions of the Pokemon World. Beginning in the Kanto where Professor Oak is ready to give out Pokemon to new beginning trainers.

Note: To apply for this RP you must message @PyroGaleZX with your character sheet, final Pokemon Team, and a sample of your writing.

**PyroGaleZX reserves the right to deny entree to RPers**

Furthermore, by applying to this RP you must be prepared to be a dedicated part of it, if you go idle for to long without notice you will be removed from the story (1 week max limit unless otherwise stated)

-As always review the Pokecharms Rules, every, single, one...
-As well, Pokemon Teams must be constructed using the current Gen the RP is on, or ones before it, no Pokemon Past a Generation will be allowed.
-Play an active role in the RP, get involved and keep in contact
-Trainer on Trainer violence is not going to be allowed unless for comedic purposes, same goes for Trainer on Pokemon Violence (except for antagonists)
-No. Mary. Sues!

Name: Nathaniel "Nate" Carlo
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Hometown & Region: Pallet Town, Kanto
Appearance: Nate wears a red jacket and black track pants and shoes. Nate has black hair and a red sports cap. He wears a blue backpack with a blanket, small pillow, some food and his Trainer ID.
Personality: Nate is very energetic, he's a newbie to Pokemon and often needs guidance in what he does, he doesn't make the best calls in life but does what he does with the best of intentions.



Nate woke up in bed, his Pidgey alarm clock beeping to signify the start of a new day. Nate hit the clock so it would shut up, and tried pulling the covers over his eyes as the sun crept into his room. Along his walls were posters of Pokemon League Tournaments, with various Pokemon on them for the climactic battles. Since Nate was young he had wanted to participate in a Pokemon League Tournament, and today, the day of his 12th birthday, he would finally be able to make that dream a reality.

"Nathaniel, time to wake up!" called Nate's mother, who had a bag on a chair next to a warm breakfast. The bag was packed with everything Nate would need to begin travelling. Nate eventually wandered downstairs, wearing his jacket and pants. He ate his breakfast and was filled with energy as he got his bag on. Nate tied his shoes and grabbed the door handle, before feeling a hand on his shoulder.

Nate turned to see his mom holding a red sports cap, it seemed old a beaten, "This hat belonged to your father, and his father when they travelled, and now it's yours," his mom smiled as she fixed the hat onto Nate's head, the cap fit like a glove, Nate felt a sense of pride wearing a symbol of the journey his father had taken before him. Nate looked around the house one last time, he admired the badges that belonged to his father and his travels.

Finally Nate stepped outside, as the blinding light filled his eyes, and the beautiful nature of the Kanto Region flooded his senses, today was the start of something big for him.
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Name: Shane Wilson
Gender: Male
Hometown & Region: Pallet Town, Kanto
Age: 12
Appearance: Shane has short blonde hair he wears a white pullover hoodie, brown cargo pants, and white and red running shoes. He wears a black bookbag with a town map, sleeping bag and his Trainer ID.
Personality: Shane is very headstrong he believes the easiest way to become an amazing trainer is catch only strong pokemon. At times he can come off as a little rude but he is actually a nice kid who cares deeply for his friends and Pokemon even if he does not show it.


RP Start

Shane was woken up to the feeling of something pecking at him trying his best to stop the pecking he lazily swung his arm. Trying to knock away whatever it was that was doing it but the pecking continued, "Knock it off I'm up already Pidgey!" Shane shouted as he jumped out of bed glaring at his mom's pokemon. The tiny bird only happily chirped at him as it flew out of his room and back downstairs where his mother was.

"Shane get dressed and come down here to eat you have a big day today" Shane's mother called up to her son, as she set his breakfast on the kitchen table. Shane quickly got dressed having remembered what today was grabbing everything that he set out the night before racing out of his room he nearly trip down the stairs earning a small laugh out of his mom. "Slow down Shane you have enough time there is no need to rush" Shane's mom assured the boy as she fed her Pidgey.

"Your right mom but I don't want to miss my chance to get the starter I want" Shane said as he sat down the dinner table as he started to quickly eat his breakfast Shane's mom only smiled at how impatient he was being. After having finished his breakfast he hurried towards the front door only to be stop a gentle hand on his shoulder. "Aren't you forgetting something?" Shane' mom said smiling at the boy Shane said nothing as he give his mom a quick peck on the cheek and ran out the door. "Shane be careful out there" the woman called out as she and her Pidgey watched her son race off to start his journey.
Nate looked around and quickly noticed Shane close by, "Hey Shane!" he called out, waving to his friend. Nate quickly ran over to catch up with him as a flock of Pidgey's flew over the small Pallet Town. The town wasn't very big, in fact it was small, however people lived with their Pokemon as companions in this town and many others. As Nate ran towards Shane he passed by a river where wild Poliwag and Goldeen leaped out of the water towards a elderly man who was feeding them. There was a bridge not to far off to cross the river, and the dirt path led to a hill where a tall building stood.

"How's it going? Are you excited to get your first Pokemon too?" Nate asked eagerly, bouncing a little when he reached Shane.
"Hey Nate I've been good even tho I did almost fall down the stairs rushing" Shane said scratching the back of his head out of embarrassment. "With that aside I am so excited to get my first Pokemon I already know which one I'm going to get" Shane told the other boy wearing a big smile on his face as the two continued to walk down the path towards Professor Oak's Lab.

After walking for a decent amount of time the duo finds themselves at the bottom of the hill staring up at famous Professor's Lab. "Ok, are you ready Nate in a few more steps our journey will truly begin" Shane asked looking over towards his friend trying his best to contain his excitement.
"Right," Nate nodded as he began climbing the path up towards the top of the hill, pausing as he stared at the door to Professor Oak's Laboratory. The inside was clean with a set of stairs leading up to a different floor. Down a hallway an older man stepped forwards in a white lab coat and brown pants, he was examining a slip of paper he had recieved and was about to go upstairs when he saw the trainers in his doorway.

"Oh hello, are you the new trainers I had been told about?" Professor Oak asked, as he folded the paper and placed it in his pocket in exchange for another one, he examined it and nodded, "Nathaniel and Shane, correct?"

"Y-Yes sir!" Nate exclaimed, he was in awe of the Professor he was stiff and a little nervous to be near the world's leading authority of Pokemon Research. Oak lead the two boys upstairs where a bunch of machinery was set up to monitor different attributes of Pokemon. There was also a big screen where Nate assumed Oak made all his calls from.

"Now then, you boys will be starting your very own Pokemon Adventure, so I will give you the choice of three partner Pokemon," Oak stated as he gestured to a tray with three Pokeballs on it. Oak took the first Pokeball and threw it up, it burst open with a bright light as a small green Pokemon with a bulb on it's back emerged and landed happily, it's name was Bulbasaur, the Grass Pokemon. Oak then took the second Pokeball on the tray, when he threw it up it opened and a small orange lizard with a flame on it's tail, known simply as Charmander, the Fire Pokemon. Oak finally took the last Pokeball, he threw it up and a small blue turtle Pokemon called Squirtle popped out, it was the Water Pokemon. All three Pokemon looked up at Nate and Shane.
Shane looked at all three of the starters each strong in their right but Shane already knew which of the three he was going to choose. Walking up to the starters he take a knee in front of the one he knew was going to be his partner for his journey. "Hello there my names Shane my dream is to be the world's strongest trainer. To make that dream come true I will need the worlds strongest Pokemon so what do you say will you join me Charmander" Shane spoke staring at the orange lizard. The boy didn't have to wait to long for a response as the small lizard let out a cute little roar getting a chuckle out of the boy. "That settles it welcome a board Charmander" Shane smiled as he got Charmander's pokeball from Professor Oak returning the lizard back inside the ball smiling ear to ear for having received his very first Pokemon as he walked back towards his friend. "Hurry up and get your Pokemon Nate now I really can't wait to have my very first battle with Charmander" Shane said smiling at the other boy.
"My goal is to win the Kanto League and become Champion," Nate stated as he knelt down in front of Bulbasaur, "And I think that you and me will be able to win for sure!" Nate stated confidently as he looked into Bulbasaur's eyes, Bulbasaur smiled cheerfully and nodded rubbing against Nate's leg in response, "Then Bulbasaur, you're my Pokemon!" Nate said confidently as Professor Oak handed Nate Bulbasaur's Pokeball. Nate recalled Bulbasaur back to its Pokeball and got up, turning to Shane, "Alright Shane, let's battle," Nate stated.

"Well, if it's a battle you're looking for how about we go out back?" Professor Oak suggested pointing out a window to a big grass field out back. Some Pokemon were around the area going about their business, Nate nodded and quickly ran downstairs and out back as fast as he could.

Nate stood in the field and readied his Pokeball as Professor Oak made his way to act as referee.
Name: Alexander Glazkov
Age:12 Gender: Male
Hometown and region: Pallet Town, Kanto
Personality: Alexander is a hard working spirit who loves traveling and battle others. He quickly bonds with those who are true hearted and he rarely gets into conflicts with others. Alex's main down side is his terrible time management and can easily get distracted on the simple things in life, and lose track of his main goal, although he does his best to stay on task.
Appearance: Alexander has short brown hair with blue eyes. He wears blue jeans and a black hoodie, as well as a back pack with his sleeping gear, food and Trainer ID

"Use hydro pump!" Alex shouted, as his Blastoise charged up a shot from his cannons
"Flash cannon!" his rival replied, after Magneton dodged the attack, and turned around to ready a steel attack, and Alex heard the beeping from the charge, but the beeping wouldn't go away. The two pokemon sat for what felt like hours as the Magneton continued beeping, not moving. All of a sudden his opponent started calling his name, "Alex, Alex... Alex!" but he couldn't respond, as hard as he shouted, his lips wouldn't move, and just then the ground beneath him fell away and he started plunging into the dark abyss.
Alex started with a jump, flinging out of bed, as he saw his mother calling his name and his alarm clock beeping out of control.
"Alex, you're gonna be late! you slept in." His mother said as she tossed him a bag full of clothes. "The professor wanted you at his lab half an hour ago. food is on the table." She said walking out of his room.
Alexander threw on his clothes and hoodie and completely ignored breakfast, running out the door. Alexander ran through the streets until he reached the Lab and saw two trainers preparing for a battle in the back, with the professor. He ran to check it out, completely exhausted "Am I too late to get a Squirtle professor?" He asked in between breaths, hands on his knees.
"Ready boys this will be a one on one battle the win will go to whichever sides Pokemon is still able to battle" Oak announced looking at both trainers making they both understood, "With that be saying battle begin!"

"Alright Nate show me what you got" Shane said as pull out his Pokeball, "Charmander stand by for battle" the boy called out as he tosses the Pokeball into the air in a flash of white light the lizard Pokemon appeared letting out a roar as it got ready for battle.

"I wonder who would win Shane may have the type advantage but Nate could manage to overcome it and pull off a victory" Professor thought to himself as he waited for the battle to begin. That is when he noticed another boy running up next to him, "Oh, you must be Alexander don't worry your right on time Squirtle is back inside my lab waiting for you. I would love take you there to met it but as you can see I already agreed to act as the referee for their battle you don't mind waiting until this battle is over do you?"
"Bulbasaur let's go!" Nate called out as he threw the Pokeball with a little more force than necessary Bulbasaur burst out in a flash of white light and gave a gentle cry as it seemed a little intimidated by Charmander, "You ready Bulbasaur?" Nate called out, Bulbasaur looked back and nodded slowly before shaking it's head to get psyched for the battle, "Bulbasaur Tackle!" Nate called, Bulbasaur quickly began the battle by rushing Charmander at full force.
"No, I don't mind waiting" Alex said, catching his breath. While he stood there, watching the arrangement, he became drawn to the exchange of moves the pokemon threw at each other. He wondered how such small things could harbor so much power, and how, even though they have only known their trainers for a few minutes, they already seem to be bonding. This only left him hoping that he could have the same luck with his Squirtle in the future, becoming more anxious to meet them every second.
Bulbasaur's Tackle attack hit Charmander hard knocking back, "That attack was pretty strong Nate defeating strong opponents will only make us stronger Charmander get back up and use Scratch" Shane ordered, as Chamander picked itself back up as it started to run towards Bulbasaur with it's claws glowing a bright white.

"They both appear to be decent trainers so far I can't wait to see how far they will go in their journey pay attention Alexander those two will become strong rivals for you in the future" Oak said to the boy beside him as he continued to watch the battle.
Charmander's Scratch hit Bulbasaur leaving a mark as Bulbasaur grumbled from the pain, "Bulbasaur are you alright?" Nate asked, Bulbasaur nodded wincing from the pain a little, "We're not done yet," Nate stated confidently, "Bulbasaur use Vine Whip!" Nate ordered, Bulbasaur cried out as vines emerged from under its bulb and shot towards Charmander with incredible speed.
Alex shook his head, not fully understanding what the professor said, becoming entranced in the battle. As he watched the rather crude battle go on between the two pokemon he noticed how neither pokemon would back down even though there was no clear goal in their fight rather than glory. This thought confused Alexander, but never the less, he continued watching.
After a few minutes, Alex realized what the professor had said and noticed that he could be watching the starting point of the people who he might have his last battle with some day, and he became even more intrigued in studying their movements, and he began taking notes early.
"Charmander take the attack then counter it with Ember" Shane said, as Charmander did as it was told standing there and taking the attack as Bulbasaur's vines whipped Charmander wince in pain. As it waited for its time to strike once it founded an opening Charmander fired a small fireball towards the plant dinosaur.

Oak smiled as he noticed Alex finally understood what he was saying as he watched to the boy write away that his note. "Wow I am amazed at how quickly those two managed to bond with their Pokemon" Oak said to himself as turning back to the battle knowing that both Pokemon were nearing their limits.
The small fireball hit Bulbasaur hard causing serious damage to it, "Bulbasaur hang in there!" Nate called out, Bulbasaur cried out in a bit of pain, "If we're hit with another Ember it's over..." Nate muttered, trying to think of a plan. Bulbasaur looked back and seemed concerned for its trainer and gently tapped Nate's shoulder with its vine. Nate jumped and was a little startled at first until he got a better look, "You have a lot of control over them..." he muttered before coming up with a plan, "Alright Bulbasaur are you ready?" Nate asked confidently, Bulbasaur nodded happily in response, "Bulbasaur use Vine Whip and keep Charmander's mouth shut and then slam it down!" Bulbasaur nodded and unleashed it's vines aiming for Charmander's mouth and tail.
Alex watched as the Bulbasaur creatively used it's vines to take a tactical advantage in the fight and was awestruck, He watched a few battles in his life, but people he watched never used moves like that. Alex Wrote "Creativity" in bold letters in the back of his book to remind himself to keep his enemy on their toes. "how is this gonna end?" Alex muttered, as he watched the two continue to fight it out, and come closer and closer to an end
"Alright Charmander one attack and we'll be the winners Charnander wrap this up with Ember" Shane ordered fully confident that he has won. As Charmander begun to fire off another attack one of Bulbasaur's vines quickly wrapped itself around its mouth keeping it closed preventing the fire type from using Ember. Nate's tactic took Shane by surprise, "Charmander quick use your tail" Shane said quickly trying his best to think of a plan. Charmander tried to move its tail only to notices that Bulbasaur's other vine had a tight hold on it. "When did they?" Shane said, shocked when he remembered that they must have done it when they first closed Charmander's mouth Shane was helpless as he watched his Pokemon slowly get raised into the air by the vines as Charmander tried it's best to get free. When Charmander was slammed to the ground doing major damage to it, "Come on Charmander get" Shane call out his Pokemon the orange lizard tried it's best to get back up not wanting to disappoint his trainer but ultimately fall back down unable to battle.

"Charmander is unable to battle the winner is Nate and Bulbasaur!" Oak announced raising left arm signaling that Nate side has one. "I have to say you both did well in your very first battle Shane you and Charmander might of had power but it was Nate's tactics that let him win the battle."

Shane said nothing as he returned Charmander back inside it's Pokeball to rest thanking it for battling so hard. He look up from the Pokeball and started to glare at Nate as slowly started to walk towards the opponent once he got close to the boy he extended his hand towards Nate the angry glare quick changed to a cocky grin, "I wouldn't expect anything least from a friend of my next time we battle it will end with me winning."
Bulbasaur jumped up into Nate's arms, Nate smiled and gently pet Bulbasaur for a job well done, "Thank you Bulbasaur, take a rest for now," Nate smiled as he recalled Bulbasaur back into its Pokeball, "I look forward to it!" Nate stated as he shook Shane's hand. Oak then stepped forward.

"It was a good battle between you both, and to commemorate this victory I'd like you all to take these," Oak stated as he took out three Pokedexes and handed them out to each trainer, "These Pokedexes contain data on all the Pokemon you'll find, I do hope they'll serve you well on your travels, as well as these," Oak then took out a supply of extra Pokeballs and gave them to the trainers as well before turning to Alexander, "Now then let's go get your Squirtle shall we?"
After the battle, Alex put the newly acquired Pokedex and Pokeballs away and followed Oak into the lab, where one last Pokeball sat. "So will this be the Pokemon that accompanies you on your journey?" the professor asked. Alex knelt down as the the Squirtle waddled towards him. "Yes, I think this Squirtle will join me, how does that sound?"Alex replied, looking into Squirtle's eyes. "Squirtle!" The water type exclaimed, "In fact I think I'll call you Lera,"Squirtle seemed content. The professor smiled and recalled Lera into her Pokeball and handed it to Alex,
After having received his Pokedex and Pokeballs from the Professor he followed the other back inside the lab where he watches his friend Alex receive his starter. "Now that all of us got our starters we should get a move on" Shane said as he lead the other outside of the lab. "Ok guys let acording to my map the our next stop is Viridian City" Shane said putting away his Town Map as the group continued onwards towards Route 1.
"Let's do this!" Nate exclaimed as he followed onto Route 1. Nate looked around noticing various wild Pokemon, some were down by the river bed drinking water and going about their lives normally. The landscape was beautiful, a lush open field with a few trees and a dirt pathway trainers could follow toward Viridian City, "Let's catch a Pokemon!" Nate declared as he began looking around the area noticing only Pidgey and Rattatas in the nearby area.
"You don't have to tell me twice Charmander stand by for battle" Shane said as he releases his fire type pokemon. In a short amount of time Shane managed to catch two Pidgeys the quick pull out his Pokedex scanning the two balls that had the bird pokemon inside them. "Umm...I'll keep this" Shane murmured to himself as he put one of the two Pokeballs inside his pocket leaving the other one still in his hand in a flash of blue light he watched as the Pidgey fly off releasing it back into the forest. "Are you guys just about done it doesn't appear to be any Pokemon worth catching here" Shane said turning two look at the other two boys.
"Let the journey begin" Alex declared, as he followed the other two towards Route 1. His heart full of excitement for the adventure and an eagerness to meet new members for his team.
After wandering around the route for a little while Alex brought his attention back to Shane who had just released a Pidgey back into the wild, "hey, why did you release that Pidgey? aren't you trying to build a team?" Alex asked, not understanding the reasoning behind letting a pokemon go. "Wouldn't two Pidgeys be better than one?" He reasoned
"And why would it matter, if you work with your Pokemon they'll become stronger alongside you," Nate added before noticing a Pidgey as well, "Alright now's my chance to catch a Pokemon," he smiled as he grabbed Bulbasaur's Pokeball, "Bulbasaur come on out!" Nate called as he threw Bulbasaur's Pokeball, which burst open and the small plant Pokemon landed on the ground ready to battle, "Bulbasaur use Tackle!" Nate ordered as Bulbasaur quickly rushed towards Pidgey. However Pidgey was quick to get up into the air to avoid the attack, it's wings began glowing as it began flapping sending a powerful gust of wind which hit Bulbasaur and sent it flying back. Pidgey then went into a Quick Attack nose dive, striking Bulbasaur before it had a chance to recover. "Bulbasaur!" Nate exclaimed, however Bulbasaur had been knocked out and the Pidgey flew away.
"I am building a team that Pidgey happened to be to weak for my liking only knowing the moves Gust and Sand Attack. So I released it the one I kept happened to know Quick Attack and Steel Wing making it a lot stronger than the one I released. I only want strong Pokemon on my team" Shane told Alex as if it was the simplest thing in the world. That's when he notices Nate losing to a wild Pidgey making him think Nate winning against him was just a sting of luck he quickly shook that idea out of his head remembering how Nate beat him in the first place reminding himself that he was carelessness that lead to Charmander losing the battle. "Hey we should we should probably get going to a Pokemon Center to get our Pokemon healed up" Shane suggested.
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Alex cocked an eyebrow in confusion, and thought to himself "don't pokemon grow stronger with a bond, not a machine?" but didn't say anything. Alex turned to see the wounded Bulbasaur and ran to go check if everyone was okay. After Shane recommended a pokemon center Alex saw that Lera had taken a beating while training against some local Rattata and planned to join them for the trip. I can lead us towards the Pokemon center, Lera is still ready to fight." Alex offered, Lera gave a determined look to the others.
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"Right, let's get going," Nate nodded as he took off alongside the group towards Viridian City. The sun's passage moved with the group, slowly moving from noon to evening, the orange shade of the sky was beautiful but there was no time for sightseeing as Nate rushed to a large building with a bright red roof.

"Nurse Joy!" Nate called out as he rushed through the lobby and up to Nurse Joy's desk, "Nurse Joy my Bulbasaur got hurt in a fight with a Pidgey, could you take a look at it?" Nate requested as he showed her the beaten Pokemon in his arms.

"Oh my, Bulbasaur looks like it was beaten quite badly... Chansey!" Nurse Joy called out. From the backroom two large pink Pokemon with hats came rushing in with a stretcher which Nate gently set his Bulbasaur on, before taking out his Pokedex, Nate clicked the side and a flap opened with a screen, as well as some buttons along the side. Nate pointed the sensor at one of the large pink Pokemon and there was a ding as a picture of one flashed on his screen, "Chansey, the Egg Pokemon. A gentle and kind-hearted Pokemon that shares its nutritious eggs if it sees an injured Pokemon." the dex read out as the Chansey's wheeled out Nate's Bulbasaur.
Shane figured it would be a good idea to heal his pokemon up as well as he hands Nurse Joy the Pokeballs containing his Charmander and Pidgey. Seeing as they will be inside the Pokemon Center for quite a while. "So Nate what do you think our first gym battle would be like" Shane asked his friend as he sat down cross from where Nate was sitting.
"Easy, our Gym Battle is going to be amazing, and I'm going to win and earn my first Gym Badge!" Nate stated with sparkles in his eyes, "After that only 7 more before entering the Pokemon League!" he did a small fist pump as a chime echoed through the Pokemon Center and the Chansey wheeled out the trainer's Pokemon again, now fully healed. "Bulbasaur!" Nate cheered as he ran up and Bulbasaur jumped into his arms.

"Bulbasaur and your other Pokemon are doing just fine," Nurse Joy smiled, as did her Chansey. Then, instantly the Center went dark, trainer's screamed in a blind panic as Nurse Joy rushed to her desk, only to find the computers not working either. Nate took a look outside to see the streetlights and other buildings had gone dark, as the only light was that of the fading sun. "Oh no, there must be a problem with the Power Plant!" Nurse Joy panicked.

"Shane, what if there's an issue with the whole city's power..." Nate muttered, "Who could even do something like this?" he wondered.
After following the two to the pokemon center Alex gave Nurse Joy Lera's Pokeball as he went to read some of the books. Alexander picked up a book by the name of 'Water; a full guide' off the shelves and began to flip through the pages, when the lights gave way. Alex turned to see the other trainers panicking, dropping the book. Fear stuck into Alex's mind when he realized that Lera was being treated at the time, when he saw her Pokeball on the desk, and must have missed his name being called earlier. Alex went to grab Lera and heard Nurse Joy saying that the main power grid had to have gone out, and got an idea.
Alex ran to the door and shouted to get every one's attention "Hey guys! If the power has gone out city wide then i'm sure something has to be going on down at the Plant, I am going to go see what's happening. Does anyone care to join me?"
"Sure I'll come along with you Alex" Shane said as he got up and made his way out the door with Alex both boys set out to find out what is going on with the Power Plant.

Viridian City Power Plant

"Phase 1 is complete sir" a man wearing a black suit with a gaint red R on the shirt said into his walkie talkie.

"Nicely done I will process with Phase 2" came the reply from the other end of the walkie talkie.
"Alright, good luck, I'll stay here and help out where I can at the Pokemon Center," Nate stated as he took out his Pokeball and sent out Bulbasaur to help out as well. Nate ran to Nurse Joy quickly who was carrying medical supplies around. "Nurse Joy, please let me and Bulbasaur help you out!" Nate requested, Bulbasaur cried out want to help out as well.

Nurse Joy didn't have time to deny him so she sighed, "Fine go look for my Chansey and help them however you can!" Nurse Joy stated as she ran into the back room, Nate followed and began helping the Chansey care for and tend to the sick Pokemon.