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Pokémon you've IV bred on X&Y


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Since Pokémon Bank is still not yet available for us to abuse, I'm curious to hear which Pokémon you guys have been IV breeding on your X and Y games. :)

Originally I wasn't going to bother with properly breeding anything until obtaining my Ditto collection from Gen V but once I started seeing the positive results of Destiny Knot I couldn't resist trying harder to get perfect IVs. So far I've bred Charmander and Houndour (specifically for Mega Houndoom) and I'm amazed by how little time it actually took to obtain the stats that I'd wanted. The Charmander I settled on to train could be a tad better but my Timid Houndour ended up with 31 IVs in everything but Attack. Couldn't have asked for better than that.

These latest games really have made it easier than ever to breed for a nice team. ♥
I love how fast breeding IVs is this generation. I was dicking around in somebody's Friend Safari, caught a couple Lampent and had a spur of the moment decision to breed a perfect Litwick. Later that night I hatched exactly what I wanted; a male modest nature Litwick with 31 IVs in everything except Attack. I think I played a few rounds of Super Training with him but he's nowhere near done yet.

I also started to breed a perfect Swirlix using my Friend Safari Dittos and a wild Swirlix so it has a few IVs on it. And then I got access to a Safari with Swirlix so I just have to get the ball rolling now and stop being lazy.
I managed to nab a Belly Drum Huge Power Adamant Marril on Wonder Trade, so I've got that ready to breed. I'm in the process of breeding out my sun team, with Sawsbuck and Heliolisk done(albeit in their prior stages), Larvesta in-progress, and Charmander, and Bagon waiting.
I've spent quite a lot of my time on Pokémon X IV Breeding. I've really got into competitive battling this Gen, so I've constructed a team and tested it on Pokémon Showdown, IV bred the necessary Pokémon, EV trained them, and am now getting them all to Lvl. 50. As soon as I got a Ditto Friend Safari I spent hours catching Ditto until I got one with good IVs (I got one with 31/29/31/25/29/31) which has helped speed up the process considerably.
I've formed a second team which I IV bred, and have several other IV bred 'mons that I like throwing at the Battle Maison for shits and giggles. It's also a partial goal for me to breed a perfect IV 'mon of each egg group to make breeding easier in the future, but my taste in Pokemon has left me with more Field types then I care to have xD;