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Other Possible Battle Royal Breakthrough?

I would just like to note that this strategy wouldn't probably work against humans players and i'm doubtful that it could work against the AI but i'm sharing this anyway because I think it could really help people. So in the beginning I used the Swords Dance/Explosion Sivally strategy but i ran into a lot of problems with ghost rock and steel types and pokemon with the ability damp. but then i ran into a politoed AI that used perish song and for some reason he actually got one kill. So then I thought of the past popular use of mega gengar and thus this strategy again. So obviously gengar can't take hits especially with its new ability Cursed Body but almost all pokemon can learn protect (including Gengar). So this strategy would work like this.

Turn 1- Mega evolve and use perish song (hopefully you survive) 3 turns till KO
Turn 2- Use Protect 2 turns till KO
Turn 3- ????? 1 turn till KO
Turn 4- Protect KO!

Now what I need is to somehow survive until the Perish song KO is up and BAM you got 3 KO's automatically unless the other pokemon get knocked out first. Now could this work or not and what could one do turn 3 to survive? Please share your thoughts about this.
.... I don't get it.

What makes mega-gengar crucial to this set? In fact, why would you want to use mega gengar to use perish song?
I mean, sure gengar got a bit screwed over this generation, but it's not enough of a nerf to want to waste a mega gengar with perish song.

Same as you saying about using swords dance explosion and running into trouble, shockingly you cannot be a one-trick-pony in these sorts of battle competitions, honestly your best bet is to just grab a physical sweeper, a special sweeper, and a cleric or a tank.


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Actually, PerishTrap Mega Gengar was consistently one of its most popular and successful sets throughout its time in Gen VI.

...but only in Battle Spot Doubles (although, in all honesty, this is the only format that has mattered for years.)

Using it in singles is a waste of time and of Mega Gengar's true capabilities.
And also with the ability of shadow tag it is the best contestant to use perish song
also @KoL how did people keep it alive long enough in double battles to use perish song to its full effect?
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